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Fri Mar 21 17:03:43 2014 UTClccn-n853359970.47The complete works0.741.00In the mode of Shang : for chamber orchestra /115122849Chou_Wen-chungn 853359971567399Chou, Wen-choung 1923-Chou, Wên-chung, 1923-Wen-Chung, ChouZhou, Wenzhong 1923-周文中, 1923-lccn-n50044963Varèse, Edgard1883-1965cmplccn-n80016909Chailly, Riccardo1953-cndlccn-nr90023661Leonard, Sarahprflccn-no95004690Zoon, Jacquesprfviaf-301725319Deas, Kevinprflccn-n84088394Pražský filharmonický sborprflccn-n95063167Delünsch, Mireilleprflccn-nr91023132Asko Ensembleprflccn-n80142983Kerdoncuff, François1954-prflccn-n50032381Carter, Elliott1908-2012edtChou, Wen-Chung1923-Conference proceedingsManuscriptsMusical settingsSuitesInstrumental ensemblesChou, Wen-Chung,Orchestral musicOrchestral music--ScoresPercussion ensemblesOctets (Bassoon, clarinet, flute, horn, oboe, trombone, trumpet, double bass)Piano musicSongsFlute musicChoruses, Secular (Men's voices) with orchestraMusique concrèteElectronic musicMusic--Instruction and studyVarèse, Edgard,Ionisation (Varèse, Edgard)Musical meter and rhythmTone color (Music)Flute and piano musicQuartets (Piano, clarinet, violin, cello)Music--Chinese influencesNonets (Piano, bassoon, clarinet, flute, horn, trombone, trumpet, percussion)Nonets (Piano, clarinet, English horn, flute, trombones (2), percussion, violin)Suites (Bassoon, clarinet, flute, horn, oboe, harp)Nin, Anaïs,Wind ensemblesClarinet musicString triosQuartets (Piano, flute, percussion, cello)Percussion and cello musicQuartets (Piano, clarinet, flute, violin)Computer and viola musicSuites (Orchestra)Trumpet with instrumental ensembleChamber orchestra musicSchuller, GuntherDello Joio, Norman,Kentucky--LouisvilleChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with chamber orchestraShapero, Harold,Harth, SidneyCarter, Elliott,Louisville OrchestraRorem, Ned,Mester, JorgeTower, Joan,ManuscriptsMusic--ManuscriptsSwitzerland--BaselPaul Sacher Stiftung (Basel, Switzerland)Music--Philosophy and aesthetics19231924195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621964196519661967196819691970197119731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419861988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320147307224507780.924M1045.V32ocn040306832ocn000809577ocn050501576ocn001148649ocn045489258ocn071358114ocn663891292ocn495356254ocn313489501ocn725007727ocn040306832ocn071358114ocn070756860ocn554073486ocn043257889ocn658336051ocn811253225ocn780765665ocn811255645ocn798264653ocn658497986ocn811256001ocn780170275ocn811249411ocn004444768ocn2134715664989ocn040306832rcrd19980.47Varèse, EdgardThe complete works4333ocn005250308book19790.66The New worlds of Edgard Varèse : a symposiumConference proceedings33721ocn007211893score19240.70Varèse, EdgardOctandre : for flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone and contra-bass+-+K1188084252939ocn000809577score19730.70Varèse, EdgardAmériques:25215ocn003280340score19610.79Chou, Wen-ChungSoliloquy of a bhiksuni; for trumpet with brass and percussion ensemble24313ocn009546217score19690.79Varèse, EdgardNocturnalMusical settings22517ocn000629980score19540.76Chou, Wen-ChungAnd the fallen petals : for orchestra2248ocn007347434score19800.70Varèse, EdgardIntégrales : for 11 wind instruments and percussion+-+40982084251974ocn828100065file19950.81Chou, Wen-ChungEchoes from the gorge1952ocn033428182rcrd19950.81Chou, Wen-ChungMusic of Chou Wên-chung1938ocn000569265score19600.66Chou, Wen-ChungThe willows are new (after Wang Wei's Yang Kuan)18113ocn017716374score19530.81Chou, Wen-ChungLandscapes : for orchestraManuscripts1676ocn000580935score19650.79Chou, Wen-ChungCursive; flute and piano1624ocn016569704rcrd19640.79Chou, Wen-ChungSoliloquy of a bhiksuni1611ocn001051353rcrd19700.79Chou, Wen-ChungBian Yü ko. Cursive. The willows are new15911ocn000592687score19620.84Chou, Wen-ChungSuite for harp and wind quintet : harp, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, hornSuites1426ocn000574141score19680.88Chou, Wen-ChungYü ko : adapted from Yü ko for chʻin by Mao Min-chung (c. 1280) : for violin, alto flute, English horn, bass clarinet, trombone, bass trombone, piano and two percussion parts1167ocn048504295score20010.93Varèse, EdgardTuning up : for orchestra1162ocn822879562com20080.86Tribute to Chou Wen-chung music by his teacher, his colleagues, and his distinguished disciples1166ocn002545702score19670.84Chou, Wen-ChungPien : piano, winds, percussion / Chou Wen-Chung3152ocn061247207book20060.73Chang, Peter MChou Wen-Chung : the life and work of a contemporary Chinese-born American composerCriticism, interpretation, etcDespite his original training as a civil engineer, Chou Wen-Chung came to America in 1946 to pursue music. He became a protégé of Edgard Varèse and spent several decades teaching, composing, and advancing modern concepts in contemporary compositions. Incorporating the teachings of his mentor, yet retaining his own identity, Chou is one of the few composers to successfully integrate images and ideas from both Eastern and Western culture. His unique synthesis of the two cultures has challenged the American musical community to recognize and celebrate cultural differences, setting Chou apart in contemporary American music as an exemplary of the Chinese musical idiom. His founding of the Center for United States-China Arts Exchange has furthered his exploration of cross-cultural pollination. This book examines the composer's life and music, including biographic material, an in-depth cultural and musical analysis of his works, and receptions of his music. An assessment of Chou's unique contribution to contemporary musical synthesis, a hallmark in twentieth-century music, draws a direct link between his cross-cultural approach to composition and his family history and upbringing. His quest for an original style by