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Thu Oct 16 18:01:48 2014 UTClccn-n851766110.06Colonial life in America0.061.00Handbook for the school library teachers of the Fairfield Public Schools : kindergarten - grade eight /70368235n 851766111410799lccn-n79003273Emberley, Edilllccn-n50047228Klapholz, Melilllccn-n80005687Turkle, Brintonillnp-funk, tomFunk, Tomilllccn-n79132418Weigle, Oscarlccn-n86818400Freedman, Ethel M.lccn-n86818409Fairfield (Conn.).Public Schoolslccn-n86818406Wenten, Ruth P.Farquhar, Margaret C.Juvenile worksHistoryManners and customsUnited StatesIndians of MexicoIndians of North AmericaLightingChildren's stories195819601962196419671971198213261015917.3F1219ocn0034296454962ocn001367945book19620.06Farquhar, Margaret CColonial life in AmericaJuvenile worksWays of life in the thirteen American colonies. Grades 2-43353ocn001170444book19670.06Farquhar, Margaret CThe Indians of MexicoJuvenile worksAn introduction to the origins, customs, and culture of the Indians of Mexico--the Olmecs, Mayas, Toltecs, and Aztecs3302ocn000657451book19640.06Farquhar, Margaret CIndian children of AmericaJuvenile worksEach tribe raises their children to carry on their way of life. The training of children is examined in the Eastern Woodlands Indians, the Great Plains Indians, the Pueblos, and the Northwest Coast Indians962ocn001649818book19600.06Farquhar, Margaret CLightsJuvenile works281ocn003429645book19580.06Farquhar, Margaret CFavorite stories to read aloud191ocn005239173book19600.21Farquhar, Margaret CA bedtime treasury of children's stories181ocn021275843book19820.08Farquhar, Margaret CA book to begin on Colonial life in America31ocn688655840book19640.06Farquhar, Margaret CA book to begin on Indian children of AmericaJuvenile works11ocn005135454book19671.00Fairfield (Conn.)Handbook for the school library teachers of the Fairfield Public Schools : kindergarten - grade eight01ocn495980947book19600.06Farquhar, Margaret CA book to begin on lightsHistoryTells simply the story of lighting devices, including torches, lamps, and light bulbsThu Oct 16 15:02:35 EDT 2014batch4692