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Fri Mar 21 17:07:50 2014 UTClccn-n852170630.06The sportsman's club among the trappers /0.171.00Papers, ca. 1930s-1940s23583543Harry_Castlemonn 852170631751887Castlemon, H. C., 1842-1915Castlemon, Harry 1842-1915 PseudonymCastlemon, Henry, 1842-1915Fosdick, C. A. 1842-1915Fosdick, Charles Austin, 1842-1915Gunboat boy, 1842-1915lccn-nr92023665Porter & Coatescphpblprtlccn-nr2001040807R.W. Carroll & Copblprtlccn-nr92023664Henry T. Coates & Cocphpblprtlccn-n87838014White, George G.(George Gorgas)-1898illlccn-n83156143Blanck, Jacob1906-1974lccn-no99075231Mears & Dusenberyprtstrlccn-nr92041710Sherman & Co. (Philadelphia, Pa.)prtlccn-nr2001045418John C. Winston Companypbllccn-n82258456Burt, A. L.(Albert Levi)1843-1913pbllccn-n85352294Orr, NathanielegrCastlemon, Harry1842-1915FictionJuvenile worksHistoryAdventure stories, AmericanWestern storiesConduct of lifeAdventure storiesYouth--Conduct of lifeCousinsAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)FriendshipUnited StatesChildren--Conduct of lifeCastlemon, Harry,SailorsBoys--Societies and clubsBrothersFamiliesMississippi RiverGold mines and miningOrphansGhost storiesTelegraph--EmployeesTheftHonestyMexicoIndians of North AmericaHuntersUnclesSailingUnited States, WestAnimalsPeasantsRanchersHeroesChildren's storiesYouth and deathPrairiesCalifornia, SouthernSiege of Vicksburg (Mississippi : 1863)Mississippi--VicksburgTravelOutdoor lifeFrontier and pioneer lifeTrappersSurvivalYoung menWhalers (Persons)BicyclesWarSuspicionParadesFishingCourageLetter carriers184219151846186418651866186718681869187018711872187318741875187618771878187918801881188218831885188618871888188918901891189218931894189518961897189818991900190119021903190419051907190819091912191319141915192019331940194119691972199319952000200420052006200720092010201120135327115597818.5209PZ7.F786ocn86668954423638ocn005688553book18640.23Castlemon, HarryFrank on a gun-boatHistoryJuvenile worksFictionAdventure stories, AmericanDuring the American Civil War, many teenage boys braved the battlefield in service to their country. That's exactly what the spirited young protagonist at the center of Frank on a Gun-Boat decides to do when his cousin Archie asks him to join up. Though barely old enough to fend for themselves, the duo sets off to join the naval forces that have gathered to fend off the rebels. Will they survive the conflict and make it to manhood? Read Frank on a Gun-Boat to find out+-+235871806632422524ocn012798193book18670.08Castlemon, HarryFrank on the lower MississippiHistoryJuvenile worksFiction16718ocn005907953book18640.08Castlemon, HarryFrank on the prairieJuvenile worksFiction16322ocn000652060book18640.16Castlemon, HarryFrank, the young naturalistJuvenile worksFiction1611ocn781614910file20110.08Castlemon, HarryThe Haunted MineJuvenile worksFictionImmerse yourself in a gripping tale from the golden era of action-adventure fiction. This fast-paced story from Harry Castlemon, a popular author of young adult fiction, is packed with cliff-hanging suspense and plenty of thrills and chills, without being too gory or complex for younger readers to enjoy15920ocn000594116book18640.08Castlemon, HarryFrank before VicksburgHistoryJuvenile worksFiction14918ocn005905641book18650.08Castlemon, HarryFrank in the woodsJuvenile worksFiction14515ocn000649135book18650.07Castlemon, HarryFrank among the rancherosJuvenile worksFictionWestern storiesAdventure stories, AmericanFrank heads west for his next adventure13516ocn019364116book18640.27Castlemon, HarryFrank