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Fri Mar 21 17:03:12 2014 UTClccn-n853414570.33Reason an the rationalization of society /0.550.93Husserl's phenomenology and the theory of logic108179877Thomas_A._McCarthyn 853414571862441580068Mac Carthy, Thomas, 1940-....Mac Carthy, Thomas AnthonyMacCarthy, T. G.MacCarthy, ThomasMacCarthy, Thomas, 1940-....MacCarthy, Thomas A. 1940-MacCarthy, Thomas AnthonyMc Carthy, Thomas, 1940-....Mc Carthy, Thomas A. 1940-Mc Carthy, Thomas AnthonyMcCarthy, T., 1940-McCarthy, T. G.McCarthy, ThomasMcCarthy, Thomas, 1940-McCarthy, Thomas A.McCarthy, Thomas A. (Thomas Anthony), 1940-McCarthy, Thomas Anthony 1940-McCarthy, Thomas G.McCarthy, Thomas (Thomas A.)McCarty, Thomas, 1940-....lccn-n85341458Bohman, Jamesedtlccn-n78093535Habermas, Jürgenlccn-n93077204Rehg, Williamedtlccn-n85341456Baynes, Kennethedtlccn-n79015748Dallmayr, Fred R.(Fred Reinhard)1928-lccn-n78056394Hoy, David Couzenslccn-n80157979Jiménez Redondo, Manueltrlviaf-57217498Looser, Maxlccn-n92114669Pensky, Maxlccn-n81117558Hohendahl, Peter UweMcCarthy, Thomas1940-Criticism, interpretation, etcHandbooks, manuals, etcCritical theoryCommunication--PhilosophySystem theorySocial evolutionCommunication--Social aspectsFrankfurt school of sociologySociology--PhilosophyRationalismSocial actionDeconstructionFunctionalism (Linguistics)Act (Philosophy)EthicsCapitalismEconomic historySocial historyCultural pluralismPragmatismPhilosophy, ModernMcCarthy, Thomas,Habermas, JürgenCriticism (Philosophy)Theory (Philosophy)Sociology--MethodologyKnowledge, Sociology ofReasonImperialismSocial evolution--PhilosophyRaceGlobalizationCommunication--Moral and ethical aspectsFunctionalism (Social sciences)Social sciences--PhilosophyApprenticesIrelandSocial interactionCommunicationHusserl, Edmund,PhenomenologyQuarter-staffStick fightingPhilosophyPostmodernism1940195919681969197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200920102011685072255142HM24ocn723579160ocn453896231ocn444999550ocn441751219ocn441751340ocn453394892ocn777642969ocn450261865ocn439797007ocn862273281ocn802575187ocn185660908ocn438761834ocn742445162ocn468252475ocn084526742ocn453896231ocn443120073ocn440765690ocn439993084ocn718876824ocn718876850ocn469337746ocn753323282155033ocn003748385book19780.56McCarthy, ThomasThe critical theory of Jürgen HabermasCriticism, interpretation, etc"Works by Habermas": pp 443-464 Comprend un index+-+2825817175131618ocn045844241file19910.50McCarthy, ThomasIdeals and illusions on reconstruction and deconstruction in contemporary critical theory+-+209681717532493816ocn013581366book19870.50After philosophy : end or transformation?+-+K8667071757915ocn051968809com20010.50Pluralism and the pragmatic turn the transformation of critical theory : essays in honor of Thomas McCarthyThis title is organized into three parts. Part one deals with social theory and the rational basis of communication. Part two examines conceptions of autonomy and the self. Part three deals with political theory, focusing on problems stemming from sociocultural pluralism+-+77863171753246726ocn002493270book19770.63Understanding and social inquiry49418ocn029357619book19940.66Hoy, David CouzensCritical theory+-+582613200643310ocn299718507book20090.70McCarthy, ThomasRace, empire, and the idea of human development"Offering an unusual perspective on the past and present of our globalizing world, this book will appeal to scholars and advanced students of philosophy, political theory, the history of ideas, racial and ethnic studies, social theory, and cultural studies."--BOOK JACKET+-+862460670510513ocn028258826book19800.39McCarthy, ThomasKritik der Verständigungsverhältnisse : zur Theorie von Jürgen Habermas603ocn075365521book19930.39McCarthy, ThomasIdeale und Illusionen : Dekonstruktion und Rekonstruktion in der kritischen Theorie4916ocn034207553book19780.35McCarthy, ThomasLa teoría crítica de Jürgen Habermas4518ocn047051374book19840.50Habermas, JürgenThe theory of communicative actionVolume I examines the concept of rationality and its relation to problems of social action, intersubjective communication and socialhistorical change. Habermas develops a series of powerful arguments on controversial issues such as cultural relativism, the nature of Verstehen and the inseparability of interpretation and critique. In addition to clarifying the normative foundations of critical social theory, this prepares the way for a creative appropriation of Webster's theory of rationalization and its Marxist reception by Luk+cs, Horkheimer and Adorno+-+0138510925324173ocn047986483book19920.47McCarthy, ThomasIdeales e ilusiones : reconstruccio︠n y deconstruccio︠n en la teori︠a cri︠tica contempora︠nea103ocn780915011book19760.86McCarthy, ThomasApprenticeships in Ireland94ocn005639077book19680.93McCarthy, ThomasHusserl's phenomenology and the theory of logic91ocn854970465file20050.76Pensky, MaxGlobalizing critical theoryAcross a spectrum of academic disciplines, the topic of globalization is at the forefront of contemporary efforts to understand a dynamically changing world society. How might critical social theory respond creatively to the challenge of thinking and theorizing globalization in its full complexity?74ocn255231694book19870.47Habermas, JürgenLifeworld and system: a critique of functionalist reason+-+752251092532477ocn758220181book19750.56Habermas, JürgenLegitimation crisisOffers a Marxian theory of communicative competence for application to the dynamics of contemporary capitalism. Bibliogs+-+567065253576ocn742571207book19900.56Habermas, JürgenMoral consciousness and communicative actionThis long-awaited book sets out the implications of Habermas's theory of communicative action for moral theory "Discourse ethics" attempts to reconstruct a moral point of view from which normative claims can be impartially judged. The theory of justice it develops replaces Kant's categorical imperative with a procedure of justification based on reasoned agreement among participants in practical discourse.Habermas connects communicative ethics to the theory of social action via an examination of research in the social psychology of moral and interpersonal development. He aims to show that our basic moral intuitions spring from something deeper and more universal than contingent features of our tradition, namely from normative presuppositions of social interaction that belong to the repertoire of competent agents in any society.Jurgen Habermas is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Frankfurt. "Moral Consciousness and Communicative Action is included in the series Studies in Contemporary German Social Thought, edited by Thomas McCarthy+-+K74635717574ocn253980954book20020.33Habermas, JürgenReason an the rationalization of society+-+013851092532462ocn010938213book18830.66McCarthy, ThomasQuarter-staff : a practical manualHandbooks, manuals, etc2501ocn045784331book20010.50Pluralism and the pragmatic turn the transformation of critical theory : essays in honor of Thomas McCarthyThis title is organized into three parts. Part one deals with social theory and the rational basis of communication. Part two examines conceptions of autonomy and the self. Part three deals with political theory, focusing on problems stemming from sociocultural pluralism+-+0167367175+-+K866707175+-+K866707175Fri Mar 21 15:24:33 EDT 2014batch18063