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Fri Mar 21 17:07:31 2014 UTClccn-n853019150.00Ārento = yasupāsu ōfuku shokan0.581.00Lotte Köhler correspondence,22242624n 853019151483454Grimm, Lotte Frueherer NameKohler, Lotte.ケーラー, Llccn-n50023617Arendt, Hannah1906-1975crelccn-n78095410Jaspers, Karl1883-1969lccn-n50016637Saner, Hans1934-oth072edtlccn-nr97015476Blücher, Heinrich1899-1970crelccn-n88257300Astrup, Anne-Sophielccn-n85045377Kimber, Roberttrlviaf-51856037Straub, Jürgencreviaf-306013721Spiegel, Heinz-Rudicrelccn-n82263415Böhme, Hartmut1944-lccn-no2009115425大島, かおり1931-Köhler, LotteRecords and correspondenceHistoryArendt, Hannah,GermanyPolitical scientistsPhilosophersJaspers, Karl,Blücher, Heinrich,Human anatomyArt--PsychologyHuman figure in artAnatomy, ArtisticHamburger, AndreasKernberg, Otto F.,NazisPsychoanalysis2011194219481949197319751979198319851986198719921993199619992000200120042012201311591767320.5092JC263ocn185607883ocn185608229ocn466924990ocn848066813ocn807494469ocn742459857ocn797698643ocn468251961ocn807471932ocn722869486ocn722927354ocn828190903ocn75112226064313ocn024429625book19920.50Arendt, HannahHannah Arendt/Karl Jaspers correspondence, 1926-1969Records and correspondence"The correspondence between Hannah Arendt and Karl Jaspers begins in 1926, when the twenty-year-old Arendt studied philosophy with Jaspers in Heidelberg. It is interrupted by Arendt's emigration and Jasper's 'inner emigration' and resumes in the fall of 1945. From then until Jaspers's death in 1969, the initial teacher-student relationship develops into a close friendship. Three countries figure prominently in the correspondence: Germany, Israel, and the United States. Among the topics are Fascism, the atom bomb and the threat of global destruction, German guilt for the Holocaust, Jewishness, the State of Israel, American politics and American universities, the Eichmann trial in Jerusalem. Arendt and Jaspers discuss people both famous and obscure. They gossip, joke complain, and argue. They commiserate with each other over the illnesses and infirmities of old age. And they converse about the world's great philosophers: Spinoza, Kant, Marx, Max Weber, Heidegger. Here is a fascinating dialogue between a woman and a man, a Jew and a German, a questioner and a visionary, both uncompromising in their examination of our troubled century."+-+023325606532426125ocn013302783book19850.66Arendt, HannahHannah Arendt/Karl Jaspers Briefwechsel, 1926-1969Records and correspondence17112ocn035816787book19960.76Arendt, HannahHannah Arendt/Heinrich Blücher : Briefe 1936-1968Records and correspondence684ocn042893471book19990.56Arendt, HannahCorrespondance 1936-1968Records and correspondence41ocn828190903book20120.92Böhme, HartmutDer anatomische Akt zur Bildgeschichte und Psychohistorie der frühneuzeitlichen AnatomieHistory11ocn675092703book2004Ārento = yasupāsu ōfuku shokan11ocn722927354book20000.59Arendt, HannahWithin four walls : the correspondence between Hannah Arendt and Heinrich Blücher, 1936-1968Records and correspondence"What emerges from this correspondence is the life story of two exceptional people, two Germans who fled their country for different reasons. It is the story of their life in exile in Paris and in New York, the hardships of that exile, their dependence on each other, their deepening love for each other, their continued exchange of ideas, Arendt's teaching and writing, her involvement with Jewish life and organizations in Europe and in Israel, and Blucher's years at The New School and at Bard College. It is also an important document of the 1930s in Germany and France, of World War II, and the post-war life in ravaged European cities+-+885855606511ocn802769273art19790.10Köhler, LotteAnnette von Droste-Hülshoff11ocn720878951book1942Köhler, LotteKrebserzeugung mit chemischen Substanzen11ocn802775032art19830.10Köhler, LotteRahel Varnhagen11ocn720577665book19481.00Köhler, LotteDer Dualismus in Wesen und Werk der Annette von Droste-Hülshoff unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Balladen11ocn720205169book1949Köhler, LotteDie Bedeutung der Hauterscheinungen für die Differenzierung der sogenannten akuten Leukämien in echte Leukosen <"maligne einförmige Leukose"> und myeloblastische Reaktionen bei genuiner Knochenmarksinsuffizienz11ocn802778002art19750.10Köhler, LotteHermann Hesse11ocn802791689art19730.10Köhler, LotteMarie Luise Kaschnitz11ocn675349223book2004Ārento = yasupāsu ōfuku shokan11ocn070983726mix1.00Köhler, LotteLotte Köhler correspondenceRecords and correspondencePhotocopies of TLS (1996 May 14) to Otto Kernberg and of an unsigned typewritten letter (1993 January 18) to Andreas Hamburger from Köhler regarding the attitude of the German psychoanalytic community toward the Nazis during World War II and interpretations of the history of the Nazi movement11ocn675584257book2004Ārento = yasupāsu ōfuku shokan+-+0233256065324+-+0233256065324Fri Mar 21 15:22:04 EDT 2014batch10352