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Fri Mar 21 17:13:26 2014 UTClccn-n851218500.00Psalmodia, or The pastor's plea for sacred psalmody. : [Three lines from the Evangelical magazine] /0.731.00School books for country trade and at retail: for sale, among many otehrs [sic] at very low prices for cash,67898082n 851218501486288lccn-n85028365Day, Mahlon1790-1854prtlccn-nr91041121Hunt, T. P.(Thomas Poage)1794-1876lccn-n85121851Brown, P. H.(Phoebe Hinsdale)1783-1861lccn-n50007625Thacher, James1754-1844lccn-nr91016398Danforth, Allen1796-1872prtlccn-n82020263Hastings, Thomas1784-1872lccn-n80069046American Tract Societylccn-no2001082877Van Norden, Williamprtlccn-nr91041120Hooper, W. W.egrlccn-nr2001015400Pearson, Anthony Jefferson1810-1834Collier, Ezra1799 or 1800-1854Juvenile worksFictionMeditationsCatechismsControversial literaturePoetryPrayersExaminations, questions, etcBibliographySunday school literatureHymns, EnglishMeeknessPearson, Anthony Jefferson,Christian biographySociology, BiblicalWealth--Religious aspectsWealth--Moral and ethical aspectsMohegan languageUnited StatesBibleEvangelists (Bible)Picture books for childrenChristian lifeFruit-cultureChildren's storiesShorter catechism (Westminster Assembly)Women--Religious aspects--ChristianityBooksellers and booksellingHumilityBook auctionsBook industries and tradeMassachusetts--BostonMethodist Episcopal ChurchAnthemsIndians of North America--LanguagesPsalms (Music)Stockbridge IndiansTune-booksPresbyterian ChurchMiniature booksChoruses, Sacred, with organChildren's poetryChoruses, SacredArminianismChildren's songsPsalmodyChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts) with pianoSoulSunday school literatureWatts, Isaac,SchoolsChristian education of childrenMothersPsaltersCatechisms, EnglishBible.--PsalmsChurch musicAwardsCongregational churchesRevival hymns18541824182518271828182918351836183718381839184018542783351177.5AC1ocn007093548ocn077676706ocn609319383ocn656790284ocn1635831221063ocn659355838file18360.88Hunt, T. PThe book of wealth in which it is proved from the Bible, that it is the duty of every man, to become rich.341ocn003663160book18250.93Thacher, JamesThe American orchardist, or, A practical treatise on the culture and management of apple and other fruit trees : with observations on the diseases to which they are liable and their remedies : to which is added the most approved method of manufacturing and preserving cider, and also wine from apple juice and currants : adapted to the use of American farmers, and all lovers and cultivators of fine fruit265ocn007093548book18360.53Brown, P. HThe tree and its fruits, or, Narratives from real lifeJuvenile worksFiction211ocn191238375book18350.86Boggs, JThe southern Christian exemplified in the memoirs of Anthony Jefferson Pearson, who died August 31st, 1834, in Spartanburgh, South Carolina112ocn669675903com18350.06Howe, JohnThe Redeemer's tears wept over lost souls a treatise on Luke XIX. 41, 42. : With an appendix, wherein somewhat is occasionally discoursed, concerning the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, and how God is said to will the salvation of them that perish.101ocn077676706book18350.07Hastings, ThomasThe mother's nursery songsJuvenile worksPoetry101ocn191238611book18360.06Brown, P. HThe village school, to which is added, Jenny, or, The conversion of a child : a narrativeJuvenile worksFiction94ocn191316265book18360.81Hastings, ThomasThe Christian Psalmist : or, Watts' Psalms and hymns, with copious selections from other sources71ocn210073130book18390.94Hastings, ThomasThe mother's hymn book : compiled from various authors and private manuscripts for the use of maternal associations and for special occasions of social and private worshipPrayers71ocn191253825book18280.94Henry, MatthewA discourse concerning meeknessMeditations55ocn191316276score18370.92Hastings, ThomasThe Manhattan collection of psalm and hymn tunes and anthems32ocn166621596book18350.92Collier, EzraCatalogue of valuable books, published and for sale among many others, by Ezra Collier, (Successor to John P. Haven) American Tract Society House31ocn208476198book18240.06The hieroglyhick [i.e. hieroglyphick] Bible ; or Select passages in the Old and New Testaments, represented with emblematical figures, for the amusement of youth Designed chiefly to familiarize tender age, in a pleasing and diverting manner, with early ideas of the Holy Scriptures. : To which are subjoined, a short account of the lives of the Evangelists, and other pieces. : Illustrated with nearly five hundred cuts32ocn191250133book18350.81Whitecross, JohnThe Assembly's shorter catechismCatechismsExaminations, questions, etcSunday school literature21ocn191241913book1836Freeman, FrederickPsalmodia, or The pastor's plea for sacred psalmody. : [Three lines from the Evangelical magazine]21ocn191316339book18370.88Hastings, ThomasSpiritual songs for social worship: adapted to the use of families and private circles in seasons of revival, to missionary meetings, to the monthly concert, and other occasions of special interest21ocn191237863book18380.76Annan, WilliamThe difficulties of Arminian Methodism : embracing strictures on the writings of Wesley, Drs. Clarke, Fisk, Bangs, and others, in a series of letters addressed to the Rev. ****Controversial literature21ocn077833929book18351.00Collier, EzraSchool books for country trade and at retail: for sale, among many otehrs [sic] at very low prices for cashBibliography11ocn440300466book18350.06The two apprentices, or, The importance of family religionJuvenile worksFiction11ocn208749968book18540.06Reward of merit. This certifies that [Miss. Maria H. Holden] by punctual attendence, diligence, and good behavior, merits the approbation of [her] friends and instruct[ress R.P. Dexter]11ocn079004994book18270.76Boston trade sale. Second catalogue of books to be sold on Wednesday, Aug. 8, 1827. At Concert-Hall, Court-Street. J.L. Cunningham, auctioneer11ocn078279945book18280.76Second Boston trade sale. Catalogue of books to be sold to booksellers only, on Tuesday, July 22, 1828. Sale will be held at Concert-Hall, Court-Street ... J.L. Cunningham, auctioneer11ocn083035279book18290.76Third Boston trade sale. Catalogue of books to be sold to booksellers only, on Tuesday, July 21, 1829. Sale at Corinthian Hall, corner of Federal-Street ... J.L. Cunningham, auctioneerFri Mar 21 15:56:07 EDT 2014batch13312