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Wanger papers,0.201.00Moonlight & magnolias /44329706Victor_Flemingn 851518191681528Fleming, Vic, 1883-1949Fleming, Victor, 1883-1949Fleming, Victor (Victor Lonzo), 1889-1949lccn-n80015727Metro-Goldwyn-Mayerprolccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)dstlccn-n50015429Gable, Clark1901-1960othprfactlccn-n82137019De Havilland, Oliviaothprfactlccn-n50048325Leigh, Vivien1913-1967othprfactlccn-n50015080Garland, Judysngprfartctbactlccn-n81095890Howard, Leslie1893-1943othprfactlccn-n85376787Morgan, Frank1890-1949othprfctbactlccn-n82036007Bolger, Rayothsngprfctbactlccn-n85376730Haley, Jack1899-1979othsngprfactFleming, Victor1889-1949DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryJuvenile worksFictionBiographyFilm and video adaptationsMusical filmsWar filmsEpic filmsWizard of Oz (Fictitious character)United StatesAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Gale, Dorothy (Fictitious character)Oz (Imaginary place)Good and evilCowardly Lion (Fictitious character)Scarecrow (Fictitious character : Baum)O'Hara, Scarlett (Fictitious character)GeorgiaBaum, L. Frank--(Lyman Frank),Plantation lifeFriendshipMitchell, Margaret,Reconstruction (United States : 1865-1877)Triangles (Interpersonal relations)Tin Woodman (Fictitious character)WitchesKansasTornadoesMonkeysWomenPlantationsWidowsFishersRescuesMultiple personalityFleming, Victor,England--LondonStevenson, Robert Louis,Children of the richJoan,--of Arc, Saint,MusicalsHyde, Edward (Fictitious character)Jekyll, Henry (Fictitious character)Motion picture producers and directorsFilm adaptationsMan-woman relationshipsMonstersPhysiciansGeorgia--AtlantaPiratesTreasure trovesGone with the wind (Motion picture : 1939)FranceAdventure and adventurersTreasure Island (Imaginary place)Christian saintsMartyrsWomen soldiers188319491917191919201924192519261927192919301931193219331934193519371938193919401941194219431944194519481950196119621963196419661967196919711977197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132039233243201163791.4372PN1997ocn042705473ocn464291525ocn043840855ocn057318609ocn054056678ocn034949588ocn016152203ocn025571956ocn012784748ocn475694446ocn022928047ocn753599516ocn753484503ocn836889624ocn299979320ocn753609417ocn835734294ocn753690745ocn753591423ocn753584915ocn837315246ocn414997106ocn743030095ocn742846807ocn742794518ocn419470415ocn743031097ocn743008593ocn742942299ocn416997209ocn743030858ocn864506268ocn682993230ocn860695568ocn075332451ocn864427214ocn725553639ocn4192655078999242ocn042705473visu19380.19Fleming, VictorThe Wizard of OzJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsMusical filmsFantasy filmsFilm adaptationsWizard of Oz filmsWhen a nasty neighbor tries to have her dog put to sleep, Dorothy takes her dog, Toto, and starts to run away. A tornado appears and carries her to the magical land of Oz. Wishing to return home, she begins to travel to the city of Oz where a great wizard lives. On her way she meets a Scarecrow who needs a brain, a Tin Man who wants a heart, and a Cowardly Lion who desperately needs courage. They all hope the all-mighty Wizard of Oz will help them, but they have to get to the Emerald City before the Wicked Witch of the West catches up with them+-+82154346963247628197ocn464291525visu19390.20Fleming, VictorGone with the windHistoryBiographyFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsEpic filmsHistorical filmsWar filmsFilm adaptationsFocuses on the life and loves of the beautiful and selfish Scarlett O'Hara. The story begins on the O'Hara's Georgia plantation of Tara in antebellum days and moves through the Civil War and Reconstruction+-+5223234696324105642ocn054056678visu19410.22Mamoulian, RoubenDr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeDramaFilm adaptationsA doctor experiments on himself with terrible results. Contains the original uncut long version starring Frederic March, for which he won an Oscar and the 1941 remake with Spencer Tracy in the title role7622ocn062257056visu20060.18Rudyard Kipling's Captains courageousDramaWhen a rich brat falls overboard at sea, he's rescued by a Portuguese fishing boat, and eventually forms a bond with one of the crewmen72629ocn054839010visu19480.23Fleming, VictorJoan of ArcHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsJoan of Arc, a 15th-century French peasant girl