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Fri Mar 21 17:02:57 2014 UTClccn-n852900120.13America. pathways to the present /0.430.88Love in the time of revolution : transatlantic literary radicalism and historical change, 1793-1818 /118144939Andrew_Caytonn 852900121548753Cayton, Andrew.Cayton Andrew 1954-....Cayton, Andrew R.Cayton, Andrew R. L.Cayton, Andrew R.L, 1954-....Cayton, Andrew Robert Lee.Cayton, Andrew Robert Lee, 1954-Lee Cayton, Andrew Robertlccn-n82242464Anderson, Fred1949-lccn-n89651353Brown, Jeffrey Paul1950-lccn-n85155620Sisson, Richard1936-lccn-n91116352Zacher, Christian K.lccn-n96121672Teute, Fredrika J.edtlccn-n96121593Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culturelccn-n83066062Onuf, Peter S.lccn-no94001239Hobbs, Stuart D.(Stuart Dale)1961-edtlccn-n88668318Gray, Susan E.1952-lccn-n85247050Franklin College (Franklin, Ind.)Cayton, Andrew R. L.(Andrew Robert Lee)1954-HistoryMilitary historyConference proceedingsEncyclopediasCriticism, interpretation, etcTextbooksMapsJuvenile worksUnited StatesOhioPolitical scienceTerritorial expansionFrontier and pioneer lifeMiddle WestImperialismRepublicanismWar and societyNorth AmericaNational characteristics, AmericanPolitical cultureUnited States--Northwest, OldIndianaAcculturationIndians, Treatment ofIndians of North America--Government relationsSocial historyHistoriographyOhio River ValleyGeographyCivilizationHuman geographyRegionalismGroup identityOrdinance of 1787 (United States)Influence (Literary, artistic, etc.)EnglandLove in literatureAmerican fictionPolitics and literatureEnglish fictionGodwin, William,Literature and societyRadicalism in literatureWollstonecraft, Mary,History--Study and teaching (Secondary)Economic historyManners and customsOhio--MariettaOhio--Mercer CountyInternational relations195419811986198719881989199019911994199519961998200020012002200320042005200620072008200920122013752847180973F495ocn490873192ocn614788512ocn315753946ocn712628950ocn470147807ocn466961319129610ocn057337467book20040.29Anderson, FredThe dominion of war : empire and liberty in North America, 1500-2000HistoryMilitary historyPresents a history of American wars as a pursuit of a policy of imperialism and conquest responsible for America's rise to global leadership, with American interventions in Vietnam and Iraq as extensions of that policy+-+25288552159903ocn045729331file19940.31The Pursuit of public power political culture in Ohio, 1787-1861HistoryMany of the political institutions that would dominate 19th-century America (and the Midwest in particular) originated and first evolved in Ohio. The Pursuit of Public Power explores the origins and nature of political culture here from the American Revolution until the Civil War. Twelve essays examine topics such as voting practices, the role of the state in national economic development, the relationship between religion and politics, the rivalries between individual political leaders and between communities competing for social and economic dominance, the impact of slavery on politics, and the development of stable political systems within a rapidly changing state. Representing the mature assessments of historians who have long studied antebellum politics, this collection will appeal not only to readers interested in Ohio history, but also to those interested in 19thcentury American politics+-+91493882353246757ocn013333457book19860.47Cayton, Andrew R. LThe frontier republic : ideology and politics in the Ohio Country, 1780-1825Conflict invariably characterizes the period following any revolution, and post-revolutionary America was no exception. After the unity inspired by opposition to a common enemy dissipates, revolutionary movements generally splinter into different groups that compete with each other for the right to shape the values and structures of the new society. The Frontier Republic examines the form these conflicts took in the settlement of the Ohio Country, as thousands of Americans streamed onto the lands west of the Appalachians. These settlers had experienced revolution and migration: now the process of creating new communities and a new state in the Northwest Territory forced them to deliverate on, and define, what these upheavals had accomplished. At issue was the very nature of human society and the role of government in it. Jeffersonian Republican ideals of individual liberty and local sovereignty were at odds with the Federalist vision of a well-ordered society and political control on the national level. Disagreements arose over such topics as rights of squatters, establishment of authority of the national government, the statehood movement, and the location of the new state's capital. The effects of the Panic of 1819 and the need for internal improvements changed the early focus on individualism to an understanding of Ohio's place in an interdependent society. Although this first generation of settlers failed to resolve their disputes completely, they ensured that the ideological foundation of nineteenth-century Ohio would be a synthesis of their conflicting revolutionary visions of the future of the United States+-+94593882353246164ocn070676538book20070.35The American Midwest : an interpretive encyclopediaHistoryEncyclopedias"Even if you are a casual browser, you will discover in the Encyclopedia facts that will engage, inform, and enlighten. It will introduce you to the region's ethnic diversity, its vast array of foods, languages, styles, religions, and customs. You'll discover Somalis in Ohio, Hmong in Wisconsin, Hispanics in Iowa, and Muslims in Michigan. You'll find research on the history of the region, its culture and values, and its conflicts."