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Fri Mar 21 17:15:26 2014 UTClccn-n851163520.00Papers, ca. 1840-18650.771.00Catalogue of the caprimulgidae in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia /71196John_Cassinn 851163521749882lccn-n50082080Baird, Spencer Fullerton1823-1887lccn-no2001054959Lawrence, George Newbold1806-1895nc-smithsonian institutionSmithsonian Institutionlccn-n50022429Stephens, H. L.(Henry Louis)1824-1882lccn-n88111001Kramer, Peter1823-1907lccn-n83052250Rosenthal, L. N.(Louis N.)lccn-n89605857Vaux, Richard1816-1895np-stephens, william aStephens, William A.lccn-n79084108United StatesWar Departmentlccn-n85369245Peale, Titian Ramsay1799-1885Cassin, John1813-1869Pictorial worksCaricatures and cartoonsCatalogs and collectionsHumorBiography‡vCaricatures and cartoonsBiography‡vHumorEncyclopediasTerminologyBiographyPortraitsBirdsNorth AmericaScientific expeditionsChileTravelArgentinaMammalsSmithsonian InstitutionPennsylvania--PhiladelphiaNatural historyCaricatures and cartoonsPolitical scienceBotanySouth AmericaAntiquitiesEarthquakesSunParallaxAmerican wit and humor, PictorialAmerican wit and humorUnited StatesIchthyologyFishesAquatic animalsUnited States, WestSnakesPaleontologyPlantsMineralogyOrnithologyIndians of South America--AntiquitiesAndesAcademy of Natural Sciences of PhiladelphiaVulturesFree will and determinismColombiaCaprimulgidaeCassin, John,Discoveries in geographyCanals, InteroceanicStrigidaePanama--Isthmus of PanamaZoologySouthern HemisphereCassian, John,NaturalistsGrace (Theology)InvertebratesReptilesCetacea181318691823183018471848184918501851185218531854185518561857185818591860186118621863186418651866186718691870189219091918192019571974197519781984199119951999200020131431111220508.82Q115ocn832815900ocn832815906ocn080193472ocn45955340736616ocn022860662book18560.76Cassin, JohnIllustrations of the birds of California, Texas, Oregon, British and Russian America30027ocn000810311book18600.76Baird, Spencer FullertonThe birds of North AmericaCatalogs and collections1897ocn011230422book18560.59Cassin, JohnIllustrations of the birds of California, Texas, Oregon, British, and Russian America Intended to contain descriptions and figures of all North-American birds not given by former American authors, and a general synopsis of North American ornithology. 1853-185515617ocn002789492book18580.84Cassin, JohnMammalogy and ornithologyGuidebooks971ocn423617102file18510.92Stephens, H. LThe comic natural history of the human raceBiographyCaricatures and cartoonsHumorBiography Caricatures and cartoonsBiography HumorPortraits452ocn010760530book18580.79Baird, Spencer FullertonReports of explorations and surveys to ascertain the most practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, made under the direction of the Secretary of War in 1853-6274ocn062907436book18580.81Cassin, JohnAtlas, mammalogy and ornithology265ocn005317954book18550.84MacRae, ArchibaldReport of journeys across the Andes and pampas of the Argentine provinces154ocn670103853book18520.70Cassin, JohnCatalogue of the halcyonidæ in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia103ocn058672121book18610.97United StatesReport of the secretary of war, communicating, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, Lieutenant Michler's report of his survey for an interoceanic ship canal near the Isthmus of Darien91ocn018554192book0.84United States Naval Astronomical Expedition, 1849-1852The U.S. Naval Astronomical Expedition to the southern hemisphere, during the years 1849-'50-'51-'5291ocn009625666book0.96Cassin, JohnCatalogue of the Vulturidae in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of PhiladelphiaCatalogsCatalogs and collections91ocn009625688book18530.96Cassin, JohnCatalogue of the hirundinidæ in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia82ocn028353030book18511.00Cassin, JohnCatalogue of the caprimulgidae in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of PhiladelphiaCatalogsCatalogs and collections82ocn009625671book18490.95Cassin, JohnCatalogue of the Strigidæ in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of PhiladelphiaCatalogs and