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Thu Oct 16 18:00:56 2014 UTClccn-n853635110.26Army of amateurs General Benjamin F. Butler and the Army of the James, 1863-1865 /0.620.93Character and results of the war : how to prosecute and how to end it, a thrilling and eloquent speech /64804990Benjamin_Butler_(politician)n 853635111512064Butler 1818-1893 MrButler, B. F.Butler, Ben 1818-1893Butler, Benj. F. 1818-1893Butler, Benj. F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1818-1893Butler, Benjamin F. 1818-1893Butler, Benjamin F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1818-1893Butler, Benjamin Franklin 1818-1893Butler, Mr. (Benjamin Franklin), 1818-1893lccn-n79063202United StatesArmylccn-n91040773Hearn, Chester G.lccn-n50050588Parton, James1822-1891lccn-n97051853United StatesArmy of the Jameslccn-n84037671Longacre, Edward G.1946-lccn-n79107874United StatesCongressHouselccn-n91123658West, Richard S.(Richard Sedgewick)1902-1968lccn-n79056304Johnson, Andrew1808-1875lccn-n92800799Holzman, Robert S.lccn-n79033075Trefousse, Hans L.(Hans Louis)1921-2010Butler, Benjamin F.(Benjamin Franklin)1818-1893HistorySpeeches in CongressTrials, litigation, etcControversial literaturePersonal narrativesBiographySourcesUnited StatesButler, Benjamin F.--(Benjamin Franklin),American Civil WarLouisiana--New OrleansGeneralsUnited States.--ArmyPolitical scienceVirginiaMilitary campaignsNorth CarolinaUnited States.--Army of the JamesHabeas corpusImpeachmentsJohnson, Andrew,Martial lawMilligan, Lambdin PHudson, Henry Norman,Prisoners of warIndiana--IndianapolisTrials (Conspiracy)Regimental historiesCushing, Caleb,Massachusetts.--State Almshouse (Tewksbury, Mass.)Reconstruction (United States : 1865-1877)Tax evasionConstitutional lawMassachusettsCapture of New Orleans (Louisiana : 1862)Trials (Treason)IndianaVirginia--NorfolkDexter, Thomas C. ACottonAlabama--MobileTrials (Misconduct in office)Trials (Military offenses)Military governmentTaxationConfiscationsSlaveryGreenbacksDouglas, Stephen A.--(Stephen Arnold),BondsCurrency questionUnited States.--Army.--New York Engineer Regiment, 1st (1861-1865)New York (State)Paper moneyUnited States.--Army.--Department of the Gulf (1862-1865)Freedmen--Social conditionsMilitary pensions1818189318231835183718381839184218441845184718481849185118521853185418561857185818591860186118621863186418651866186718681869187018711872187318741875187618771878187918801881188218831884188518861887188818891890189118921893189418951896189819001901190219071909191319171925192819291930193119351936193819391940194119441946194719481949195319541955195719591960196119621964196519661968196919701971197219731974197519761977197819801981198219841985198719881990199119921993199519961997199819992000200220032004200820102011201220131887110001512973.78E666ocn037735965ocn053854981ocn079894816ocn081463851ocn866527079ocn865981852ocn866049607ocn046766873ocn846657319ocn846618283ocn846684915ocn0441044955675ocn001232238book19170.66Butler, Benjamin FPrivate and official correspondence of Gen. Benjamin F. Butler : during the period of the Civil WarHistory4094ocn060722922file18680.86Butler, Benjamin FOpening argument of Mr. Butler of Massachusetts, one of the managers on the impeachment of the President3427ocn060723153file18830.86Butler, Benjamin FArgument before the Tewksbury Investigation Committee2878ocn060713700file18790.90Butler, Benjamin FAddress of Benjamin F. Butler to the judges of the Circuit Court of the United States on the presentation of the resolutions of the bar of the court as a tribute to the memory of Caleb CushingBiography24427ocn004658798book18630.93Butler, Benjamin FCharacter and results of the war : how to prosecute and how to end it, a thrilling and eloquent speechHistory2432ocn060722157file18740.86Butler, Benjamin FThe necessity of rewards for the detection of crime speech of General Benj. F. 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Milligan and others : petitioners for a writ of habeas corpus before the Supreme Court of the United States at Washington, D.C., December term, 18651496ocn800457583file18670.92Boutwell, George SRemarks of Hons. G.S. Boutwell, B.F. Butler, and Thomas Williams, on the President's veto of the Reconstruction bill delivered in the House of Representatives, July 19, 1867HistorySpeeches in Congress1386ocn847832446file18670.92Butler, Benjamin FReduction of the currency speech of Hon[orable] Benjamin F. Butler, of Massachusetts, in the House of Representatives, November 26 and 27, 1867Speeches in Congress1365ocn847832444file18680.92Butler, Benjamin FHow we may relieve ourselves from taxation speech of Benjamin