--BOOK JACKET+-+71339880755626ocn033820474book19960.35Cayton, Andrew R. LFrontier IndianaHistoryFocusing his account on these and other representative individuals, Cayton retells the story of Indiana's settlement in a human and compelling narrative which makes the experience of exploration and settlement real and exciting. Here is a book that will appeal to the general reader and scholar alike while going a long way to reinfusing our understanding of history and the historical process with the breath of life itself+-+73958880753245295ocn038014069book19980.66Contact points : American frontiers from the Mohawk Valley to the Mississippi, 1750-1830History+-+02797325354815ocn020014791book19900.63Cayton, Andrew R. LThe Midwest and the nation : rethinking the history of an American regionHistory4386ocn057507047book20050.66The center of a great empire : the Ohio country in the early American RepublicHistory"In this volume, distinguished historians of the American nation in its first decades question conventional wisdom. They emphasize contingency rather than inevitability and contention rather than progress. Downplaying the frontier character of Ohio, they offer new interpretations and open new paths of inquiry through investigations of race, education, politics, religion, family, commerce, colonialism, and conquest."--BOOK JACKET+-+557169673539947ocn031436910book19950.24Cayton, Andrew R. LAmerica : pathways to the presentHistoryJuvenile worksTextbooks+-+75560898653634ocn048475255book20020.50Cayton, Andrew R. LOhio : the history of a peopleHistory"As the state of Ohio prepares to celebrate its bicentennial in 2003, Andrew R. L. Cayton offers an account of ways in which diverse citizens have woven its history. Ohio: The History of a People, centers around the many stories Ohioans have told about life in their state."--BOOK JACKET+-+64435796353427ocn045668872book20010.66The American Midwest : essays on regional historyHistoryConference proceedings+-+86948880753302ocn018016360book19880.37Pathways to the Old Northwest : an observance of the bicentennial of the Northwest Ordinance : proceedings of a conference held at Franklin College of Indiana, July 10-11, 1987HistoryConference proceedings1813ocn829239348book20130.88Cayton, Andrew R. LLove in the time of revolution : transatlantic literary radicalism and historical change, 1793-1818HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etc"In 1798, English essayist and novelist William Godwin ignited a transatlantic scandal with Memoirs of the Author of "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman." Most controversial were the details of the romantic liaisons of Godwin's wife, Mary Wollstonecraft, with both American Gilbert Imlay and Godwin himself. Wollstonecraft's life and writings became central to a continuing discussion about love's place in human society. Literary radicals argued that the cultivation of intense friendship could lead to the renovation of social and political institutions, whereas others maintained that these freethinkers were indulging their own desires with a disregard for stability and higher authority. Through correspondence and novels, Andrew Cayton finds an ideal lens to view authors, characters, and readers all debating love's power to alter men and women in the world around them. Cayton argues for Wollstonecraft's and Godwin's enduring influence on fiction published in Great Britain and the United States and explores Mary Godwin Shelley's endeavors to sustain her mother's faith in romantic love as an engine of social change"--6512ocn056719390book20030.13Cayton, Andrew R. LAmerica. pathways to the presentHistoryTextbooksMuch of what you learn about American history can be better understood if you view events as part of a larger pattern. The themes in the American Pathways features throughout this book can help you identify the larger patterns and see the connections between events across time. - Publisher+-+2464715865587ocn041431852book19950.32Cayton, Andrew R. LAmerica : pathways to the present : America in the twentieth centuryHistory555ocn059878617book20050.28Anderson, FredThe dominion of war : empire and conflict in America, 1500-2000HistoryMilitary historyDefines war, rather than liberty, as the primary means by which the prople of North America have defined social, cultural, and politicical boundaries for the last half-millennium. This book defines war, rather than liberty, as the primary means by which the peoples of North America have defined social, cultural, and political boundaries for the last half-millennium. From the Seven Years' War, to the ambivalent response to the First World War, through to involvement in the Second World War, Vietnam and Iraq, this book traces the birth and evolution of a militaristic nation. The Dominion of War is a landmark account of how republic and empire have coexisted in history as two faces of the same coin. It is sure to contribute to the debate on the imperialist ambitions of America's foreign policy in the twenty-first century+-+3824538546473ocn056972723book20050.16Cayton, Andrew R. LPrentice Hall America : pathways to the presentHistoryOrigins of a new society to 1754: Atlantic world, to 1600; European colonization of Americas, 1492-1752; Growth of the American colonies, 1689-1754 -- Balancing liberty and order, 1753-1820: Road to independence, 1753-1783; Constitution of the United States, 1776-1800; Origins of American politics, 1789-1820 -- Emerging new nation, 1783-1855: Life in the new nation, 1783-1850: Life in the new nation, 1783-1850; Growth of a national economy, 1790-1850; Religion and reform, 1815-1855 -- division and uneasy reunion, 1846-1877: Coming of the Civil War, 1846-1861; Civil War, 1861-1865; Reconstruction, 1865-1877+-+3090636865151ocn025301744book19910.23Cayton, Andrew R. LCity into town : the city of Marietta, Ohio, 1788-1988History131ocn043987526book20000.27Mercer County, Ohio : "history of the land between the Saint Marys & Wabash River Valleys illustrated by early maps, 1755-2000" : in commemoration of the Ohio bicentennial celebration, 1803-2003HistoryMaps113ocn038889120visu19980.32Cayton, Andrew R. LAmerica pathways to the presentHistory+-+2528855215+-+2528855215Fri Mar 21 15:54:42 EDT 2014batch21372