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Fri Mar 21 17:16:31 2014 UTClccn-n840030380.07Richard Adams's Watership down0.180.28The Henrik Ibsen collection90659890Denholm_Elliottn 840030381187772Elliot, DenholmElliott, Denholm Mitchell.Elliott, Denholm Mitchell, 1922-1992lccn-n79055404Paramount Pictures Corporationprolccn-nr96011677Rhys-Davies, Johnprfactlccn-n81106615Lucasfilm, Ltdprolccn-n80145169Williams, John1932-cmplccn-n84165204Ford, Harrison1942-prfactfast-983970Jones, Indiana (Fictitious character)lccn-nr2002015365Lucas, George1944-antausccplccn-n79148103Spielberg, Steven1946-prfflmdrtlccn-no98065091Slocombe, Douglas1913-phtlccn-n88226659Boam, JeffreysceausElliott, DenholmDramaFilm adaptationsJuvenile worksHistoryFictionTelevision mini-seriesTelevision adaptationsComedy filmsTelevision programsMilitary historyJones, Indiana (Fictitious character)Undercover operationsIntelligence officersAmnesiaEnglandMan-woman relationshipsYoung womenGreat BritainBourne, Jason (Fictitious character)GrailArchaeologistsArk of the CovenantLoveForster, E. M.--(Edward Morgan),Adventure and adventurersItaly--FlorenceItalyBritishIbsen, Henrik,OrphansSocial classesDickens, Charles,Inheritance and successionFathers and sonsNazisKidnappingNorwegian dramaWivesMelodramaUnited States.--Central Intelligence AgencyStockbrokersSocial statusGuardian and wardIllegitimate childrenEngland--LondonWalesRobin Hood (Legendary character)ActorsManners and customsMurder--InvestigationGay menMaid Marian (Legendary character)Adams, Richard,SurvivalRabbitsDreamsHomosexuality--Social aspectsStudentsUniversity of CambridgeGay college students19221992194919521953195719621963196419651967196819691971197319741976197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201423621272785791.4372PN1997ocn212225152ocn054810705ocn213487467ocn051868725ocn053238140ocn053237646ocn054032640ocn123960540ocn055012810ocn044615113ocn012917125ocn024410988ocn021064988ocn753627106ocn837206445ocn421426561ocn781038033ocn781412794ocn781369401ocn781337265ocn018552856ocn219826299ocn219865020ocn780818668ocn693311942336822ocn212225152visu19810.12Spielberg, StevenRaiders of the lost arkFictionDrama"Indy ... and his feisty ex-flame Marion Ravenwood ... dodge booby-traps, fight Nazis and stare down snakes in their incredible worldwide quest for the mystical Ark of the Covenant"--Container+-+1967367425334548ocn213487467visu19890.18Spielberg, StevenIndiana Jones and the Last CrusadeFictionDramaBeginning with a prologue in which a young Indiana Jones is introduced, the epic continues with the adult Indy embarking on a perilous quest for his father, Professor Henry Jones, Sr. The Nazis are on the trail of the Holy Grail, and have kidnapped the professor, who is an authority on the Cup of Christ. Indy inches through rat-filled catacombs, battles Nazis in biplane dogfights, and braves the firepower of unstoppable tanks+-+1967367425254463ocn054810705visu19630.17Ivory, JamesA room with a viewFictionDramaComedy filmsRomance filmsFilm adaptationsLove storiesAll she wanted was a room with a view on her first trip to Florence. Little did she realize that her wish would lead her into impropriety, confusion, and passion11707ocn050733068visu19830.19Landis, JohnTrading placesFictionDramaComedy filmsThe rich Duke Brothers wager on whether a born loser like Billy Ray Valentine, a hustler from the ghetto, can become as successful as Winthorpe, a wealthy investment executive, if put in the proper environment--and would a prig like Winthorpe turn to a life of crime if he were to lose it all10288ocn051868725visu19730.27MGM/UA Home Video (Firm)A doll's houseDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptations"Torvald and Nora Helmer have been married for eight years and, on the surface at least, their marriage seems exceptionally happy; they have three children, a comfortable home and a healthy income. But when Kristine Linde, an old school friend of Nora's, a widow, penniless but independent-minded, arrives in town and calls on Nora, she gradually discovers that all is not as tranquil and well-ordered as it seems. From the pen of brilliant late 19th Century playwright, Henrik Ibsen, comes this timeless drama about the battle of the sexes. It is widely considered to be one of the first truly feminist works and is still performed and taught everywhere in the world", CharlesBleak HouseDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptations"At the court of Chancery, the Jarndyce and Jarndyce case grinds on for years with no end in sight. Entangled in the lawsuit are a growing number of innocent victims: Ada Clare and Richard Carstone, whose inheritance is gradually being devoured by legal costs; Esther Summerson, a child with mysterious parentage; and even Jo, the destitute little crossing-sweeper. As the case staggers onward, yet more people become embroiled in the furious legal battle, including the proud Lady Dedlock, who finds herself persecuted by the menacing lawyer Tulkinghorn, then hunted by the determined Inspector Bucket, one of the first detectives to appear in English literature. A savage, but often comic, indictment of a society that is rotten to the core ..."