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Fri Mar 21 17:05:57 2014 UTClccn-n840187650.22China and glass in America, 1880-1980 : from tabletop to TV tray /0.430.93Impressionism and post-impressionism at the Dallas Museum of Art : the Richard R. Brettell Lecture Series /144444875n 840187651110790Dallas Museum of Fine ArtsDallas Museum of Fine Arts (Dallas, Tex.)Dallas Museum of Fine Arts (Tex.)Dallas (Tex.) Museum of ArtDMADMA (Dallas Museum of Art)Museum of ArtMuseum of Art Dallas, TexMuzeʼon Dalas le-omanutמוזיאון דאלאס לאמנותcontainsVIAFID/156569122Dallas Museum of Fine Artslccn-n88142373Kosinski, Dorothy M.edtlccn-n79032811Whitney Museum of American Artlccn-n78003209Nash, Steven A.1944-othcuredtlccn-n79021281Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)lccn-n79054426National Gallery of Art (U.S.)othedtlccn-n88230769Venable, Charles L.(Charles Lane)1960-edtlccn-n79045542Detroit Institute of Artslccn-nr93045771Wylie, Charlesedtlccn-n82080128Rubin, William1927-2006lccn-n79067889Sheeler, Charles1883-1965Dallas Museum of ArtExhibition catalogsHistoryCatalogsCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPeriodicalsArtTexas--DallasUnited StatesArt, ModernPrimitivismAfrican American artSheeler, Charles,Photography, ArtisticDallas Museum of ArtEuropeArt and photographyGabo, Naum,Moore, Henry,Wright, Frank Lloyd,Themes, motivesArchitectureGlasswareCeramic tablewareMurray, Elizabeth,Art, Japanese--Kamakura-Momoyama periodsCities and towns in artPissarro, Camille,Soviet UnionConstructivism (Art)Matisse, Henri,Smithson, RobertSculpture, ModernSculpture--Private collectionsNasher, RaymondNasher, PatsyBonnard, Pierre,GreeceWomen in artWomenWomen--MythologyLandscape painting, AmericanStruth, Thomas,Oil sketchesCivilization in artPolke, SigmarReves, Emery,Reves, Wendy,Bybee, Faith PoormanBybee, Charles LewisFurnitureFurniture--Private collectionsArt--Collectors and collectingArt--Private collectionsArt, AfricanPost-impressionism (Art)193619371943194519521956195719581961196319671969197019721976197719791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201439404533910730.92N6494.P7ocn491158625ocn494570530ocn496092667ocn493459571ocn470715370ocn762340100ocn490223419ocn497137192ocn463910301ocn781062293ocn185892345ocn185510709ocn185695624ocn186462278ocn186413335ocn185696232ocn185423280ocn186078976ocn867936771162811ocn011213990book19840.33Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)"Primitivism" in 20th century art : affinity of the tribal and the modern+-+536052523515786ocn020491888book19890.29Black art ancestral legacy : the African impulse in African-American artExhibition catalogsExamines the impact of African culture upon Black visual artists in the United States and Caribbean (Jamaica, Haiti, and the Bahamas)+-+99568456359785ocn041753744book19990.37Kosinski, Dorothy MThe artist and the camera : Degas to PicassoHistoryExhibition catalogs"Artists continued to discover and explore the artistic and practical applications of photography at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centuries. This book explores the highly individual ways some of the most influential artists of the turn of the century put this "wondrous new medium" to use in their painting and sculpture and shows how they enfolded photographs into their creative processes."--BOOK JACKET+-+03163555859699ocn045418990book20010.32Kosinski, Dorothy MHenry Moore, sculpting the 20th centuryExhibition catalogs+-+47443555858283ocn016404611book19880.28Wright, Frank LloydFrank Lloyd Wright in the realm of ideasHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+87796845358214ocn042960630book20000.22China and glass in America, 1880-1980 : from tabletop to TV trayHistoryExhibition catalogs"Illustrated with more than 200 photographs of enticing glass and ceramic objects, ... [takes] a comprehensive look at the modern tableware used in American homes, examining its cultural and business history as well as its design."--Jacket+-+67411456358062ocn014068721book19870.47Murray, ElizabethElizabeth Murray, paintings and drawingsExhibition catalogs+-+48796456357891ocn034564921book19960.50Japan's golden age : MomoyamaHistoryExhibition catalogsThe history, culture, and aesthetics of the Momoyama period are explored by analyzing and reproducing masterpieces of artists in many media: paintings (including many superb screen paintings), sculpture, calligraphy, tea ceremony utensils, lacquerware, ceramics, metalwork, arms and armor, textiles, and Noh masks. A team of leading scholars and specialists in Japanese art contributes an introduction to each section with an essay that places the individual works in a broader art-historical and cultural context. This beautiful book reproduces works of art from temples