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Fri Mar 21 17:14:40 2014 UTClccn-n850274590.23Reflection anna sokolows steps of silence historical context0.671.00Dance and social consciousness in the 30's & 40's71500815Anna_Sokolown 850274591334100lccn-no2008101764Warren, Larry1932-2009lccn-nb99006273Murphy, Margaretprodrtnp-rhodes, lucilleRhodes, Lucilleprodrtlccn-n79121835Cook, Ray1934-dncedtlccn-no2008044650Kahn, Hannah1949-dnclccn-n90702603Dance Horizons Video (Firm)lccn-n80086161Scriabin, Aleksandr Nikolayevich1872-1915cmplccn-n83125109Guest, Ann Hutchinsonedtlccn-n89103051Clarke, Shirley1919-1997proflmdrtlccn-no2001018865Maslow, SophiechrSokolow, AnnaInterviewsBiographyDramaHistoryManuscriptsUnited StatesSokolow, AnnaChoreographersModern danceDancersLabanotationBallade (Dance)Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)Dance--PerformancesNeel, Alice,Rukeyser, Muriel,Women artistsDance in motion pictures, television, etcPaintersPoets, AmericanBalletChoreographySteps of silence (Choreographic work : Sokolow)Repertory Dance Theatre (Salt Lake City, Utah)Ballets--ScoresMusic--Instruction and studyRochberg, GeorgeArts, AmericanDanceDance--PhilosophyDance notationDance--Political aspectsMaslow, SophiePortrait paintingPortrait paintersDance--Social aspectsDancers--Political activityRooms (Dance)MexicoHolocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) in artMay, Jim--(James A.)Steinberg, RisaWomen motion picture producers and directorsWaring, JamesWomen poetsGuest, Ann HutchinsonInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)WaldeenPoetry, ModernSoirée musicale (Choreographic work : Tudor)Cook, Ray,CivilizationJewish womenPavlova, Anna,Saint-Léon, Arthur,19102000193719551958195919601961196319641965196619671968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122093277358792.82GV1782.62.B35ocn297178966ocn781679797ocn781679792ocn781679299ocn044004326ocn052400204ocn173650690ocn288945251ocn052917369ocn053117492ocn025132941ocn224471036ocn027971197ocn057705698ocn781679797ocn052400204ocn470507230ocn057705698ocn268962214ocn146217447ocn778783978ocn4303660352257ocn025132941visu19780.66Sokolow, AnnaAnna Sokolow, choreographerHistoryBiographyInterviewsThe life and career of Anna Sokolow, traced through photos and film clips. Includes footage of studio work with a dancer for Sokolow's work, Rooms, and interviews with Sokolow1864ocn027896243book19930.73Sokolow, AnnaBallade1441ocn297178966visu20080.53The New Dance Group gala concert a retrospective 1930s-1970sThe New Dance Group (ca. 1993) recreates 18 dances originally performed by the Group from 1934-1979. Each dance includes an introduction, usually by the original choreographers1126ocn781679299visu19610.76Dreams a dance workDramaDance, introduced and choreographed by Anna Sokolow, is based on the Holocaust. The theme is based on the Holocaust and inspired by scenes found in The diary of Anne Frank and The last of the just965ocn781678943visu19920.70Anna Sokolow speaking of danceInterviewsCharles Reinhart interviews choreographer Anna Sokolow. With excerpts from a performance of Lyric Suite, performed by Jim May and Lorry May, and teaching footage764ocn502467515visu19980.84Shirley Clarke dances for the cameraA reissue of five short films by independent filmmaker, Shirley Clarke. Most are dance films754ocn778634324com19900.73Dance onInterviewsAnna Sokolow, choreographer and dancer, discusses her childhood years; Russian parents who were very poor Jews; themes that she uses, such as struggle and rebellion; the Depression; support from trade unions; 1960's protest; attitude towards work; travels and work in Mexico and Israel; dancers at the Juilliard School492ocn781679797visu19550.66Bullfight482ocn781679792visu19980.63A moment in love461ocn781679031com19910.63Lyric suite (excerpts)402ocn662593009com19770.73Dreams331ocn652414144com19920.76Conversations with contemporary masters of American modern dance Anna SokolowBiographyInterviewsA project to preserve the oral history of modern dance masters. Contains interviews, performances and teaching footage of dancers and choreographers206ocn031848919visu19780.94Rhodes, LucilleThey are their own giftsBiographyInterviewsUses documentary photographs and interviews to present the lives and contributions of poetess Muriel Rukeyser, portrait artist Alice Neel, and choreographer Anna Sokolow. Includes commentary by the artists203ocn227036841visu20070.81Reflection reconstructing Anna Sokolow's Steps of silenceHistoryInterviews"Chronicles the 1968 creation and 2004 revival of Anna Sokolow's Steps of Silence. It includes narration by Linda Smith, film footage of a 1970 lecture-demonstration by Sokolow, rehearsal photographs from 1968, motion-capture data of specific phrases of the dance, and interviews with original cast members."