in the mountainsJuvenile worksFictionWestern storiesAdventure stories, AmericanFrank seeks adventure in the mountains of the American West1259ocn007115710book18680.07Castlemon, HarryFrank at Don Carlos' ranchoJuvenile worksFictionWestern stories9810ocn000599017book18740.06Castlemon, HarryThe sportsman's club among the trappersJuvenile worksFiction967ocn000661412book18730.06Castlemon, HarryThe sportsman's club : in the saddleJuvenile worksFiction9010ocn000592789book18780.23Castlemon, HarryThe boy trapperJuvenile worksFictionA young boy in Mississippi encounters challenges when he takes a job trapping quail to ship to the North905ocn000526184book18740.07Castlemon, HarryThe sportsman's club afloatJuvenile worksFiction896ocn061250490book18760.14Castlemon, HarryFrank Nelson in the forecastle, or, The sportsman's club among the whalersJuvenile worksFiction875ocn000789804book18790.06Castlemon, HarryThe mail carrierJuvenile worksFiction835ocn002111763book18900.06Castlemon, HarryRodney the partisanHistoryJuvenile worksFiction796ocn000588363book18810.06Castlemon, HarryGeorge at the wheel, or, Life in the pilot-houseJuvenile worksFiction796ocn000547630book18860.19Castlemon, HarryJoe Wayring at home, or, The adventures of a fly-rodJuvenile worksFiction795ocn005002818book18880.06Castlemon, HarryThe steel horse, or, The rambles of a bicycleJuvenile worksFictionJoe Wayring's adventure-filled bike trip is narrated by the bicycle itself2564ocn001053050book19410.66Blanck, JacobHarry Castlemon, boy's own author; appreciation and bibliographyBibliography121ocn036178084book18870.86Castlemon, HarryFive hundred days in rebel prisonsHistory31ocn057344928book20040.96Belanger, TerryGun boat seriesHistoryEssay on the publishing history of the Gun Boat series of books by Harry Castlemon, pseud. of Charles A. Fosdick11ocn028415797mix1.00Blanck, JacobJacob Blanck papersPeriodicalsBibliographyDrafts and proof sheets for five works by Blanck: Peter Parley to Penrod (1938); Salmagundi and Its Publisher; Harry Castlemon, Boy's Own Author (1941); American First Editions, 4th ed., by Merle De Vore Johnson, edited by Blanck (1962); and American Authors11ocn783536218book0.47Alger, Horatio[Letters to Henry T. Coates]Records and correspondence1876 letter about his sister's manuscript having been sent to Henry T. Coate's publishing offices and about looking forward to a collection of poems compiled by Coates. 1881 letter about Alger's opinion of a ms. by Castlemon, another young adult author11ocn180203683book19401.00Blanck, JacobThe books of Charles Austin Fosdick, Harry Castlemon, Sept 16, 1842 - August 22, 1915Bibliography11ocn756920997art19140.10Fosdick, Charles Austin: author of juvenile storiesBiography11ocn647931033book18921.00Ellis, Edward SylvesterLetter, Brooklyn, N.Y., to an unidentified receipientLetter, 1912 June 28, Upper Montclair, N.J., to Mr. Benners concerning his present state of mind and mentioning Charles Austin Fosdick [1 l. typescript signed. 28 x 21.3 cm.]11ocn052388305book19411.00Harrison, Joseph Le Roy[Scrapbook commemorating Charles Austin Fosdick, alias "Harry Castleman", writer for children11ocn122503012book1.00Blanck, JacobPeriodicalsBibliographyDrafts and proof sheets for five works by Blanck: Peter Parley to Penrod (1938); Salmagundi and Its Publisher; Harry Castlemon, Boy's Own Author (1941); American First Editions, 4th ed., by Merle De Vore Johnson, edited by Blanck (1962); and American Authors+-+2358718066324+-+2358718066324Fri Mar 21 15:57:15 EDT 2014batch25159