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Thu Feb 12 22:09:40 2015 UTClccn-n850624290.00Robert Nares, M.A. F.R.S. F.S.A. &c. : Archdeacon of Stafford &c. &c. /0.741.00Catalogue of the valuable and extensive library of the late Very Rev. Archdeacon Nares, including Stephani Thesaurus Græcus, a Barker et Valpy [etc., etc.],32788887Robert_Naresn 850624292322603Nares.Nares 1753-1829 ArchdeaconNares, Archdeacon (Robert), 1753-1829Nares, R. 1753-1829Nares, R. (Robert), 1753-1829Nares, Robertlccn-n78095332Shakespeare, William1564-1616lccn-n80075855Halliwell-Phillipps, J. O.(James Orchard)1820-1889edarredtviaf-76345452Wright, Thomas1810-1877arredtlccn-n79017964Great BritainParliamentlccn-no90001821Hocker, William-1759ctblccn-no90001822Casley, Davidctblccn-n85073036Shaw, Stebbing1762-1802lccn-n83027963Morton, Charles1716-1799lccn-nr93031521Planta, Joseph1744-1827lccn-n83178981Horne, Thomas Hartwell1780-1862Nares, Robert1753-1829Glossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionariesPeriodicalsCatalogsHistorySourcesCalendarsReviewsBibliographyEnglish language--Obsolete wordsEnglish languageGreat BritainPolitical scienceEnglish language--PronunciationShakespeare, William,English language--Accents and accentuationEnglish language--SyllabicationConstitutional historyNatural historyReligion and politicsTheologyFranceLegislative bodies--ReformRepublicanismManuscriptsWillsPeriodicalsCupid and Psyche (Choreographic work)Christian lifeEngland--SelborneEnglandBotanyBirdsEngland--LondonHistory--Sources--ManuscriptsManuscripts, EnglishEnglish language--Early modernLanguage and languagesReligionBible.--GospelsEnglish literature--Early modernHuman rights--Religious aspectsCivil rights--Religious aspectsBooksCupid and Psyche (Choreographic work : Noverre)BalletHistory--SourcesSermons, EnglishBible.--ActsNares, Robert,English literatureVisitation sermonsTriphook, Robert1753182917691780178217841788178917921793179417951796179817991800180118031805180818091810181118121813181618171818181918211822182318241825182618291830183518591867187218731876188218851888190119041905192119501951196419661968197219731974198019811984198719901991199219972003200520073990142427423.1PE1667ocn000510188ocn000462491ocn065332907ocn259766900ocn083334946ocn642346918ocn065331636ocn005730657ocn642346777ocn744870182ocn270711586ocn458862563ocn763048938ocn458418145ocn310081698ocn811533764ocn843228584ocn74312308957824ocn000510188book18720.50Nares, RobertA glossary of words, phrases, names, and allusions in the works of English authors particularly of Shakespeare and his contemporariesGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionaries56274ocn005730657book18220.80Nares, RobertA glossary, or, Collection of words, phrases, names, and allusions to customs, proverbs, &c. : which have been thought to require illustration, in the works of English authors, particularly Shakespeare, and his contemporariesGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionaries38231ocn259766900file17920.74Nares, RobertPrinciples of government deduced from reason, supported by English experience, and opposed to French errors28617ocn065332907file17930.80Nares, RobertMan's best right a solemn appeal in the name of religion25026ocn642346918file17840.80Nares, RobertElements of orthoepy containing a distinct view of the whole analogy of the English language ; so far as it relates to pronunciation, accent, and quantity. By R. Nares, A.M16912ocn642346905file17940.70Nares, RobertDiscourses preached before the Honourable Society of Lincoln's-Inn by the assistant-preacher, Robert Nares, A.M. Chaplain to His Royal Highness the Duke of York, &c1659ocn642346777file17920.80Nares, RobertGeneral rules for the pronunciation of the English language with complete lists of the exceptions. By the Rev. R. Nares, A.M1604ocn656912736file0.85The British criticPeriodicalsBibliographyReviewsReviews of new British and European publications and correspondence from readers1589ocn744870182file17930.74Nares, RobertA short account of the character and reign of Louis XVI. Shewing how little he deserved, from his Ungrateful people, the name of Tyrant. To which is subjoined, a corrected translation of his last will1568ocn642606615file17930.74Nares, RobertAbridgement. Principles of government, adapted to general instruction and use. By the Rev. R. Nares, A.M. author of a tract, entitled Principles of government, deduced from reason, &c. from which this is abridged. With a new introduction1559ocn000462491book19680.85Nares, RobertElements of orthoepy, 17841537ocn642502727file17880.70Nares, RobertRemarks on the favourite ballet of Cupid and Psyche with some account of the Pantomime of the Ancients, and other observations1463ocn065331636file17920.87Nares, RobertPrinciples of government deduced from reason, supported by English experience, and and opposed to French errors1425ocn000879381book19730.89British MuseumA catalogue of the Harleian manuscripts in the British Museum. With indexes of persons, places, and mattersHistoryCatalogsBibliographySources611ocn002054622book17950.82White, GilbertA naturalist's calendar with observations in various branches of natural history; extracted from the papers of the late Rev. Gilbert White, M.A. of Selborne, Hampshire, senior fellow of Oriel College, Oxford. Never before publishedCalendars263ocn005692568book18760.70Nares, RobertA glossary: or, a collection of words, phrases, names, and allusions to customs, proverbs, etc., which have been thought to require illustrations in the works of English authors, particularly Shakespeare and his contemporariesGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionaries236ocn004926890book18160.67Nares, RobertThe veracity of the evangelists demonstrated, by a comparative view of their histories221ocn057657610com19920.94Polwhele, RichardAn epistle to Archdeacon Nares208ocn571469283book18220.89Nares, RobertA glossaryGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionaries204ocn026895928book17820.95Nares, RobertAn essay on the demon or divination of Socrates102ocn635870557file19210.92Bendix, WalterEnglish lautlehre nach Nares (1784011ocn428976542mix1811Nares, RobertAutograph letter signed from R. Nares, Lichfield, to Mr. R. Triphook, LondonAsks Triphook to send him a reprint of Puttenham which is now completed11ocn727022219book18120.47Leigh, ClementSaint Paul's Charge to the Ephesian Elders, considered in a sermon : preached June 25th, 1812, at the visitation of the Rev. Robert Nares, A.M. Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry of Stafford, in the parish church of Cheadle, Staffordshire, and published at the request of the Archdeacon and clergy.Sermons11ocn079288461book18291.00Messrs. Evans (Firm)Catalogue of the valuable and extensive library of the late Very Rev. Archdeacon Nares, including Stephani Thesaurus Græcus, a Barker et Valpy [etc., etc.]11ocn828866602visu1830Freeman, SamuelRobert Nares, M.A. F.R.S. F.S.A. &c. : Archdeacon of Stafford &c. &c.PortraitsHalf-length portrait, seated at a desk with a book in front of himFri Feb 13 10:22:57 EST 2015batch21079