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Fri Mar 21 17:05:23 2014 UTClccn-n853692750.22Peirce's colonial lists. Civil, military and professional lists of Plymouth and Rhode Island colonies, comprising colonial, county and town officers, clergymen, physicians and lawyers. With extracts from colonial laws defining their duties, 1621-17000.770.94An Act for Regulating, Governing, and Training the Militia of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts passed March 6, 1810 : with an index /153682635n 853692751467301M.V.M. (Massachusetts. Volunteer Militia)Massachusetts. Volunteer MilitiaMassachusetts VolunteersMVM (Massachusetts. Volunteer Militia)containsVIAFID/267687243Massachusetts. Adjutant General's OfficecontainsVIAFID/139687344Massachusetts. National Guardlccn-n79007084Massachusettslccn-n79055635MassachusettsGeneral Courtlccn-n85313348MassachusettsAdjutant General's Officelccn-nr89013592Donnison, William1757?-1834lccn-n79045178United StatesContinental Armylccn-n50023974Steuben, Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard AugustinBaron von1730-1794lccn-n79063202United StatesArmylccn-n81146722MassachusettsGeneral CourtHouse of Representativeslccn-n85049337Sumner, William H.(William Hyslop)1780-1861comlccn-n84002153Bodge, George M.(George Madison)1841-1914MassachusettsMilitiaRulesHandbooks, manuals, etcMilitary historyHistoryMassachusetts.--MilitiaUnited StatesUnited States.--ArmyMassachusettsMilitary lawMilitary art and scienceArtillery drill and tacticsUnited States.--Continental ArmyMilitiaUnited States.--Army.--InfantryNew EnglandKing Philip's War (1675-1676)Connecticut.--MilitiaRecruiting and enlistmentNew Hampshire.--MilitiaInfantry drill and tacticsIndians of North America--WarsAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)Regimental historiesGreat Britain.--ArmyNew York (State).--MilitiaImpressmentMassachusetts--Essex CountyPolitical scienceBanks, Nathaniel Prentiss,Military disciplineAfrican AmericansAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Rhode IslandMassachusetts--Barnstable CountyMassachusetts--Plymouth CountyMassachusetts--Bristol CountySoldiersRhode Island.--MilitiaEmbargo (1807-1809)New HampshireFrench and Indian War (United States : 1754-1763)War of 1812Cavalry drill and tacticsFox, Joseph,Massachusetts.--National GuardNorth Carolina.--MilitiaMassachusetts.--Air National GuardLincoln, Levi,New York (State)ManagementUnited States.--Army.--CavalryPennsylvania.--MilitiaMassachusetts.--Adjutant General's OfficeVermont.--Militia167916891690169217011706171417151733173617381740174117431744174517461748175417551756175717581759176017611762176817701771177217741775177617771778177917801781178217831785178617871788179017911793179417951796179717981799180018011802180318041805180618071808180918101811181218131814181518161817181818191820182118221823182418251826182818291830183118321833183418351836183718381839184018431844184618491852185318551856185718581860186118621863186418651866186718701872187318741875187618781879188018811882188318841885188618871888188918901891189218931895189618991900190119021903190619071908190919101912191319161917192419261931193319371939194119421950195319541956195719651967196819691970197119721973197419751976197719791980198119831984198519861987198819911992199319951997199819992000200120022003200620082009201020112012200698621654347.3031Z121546037ocn062839405file17810.88United StatesBaron von Steuben's Revolutionary War drill manual : a facsimile reprint of the 1794 editionHistoryRulesHandbooks, manuals, etc44225ocn510915203file17680.81MassachusettsA plan of exercise, for the militia of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay extracted from the plan of discipline, for the Norfolk militiaHandbooks, manuals, etc25515ocn062806626file17430.84Bland, HumphreyAn abstract of military discipline more particularly with regard to the manuel [sic] exercise, evolutions, and firings of the footHandbooks, manuals, etc1535ocn062832310file17910.84MassachusettsGeneral orders. the commander in chief, is highly pleased with the martial spirit which pervades the greater part of the officers and other patriotic citizens1538ocn062834091com17970.79Noyes, ThomasA discourse, delivered at Fitchburg, February 28th, 1797. Occasioned by the death of Captain Joseph Fox, commander of one of the companies in said town ; at the request of the militia officers, who, with the bereaved company, under arms, and a part of the cavalry and matross in complete uniform, assembled to pay their last respects to the deceased.1037ocn062814732file17610.88MassachusettsProvince of the Massachusetts-Bay. 1761. I [blank] do hereby inlist myself to serve his majesty as a soldier in one of the regiments raised in this provinceHistoryMilitary history1038ocn062814736file17750.86MassachusettsWe the subscribers do hereby solemnly and severally engage and inlist ourselves as soldiers in the Massachusetts service, for the preservation of the liberties of America, from the day of our inlistment, to the last day of December nextHistoryMilitary history1038ocn062814562file17580.86MassachusettsThe exercise for the Militia of the province of the Massachusetts-Bay. By order of His ExcellencyHandbooks, manuals, etc1027ocn062814735file17760.86MassachusettsWe the subscribers do hereby severally inlist ourselves into the service