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Fri Mar 21 17:04:52 2014 UTClccn-n851851220.00Walthall, Henry Brazeale0.261.00The memory lingers on12517746Henry_B._Walthalln 851851221819576Brazeale Walthall, Henry 1878-1936Walthall, H.B., 1878-1936Walthall, Henry, 1878-1936Walthall, Henry Brazeale 1878-1936lccn-n79083582Griffith, D. W.(David Wark)1875-1948prfadpsceproausdrtpbdattflmactlccn-n50033290Gish, Lillian1893-1993othprfactlccn-n86075567Marsh, Mae1895-1968othcstprfactlccn-n93097931Cooper, Miriam1891-1976othprfactlccn-n97008314Woods, Frank E.sceauswamadplccn-n93046757Bitzer, G. W.1872-1944cngphtlccn-n80076146Ku Klux Klan (19th century)lccn-n88041249Shepard, Davidprdprolccn-n50027342Dixon, Thomas1864-1946antlccn-n85151659Crisp, Donald1880-1974actWalthall, Henry B.(Henry Brazeale)1878-1936DramaHistoryFilm adaptationsFictionCriticism, interpretation, etcScience fiction filmsSilent filmsFilm and video adaptationsMelodramaWar filmsUnited StatesAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Ku Klux Klan (19th century)Reconstruction (United States : 1865-1877)Dixon, Thomas,Birth of a nation (Motion picture)Revolution (France : 1789-1799)FranceEngland--LondonFrance--ParisFathers and daughtersExecutions and executionersLookalikesLincoln, Abraham,Dickens, Charles,Ku Klux Klan (1915- )PuritansAdulteryPresidentsMassachusettsWomenHawthorne, Nathaniel,AlcoholismMassachusetts--BostonMurderRevengeFamiliesPoe, Edgar Allan,Historical fictionSouthern StatesYoung womenCollege studentsInterracial marriageGirlsKu Klux Klan (19th century)WeaponsScientistsMagiciansOrphansJudgesIndians of North AmericaImmigrantsWorld War (1914-1918)Child laborSwampsForced laborKidnappingMotion picturesMan-woman relationshipsAfrican Americans1878193619081909191019121913191419151916192019221925192619281930193119321933193419351940194619491960197219731979198019811983198419851987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220135914167421791.4372PN1997ocn276369802ocn276370516ocn825076622ocn033213628ocn827295677ocn827294698ocn827293948ocn821057604ocn041545329ocn795444942ocn055524904ocn753857300ocn753582687ocn752598345ocn777767171ocn839314584ocn837801438ocn754084137ocn421987699ocn082302867ocn225661847ocn225771448ocn225849808ocn221902390ocn220163483ocn219830868ocn220162991ocn221945095ocn216282930ocn826379019ocn7427964832790122ocn051328061visu19150.27Griffith, D. WThe birth of a nationHistoryFictionDramaSilent filmsWar filmsFilm adaptationsTwo brothers, Phil and Ted Stoneman, visit their friends in Piedmont, South Carolina: the family Cameron. This friendship is affected by the Civil War, as the Stonemans and the Camerons must join up opposite armies. The consequences of the War in their lives are shown in connection to major historical events, like the development of the Civil War itself, Lincoln's assassination, and the birth of the Ku Klux Klan7515ocn072476006visu19830.20Charles Dickens' A tale of two citiesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptations"An elaborate adaptation of Dickens' classic tale of the French Revolution. Dissipated lawyer Sydney Carton defends emigre Charles Darnay from charges of spying against England. He becomes enamored of Darnay's fianceĢe, Lucie Manette, and agrees to help her save Darnay from the guillotine when he is captured by Revolutionaries in Paris"--Marg Baskin in the IMDB, viewed Dec. 12, 2006+-+397383469632444218ocn056928977visu19340.18The scarlet letterHistoryDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsMelodramaA dramatization of Hawthorne's novel of the same title, about an adultress in puritanical, 18th century New England2122ocn760002520visu20110.27The birth of a nation D.W. Griffith's American epicHistoryDramaNearly 100 years after its initial release, this film remains one of the most controversial films ever made and a landmark achievement in film history that continues to fascinate and enrage audiences. It is the epic story of two families, one Northern and one Southern, during and after the Civil War. D.W. Griffith's masterful direction combines brilliant battle scenes and tender romance with a vicious portrayal of African-Americans2038ocn276369802visu19800.25Griffith, D. WAbraham LincolnHistoryBiographyDramaAbraham Lincoln: An episodic biography of the 16th President of the United States focusing on Lincoln's personal tragedies as well as his great accomplishments1533ocn276370516visu19800.37The avenging conscience, or, 'Thou shalt not kill'DramaFilm adaptationsAn elaboration of Poe's "The tell-tale heart."881ocn801683811visu20120.21Mary Pickford rags & riches collectionDramaSparrows: Molly, the eldest child at a baby farm hidden deep in a swamp, must rescue the others when their cruel master decides that one of them will be disposed of811ocn045770477visu19900.22The birth of a nation the birth of a raceHistoryDramaThe story of two families, North and South, who are caught up in the Civil War and then the Reconstruction period. Includes an abbreviated version