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Fri Mar 21 17:09:20 2014 UTClccn-n852987050.17Allies at war0.300.59Border jumpers better life in Botswana? /28525890n 852987051736264シガーラー, スティーブンlccn-no96005438Oregon Public Broadcastinglccn-n91067872Cringely, Robert X.aushstlccn-n86134532Public Broadcasting Service (U.S.)lccn-n79003358Jung, C. G.(Carl Gustav)1875-1961ivelccn-n85136304Gau, Johnausprolccn-no2002050296Sen, Pauldrtlccn-n87894916John Gau Productionslccn-n80014556WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)nc-channel four great britainChannel Four (Great Britain)lccn-no94021892PBS Home VideoSegaller, StephenHistoryInterviewsBiographyFilm adaptationsDocumentary filmsUnited StatesComputer industryInternetComputer networksInternational financeMoneyEconomic historyJobs, Steve,EconomicsInformation technologyTelecommunications engineersMicrocomputersGates, Bill,JewsPsychoanalysisComputer engineeringComputersJung, C. G.--(Carl Gustav),FinanceTerrorismJungian psychologyInformation superhighwayWorld Wide WebApple Computer, IncInternational relationsDreamsBusinesspeopleCalifornia--Santa Clara CountyRoosevelt, Franklin D.--(Franklin Delano),Churchill, Winston,Great BritainFranceGaulle, Charles de,World War (1939-1945)TravelAsiaPolo, Marco,IndustriesCaliforniaMicrocomputers--Design and constructionAmericaExplorersDiscovery and exploration, SpanishSpainColumbus, ChristopherComputer software industryInternational Business Machines CorporationComputer industry--MarketingEthnic relationsPsychoanalysts19851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220137220121229004.678TK5105.875.I57ocn429642888ocn041003121ocn769782693ocn050790944ocn082214531ocn050046058ocn867540541ocn743237920ocn868573642ocn041003121ocn024760173ocn017861056ocn041003121119513ocn040417377book19880.28Segaller, StephenNerds 2.0.1 : a brief history of the InternetHistoryChronicles the history of computer networking and discusses how it was developed, how the Internet was created, how it changed through the last half of the twentieth century, and other related topics+-+81565502068168ocn050558814visu19960.28Cringely, Robert XTriumph of the nerdsHistoryDocumentary filmsCovers the pioneering years of the PC revolution during the mid-1970's in Silicon Valley (1st work). Explains how the PC industry came of age in the 1980's. Interviews Steve Jobs who co-founded Apple Computer and Bill Gates of Microsoft (2nd work). Looks at changes in the PC industry during the 1990's and their impact on the future. Discusses the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the Internet (3rd work)6353ocn429642888visu20090.24Ferguson, NiallThe ascent of moneyHistoryFilm adaptationsBased on professor Niall Ferguson's best-selling book "The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World" in which he predicted the current economic crisis delves into how the complex system of global finance evolved over the centuries, how money has shaped the course of human affairs and how the mechanics of this economic system work to create seemingly unlimited wealth--or catastrophic loss. By the beginning of the 21st century, the systems of credit, insurance, bond trading and stock markets had transcended all national boundaries to create a truly global economic system, opening the door to unprecedented growth, but also worldwide instability in the event of one nation's downturn. In an effort to establish more stability following the Great Depression, the U.S. government's New Deal created a "property owning Democracy," a system of federally backed savings and loans that allowed more people than ever before to buy homes by offering low interest rates and long-term mortgages. Rampant inflation in the 1970s, however, led the government to remove regulations on interest rates and opened the door to a massive scandal in the 1980s and one of the country's worst economic crises. The vulnerabilities of America's property-based economy would be felt again 20 years later, in the current economic crisis that has shaken the world. The crisis threatens "Chimerica," the symbiotic relationship between China and America in which China's vast savings from the manufacturing of cheap goods has been lent to America to fuel growth. But at what point will America's battered economy lead China to cut off its line of credit? And how might America respond? The answer, Ferguson suggests, may be found in the history of the ascent of money+-+784521842532456615ocn014967500book19860.50Segaller, StephenInvisible armies : terrorism into the 1990s52216ocn041003121visu19980.32Nerds 2.0.1 a brief history of the InternetHistoryA three part series examining the ins and outs of one of the most volatile industries: the Internet. This second episode examines the advent of the PC and the need to connect them all to a network. But first someone had to figure out how to do it. That guy was Bob