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Fri Mar 21 17:13:12 2014 UTClccn-n852881590.00Apparition of the self : the secret autobiographies of a Tibetan visionary : a translation and study of Jigme Lingpa's "Dancing moon in the water" and "Ḍākki's grand secret-talk /0.500.96Guanyin guan xiang xiu fa : Mi zong chuan tong /49323658n 852881591612941lccn-n90653635Havnevik, Hanna1957-edtlccn-n83047506ʼJigs-med-gliṅ-pa Raṅ-byuṅ-rdo-rje1729 or 1730-1798lccn-n80084148Newark Museumlccn-n83132894Heller, Amy1951-crelccn-n78097899Reynolds, Valraeedtlccn-no91021050Martin, Dan1953-crelccn-n85282108Norlhaviaf-244220223顧法嚴fast-824273Avalokiteśvara (Buddhist deity)lccn-n83047677Buddhist Association of the United StatesGyatso, JanetHistoryBiographyCatalogsMeditationsChina--Tibet Autonomous RegionBuddhism--DoctrinesBuddhism--PsychologyMemory--Religious aspects--BuddhismWomenWomen--Social conditionsArt, TibetanLamasʼJigs-med-gliṅ-pa Raṅ-byuṅ-rdo-rje,Buddhist artNew Jersey--NewarkArtAmerican Museum of Natural HistoryShrestha, RomioMedical illustrationTankas (Tibetan scrolls)BuddhismAvalokiteśvara (Buddhist deity)Newark MuseumMeditation--BuddhismBuddhist meditationsCivilizationMeditation--Tantric BuddhismThaṅ-stoṅ-rgyal-po,19491980198119821983198419851986198719881992199319941995199619971998199920012002200420052009201524083781294.342BQ4165ocn468144883ocn469671211ocn246595557ocn464177469ocn442798715ocn769490782ocn72277313713238ocn042636675file19920.35In the mirror of memory reflections on mindfulness and remembrance in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism45113ocn052631285book20020.73Gyatso, JanetWomen in TibetHistoryFilling a gap in the literature, this volume explores the struggles and accomplishments of women from both past and present-day Tibet. Here are queens from the imperial period, yoginis and religious teachers of medieval times, Buddhist nuns, oracles, political workers, medical doctors, and performing artists. Most of the essays focus on the lives of individual women, whether from textual sources or from anthropological data, and show that Tibetan women have apparently enjoyed more freedom than women in many other Asian countries. The book is innovative in resisting both romanticization and hypercriticism of women's status in Tibetan society, attending rather to historical description, and to the question of what is distinctive about women's situations in Tibet, and what is common to both men and women in Tibetan society+-+33458668753035ocn036589144book19970.73ʼJigs-med-gliṅ-pa Raṅ-byuṅ-rdo-rjeApparitions of the self : the secret autobiographies of a Tibetan visionary : a translation and study of Jigme Lingpa's Dancing moon in the water and Ḍākki's grand secret-talkBiography"Apparitions of the Self is an investigation into what is known in Tibet as "secret autobiography," an exceptional, rarely studied literary genre that presents a personal exploration of intimate religious experiences. In this volume, Janet Gyatso focuses on the outstanding pair of secret autobiographies by the famed Tibetan Buddhist visionary, Jigme Lingpa (1730-1798), whose poetic and self-conscious writings are as much about the nature of his own identity, memory, and the undecidabilities of autobiographical truth as they are narrations of the actual content of his experiences." "Gyatso is among the first to consider Tibetan literature from a comparative perspective, examining the surprising fit - as well as the misfit - of Western literary theory with Tibetan autobiography. She examines the intriguing questions of why Tibetan Buddhists produced so many autobiographies (far more than other Asian Buddhists), and how autobiographical self-assertion is possible even while Buddhists believe that the self is ultimately an illusion. Also explored are Jigme Lingpa's historical milieu, his revelatory visions of the ancient Tibetan dynasty, and his meditative practices of personal cultivation. The book concludes with a study of the subversive female figure of the dakini in Jigme Lingpa's writings, and the implications of her gender, her sexuality, and her unsettling discourse for the autobiographical subject in Tibet."