of "The birth of a race" (1918) which was conceived as a protest against the racism of "Birth of a nation."762ocn246725044visu20080.19Chandu the magicianDramaScience fiction filmsA scientist is kidnapped and his experimental death ray falls into the wrong hands. The scientist enlists the help of his brother-in-law, Chandu the magician, to find the gun and save humanity748ocn020851818visu19850.27Judge PriestHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsComedy about a homespun Kentucky judge, a philosopher and a gentleman, who presides over his court with simplicity. This story tells how he saves his young nephew from a matchmaking mother and a taciturn blacksmith from jail703ocn054802371visu20030.23The Scarlet letter from Nathaniel Hawthorne's immortal classicHistoryDramaA dramatization of Hawthorne's novel of the same title, about an adulteress in puritanical 17th century New England6116ocn028492692visu19130.70Judith of BethuliaDramaFilm adaptationsThe 1st title is a film adaptation of the Old Testament story of Judith and "Captain Holofernes." The 2nd title is a combination of "four mini-narratives end-to-end, to pay homage to the life and music of John Howard Payne"--Slipcase602ocn181158501visu20070.28Treasures III social issues in American film, 1900-1934HistoryDramaThe fourth and final program in a series of 48 movies that helped change America. During the first decades of the 20th century no issue was too controversial for movies ... from prohibition to abortion, unions, atheism, the vote for women, worker safety, juvenile justice, homelessness and immigration, these films became the catalyst for social change582ocn016500881visu0.31D.W. Griffith's immortal spectacle The birth of a nationHistoryDramaPortrays life in the South during and after the Civil War as revealed in a story depicting the war itself, the conflict between the defeated Southerners and emancipated Negroes, the carpetbagger period, and the formation of the Ku Klux Klan441ocn043078656visu19990.33Percy Marks' the plastic ageDramaIn Run girl, run, girls at Sunnydale school learn about the three R's of Romeos, roadsters, and roller skates. The story follows the misadventures of Norma, star athlete of the school431ocn043467234visu19990.28Beaudine, WilliamSparrowsDramaFilm and video adaptationsIn Sparrows Mary Pickford plays the oldest orphan being looked after by the very mean Mr. Grimes. She devises a way to make life better for herself and the others in his care. Wilful Peggy and The mender of nets are romantic shorts372ocn074819697visu20060.18The show off The plastic ageDramaFilm adaptationsThe Show off is about a gullible woman who marries a pompous, incessantly boasting man against his family's wishes. The Plastic age is about a fast living college girl during Prohibition343ocn155850140visu19320.19Ride him, cowboyDramaA drifter happens into a small town just in time to save the life of an independent, spirited white stallion. He then sets out to bring a bandit to justice, only to face accusations and threats of a hangman's noose when he returns334ocn825076622visu19330.20The whispering shadowDramaThe Whispering Shadow: A mysterious criminal known as The Whispering Shadow commits crimes by means of a gang he controls by television and radio rays. Jack Norton, whose brother was murdered by The Whispering Shadow, suspects that the eerie Professor Strangm whose ghostly wax museum contains figures far too lifelike, may be involved in the crimes302ocn082369028visu20060.23The sin of Nora MoranDramaPrison Train (1938, 63 min.): A train full of convicted felons is heading towards the notorious island prison of Alcatraz. A murderous gangster on board is planning his escape, but is threatened by the other prisoners11ocn565686983art19950.10Quigley, MartinWalthall, Henry B.: ActorBiography Dictionaries11ocn071323564art1999Walthall, Henry Brazeale11ocn051255290book19990.10Cain, RhiannonThe little colonel : a short biography and critical study of the film work of Henry Brazeal Walthall, 1909-1936Biography11ocn423195410visu19461.00The memory lingers onA newsreel compilation, which includes reminiscences and clips of Mary Pickford, Amelia Earhart, Charles Chaplin, Teddy Roosevelt, Douglas Fairbanks, D.W. Griffith, Jack Dempsey and Henry B. Walthall11ocn051137296visu19401.00[D.W. Griffith directing Henry B. Walthall in 1914 film "The Avenging Conscience," with Billy Bitzer at the camera]01ocn083237668book1915D.W. Griffith's Birth of a nationHistoryDramaAn illustrated program including the cast of characters, an article on D.W. Griffith, a tribute to the motion picture by Rupert Hughes, an article by Thomas Dixon, a plot synopsis, technical details of the motion picture, and a selection of favorable reviews. Illustrated by scenes from the motion picture including cameo portraits of Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Miriam Cooper, Henry Walthall, and Ralph Lewis+-+3973834696324+-+3973834696324Fri Mar 21 15:09:23 EDT 2014batch25167