--Publisher's website142ocn038895488score19650.96Rochberg, GeorgeBlack sounds : for small orchestra (1965)Manuscripts95ocn016671388visu19830.81Scenes from Charles IvesHighlights modern dance performances by various dancers which are labanotated in Dance notation journal, pt. 281ocn417851335visu20070.84Reflection reconstructing Anna Sokolow's Steps of silenceHistoryInterviews"This DVD presents complete performances of Anna Sokolow's Steps of Silence from 1968 and 2004. It includes rehearsal notes and highlights excerpts of the dance through [labanotation] and video notes."--Publisher's website73ocn085170069visu19841.00Dance and social consciousness in the 30's & 40'sInterviewsDancers who began their careers in the 1930's and 1940's discuss promoting of social awareness through dance62ocn066121558visu19990.92"Rooms etude"Designed to re-stage the dance "Rooms," complete with instructional videotape, labanotation, music scores, stage lighting and costume design61ocn050779042visu19990.47Anna Sokolow dreams5026ocn022663134book19900.63Warren, LarryAnna Sokolow : the rebellious spiritBiographyA pioneer choreographer in modern American dance, Anna Sokolow has led a bewildering, active international life. Her meticulous biographer Larry Warren once looked up Anna Sokolow in a few reference books and found that she was born in three different years and that her parents were from Poland except when they were in Russia, and found many other inaccuracies. Drawing on material from nearly 100 interviews, Larry Warren has created a fascinating account and assessment of the life and work of Anna Sokolow, whose nomadic career was divided between New York, Mexico, and Israel. Setting her work+-+9036752054651ocn040742946visu19980.35Three women artists Anna Sokolow, Alice Neel, Muriel Rukhauser [i.e. Rukeyser]Exhibition catalogsDiscribes the careers and lives of three American women artists. Follow the outstanding choreographer of the twentieth century, Anna Sokolow, and famous figure painter Alice Neel, along with poet Muriel Rukeyser as they explain their interesting, yet diverse careers as artists41ocn023082226book19880.97Lynton, AnadelAnna SokolowBiography41ocn430372177visu19920.70Anna Sokolow speaking of danceInterviewsContains interviews, performance and teaching footage of Anna Sokolow32ocn311762241visu19800.66Sokolow, AnnaAnna Sokolow, choreographerHistoryBiographyInterviewsExamines the life and career of dancer and choreographer, Anna Sokolow, traced through historical photos and film clips. She speaks about her life and is shown in a studio training a dancer for "Rooms," her study of urban alienation. She is quick, combative and alert and the viewer is left with the impression of a passionate personality who has spent her life sharing her social commitment with audiences through dance21ocn076976644rcrd19861.00Sokolow, AnnaAnna SokolowAnna Sokolow gave a master class open to all levels in the Radcliffe Dance Studio and led an open discussion in Agassiz Theatre after showing a film of one of her major and very theatrical works, "Dreams", which is based abstractly on the holocaust. Thirty observers watched the non-classical technique class Ms. Sokolow conducted with about 40 students, some visiting from classes of the Boston Conservatory and other area schools. About 85 people attended the film screening and discussion. In both the class and discussion Ms. Sokolow talked about the intensely political and emotional pulses in her choroegragphy22ocn850931096com20120.92Reynoso, Jose LuisChoreographing politics, dancing modernity ballet and modern dance in the construction of modern México (1919-1940)HistoryIn this dissertation, I analyze the pivotal role that ballet and modern dance played in the construction of modern México during the development of its post-revolutionary history and culture from 1919 to 1940. In this doctoral research, I approach dance as a means of knowledge production that contributes to shaping the cultural contexts in which individual and collective identities are produced while perpetuating systems of sociopolitical and economic domination and/or offering alternatives to restructure unequal power relations. As an organizing principle, this dissertation presupposes that dances always enact, explicitly and/or implicitly, sets of political assumptions that affect the bodies that participate by dancing or