--Jacket+-+45666564152374ocn042767477book19990.59Reynolds, ValraeFrom the sacred realm : treasures of Tibetan art from the Newark Museum+-+K396786428175ocn057682820book19980.56ʼJigs-med-gliṅ-pa Raṅ-byuṅ-rdo-rjeApparitions of the self : the secret autobiographies of a Tibetan visionaryBiography+-+4566656415107ocn009242191book19810.92Gyatso, JanetA literary transmission of the traditions of Thang-stong rGyal-po : a study of visionary Buddhism in Tibet71ocn080662011book19860.86The dharma that benefits all beings impartially like the light of the sun and the moon+-+020615233562ocn013949923book19800.86Gyatso, JanetA technique for developing enlightened consciousness : a traditional Buddhist meditation on Avalokiteshvara by the Tibetan saint Tangtong Gyalbo51ocn221139125book19860.10Newark MuseumSculpture and paintingCatalogs52ocn017246668book19800.96Gyatso, JanetGuanyin guan xiang xiu fa : Mi zong chuan tongMeditations53ocn844945515book19860.10Reynolds, ValraeCatalogue of the Newark Museum Tibetan collection41ocn690413071book20090.66American Museum of Natural HistoryBody and spirit : Tibetan medical paintingsCatalogs"The first full set of Tibetan medical paintings, or tangkas, were painted between 1687 and 1703 and were inspired by Sangye Gyatso, Regent of the Fifth Dalai Lama, who was a great patron of medical learning. In a beautiful and unique artistic style, the paintings illustrate Tibetan medical knowledge that drew on traditions from India, ancient Greece, Persia, pre-Buddhist Tibet, and China, while remaining firmly rooted in Buddhism. Copies of the iconic images have been created in meticulous detail through the centuries. Body and Spirit focuses on a set of contemporary paintings in the traditional technique by the Nepalese artist Romio Shrestha and his assistants in Kathmandu." "The tangkas illuminate human anatomy and the causes and effects of illnesses, as well as their diagnoses and treatment. Most of the paintings consist of rows of small human figures, animals, plants, minerals, houses, landscapes, and demons and deities, depicting the rich complexity of human endeavor: farming, animal husbandry, personal hygiene, marriage, sex, birthing, fighting, sleeping, studying, and meditating. The thousands of small and large images were designed to add visual form to the technical information and be an eye-pleasing teaching aid for medical students."--BOOK JACKET+-+K41334047543ocn246595557book19860.35Karma-raṅ-byuṅ-kun-khyab-phrin-lasThe dharma that illuminates all beings like the light of the sun and the moon+-+020615233531ocn048783941book20020.27Gyatso, JanetWomen in Tibet, past and presentHistory+-+390101503632431ocn611048284art19850.47Gyatso, JanetThe development of the Gcod tradition32ocn260298226book19940.25Thaṅ-stoṅ-rgyal-poMi zong chuan tong Guanyin guan xiang xiu fa = A technique for developing enlightened consciousnessMeditations31ocn468144883book1998ʼJigs-med-gliṅ-pa Raṅ-byuṅ-rdo-rjeApparition of the self : the secret autobiographies of a Tibetan visionary : a translation and study of Jigme Lingpa's "Dancing moon in the water" and "Ḍākki's grand secret-talk+-+456665641522ocn249919438book19820.47Gyatso, JanetThe literary transmission of the traditions of Thangstong rGyalpo a study of visionary Buddhism in Tibet11ocn749312221book19980.47ʼJigs-med-gliṅ-pa Raṅ-byuṅ-rdo-rjeApparitions of the self : the secret autobiographies of a Tibetan visionary : a transl. and study of Jigme Lingpa's "Dancing moon in the water" and ".Dākki's grand secret-talk"+-+456665641511ocn729053355book1997Gyatso, JanetCounting crow's teeth : Tibetans and their diary-writing practices+-+3345866875+-+3345866875Fri Mar 21 16:06:00 EDT 2014batch14543