collections84ocn017663872book18560.97Cassin, JohnBirdsCatalogs and collections74ocn029905823book18551.00Cassin, JohnNotes on North American Falconidae, with descriptions of new species63ocn230698416book18580.95Cassin, JohnMammalogy & ornithology / with a folio atlas61ocn173513926book18230.93BonnaterreTableau encyclopédique et méthodique des trois règnes de la natureEncyclopediasPictorial worksTerminology52ocn219863497book18580.47Cassin, JohnUnited States Exploring Expedition : during the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842, under the command of Charles Wilkes, U.S.N61ocn023613542book19910.59Rea, Robert FloydGrace and free will in John Cassian11ocn156853066art19090.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamCassin, John11ocn031524442mix0.47Thatcher, Edward PThis collection contains the papers of Edward P. Thatcher, including a copy of his 1955 article in the Friends Journal, entitled "Western Exploration and Quaker Naturalists", and letters in response to this article from such Friends as William Hubben, William Bacon Evans, and Howard J. Bourne. Also included are letters relating to the William Hobson diary and the article Thatcher later published on the diary. Correspondents include Frederick Tolles and Levi Pennington. The letters include biographical data on John Cassin, William Hobson, and genealogical data on the Minthorn, Hobson, and Bourne families11ocn155862523mix1.00Cassin, JohnScrapbook dated 8.3.75 but includes obituaries of John Cassin (1813-1869). Comprised primarily of newspaper clippings, most dated 1874-1878 pasted into a stock ledger book; covers Philadelphia notable figures and events including the Centennial Exhibition in 187611ocn041116905visu18651.00Gutekunst, Frederick[John Cassin, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly left]11ocn122616161mixFoulke, William Parker11ocn081674334book18691.00Brewer, T. M[Address before the Boston Society of Natural History on John Cassin]Biography11ocn122316346mixLawrence, George NThis collection contains professional and personal correspondence, as well as some personal business accounts. The topics mentioned range from general ornithology to specific birds, particularly of the West Indies and South America; bird illustrations and various publications; paleontology, and zoology11ocn041116923visu19201.00John CassinThree-quarter length portrait, facing slightly right, with left hand on stack of books on small table11ocn063939177mix1.00Dow, John MelmothJohn Melmoth Dow papersPersonal and professional papers of John M. Dow include shipping and trading contracts with Central American governments; administrative records, cargo and freight (primarily coffee and indigo) statements; and financial and commercial records, annual reports, logs, schedules, and telegraph code. Also included are letters and newspaper clippings concerning political events in Central America in the second half of the nineteenth century; correspondence with Central American politicians such as General Barrios, Rafael Zaldívar and Enrico Palacio regarding United States policy toward attempts to unify the Central American countries into a single federation. Also included is Dow's correspondence as arbitrator in the settlement between the Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interocéanique and the American Contracting and Dredging Company, 1887. Dow also pursued his interests as a naturalist, exploring the Central American coast to collect marine flora and fauna and carrying on an extensive correspondence with Professor Spencer Baird of the Smithsonian Institution and Osbert Salvin and P. L. Sclater of the Zoological Society of London concerning the collection and transportation of specimens native to Central America. Papers also contain several letters to his wife, Elizabeth Allen Dow, which provide daily accounts of his life on board ship and in port11ocn159936602art1957Groce, George CCassin, John11ocn051985159art1999Cassin, JohnBiography11ocn083985840art18920.10Campbell, John HJohn Cassin, 186501ocn082834154book1918Shelton, Frederick HartThe birthplace of John CassinFri Mar 21 15:08:50 EDT 2014batch19712