--Container+-+563533469674322ocn061772782visu19860.14Thomas, DylanA child's Christmas in WalesHistoryJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsWe journey back in time to join Geraint in his exploits and adventures in the small Welsh village, sharing enchanting moments of humor, sadness and magic as he tells his grandson of Christmas past5809ocn055012810visu19920.08"Noises off--"DramaFilm adaptationsSlapstick comedy about a group of second-rate actors rehearsing a Broadway-bound play. When they finally get their performances right, everything else starts going wrong!5781ocn236209883visu20080.07Richard Adams's Watership downJuvenile worksDramaFilm adaptations"Nestled among the rolling hills and peaceful meadows of England lives a community of rabbits. When their warren is threatened, a small group of brave rabbits escapes into the unknown countryside seeking a new home. Led by the visionary Fiver, they face huge challenges and use strength and cunning to survive, while gaining new allies, battling new enemies and always pursuing their dream." -- Container5677ocn054032640visu19870.24Ivory, JamesMauriceHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsE.M. Forrester's story of two Edwardian-era Cambridge students that fall in love, but must make difficult choices between abiding by British society's strict norms regarding homosexuality and following through on their feelings4635ocn050584277visu19960.19Lester, RichardRobin and MarianHistoryFictionDramaThe legend of Robin Hood continues when Robin and Little John return from the Crusades under the command of King Richard the Lionheart. But when Richard is accidently slain, the mad King John assumes the throne and Robin regroups the members of his old Sherwood Forest band+-+452056553532441910ocn056795852visu19910.16John LeCarreĢ's A murder of qualityFictionDramaMade-for-TV moviesDetective and mystery television programsTelevision mini-seriesGeorge Smiley goes to the aid of his former colleague, Ailsa Brimley after she receives a letter from a woman predicting her own murder and naming her husband as the killer. After the woman is found dead, they uncover secret societies, sexual abuse, and a mysterious boy4036ocn156977841visu20070.28The Henrik Ibsen collectionFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThis collection includes adaptations of Henrik Ibsen's work and features performances from lauded actors such as Anthony Hopkins and Charles Dance38932ocn047294375visu19870.27Allen, WoodySeptemberDramaDuring late September, in Vermont, a group of people gather for a quiet week-end. But by the end of the week-end their hopes, dreams and fears are exposed, and the thin threads that hold their lives together are bared and begin to unravel. They pick up the pieces and make a new start38110ocn061199159visu19800.27Roeg, NicolasBad timingDramaAlex is a cold, distant, fiercely intellectual research psychiatrist from New York, teaching in Vienna. Milena, an Army brat, has wandered back through the countries she was raised in to find herself there, too. They meet at a party, are immediately attracted to each other, and fall quickly into a sexually obsessive relationship. Milena has a husband across the border named Stefan, and a drinking problem. This does not make Alex very happy. Their relationship becomes a fight for power, waged with manipulation, drugs, despair, need, and lust, and it is never clear if there is any real 'winner'+-+18145940063243489ocn053256064visu20000.21The adventures of Indiana JonesDramaIn Raiders of the lost ark, archaeologist-cum-soldier of fortune, Indiana Jones gets pitted against Nazis hoping to locate and seize the Biblical Ark of the Covenant -- an artifact of immeasurable value and the reputed source of unlimited power. In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, after barely escaping a raging Shanghai nightclub brawl, Indy crash-lands into the wilds of India where he undercovers a sinister scheme that has enslaved a remote village's children in a fortress-like mine. In Indiana Jones and the last crusade, after Nazis kidnap Indy's father, the foremost authority on the Holy Grail, an artifact reputed to have the power to give and take life, Indy inches through rat-filled catacombs, battles Nazis in biplane dogfights, and braves the firepower of unstoppable tanks in order to find his father and the Grail+-+19673674253464ocn050488612visu20020.17Ludlum, RobertThe Bourne identityFictionDramaFilm adaptationsAction and adventure filmsHe goes by the name of Jason Bourne, but he doesn't know who he really is, nor why he is so good at killing with cold-blooded efficiency, but he does know that some people will do anything to gun him down before he uncovers the mystery of his identity3446ocn050625136visu19850.20Byrum, JohnThe razor's edgeDramaIn 1918, Larry Darrell returns home from World War I disillusioned with his materialistic society. The quest for inner peace leads Larry to reject his rich fiancee, Isabel, and go searching for truth in the Himalayas. But, Larry learns that the path to enlightenment is as painful and narrow as treading the sharp edge of a razor3166ocn018355875visu19880.27Dickens, CharlesBleak houseDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsTelevision programsDenholm Elliot and Diana Rigg star in Charles Dickens' biting social commentary on the justice system of 19th century England. The infamous Jarndyce case has been dragging through the courts for years, ruining lives and leaving entire families devastated. John Jarndyce (Elliot), a good-natured country gentleman, refuses to let it control his life. But one of his wards is not so fortunate. Like so many before him, the young man gets caught up in the labrynthine suit and the intrigue that surrounds it. A powerful tale of greed and social decay2958ocn061751268visu20020.19Zulu dawnHistoryMilitary historyFictionDramaThis story recounts the defeat of the British forces at the hands of a 25,000 strong and relentlessly determined Zulu army1612ocn031860262book19940.22Elliott, SusanDenholm Elliott : quest for loveBiography+-+132897292532411ocn317256000visu19730.10A Doll's houseExcerpts from the feature film. Ibsen's story of a woman's personal rebellion against the social structures that keep her a child11ocn502230581art19950.10Quigley, MartinElliott, Denholm, C.B.E: ActorBiography Dictionaries+-+1967367425+-+1967367425Fri Mar 21 15:38:33 EDT 2014batch32024