of the colony of Massachusetts-Bay, to serve in a company whereof [blank] is captain, until the first day of December nextHistoryMilitary history1027ocn062814734file17590.86MassachusettsReturn of the men inlisted or impressed for His Majesty's service within the province of the Massachusetts-Bay in the regiment whereof [blank] Esq ; is colonel, to be put under the immediate command of His Excellency Jeffry Amherst, Esq ; general and commander in chief of His Majesty's forces in North-America, for the invasion of CanadaHistoryMilitary history1017ocn062814733file17620.86MassachusettsReturn of men inlisted for His Majesty's service for the protection and security of His Majesty's dominions and conquests in North-America, 1762Military history1007ocn062832319file17990.88MassachusettsGeneral orders. Head-quarters, Roxbury, March 30, 1799. While the nations of the old world are destroying each other ... America is seeking only to preserve, in peace, those advantages which God and nature have given her1006ocn062832311file17970.88MassachusettsGeneral orders. Head quarters, Boston, August 22, 1797. By the act of Congress, herewith published, 11836 men, including officers, are required to be detached from the militia of this commonwealth, and held in readiness to march at a moment's warning.Military history1006ocn062832313file17960.88MassachusettsGeneral orders. Head-quarters, Boston, February 20, 1796. the commander in chief, anxious to impress the minds of his fellow-citizens, with the great importance of an efficient militia996ocn062832316file17970.88MassachusettsGeneral orders. Head-quarters, Boston, June 13th, 1797. the commander in chief takes the earliest opportunity of calling the attention of his fellow citizens to the military security of the commonwealth.Military history997ocn062832317com17940.88MassachusettsGeneral orders. Head-quarters, Boston, June 6, 1794. By the act of Congress, of the 9th May last, a detachment of 80,000 men, including officers, is directed to be made ... the proportion to this state ... as estimated in the said act, being 11,885 men ... The several divisions and brigades of the militia of this commonwealth, will furnish the detachment in the following proportion, viz.996ocn062814728file17740.86MassachusettsA plan of exercise, for the militia of the Colony of the Massachusetts-BayHandbooks, manuals, etc988ocn062813553file17760.88MassachusettsThe Militia Act together with the rules and regulations for the Militia. : Published by order of the General Assembly989ocn062838643file17940.88United StatesRegulations for the order and discipline of the troops of the United States. To which is added, an appendix, containing the United States Militia Act, passed in Congress, May, 1792. And the act for forming and regulating the Militia in New-Hampshire.RulesHandbooks, manuals, etc977ocn062832318file17940.86MassachusettsGeneral orders. Head-quarters, Boston, March 1, 1794. the chief command of the Militia of the sovereign and independent Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by the decease of the late governor, has devolved on the lieutenant-governor--and he feels it equally consonant with his wishes, as it is with his duty, to encourage and strengthen it, by contributing towards the preservation of good regulation, and the advancement of discipline therein.51516ocn000925492book18960.28Bodge, George MSoldiers in King Philip's War; being a critical account of that war, with a concise history of the Indian wars of New England from 1620-1677, official lists of the soldiers of Massachusetts colony serving in Philip's War, and sketches of the principal officers, copies of ancient documents and records relating to the war, also lists of the Narraganset grantees of the united colonies, Massachusetts, Plymouth and ConnecticutHistoryGenealogyRegistersPresents an account of the Indian Wars in New England, specifically King Philip's War, with lists of officers, soldiers, committees, and scouts from Massachusetts Colony, Plymouth Colony, and Connecticut Colony+-+18955815353244137ocn265739453book20090.70Zelner, Kyle FA rabble in arms : Massachusetts towns and militiamen during King Philip's WarHistory"While it lasted only sixteen months, King Philip's War (1675-1676) was arguable one of the most significant of the colonial wars that wracked early America. As the first major military crisis to directly strike one of the British Empire's most important possessions, the Massachusetts Bay Colony, King Philip's War marked the first time that Massachusetts had to mobilize mass numbers of ordinary men to fight. In this ... social history and community study of Essex County, Massachusetts's militia, Kyle F. Zelner boldly challenges traditional interpretations of who was called to serve during this period. Drawing on muster rolls and pay lists as well as numerous historical records, Zelner demonstrates that Essex County's more upstanding citizens, such as yeomen farmers, church members, and family heads were often spared from impressments, while "the rabble" -- criminals, drunkards, the poor -- were forced to join active fighting units, with town militia committees selecting soldiers who would be least missed should they die in action ... [this monograph] shows that, despite heroic illusions of a universal military obligation, town