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Fri Mar 21 17:11:08 2014 UTClccn-n853508410.24Destinos : an introduction to Spanish /0.520.84Research methods in second language psycholinguistics /38376038Bill_VanPattenn 853508411682600Patten, Bill vanPatten, William Charles vanVan Patten, Bill.Vanpatten, BillVanPatten, WilliamVanPatten, William Charleslccn-n85350842Lee, James F.edtlccn-n80089989WGBH (Television station : Boston, Mass.)prolccn-n2010059279Jegerski, Jilledtlccn-n50007641Teschner, Richard V.lccn-n2006060006Benati, Alessandro G.lccn-n88159131Marks, Marthanc-annenberg cpb collectionAnnenberg/CPB Collectiondstviaf-170757445Abud, Lilianalccn-nb98066756Williams, Jessica1957-lccn-n82130183Dvorak, TrishaedtVanPatten, BillConference proceedingsSelf-instructionTerminologyConversation and phrase booksSecond language acquisitionLanguage and languages--Study and teachingSpanish languageSecond language acquisition--ResearchLanguage and languages--Study and teaching--ResearchInterlanguage (Language learning)Second language acquisition research (Title)Grammar, Comparative and generalSemanticsSpanish language--Spoken SpanishCommunicative competenceInterlanguage (Language learning)--ResearchLanguage teachers--Training ofSpanish language--Study and teaching--Audio-visual aidsSpanish language--VocabularyDestinos (Television program)PsycholinguisticsLinguistics--MethodologySpanish language--Study and teachingSpanish language--Study and teaching--English speakersLanguage acquisitionSpanish language--Study and teaching--English speakers--Audio-visual aidsLanguage and languagesMatluck, Joseph HSpanish language--Composition and exercisesSpanish language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers--Audio-visual aids190019841985198719891990199119921993199419951996199719992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320149999376686418.0071P118.2ocn614671940ocn299428653ocn475394725ocn803130588ocn762391791ocn803928017ocn802728547ocn862983040ocn732282399ocn756992619102115ocn045732410file19890.47Second language acquisition/foreign language learning96211ocn697613368file20100.47VanPatten, BillResearch in second language processing and parsingThis volume is the first dedicated to the growing field of theory and research on second language processing and parsing. The fourteen papers in this volume offer cutting-edge research using a number of different languages (e.g., Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, English) and structures (e.g., relative clauses, wh-gaps, gender, number) to examine various issues in second language processing: first language influence, whether or not non-natives can achieve native-like processing, the roles of context and prosody, the effects of working memory, and others. The researchers include both e+-+806807275491913ocn676697193file20090.50VanPatten, BillKey terms in second language acquisitionTerminologyKey Terms in Second Language Acquisition includes definitions of key terms within second language acquisition, and also provides accessible summaries of the key issues within this complex area of study. The final section presents a list of key readings in second language acquisition that signposts the reader towards classic articles and also provides a springboard to further study. The text is accessibly written, with complicated terms and concepts explained in an easy to understand way. Key Terms in Second Language Acquisition is an essential resource for students+-+296449173569715ocn056109687file20040.53VanPatten, BillForm-meaning connections in second language acquisitionsConference proceedingsInterdisciplinary essays and empirical studies, mostly based on the papers presented at the Form and Meaning Conference held in Chicago in 2002. It presents linguistic and cognitive approaches to second language acquisition, attempting to integrate external and internal issues in interlanguage development, while outlining directions for research+-+351561569663615ocn055696797file20030.53VanPatten, BillProcessing instruction theory, research, and commentaryThis work presents ten related articles that illustrate the role of processing instruction in second language acquisition. The articles provide both historical and current context, as well as describe the influence of the input processing model on PI+-+046561569659631ocn025933339visu19920.28VanPatten, BillDestinos introduction to Spanish : a telecourseSelf-instructionRaquel Rodriguez, an attorney from Los Angeles, is hired by an aging Mexican industrialist to investigate a long-buried secret about his past. Her task takes her from the grand cities of Spain to the seaports of Argentina, the mountain country of Puerto Rico and back to Mexico City. Traveling with Raquel, viewers will learn to speak and understand international varieties of Spanish while immersed in the richness of Latino