and private collections in Japan which have rarely been seen, as well as the most famous masterpieces of the major museums. It also serves as the catalogue of an exhibition held at the Dallas Museum of Art in cooperation with the Japan Foundation and Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs+-+72431555857876ocn026632357book19920.39Brettell, Richard RThe impressionist and the city : Pissarro's series paintingsExhibition catalogs"Examines the problematic serial nature of ... [Pissarro's] urban works"--Foreword+-+55080555853247786ocn016352460book19850.56Gabo, NaumNaum Gabo : sixty years of constructivismCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsExhibition catalogs7666ocn071173729book20060.35Kosinski, Dorothy MMatisse : painter as sculptorExhibition catalogsContains photographs of sculptures created by Henri Matisse+-+86906655853247465ocn055109185book20040.50Smithson, RobertRobert SmithsonCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"This fully illustrated 280-page book accompanies the first comprehensive American retrospective of Robert Smithson's (1938-1973) complex and highly influential body of work. Perhaps best known as the creator of Spiral Jetty, a fifteen-hundred-foot rock coil dramatically situated in Utah's Great Salt Lake, Smithson also broke new ground with his films, photographs, writings, drawings, sculptures, and collages. His oeuvre defied convention, utilizing nontraditional art materials such as mirrors, maps, concrete, earth, and asphalt - in addition to language, as both a written and visual medium. Smithson's revolutionary ideas moved art beyond the walls of the museum into the landscape itself."--BOOK JACKET+-+23599757057261ocn018053277book19870.39Troyen, CarolCharles Sheeler, paintings and drawingsCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs6898ocn018052871book19870.47Stebbins, Theodore ECharles Sheeler, the photographsExhibition catalogs6755ocn015083890book19870.35A Century of modern sculpture : the Patsy and Raymond Nasher collectionCatalogs6436ocn050014837book20020.47Struth, ThomasThomas Struth, 1977-2002Exhibition catalogs"Photographer Thomas Struth (b. 1954), one of the most intriguing, challenging, and gifted artists to emerge from Europe in the past two decades, has created a beautiful and distinctive body of images depicting the world - its buildings, people, society, and culture - in its present moment of perpetual change. Unlike many of his contemporaries who have investigated photography's fictional potential, Struth has adhered to a straightforward yet formally refined approach that makes his viewers become aware of their world in often entirely new ways." "This catalogue is the first to encompass Struth's entire body of work, dating from the late 1970's to the early 2000's. His early black-and-white photographs of deserted city streets, his psychologically penetrating portraits of individuals and families, his renowned "museum pictures," and his large-format color landscapes of nature and industry from around the globe are all represented in this unsurpassed collection of images. Engaging essays by well known photography and art experts chronicle Thomas Struth's career: Charles Wylie examines the development of Struth's art and places him in the context of photographic history of the last century; Maria Morris Hambourg and Douglas Eklund review the artist's aesthetic and intellectual influences and maturation; and Ann Goldstein investigates the role portraiture has played in Struth's art. This survey attests to the unmistakable importance of his photographs and his valued place in the history of photography and contemporary art."--BOOK JACKET+-+35184555856345ocn033453787book19950.59Reeder, Ellen DPandora : women in classical GreeceHistoryExhibition catalogsSpotlighting superb examples of classical Greek art in the context of recent findings in anthropology, social history, psychology, classics, and classical archaeology, Pandora offers a multifaceted look at women in myth, ritual, and daily life in classical Greece. Written to accompany an international traveling exhibition organized by the Walters Art Gallery, this volume examines the imagery of classical Greek marbles, bronzes, terracottas, and vases in order to understand how women were perceived and how they lived. Pandora offers a new emphasis on myths dealing with the unmarried maiden and the difficulty of the transition to marriage and motherhood - as exemplified in the stories of Danae, Thetis, Atalanta, and Amymone. Also explored are images of containers and untamed animals as metaphors for women; rituals involving women, such as the wedding and the cult of the Little Bears at Brauron; the character and cult of goddesses; and the close association