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Fri Mar 21 17:04:58 2014 UTClccn-n853642400.00Vassiliki Tsekoura0.751.00The architecture of Adolf Loos13238931n 853642401562524Safran, Yehuda E.Safran, Yehuda Emmanuellccn-n82047171Loos, Adolf1870-1933lccn-n80001187Arts Council of Great Britainedtlccn-n85364241Wang, Wilfriededtlccn-n85364242Budny, Mildrededtlccn-n80057077Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig1886-1969artlccn-n83800357Trigueiros, Luizedtlccn-no2001037311Hümpel, Thorstenviaf-14675773Sousa, Rui Morais delccn-no98076001Barata, Paulo Martins1965-edtlccn-no95036039Architektur Zentrum WienSafran, YehudaHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcDesigns and plansExhibition catalogsNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcCatalogsInterviewsMies van der Rohe, Ludwig,ArchitectureUnited StatesArchitecture, ModernGermanyArchitecture, DomesticHoll, StevenLoos, Adolf,AustriaArchitectural drawingArchitecture--Technological innovationsWatercolor painting, AmericanInterior decorationFurnitureModern movement (Architecture)Architect-designed furnitureKiesler, FrederickReis, Cabrita,Muntean, Markus,Rosenblum, AdiArchitecture and societyArchitecture--Human factorsSerbiaArchitectural practice, InternationalArchitecture, EuropeanArchitectsArt, ModernHuman figure in artPortugalBuildingsPortugal--LisbonXerox CorporationOffice buildingsVideo artInternational style (Architecture)AbstractionArchitectural firmsBuildings--Design and constructionPromontório ArquitectosLee, Jennifer,Castro, Pablo,OBRA ArchitectsEuropeArchitecture, IndustrialUnited States--Hudson River ValleyCity planningLandscapesLandscape architectureRegional planningGermany (East)194519761985198619871988198919911992199319951996199719982000200120022003200520062008200911074293720.924NA1088.M65ocn490284519ocn831336376ocn757063703ocn861065520ocn456640320ocn439891208ocn456496343ocn465649773ocn461780268ocn72281636931410ocn014243426book19850.79Loos, AdolfThe architecture of Adolf Loos : an Arts Council exhibitionHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs27918ocn047002019book20000.50Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.)Mies van der RoheHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCatalogsDesigns and plansExhibition catalogsIntroduction à l'oeuvre d'un grand maître architecte, l'égal de Frank Lloyd Wright et de Le Corbusier. Etude de ses principaux bâtiments, illustrée de nombreux croquis, plans et photographies+-+15066837243241812ocn050169115book20020.84Holl, StevenSteven Holl : written in waterNotebooks, sketchbooks, etc365 watercolor sketches, some went on to serve as the basis for buildings+-+K2332525481077ocn026356415book19890.93Kiesler, FrederickFrederick Kiesler : 1890-1965482ocn047895107book20010.88Reis, CabritaPedro Cabrita Reis : il silenzio in ascolto = giving heed to silenceExhibition catalogs+-+0466202233394ocn276332211book20080.81Muntean, MarkusMuntean/Rosenblum : between what was and what might be ; anlässlich der Ausstellung Muntean/Rosenblum ..., 12.09.08-01.02.09Exhibition catalogs313ocn077282270book20060.95Jovanović Weiss, SrdjanAlmost architecture153ocn300211817book20080.98Peripheral vision & collective body : May 24th-September 21st 2008Exhibition catalogsThe exhibition 'Peripheral vision and collective body' conceived as an exceptional event for the opening, will gather numerous works from the collection, including new acquisitions and important long-term loans from private collectors, as well as loans from national and international museums. 'Peripheral vision and collective body' discusses the question of the collective bodies in contemporary visual art considering the tight relationship with architecture and performance (dance in particular). Looking at how recent artistic proposals have been informed by the American avant-gardes from the post WW II period which themselves had activated some experimentation from the German, Polish and Russian milieu of the early XX Century. The exhibition will bring together a selection of works, including film, performance, documents and texts from Meyerhold to contemporary art, which will explore the creation and the use of 'the collective body' as a critical strategy to question the legacy of our recent history133ocn053143367book20010.94Safran, YehudaXerox115ocn061581327visu19870.56Safran, YehudaThe Architecture of Adolf LoosHistoryYehuda Safran discusses Loos' work and ideas. Loos is now seen as a pre-Modern or one of the first Modern architects. His issues -- appropriate style and the appropriate way to approach the task of building -- are important in today's atmosphere of abundance101ocn052221390book20020.92Fabião, SolangeSolange Fabião : duration: 1 hour and 3 minutes - location: 17.3 milesCatalogsInterviews102ocn474886063book20080.88Muntean--Rosenblum : between what was and what might beExhibition catalogs51ocn084143236book20050.73OBRA : OBRA ArchitectsHistory52ocn635558021book19850.47The Architecture of Adolf Loos : an Arts Council exhibition [1985]42ocn234176409book20010.95Holl, Steven HollCity fragments : seven strategies for making an urban fragment in the Hudson Valley31ocn635742311book20020.81Holl, StevenSteven Holl : idea and phenomenaHistoryExhibition catalogs+-+333325254831ocn831336376book19890.47Frederick Kiesler : 1890-1965 ; [publ. to accompany an exhibition of original drawings and models of the work of Kiesler ... in London from 8 November to 9 December 1989]21ocn491866250book2002Vassiliki Tsekoura21ocn257914485book19920.47Santos, José Paulo dosArchitecture21ocn604657631book20060.47Almost architecture - Srdjan Jovanović Weiss11ocn828095884com20091.00Safran, YehudaThe architecture of Adolf LoosA talk by Yehuda Safran on Adolf Loos. Safran refers to Loos as "a seminal figure of Vitruvian dimension," and he discusses Loos' work and ideas. Safran says that Loos is a pre-Modern or among the first Moderns+-+1506683724324+-+1506683724324Fri Mar 21 15:53:16 EDT 2014batch14048