rouses a nation and inspires the world with her faith and bravery. Fiercely believing that she is directed by God, Joan triumphantly leads an army into battle against the British, who are driven from France. When a new king is crowned, Joan's influence grows and makes him wary of her power, ultimately betraying her to martyrdom4144ocn072476009visu19610.19Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure IslandDramaFilm adaptationsYoung Jim Hawkins works on the ship known as the Hispaniola. Posing as a cook, one-legged Long John Silver joins the crew seeking to steal the treasure and ship+-+807383469630628ocn023762675visu19340.19Fleming, VictorCaptains courageousFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsA sea drama about a wealthy, spoiled, motherless brat (Freddie Bartholomew), who is washed overboard from an ocean liner bound for Europe and is rescued by a Portuguese sailor (Spencer Tracy) and his cod fishing fleet. Upon being rescued, the boy is forced to work for his keep and the story pursues his reactions and attitudes towards forced servitude and the very close relationship that develops between him and Manuel, the Portuguese fisherman. During the lad's tenure aboard the ship, he becomes a more loveable character and becomes emotionally distressed upon the accidental death of his friend, Manuel. The story ends with the boy being returned, reluctantly, to his wealthy father (Melvyn Douglas), as a changed individual1933ocn022928047visu19330.24BombshellDramaFilm adaptationsScreen siren Lola Burns is fed up with the scandalous stories her publicist, Space Hanlon puts out, the endless arguments on the sets of her films and her family's constant drain on her money and peace of mind. Her attempts to get married, adopt a baby and quit the business altogether are constantly thwarted, unbeknownst to her, by Space, who is secretly in love with her1841ocn025571956visu19920.21Tortilla FlatFictionDramaStory of a group of Paisanos, descendants of early Mexican settlers in Northern California. They live in the tiny town of Tortilla Flat and spend their days eating, drinking and relaxing in the sun. When one of them inherits 2 houses the rest are soon living in the houses without paying rent! The situation is further complicated when the house owner falls for a beautiful woman1806ocn018515148visu19710.20A guy named JoeDramaWar filmsA flier is killed but comes back as a ghost to guide fledging airmen and to supervise his ex-girl's new romance14211ocn022871852visu19340.15Stevenson, Robert LouisTreasure IslandFictionDramaFilm adaptationsWallace Beery stars as the pirate Long John Silver in this stirring adaption of Stevenson's classic tale of a hunt for treasure on a South Sea island1252ocn434492428visu20090.18Greatest classic films collectionDramaCollects four classic horror films, including "House of Wax," in which a wax sculptor devises a murderous plan to restock his museum; "The Haunting," in which four individuals travel to a haunted house to study its supernatural phenomena; "Freaks," featuring a group of carnival performers who inflict revenge on a trapeze artist who mocks them; and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," the classic tale of one man's disastrous attempts to harness the evil that resides in everyone+-+8334234696324932ocn030363859book19930.06Carr, JanThe Wizard of Oz : a novelizationJuvenile worksFictionRetells the film version of Dorothy's adventures in the land of Oz illustrated with stills from the motion picture+-+78441954059120ocn817741407visu19320.24Fleming, VictorRed dustDramaWhen wisecracking Vantine hides away on Carson's plantation, he sizes her up as an easy target for his charm. But things change when an engineer and his beautiful wife show up and Carson writes Vantine off as nothing more than a 'cute little trick.' Now, with the two women vying for Carson's affection, a rivalry forms that soon boils over into jealousy and violence892ocn288458942visu20080.33Douglas Fairbanks, a modern musketeerFilm adaptations1916's "His Pictures In The Papers" features Douglas as the meat-loving son of a vegetarian food magnate who finds love with an equally carnivorous young woman. It is also a wry and prescient commentary on fame and the lengths some will go to in order to achieve it. Also from 1916, "The Mystery Of The Leaping Fish" is probably the most unconventional