cultures+-+341575525547014ocn051265945book19950.66Lee, James FMaking communicative language teaching happenThe guiding principle of "Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen" is the premise that communication is the expression, interpretation, and negotiation of meaning, and not simply oral expression. Following that framework, "Making Communicative Language Teaching Happen" helps instructors develop communicative classroom environments that blend listening, speaking, reading, and writing+-+626001825540310ocn024378960book19910.24VanPatten, BillDestinos : an introduction to SpanishConversation and phrase books+-+341575525539220ocn076809922book20060.70Theories in second language acquisition : an introductionTheories in Second Language Acquisition surveys the major theoretical approaches currently used in second language acquisition (SLA) research, providing a systematic and coherent presentation in a single source. Each chapter follows a consistent chapter model constructed around the same set of questions, including "What is the Theory?" "What are the major constructs?" "What counts as evidence?" "What are the common misunderstandings about the theory?" The answers to these questions are written at a basic level by a leading expert in the respective theoretical model. As a result, the volume as a whole presents complex ideas in an accessible manner+-+438203053532511ocn014166472book19870.76VanPatten, BillForeign language learning : a research perspective2524ocn036130765book19970.66Beyond methods : components of second language teacher educationWritten to be accessible even to the novice teacher, this text is intended for courses in foreign language, teaching methods in any language or education department, as well as for courses in applied linguistics as they pertain to language teaching. It introduces teachers to the research of second language acquisiton as it applies to the classroom. It also offers a theoretical basis for making decisions about such things as methods, syllabus design and assessment+-+31561552552489ocn034244854book19960.79VanPatten, BillInput processing and grammar instruction in second language acquisition+-+03875021062076ocn016806123book19870.79Morgan, Terrell ALanguage and language use : studies in Spanish : dedicated to Joseph H. Matluck2046ocn050676407book20030.70VanPatten, BillFrom input to output : a teacher's guide to second language acquisitionAvoiding highly technical jargon and terminology, the author gives a compelling account of current research while couching it within a framework that is of particular relevance to classroom practitioners. The result is an engaging reference that should be required reading for all language instructors and department heads. This book is also ideal for a teaching methods course or an introductory seminar on second language acquisition. - Publisher+-+361073725519116ocn024671015book19920.32VanPatten, BillSabías que--? : beginning Spanish+-+91686082551001ocn038888466visu19970.28Nuevos destinosSelf-instructionA Spanish language immersion telenovela that retells the story of Destinos while addressing a new mystery848ocn055037756book20050.53VanPatten, BillSol y viento : beginning Spanish+-+0637137255814ocn051115461book19970.27VanPatten, BillDestinos : a telecourse+-+9352497255725ocn828768866file20130.84Jegerski, JillResearch methods in second language psycholinguistics"This timely volume provides up-to-date overviews of methods used in psycholinguistic research with second languages. Included are chapters on self-paced reading and listening, textual eye-tracking, visual world eye-tracking, ERPs, FMRI, translation recognition tasks, and cross-modal priming. Each contribution is authored by an expert researcher who offers experienced insight into not only the history of the method, but what is measured, how it is measured, issues in research and stimuli design, and the pros and cons of the method. These contributions are bookended by an introductory chapter on various models and issues that inform psycholinguistic inquiry into second language learning, and a final chapter that offers comments on the various methods described in addition to issues related to research design. Intended as a text to be used with advanced undergraduate and graduate students, Research Methods in Second Language Psycholinguistics will be useful to researchers wishing to understand more about the various methods represented and how they are used to investigate psycholinguistic processes in the second language context"--693ocn025674794book19920.25VanPatten, BillStudent viewer's handbook to accompany Destinos : an introduction to SpanishSelf-instructionA television course and public television series with fifty-two half- hour programs and a complete package of support materials+-+K617215255+-+3515615696+-+3515615696Fri Mar 21 15:54:06 EDT 2014batch24841