widening his musical and cultural experiences - including consulting ancient Chinese sources on music and philosophy - helped to solidify his place in the musical patchwork of contemporary America. Also drawing a comparison between Chou's approach to musical synthesis and that of his Chinese colleagues, author Peter Chang's discussion generates interest in cross-cultural studies in contemporary music, promoting multicultural awareness in America and abroad, and enabling readers to understand different reactions to the Western impact on Chinese music and culture. The book's appendixes list Chou's compositions and recordings, and a chronology of performances+-+41470356351982ocn001293477score19600.81Chou, Wen-ChungAll in the spring wind : for orchestraManuscripts1982ocn244567144book20090.81Lai, Eric Chiu KongThe music of Chou Wen-chungCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8550119025333ocn709894827visu20100.56Music makes a cityHistoryInterviewsIn the late 1940s, an orchestra in Louisville, Kentucky was about to go out of business. At that point, a new mayor stepped into office whose views about civic vitality were founded on the ideas of the Chinese sage Confucius. His vision of prosperity was focused on making the arts available to every citizen of the city. Music Makes a City tells the rousing, inspiring, nearly unbelievable story of an American city and its orchestra312ocn286350030book20080.92Paul Sacher Stiftung (Basel, Switzerland)Sammlung Chou Wen-chung : MusikmanuskripteCatalogs211ocn856585268score20130.96Chou, Wen-ChungMetaphors : for wind symphony orchestraManuscripts124ocn032333951book19900.97Chew, Seok-KweeAn analysis of the selected music of Chou Wen-Chung in relation to Chinese aestheticsCriticism, interpretation, etc125ocn037127969book19950.97Chang, Peter MChou Wen-chung and his music : a musical and biographical profile of cultural synthesisCriticism, interpretation, etcThe main point of Richard Waterman's theory of syncretism is that, when musical elements in two cultures are compatible, a synthesis would most likely occur. According to this, the seemingly incompatible nature of Chinese and Western musical elements could have prevented a fusion. Since Chou Wen-Chung's musical fusion is successful and is representative of the prevalent practice among contemporary composers, this study has especially been motivated to shed new light on this issue by seeking an explanation with an ethnomusicological perspective for Chou's success and its implications in contemporary music both in the East and the West. The analytical and biographical data show that Chou's musical development in fusing Chinese and Western elements progresses from the impressionistic use of Chinese melodies, modes, rhythmic figures and percussion sound in his early works to abstract portrayal of Chinese subjects, aesthetic ideals and principles realized through structural manipulation in his later works, and the compositions of musical concepts. This study has concluded that, in addition to Waterman's and Merriam's observations that shared specific musical features are necessary for musical fusion, the process in such a fusion involves the cultural insiders' reinterpretation, in terms of their own tradition, of those similar traits from the donor culture. Those similar traits are not limited to concrete musical material; they could also include aesthetic values, which govern all branches of the fine arts such as poetry, painting, calligraphy, and music. Thus, in his later works, Chou has avoided all together the use of pentatonic modes, the superficial link between Mahler, Debussy, Ravel, and Chinese music93ocn037359356book19960.97Kwan, Chun-Ming KennethCompositional design in recent works by Chou Wen-ChungCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography62ocn039964436book19950.96Lai, Eric Chiu KongA theory of pitch organization in the early music of Chou Wen-chungCriticism, interpretation, etc42ocn022523209score19601.00Chou, Wen-ChungIn the mode of Shang : for chamber orchestraManuscripts31ocn026189374score19550.47Chou, Wen-ChungThree folksongs : for harp and fluteManuscripts21ocn022578344score19581.00Chou, Wen-ChungTo a wayfarer : for clarinet with strings, harp, and percussionManuscripts22ocn222589293book19910.96Huang, Joan QiongAn early fusion of Oriental and Occidental ideas : a discussion of the characteristics of three orchestral works by Chou Wen-Chung ; and, Three images of Tang : for orchestraCriticism, interpretation, etc21ocn154236259book20041.00Chou, Wen-ChungChou Wen-Chung music festival : special album : series of lectures, seminars, and composition workshops "Asian music - what is the future?" [2003]Criticism, interpretation, etcConference proceedings22ocn663474315book19860.95Lau, Wing-yiuThe influence of Chinese culture on Chou Wen-Chung's early orchestral worksOrchestral music11ocn049338681score19550.81Chou, Wen-ChungLandscapes : for orchestraManuscripts11ocn665170833rcrd20000.47Van Ord, Jessica JVoice studio of Jessica J. Van Ord presents the songs of Ernst Bacon (1889-1990)Musical settings11ocn008216072book19810.47Chan, Wing-chiA study on Chou Wen-chung12ocn702189342mix1.00Ruggles, CarlCarl Ruggles PapersRecords and correspondenceThe Carl Ruggles Papers contain the manuscript scores and sketches of Ruggles's musical compositions, including orchestral works, piano music, and songs. The correspondence holds letters to and from various composers, artists, and writers. Ruggles's life and work are further documented by: programs and clippings; personal papers and financial records; photographs; artworks by Ruggles and others; sound discs; and music by other composers, much of it copied or arranged by Ruggles. Transcriptions, notes, and indices by John Kirkpatrick occur throughout the Papers+-+4098208425+-+4098208425Fri Mar 21 15:30:56 EDT 2014batch30063