film Fairbanks ever appeared in, as it features him as the cocaine-addicted detective "Coke Ennyday." It was co-scripted by Tod Browning and features a flair for the bizarre he would put on ample display when directing "Dracula" and "Freaks" in the early 1930s. "Flirting With Fate" also features some darker-hued humor in its story of a depressed artist who arranges to be killed just before finding good fortune. The final film from 1916, "The Matrimaniac, " co-stars Constance Talmadge in a comic tale of the lengths a young couple will go to in order to tie the knot. The delightful "Wild And Woolly" has the Wild West-obsessed Douglas finding that the Old West does not require as much taming as he once surmised. Similarly, "Reaching For The Moon" chronicles Doug's realization that the life of a European monarch is not the fairy tale he once believed it to be. It is also an interesting comment on America's perceptions of World War I-era Europe with its depiction of a continent dominated by an unending number of assassination plots and murky counterplots. "The Modern Musketeer" demonstrates the limits and the advantages of living life according to a naive sense of chivalry exemplified by D'Artagnan. Its 17th century prologue provides a window into the sort of costume roles Doug would be playing in the years ahead. "When The Clouds Roll By" from 1919 is notable for its more surreal elements including an incredibly original and complicated dream sequence. 1920's "The Mollycoddle" and 1921's "The Nut" offer two final opportunities for Doug to display his athleticism in a modern setting. "The Mollycoddle" is almost a prototype of "North By Northwest" with Doug as a foppish American "corrupted" by the soft life in Europe who is mistaken for an American agent by a gang of ruthless smugglers. "The Nut" is an amusing film featuring Doug as an eccentric inventor whose efforts to help a young woman in her reform campaign go awry. The final film in the set, "The Mark Of Zorro, " was shot prior to "The Nut." Its overall success with critics and moviegoers convinced Doug that he should focus his efforts on producing similar period adventures--M. Boxwood (Amazon)605ocn025244168visu19380.23Test pilotDramaExcitement blends with human drama in the telling of the story of a test pilot's life and its effect on those around him592ocn761094763visu19940.18AdventureDramaHarry Patterson, a merchant marine with a swagger in his walk, a girl in every port and a hidden philosophical bent. While on shore leave, he goes with his buddy Mudgin to a most unlikely place ... the library! There, he meets reference expert Emily Sears. She is the picture of ladylike decorum, and she hates Harry on sight. She continues to hate him, almost until the moment she marries him! Then, Harry tells her he's shipping out again, and Emily decides that she's made a big mistake. But she can't forget him. What woman could?555ocn747106600visu19420.20Tortilla FlatDramaLa vita quotidiana a Monterey, dove i paisanos passano la giornata a bere e a cantare, lavorando il minimo indispensabile. (Mereghetti)511ocn760218566visu20110.22RecklessDrama"A Broadway star married for love. The tabloids say she murdered for money. ... [Jean Harlow] plays musical star Mona Leslie, the bride of a champagne-stewed blueblood. When he blows his brains out, Mona is suspected of his murder, igniting a media frenzy"--Container4725ocn611552691visu19690.37Fleming, VictorVom Winde verweht Gone with the windHistoryDramaIn den Wirren des amerikanischen Bürgerkriegs und der Sklavenbefreiung muss sich die schöne Scarlett O'Hara von der Unbeschwertheit ihrer Kindheit und ihrem Traum von der großen Liebe, die sie in Ashley Wilkes gefunden zu haben meint, verabschieden. Nach ihrer Begegnung mit dem ungestümen Lebemann Rhett Butler wird ihr immer mehr bewusst: Der, den sie zu lieben glaubte, ist nicht der, den sie in Wirklichkeit liebt. (, 6.2009)6943ocn220421536book20080.24Sragow, MichaelVictor Fleming : an American movie masterBiography"The full-length, definitive biography of the legendary director of Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz. Victor Fleming was the most sought-after director in Hollywood's golden age, renowned for his ability to make films across an astounding range of genres - westerns, earthy sexual dramas, family entertainment, screwball comedies, buddy