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Fri Mar 21 17:11:33 2014 UTClccn-n851830370.37The Near East : the early civilizations /0.600.84Textes culinaires mésopotamiens = Mesopotamian culinary texts /41836886Jean_Bottéron 851830371501076Bottéro, J.Bottero, JeanBottero, Jean., 1914-بوترو، جينبوتيرو، جانبوطيرو، ج.، 1914-2007جان بوتيرو، 1914-2007ボッテロ, ジャンボテロ, ジャンlccn-n82116436Cassin, Elenacomedtcrelccn-n50014353Vercoutter, Jean1911-comedtlccn-n88679898Finet, Andréothlccn-n50013924Vernant, Jean-Pierre1914-2007lccn-nr94014036Herrenschmidt, Clarisselccn-n79055307Kramer, Samuel Noah1897-1990edtlccn-n85112550Monsacré, Hélèneauiedtlccn-n89600938Stève, M.-J(Marie-Joseph)1911-lccn-n83010890Hrouda, Bartheledtlccn-n87104454Ouaknin, Marc-AlainBottéro, JeanHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBibliographyCivilizationIraqMiddle EastReligionHistory, AncientEgyptManners and customsMiddle East--BabyloniaBible.--Old TestamentWritingFood habitsCooking, IraqiAssyro-Babylonian religionMythology, Assyro-BabylonianAntiquitiesMiddle East--SumerCivilization, Assyro-BabylonianCuneiform inscriptionsAssyriologyAkkadian languageHabiruMiddle East--AssyriaCookingSyriaMiddle East--Babylon (Extinct city)ArchaeologyGreeceCuneiform writingBibleHistory of Biblical eventsHistory of contemporary eventsRites and ceremoniesMythology, SumerianSumerian languageSumerian literatureAssyro-Babylonian literatureSumeriansIraq--Babylon (Extinct city)Excavations (Archaeology)TurkeyGod--Biblical teachingMonotheism19142007194219521954195619571958195919611962196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220139585252898935DS62.2ocn000839983ocn299457710ocn489632443ocn439929037ocn439934242ocn057061132ocn439940771ocn803223401ocn444675133ocn005095207ocn470756900ocn418449161ocn797878901ocn470962366ocn797613725ocn459884037ocn466564385ocn627506850ocn013373039ocn805651698ocn628133383ocn627513839ocn638780854ocn641716662ocn782999851ocn639909543ocn625296922ocn468378753ocn469118386ocn463578785ocn466530504ocn694026070ocn762279420ocn858142229ocn762110827ocn767013225ocn767331694ocn762287486ocn076526724ocn718830815ocn718830809ocn720444856ocn073732031ocn760990177ocn186443442ocn186443221ocn185476689ocn781059373ocn781060855ocn459655205ocn459655341ocn691756537ocn691896716ocn658887039ocn762189916ocn691925071ocn798640353ocn798644791ocn658945549ocn69175653712014ocn000400700book19670.37Cassin, ElenaThe Near East : the early civilizationsHistory79415ocn024142242book19920.56Bottéro, JeanMesopotamia : writing, reasoning, and the gods... The Mesopotamians, invented writing and with it a new way of looking at the world. In this collection of essays, the French scholar Jean Bottero attempts to go back to the moment which marks the very beginning of history.-publisher description+-+32721517753247289ocn044926850book19980.59Bottéro, JeanReligion in ancient Mesopotamia"One of the world's foremost experts on Assyriology, Jean Bottero has studied the religion of ancient Mesopotamia throughout a distinguished career that spans more than half a century. Building on these many years of research, Bottero here presents the definitive account of one of the world's oldest known religions." "Bottero begins with brief but thorough introductions to the history of religion, Mesopotamian history, and the available source materials. He then draws on documentary and artistic evidence of hymns, prayers, magical incantations, and rituals, as well as personal letters, to show how ancient Mesopotamian religion was practiced both in the public and private spheres, and how it developed over the three millennia of its active existence. Finally, he traces the many influences that Mesopotamian religion had on Western civilization, including the Hebrew Bible, showing how much like us the Mesopotamians were in intellect, emotion, and deeds."--Jacket+-+636215177569224ocn041049566book19960.70Bottéro, JeanAncestor of the West : writing, reasoning, and religion in Mesopotamia, Elam, and GreeceHistory"In this introduction to the ancient world, three leading French historians explore the emergence of rationality and writing: how it developed and how it is remarkably similar to our own tradition. We learn that the supposed twin pillars of Western civilization, Greece and the Bible, were hardly freestanding: they elaborated logical and religious structures that had developed much earlier in Mesopotamia. At the same time Ancestor of the West reminds us that these cultures were precursors of our own precisely because they possessed an intelligence that we still recognize. The ancients, even in their earliest writings, thought like us."