Metcalfe, founder of 3Com. As the market for networking evolved the battle began in earnest; 3Com, Sun, Novell, Cisco and Microsoft entered the market creating a civil war and billion-dollar partnerships5098ocn019723788book19890.27Segaller, StephenThe wisdom of the dream : the world of C.G. Jung+-+56365502063779ocn020962252visu19890.33The wisdom of the dreamBiographyOffers a new depth of understanding of the concepts of psychoanalyst Carl Jung and serves as an introduction to those concepts for the beginner. Interviews with Jung followers show his "user-friendly" psychological approach to life3282ocn809948828visu20120.18Steve Jobs the lost interviewHistoryBiographyInterviewsIn 1995, during the making of his TV series Triumph of the Nerds about the birth of the PC, Bob Cringely did an hour-long interview with Steve Jobs, shortly after Jobs was ousted from Apple and two years before Jobs would return to take over Apple. Jobs discusses his early days, career battles, and vision for the future2373ocn050790944visu20020.17Allies at warFeatures rare archival footage, private correspondence, and interviews with historians and insiders, including FDR's grandson Curtis Roosevelt, to explore the relationship between Winston Churchill, Charles de Gaulle and Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War II2231ocn769782693visu20120.17In the footsteps of Marco PoloChronicles the journey of Belliveau and O'Donnell, two ordinary guys, as they set out to follow Polo's historic route. The film weaves footage from the duo's often perilous voyage with Marco Polo's descriptions and experiences. Detailed are their highs and lows as they retrace Polo's path, trying to see what he saw and feel what he must have felt1833ocn024760173visu19910.35Columbus and the age of discoveryBiographyChronicles Columbus's extraordinary journey and legacy as it relives Columbus's daring and dangerous voyages and their momentous repercussions for both the Old World and the New. Commemorates the quincentennial of his discovery of America1743ocn025024630visu19900.35Jung on filmInterviewsDr. Evans and Carl Jung touch on all the major themes in Jung's psychological research and analytical work1234ocn020997179book19890.37Segaller, StephenJung : the wisdom of the dreamBiography1211ocn191821400visu20080.23The Jewish AmericansHistory"Traces 350 years of Jewish American History, from the arrival of the first Jews in 1654 up to the present day"--Container901ocn082214531visu20060.56Turkey's tigers integrating Islam and corporate culture"For years, Turkey has been run by a stridently secular business and political elite, while its devout Muslim citizens have been pushed to the political and economic fringes. But now, even the most committed Muslims are embracing Western-style capitalism and commerce--and are ascending in Turkish society at the ballot box and in big business"--Container763ocn036070928visu19960.27Triumph of the nerdsHistoryInterviewsExplains how the PC industry came of age in the 1980s. Includes interviews with Bill Gates of Microsoft, IBM's decision to "buy, not build" PC technology, the introduction of IBM's PC into the U.S. Market followed rapidly by clones, the shaky co-operation between Microsoft and IBM, IBM's launch of OS/2, and Microsoft's introduction of Windows742ocn036070439visu19960.25Triumph of the nerdsHistoryInterviewsCovers the pioneering years of the PC revolution during the mid-1970's in Silicon Valley. Includes the Altair 8800, the Homebrew Computer Club, the West Coast Computer Faire and hippie culture, nerds and hobbyists. Steve Wozniak eventually spawns Apple II, while Steve Jobs, at 25, becomes worth $100 million722ocn036072288visu19960.27Triumph of the nerdsHistoryInterviewsExamines the changes in the PC industry during the 1990s and their impact on the future. Includes the introduction of Windows 95, the biggest global product launch ever; satellite links; and Xerox PARC, the user friendly technology adopted by Steve Jobs for Macintosh. Looks at the struggle to make PCs more friendly with graphical user interface and the advent and impact of the Internet663ocn606929668visu20050.59Border jumpers better life in Botswana?HistoryBotswana's electric border fence was erected to keep out diseased livestock from neighboring Zimbabwe. It has also proved remarkably effective at stemming the influx of illegal immigrants fleeing economic collapse and political repression. This Wide Angle report examines this frontier flashpoint, profiling both a cattle farmer who strongly supports the fence and illegal immigrants determined to breach it603ocn032033485visu19940.50Genetic time bombExplores the loss of genetic diversity in food crops, as farmers around the world grow hybrids instead of local varieties. Looks at efforts to collect, save, grow, and distribute rare and threatened seeds+-+8156550206+-+8156550206Fri Mar 21 15:47:59 EDT 2014batch19561