pictures, romances, and adventures. Fleming is remembered for the two most iconic movies of the period, Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz, but the more than forty films he directed also included such classics as Red Dust, Test Pilot, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Captains Courageous. Paradoxically, his talent for knowing how to make the necessary film at the right time, rather than remaking the same movie in different guises, has resulted in Victor Fleming's relative obscurity in our time." "Michael Sragow restores the director to the pantheon of our greatest filmmakers and fills a gaping hole in Hollywood history with this vibrant portrait of a man at the center of the most exciting era in American filmmaking. The actors Fleming directed wanted to be him (Fleming created enduring screen personas for Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, and Gary Cooper), and his actresses wanted to be with him (Ingrid Bergman, Clara Bow, and Norma Shearer were among his many lovers)." "Victor Fleming not only places the director back in the spotlight but also gives us the story of a man whose extraordinary personal style was as thrilling, varied, and passionate as the stories he brought to the screen."--BOOK JACKET+-+53925902852124ocn065221787book20050.56Hutchinson, RonMoonlight and magnoliasDrama"1939 Hollywood is abuzz. Legendary producer David O. Selznick has shut down produc-tion of his new epic, Gone with the Wind, a film adaptation of Margaret Mitchell's novel. The screenplay, you see, just doesn't work. So what's an all-powerful movie mogul to do? While fending off the film's stars, gossip columnists and his own father-in-law, Selznick sends a car for famed screenwriter Ben Hecht and pulls formidable director Victor Fleming from the set of The Wizard of Oz. Summoning both to his office, he locks the doors, closes the shades, and on a diet of bananas and peanuts, the three men labor over five days to fashion a screenplay that will become the blueprint for one of the most successful and beloved films of all time."--Publisher's website+-+493577773581ocn048161308book20010.98Cristalli, PaolaVictor Fleming : Via col vento11ocn750398354art19790.10Fleming, Victor 60Periodicals11ocn801267307mixFleming, VictorVictor Fleming scrapbooksArchivesThe Victor Fleming scrapbooks span the years circa 1939-1943. Each of the three scrapbooks contains material related to a single film. The films represented are GONE WITH THE WIND (1939), A GUY NAMED JOE (1943), and THE WIZARD OF OZ (1939)11ocn083963995book1994Christie's East (Firm)Film and television memorabilia, the Estate of Mae West, the Estate of William Conrad, the family of Victor Fleming, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Howard Koch : auction, Tuesday, December 6th, 1994 at 2:00 p. mCatalogs11ocn502455347art19950.10Quigley, MartinFleming, Victor: DirectorBiography Dictionaries11ocn423396317rcrd19711.00Vidor, King[Interview. Victor Fleming. Reel 33]11ocn079469422visu20051.00Moonlight and magnoliasDrama11ocn649820561book20030.33Benet Ferrando, Vicente JLo que el viento se llevó = Gone with the wind : Gone with the wind : Victor Fleming11ocn173701615fileWanger, Walter FWalter F. Wanger papersThe processed portion of this collection is summarized above, dates 1908-1967, and is described in the register. Additional accessions date 1934-1940 and are described below11ocn863166170book20071.00Moonlight & magnoliasDrama11ocn801200270book1994Christie, Manson & Woods International IncFilm and television memorabilia11ocn079468083mix20051.00Hutchinson, RonMoonlight and magnolias :DramaUnannotated typescript, used by the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts' Theatre on Film and Tape Archive during videotaping of the production on April 22, 2005 at Manhattan Theater Club at City Center Stage I (New York, N.Y.)11ocn423396316rcrd19711.00Vidor, King[Interview. Victor Fleming. Duel in the sun. The stranger's return. Reel 34]Reel 34, Duel in the sun, Vic Fleming, June 19, 1971--Stranger's return11ocn081775391book19621.00With Freddie Bartholomew, Spencer Tracy, Lionel Barrymore, Melvyn Douglas : directed by Victor Fleming : Rudyard Kipling's Captains courageous : a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture : produced by Louis D. Lighton+-+5223234696324+-+5223234696324Fri Mar 21 16:00:28 EDT 2014batch45416