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Fri Mar 21 17:14:43 2014 UTClccn-n850540940.00Le canardeur0.240.92Heaven's gate : [screenplay] /85135116Michael_Ciminon 85054094Cimino, Mike.Cimino, Mike 1939-チミノ, マイケルlccn-n96022881Washburn, Dericscelccn-n85231405De Niro, Robert1943-....prfactlccn-no97018018Savage, John1949-....prfactlccn-no2010173439Myers, Stanley1930-1993cmplccn-n81019162Streep, Meryl1949-....actlccn-n87142834Milius, Johnlccn-n88100657Walken, Christopher1943-prfactnp-valley, melValley, Mellccn-n50024426Eastwood, Clint1930-....prfcreactlccn-no2007012206Mansfield, DavidcmpCimino, MichaelDramaHistoryFilm adaptationsFictionCriticism, interpretation, etcWestern filmsPersonal narratives‡vAmericanCrime filmsDetective and mystery filmsPolice filmsVietnam War (1961-1975)Pennsylvania--ClairtonMan-woman relationshipsIron and steel workersUnited StatesVeteran reintegrationMale friendshipSoldiersPrisonersVietnamMilitary desertersCalifornia--San FranciscoDirty Harry (Fictitious character)VigilantesAssassination--InvestigationPoliceInterplanetary voyagesBotanistsRobotsMurder--InvestigationPolice corruptionPolice shootingsJohnson County War (1892)ImmigrantsRanchersCattle stealingWyomingSocial conflictUnited States, WestMercenary troopsThievesBank robberiesVeteransChinese AmericansNew York (State)--New YorkNew York (State)--New York--ChinatownAcademy Awards (Motion pictures)Triads (Gangs)Drug trafficDaley, Robert,AssassinationPennsylvaniaMetal-workersRobots in motion picturesDaley, RobertDrugs in motion picturesGangsCaliforniaMotion pictures, FrenchMotion pictures19391973197419781980198119851987199019911992199519982000200120022003200420052007200820092010201120122013862955791.4372PN1997ocn767002526ocn691235745ocn691295385ocn767002449ocn674268261ocn692006695ocn691863192ocn793485191ocn692006631ocn691385491ocn842456647ocn767002526ocn691235745ocn767002449ocn858189985ocn793485191ocn691922044ocn691385865ocn793485194ocn805052104ocn833752214ocn836311222ocn742871286ocn742667861ocn723343302224ocn319915179book20010.19Cimino, MichaelBig JaneFictionDans l'Amérique de 1951, Jane fuit un père tyrannique pour traverser le pays en compagnie de Billy McBain, biker, chanteur et poète. Leur histoire d'amour tournera court, mais révélera une femme forte et libérée1815ocn698473351visu19780.22Cimino, MichaelThe deer hunterHistoryFictionDramaPersonal narratives AmericanWar filmsEine schäbige Industriestadt in Pennsylvania. Nick und Michael feiern die Hochzeit ihres Freundes Steven und geniessen ihre Freiheit: Ein letztes Mal geht es in die Berge auf die Jagd... Schon am nächsten Tag werden die drei zum Kriegsdienst nach Vietnam eingezogen. Dort erwartet sie die Hölle. Nach erbarmungslosem Kampf werden die drei im Dschungel gefangen genommen. Ihre Aufseher spielen mit den Gefangenen ein sadistisches Spiel: Russisches Roulette. Michael sieht nur eine Fluchtmöglichkeit: Er schlägt den Vietcong eine noch härtere Variante vor103ocn027526205book19730.28Valley, MelMagnum ForceDeluxe Edition. Dirty Harry Collection. Starring Clint Eastwood43ocn833752214visu19800.25Cimino, MichaelHeaven's gateHistoryDramaWestern filmsA lawman and a hitman are in love with the same woman. All three are caught up in a devastating class war, when ruthless ranchers decide to kill off the starving immigrants who have been stealing their cattle. The story is based on a real range war in the 1890s in Johnson County, Wyoming32ocn842456647visu20110.21Trumbull, DouglasSilent runningDramaA botanist has spent three years aboard the space freighter "Valley Forge" preserving the only botanical specimens left from Earth under huge geodesic domes. When he receives orders to destroy the project and return home, he rebels and hijacks the space craft, killing his fellow crewman and injuring himself. He plunges the ship into the gaseous Rings of Saturn. From that moment on, he has only the trees, the gardens, and the two "Drone" robots, to keep him company on the loneliest adventure of all. Stunning visuals22ocn691235745visu1985Cimino, MichaelLe canardeurSon surnom légendaire de "Thunderbolt", John Doherty le doit à sa façon bien particulière de braquer les banques à l'aide d'un canon de 20mn. Traqué par ses anciens complices, qui l'accusent d'être parti avec le butin de leur dernière opération, Thunderbolt est sauvé in extremis par Lightfoot. Jeune marginal énergique et exubérant, ce dernier s'associe avec Thunderbolt en vue de faire un dernier gros coup : le casse de l'Armored Depositary, une banque réputée imprenable22ocn836241132visu19730.29Die Letzten beißen die HundeActionthriller über eine Männerfreundschaft21ocn845880650visu19850.47Im Jahr des Drachen : based on the novel Year of the dragon by Robert DaleyDer ebenso pathetische wie gewalttätige Kampf eines Polizeicaptains gegen Gangster und Rauschgifthändler in New Yorks Chinatown. (Lexikon des Internationalen Films)22ocn699553885visu19850.25Cimino, MichaelYear of the dragonDramaFilm adaptationsDeep in the secret heart of New York's Chinatown lies a criminal menace a thousand years old, the triad, a network of ruthless corruption and power. As the new godfather of the organization, Joey Tai decides it's time to war on the entrenched interests, both Italian and Oriental, in the lucrative drug trade. A confrontation ensues between Joey Tai and Captain Stanley White and only one will survive22ocn750977791visu19900.18Post, TedMagnum forceCriticism, interpretation, etcFictionDramaPolice filmsDetective and mystery filmsCrime filmsAction and adventure filmsA mysterious wave of assassinations is sweeping the San Francisco underwold. Detective "Dirty Harry" Callahan (Eastwood) discovers why: sharpshooting rookie policemen have turned vigilante11ocn751458271visu20050.47Magnum force Siła magnum11ocn836311222book20030.86Stone, OliverYear of the dragon : screenplay11ocn691922044mix2003Voyage au bout de l'enfer11ocn864177378visu2009Siła magnum11ocn029684748book19810.47Michael Cimino's Heaven's gate11ocn232995205visu19780.47Voyage au bout de l'enfer = The Deer hunterDramaSUMMARY: "An in-depth examination of the way that the Vietnam war affects the lives of people in a small industrial town in the USA." IMDB11ocn865113137visu2012Michael Cimino's Heaven's gate Das Tor zum Himmel11ocn691385491visu19900.20Cimino, MichaelThunderbolt and LightfootDramaA veteran thief and leader of a remarkable gang of bank robbers makes a spectacular heist11ocn553556213book20040.92Cimino, MichaelHeaven's gate : [screenplay]Der Film, der auf einer wahren Begebenheit basiert, handelt vom tödlichen Konflikt zwischen frühen Siedlern in Montana und späteren Einwanderern11ocn742871286visu1985Cimino, MichaelL'Année du Dragon : [USA, 1985]Fri Mar 21 15:27:38 EDT 2014batch14507