fathers, to damaging effects, often placed local and personal interests above colonial military concerns"--Fly leaf+-+536242963541023ocn015450017book18100.94MassachusettsAn Act for Regulating, Governing, and Training the Militia of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts passed March 6, 1810 : with an index3769ocn060721033com18600.86Bird, F. WReview of Gov. Banks' veto of the revised code on account of its authorizing the enrollment of colored citizens in the militia31212ocn015987445book18230.73Sumner, William HAn inquiry into the importance of the militia to a free commonwealth in a letter from William H. Sumner to John Adams, late president of the United States; with his answer2899ocn000443554book18810.22Peirce, Ebenezer WeaverPeirce's colonial lists. Civil, military and professional lists of Plymouth and Rhode Island colonies, comprising colonial, county and town officers, clergymen, physicians and lawyers. With extracts from colonial laws defining their duties, 1621-1700HistoryRegistersLists of civil government entities of the Plymouth and Rhode Island colonies, military officers, and professional men of those colonies+-+992758153532427012ocn062832081file17850.84MassachusettsAn act, for regulating and governing the Militia of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and for repealing all laws heretofore made for that purposeRules2544ocn724667217book20110.73Eames, Steven CRustic warriors : warfare and the provincial soldier on the New England frontier, 1689-1748HistoryMilitary history"The early French Wars (1689-1748) in North America saw provincial soldiers, or British white settlers, in Massachusetts and New Hampshire fight against New France and her Native American allies with minimal involvement from England ... Steven Eames demonstrates that [the battlefield style that] developed in early New England was ... a unique way of war that selectively blended elements of European military strategy, frontier fighting, and native American warfare. This new form of warfare responded to and influenced the particular challenges, terrain, and demography of early New England. Drawing upon a wealth of primary materials on King William's War, Queen Anne's War, Dummer's War, and King George's War, Eames offers a bottom-up view of how war was conducted and how war was experienced in this particular period and place"--P. [4] of cover+-+45277296352119ocn015449059book18090.93MassachusettsReport of a committee of the House of Representatives, respecting certain military orders issued by His Honour Levi Lincoln, Lieutenant-Governor20313ocn733087880file0.84MassachusettsAnnual report of the Adjutant-General of the Commonwealth of MassachusettsHistoryPeriodicalsRegistersDescribes the organization, activities and roster of officers of the Massachusetts militia and National Guard1809ocn015442633book18060.92Loring, JosephExhibition of facts, supported by documents, for the information of the militia officers of the state of MassachusettsTrials, litigation, etcRecords and correspondence18013ocn062814779file17750.86MassachusettsRules and regulations for the Massachusetts armyHistoryRules1656ocn015571134book18060.94Warren PhalanxRules and regulations of the Warren Phalanx a light infantry company of Charlestown, raised in 18041654ocn015575076book18130.93MassachusettsDivision orders ; Brigade orders ; Regimental order1639ocn001871118book19130.25MassachusettsRecords of the Massachusetts Volunteer Militia called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a threatened invasion during the War of 1812-14HistoryRegistersSourcesThis work identifies every person from Massachusetts and Maine who answered Governor Strong's call to serve in the waning months of the War of 1812 in anticipation of a British invasion. Arranged by state and thereunder by militia company. For each company, there is given the name of the company captain, the names and ranks of all the militiamen who served under him, and the company's dates of service, place of organization, and duty station. Originally published in 19131584ocn062814194file17780.81MassachusettsState of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of Representatives, April 20, 1778. Whereas Congress by their resolve of February 18th, 1778, has called upon this state for thirteen hundred of the Militia thereofHistoryMilitary history1575ocn062813561file17780.81MassachusettsAn act, in addition to an act, intitled An act for forming and regulating the Militia within the colony of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England: and for repealing all the laws heretofore-made for that purposeHistory1564ocn062814237com17800.81MassachusettsState of Massachusetts-Bay. In the House of Representatives, June 23, 1780. Whereas the troops of the southern states will now be needed for the defence of that quarter, and by reason of the late advantages obtained by the enemy, we are compelled to call for a further supply of men, to fill up our battalions ... as well as a detachment of militiaHistoryMilitary history14210ocn001646283book19800.53MassachusettsRecord of the Massachusetts volunteers, 1861-1865. Published by the Adjutant General, under a resolve of the General CourtHistoryRegisters1311ocn711685860file0.81SeagullPeriodicalsNewspapers+-+5362429635Fri Mar 21 15:59:46 EDT 2014batch53556