of women with textiles6116ocn010606583book19840.37Bonnard, PierreBonnard : the late paintingsExhibition catalogs5844ocn038504227book19980.37Harvey, Eleanor JonesThe painted sketch : American impressions from nature, 1830-1880HistoryExhibition catalogsThe Painted Sketch is the first volume to focus on the sketches of major American artists of the period. Eleanor Jones Harvey, author and consulting curator of American Art for the Dallas Museum of Art, follows the artists from field to studio, examining the changing perception and growing public appreciation for these small works. Her study is based on much new research as well as on her close analysis of existing resources+-+29181456355835ocn052418166book20030.53Polke, SigmarSigmar Polke : history of everything : paintings and drawings, 1998-2003Exhibition catalogs+-+14544555853432ocn019322280book19890.53Dallas Museum of ArtAmerican furniture in the Bybee collectionExhibition catalogs3144ocn013103579book19850.59Dallas Museum of ArtThe Wendy and Emery Reves collectionBiographyCatalogsA catalog of the many of the more than 1,400 works from the private art collection of Emery Reves - including impressionist, post-impressionist, and modern paintings, sculptures, and works on paper, and decorative arts objects - donated by the Wendy & Emery Reves Foundation, Inc3123ocn071237374book20070.70Dallas Museum of ArtFast forward : contemporary collections for the Dallas Museum of ArtExhibition catalogs+-+36477655852982ocn317471731book20090.70Dallas Museum of ArtThe arts of Africa at the Dallas Museum of ArtCatalogsThis illustrated book showcases 110 objects from the Dallas Museum of Art's world-renowned African collection. In contrast to Western 'art for art's sake', tradition-based African art served as an agent of religion, social stability, or social control+-+90438655852527ocn036776422book19970.66Bromberg, Anne RDallas Museum of Art : selected worksCatalogs+-+77727718452182ocn034839709book19960.50Deppert-Lippitz, BarbaraAncient gold jewelry at the Dallas Museum of ArtCatalogs+-+74627718452163ocn606786232book20100.79Pitman, BonnieIgnite the power of art : advancing visitor engagement in museums+-+29021655851301ocn831149153book20130.84Dallas Museum of ArtThe arts of India, Southeast Asia, and the Himalayas at the Dallas Museum of ArtCatalogs1002ocn837923868book20130.93Dallas Museum of ArtImpressionism and post-impressionism at the Dallas Museum of Art : the Richard R. Brettell Lecture Series961ocn829645940book20130.84Dallas Museum of ArtEyes of the ancestors : the arts of island Southeast Asia at the Dallas Museum of ArtCatalogsThis book takes an in-depth look at the Dallas Museum of Art's world-renowned collection of artworks from Island Southeast Asia. Beautiful photography and essays by distinguished international scholars unlock the magic of the island cultures of Indonesia, Sarawak, and East Timor. Leading anthropologist Reimar Schefold introduces these texts, which investigate various indigenous art forms from a fresh art-historical perspective. They describe the contexts, purposes, and aesthetic influences of a range of objects, from intricately woven sacred and ceremonial textiles to carved ancestor figures. Also featured are gold and metalwork designs as well as weaponry and jewelry, most dating back more than a hundred years. A 19th-century mouth mask in the collection, from the Leti Islands, is one of only our known to be in existence. Carved in the shape of a bird's head, this wooden mask was used in ritual dances. Other spectacular examples from the collection likewise reflect the beliefs and practices of these island people662ocn032665989book19950.81Dallas Museum of ArtDecorative arts highlights from the Wendy and Emery Reeves collectionCatalogs+-+3162771845372ocn012085096serial0.90Dallas Museum of ArtReport for the fiscal yearPeriodicals293ocn045499485serial0.93Dallas Museum of ArtThe year in reviewPeriodicals201ocn171337049book20030.84Christie, Manson & Woods International Inc19th century European art151ocn171376181book20020.73Sotheby's (Firm)20th century works of art151ocn171382300book20020.66Sotheby's (Firm)20th century decorative works of art : including contemporary works of art131ocn013444050book19840.93Dallas Museum of ArtSelections from the Steven G. Alpert Collection of Indonesian textiles : gift of the McDermott Foundation : Dallas Museum of Art, May 29-July 15, 1984Exhibition catalogs116ocn025497917book19890.33Koerble, Barbara LeeEdward Larrabee Barnes's Dallas Museum of Art an architectural development study111ocn793751070book20120.47Sotheby's (Firm)Old master paintings102ocn060716762serial0.23Dallas Museum of ArtReport for the fiscal yearPeriodicals+-+5360525235+-+5360525235Fri Mar 21 15:45:30 EDT 2014batch38605