--BOOK JACKET+-+20621517756139ocn048146788book20010.47Bottéro, JeanEveryday life in ancient MesopotamiaEveryday Life in Ancient Mesopotamia, based on articles originally published in L'Histoire by Jean Bottéro, André Finet, Bertrand Lafont, and Georges Roux, presents new discoveries about this amazing Mesopotamian culture made during the past ten years. Features of everyday Meopotamian life highlight the new sections of this book. Both gourmet cuisine and popular cookery used fish, meats, fruits, vegetables, and grains, available fresh or preserved (through methods still used today), and served with beer and wine. While feelings toward love and sex are rarely found in personal writings or correspondence, myths, prayers, and accounts of an acceptance of a wide range of behaviors (despite monogamy, prostitution flourished) argue that both were considered natural and necessary for a happy existence. Under law woman existed as a man's property, yet stories show that wives frequently used beauty and wits to keep husbands in hand, and a wife's financial holdings remained her property, reverting to her family at her death. Women were allowed to participate in activities that could increase this wealth and some, pledged to the gods and shut away in group homes, were nonetheless able to participate in lucrative business ventures. Also included are accounts of the exceptional life of the queen and the women of Mari, the story of the great Queen Semiramis, and chapters on magic, medicine, and astrology. The concluding section offers a fascinating in-depth comparison of ancient Sumerian myths and stories similar to those found in the Hebrew bible. The new information found in Everyday Life in Ancient Mesopotamia makes a significant contribution, one that deepens our knowledge and understanding of this great, ancient civilization+-+471313653542610ocn052970117book20040.59Bottéro, JeanThe oldest cuisine in the world : cooking in MesopotamiaHistory"In this intriguing blend of the commonplace and the ancient, Jean Bottero presents the first extensive look at the delectable secrets of Mesopotamia. Bottero's broad perspective takes us inside the religious rites, everyday rituals, attitudes and taboos, and even the detailed preparation techniques involving food and drink in Mesopotamian high culture during the second and third millenniums BCE, as the Mesopotamians recorded them." "Offering everything from translated recipes for pigeon and gazelle stews, the contents of medicinal teas and broths, and the origins of ingredients native to the region, this book reveals the cuisine of one of history's most fascinating societies. As Bottero concludes, although the ingredients may have differed, food was prepared in a manner astoundingly similar to how we do it today. Such links to the modern world, along with incredible recreations of a rich, ancient culture through its cuisine, make Bottero's guide an entertaining and mesmerizing read."--Jacket+-+60821517753555ocn043333590book20000.66Bottéro, JeanThe birth of God : the Bible and the historianCriticism, interpretation, etc"The Birth of God addresses questions that "educated people" usually avoid when the topic of the Bible comes up: What is the Bible if we consider it a historical document? Bottero is fully aware of the special place the Bible has in the circles of many faithful Jews and Christians, but he focuses on the need for an understanding of Israel as a major root of our entire Western tradition. With grace and insight, he brings out the extraordinary originality of Israel's questions and ideas, many of which have shaped our thinking ever since. In Bottero's bands, Moses, Job, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and other familiar figures take on real life and present to us thoughts we might never have associated with the Bible. He also treats such topics as the origins of the world according to the Bible and original sin. In one chapter, Bottero offers a new translation of Ecclesiastes, which casts this biblical book in an entirely new light."--Jacket+-+261575627532427631ocn028046621book19860.70Bottéro, JeanNaissance de Dieu : la Bible et l'historienCriticism, interpretation, etc"Un regard d'historien sur la Bible conçue ici d'abord comme recueil de documents écrits et compilés par des hommes du deuxième et surtout du premier millénaire avant notre ère. L'histoire d'un lent cheminement vers la conviction de l'unicité et de la transcendance divines27221ocn016804759book19840.66Bottéro, JeanMésopotamie : l'écriture, la raison et les dieux21714ocn000327703book19520.76Bottéro, JeanLa religion babylonienne20513ocn708305965book19890.73Bottéro, JeanLorsque les dieux faisaient l'homme mythologie mésopotamienneBibliography19719ocn014098240book19850.79Bottéro, JeanMythes et rites de Babylone19320ocn031259998book19940.79Bottéro, JeanBabylone et la Bible : entretiens avec Hélène MonsacréCriticism, interpretation, etc17210ocn004441503book19540.76Bottéro, JeanLe problème des Ḫabiru à la 4e Rencontre assyriologique internationale13626ocn000839983book19650.79Cassin, ElenaDie Altorientalischen ReicheHistory+-+385551140832413310ocn030092083book19930.56Bottéro, JeanIl était une fois la MésopotamieHistoryDepuis 1802 à nos jours, les résultats de fouilles archéologiques en Irak qui ont amené la découverte de cette riche civilisation en exhumant des villes comme Ninive, Babylone, Assur1339ocn031435317book19950.84Bottéro, JeanTextes culinaires mésopotamiens = Mesopotamian culinary textsHistory1288ocn027736972book19920.59Bottéro, JeanInitiation à l'Orient ancien : de Sumer à la Bible1249ocn032160804book19940.70Bottéro, JeanBabylone : à l'aube de notre cultureHistoryL'histoire, la civilisation, le gouvernement, le peuple, la façon de vivre, la religion. Nombreuses illustrations12411ocn000041788book19680.66Drower, Margaret SSyria before 2200 B.CHistory331ocn428650061book20090.70Et il y eut un esprit dans l'homme : Jean Bottéro et la MésopotamieBibliography+-+3272151775324+-+3272151775324Fri Mar 21 15:58:50 EDT 2014batch31440