by watching dance. In other words, I examine how dance represents race, class, gender, and sexuality; how corporeal difference is arranged in space; what does the dance say about human relations; and how subjectivity is constructed through dance training and performing on stage. I also consider whose worldview, values and interests are enacted on stage and thereby normalized beyond the stage. In exploring these questions, I connect their answers to multiple forms that corporeal social interactions take in the formation of subjectivity at the world at large. Also, by examining specific dances and the discourses these engender, I offer various views of what it meant to be a modern Mexican across the different historical moments in which the country continually redefined and redirected its nationalist project of modernization. This discussion is framed by the various forms that México's revolutionary nationalism took as well as by cultural and political imperatives modeled by countries of the "first world"21ocn713232989visu20070.23Reflection anna sokolows steps of silence historical context21ocn050249239book20010.47Women of valor : 2002 : Emma Goldman, Anna Sokolow, Gertrude WeilHistoryBiography21ocn244987388visu19850.92Eye on dance & the artsInterpreting choreographers from the 50's and 60's such as James Waring and Anna Sokolow22ocn144658045art19961.00Cory, MaryReviews22ocn024727634visu19851.00Risa Steinberg, Jim May & Toby ArmourInterpreting choreographers from the 50's and 60's such as James Waring and Anna Sokolow23ocn144656535book1.00Anna Sokolow's Players' Project (Company)[Programs]11ocn755628065rcrd20091.00Glenn, LauraInterview with Laura GlennDisc 1, June 18, 2009 (ca. 77 min.). Laura Glenn speaks with Susan Kraft about her family background; growing up in the Bronx [in New York City]; her parents and their interests and families; her first dance classes and the fulfillment she found in them; the expanding role of dance in her life; auditioning for and attending the Juilliard [School]; her deep admiration for her teacher Antony Tudor; other teachers with whom she studied at Juilliard including Maggie Black and Louis Horst; aligning herself with the work of José Limón; working with Anna Sokolow; Sokolow's illness and death; her first impressions of José Limón followed by her studying with him and joining his company [José Limón Dance Company]11ocn082473968art19861.00Tobias, TobiFamily tiesReviews11ocn317390270visu19780.94Rhodes, LucilleThey are their own giftsBiographyInterviewsUses documentary photographs and interviews to present the lives and contributions of poetess Muriel Rukeyser, portrait artist Alice Neel, and choreographer Anna Sokolow. Includes commentary by the artists11ocn082993158rcrd1.00Evans, BillInterview with Bill EvansCassette 12. [Very difficult to hear at beginning; this tape mostly covers the year 1985.] He describes the period after leaving Winnipeg and his freelance work during this time; his work in Helsinki, Paris, and New York; his dance Doing my best; the influence of Laban and Bartenieff theories during this period; the ending of an ongoing workshop that he taught at New York's 92nd Street Y; his emotional state during this time; trying various therapies; returning to Utah; his time at Indiana University11ocn036193685art19961.00Stenn, RebeccaIn NYC, August is Sokolow and Tukuhnikivatz11ocn221749743visu19920.76Conversations with contemporary masters of American modern dance Anna SokolowBiographyInterviewsContains interviews, performance and teaching footage of Anna Sokolow11ocn084999015visu19981.00From the horse's mouth, InterviewsInterviewsInterviews with twelve of the dancer-choreographers who participated in Tina Croll and James Cunningham's dance work From the horse's mouth at the Joyce SoHo, New York, in April 1998. Most of the interviewees relate how they began to dance and choreograph, and discuss their recent activities. In the longest interview, Viola Farber talks about studying at Black Mountain College with Lou Harrison, Katherine Litz, and Merce Cunningham, who later invited her to join his company. Ze'eva Cohen describes studying with Gertrud Kraus in Palestine, and working with Anna Sokolow. In discussing her transition from modern dance to ballet choreography, Kathryn Posin shares her impressions of the premiere of Episodes, with choreography by Martha Graham and George Balanchine. Tina Croll and James Cunningham, the creators of From the horse's mouth, describe its genesis and their experiences in working on the piece+-+3936752054324Fri Mar 21 15:14:42 EDT 2014batch29016