F. Butler, of Massachusetts, delivered in the House of Representatives, July 14, 1868Speeches in Congress1282ocn793726277file18600.88Butler, Benjamin FThe candidature for the presidency in eight years of Stephen A. Douglas. His selfishness, and the duplicity in principle of his followers Speech of Gen. Benj. F. Butler, in Lowell, August 10, 1860Controversial literature1262ocn271226296file18660.86Butler, Benjamin FLecture delivered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music1215ocn317692243file18660.88Butler, Benjamin FDebate in the House of Representatives between Mr. Butler of Massachusetts and Mr. Bingham of Ohio on the Million Appropriation Bill of the Senate for the relief of the southern rebels : and the amendment of Mr. Butler that a like sum be appropriated to the relief of the widows and orphans of our soldiers starved in rebel prisons : or that the rich rebels should be taxed to feed their own poorHistory1212ocn847832445file18680.88Butler, Benjamin FImpeachment of the President speech of Hon[orable] Benjamin F. Butler, of Massachusetts, delivered in the House of Representatives, February 24, 1868Speeches in Congress1182ocn847832443file18670.88Butler, Benjamin FThe currency question Gen[eral] Butler's letter to the editor of the Boston daily advertiser1134ocn847832447file18690.88Butler, Benjamin FSpeech of Hon. Benjamin F. Butler upon his bill to authorize the issue of a national currency, to assure its stability and elasticity, lessen the interest on the public debt and reduce the rate of interest January 12, 1869Speeches in Congress17564ocn045843385file19970.31Hearn, Chester GWhen the devil came down to Dixie Ben Butler in New OrleansHistoryBiographyMuch controversy exists concerning Major General Benjamin F. Butler's administration in New Orleans during the second year of the Civil War. Some historians have extolled the general as a great humanitarian, while others have vilified him as a brazen opportunist, agreeing with the wealthy of occupied New Orleans who labeled him "Beast" Butler. In this thorough examination of Butler's career in the Crescent City, Chester G. Hearn reveals that both assessments are right. As a criminal lawyer prior to entering politics, Butler learned two great lessons--how to beat the rich and powerful at their o+-+934578030532486351ocn317691581book18630.74Parton, JamesGeneral Butler in New Orleans history of the administration of the Department of the Gulf in the year 1862 : with an account of the capture of New Orleans and a sketch of the previous career of the General, civil and militaryHistory+-+019226390585710ocn000259415book18920.59Butler, Benjamin FAutobiography and personal reminiscences of Major-General Benj. F. Butler : Butler's bookHistoryBiographyPersonal narratives8343ocn045728187file19970.26Longacre, Edward GArmy of amateurs General Benjamin F. 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Butler's defense before the House of Representatives in relation to the New Orleans goldHistoryClaims3012ocn002334697book19620.53Werlich, Robert"Beast" Butler; the incredible career of Major General Benjamin Franklin Butler2682ocn023017163book19910.27Nolan, DickBenjamin Franklin Butler : the damnedest yankeeHistoryBiography20112ocn005756876book18680.93McLaughlin, J. FairfaxThe American Cyclops, the hero of New Orleans, and spoiler of silver spoonsHistoryPoetry1529ocn085887705file18640.90Pierpont, Francis HarrisonLetter of Governor Peirpoint [sic] to His Excellency the President and the honorable Congress of the United States on the subject of abuse of military power in the command of General Butler in Virginia and North CarolinaHistory1326ocn847832448file18640.86Life and public services of Major-General Butler (Benjamin F. Butler), the hero of New Orleans commander of the military department of Virginia and North Carolina, also commissioner for the exchange of prisonersHistoryBiography1307ocn004338788book18790.82Bland, T. ALife of Benjamin F. ButlerHistoryBiography12710ocn006003688book18680.93Pomeroy, Mark MThe life and public services of Benjamin F. Butler, major-general of the Army and leader of the Republican partyHistoryBiography1257ocn004176758book18660.82Southwood, Marion"Beauty and booty", the watchword of New OrleansHistory1062ocn009831657book18920.31Butler, Benjamin FButler's book : a review of his legal, political and military career - illustrated with 125 engravings, maps, photogravuresHistoryPersonal narratives1003ocn765811601com18640.88Peirpoint's pamphlet from the Norfolk, Va., New regime of Friday, June 24th, 1864History+-+9345780305324Thu Oct 16 15:51:01 EDT 2014batch44584