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Fri Mar 21 17:14:55 2014 UTClccn-n850793890.12Mystery raider /0.130.18Rebel yell /79281900n 850793891361684Ernenwein, L. (Leslie)Ernenwein, Leslie Charles, 1900-containsVIAFID/78929005Wayne, Ernie, 1900-1961ns-rimbaud jim fictitious characterRimbaud, Jim (Fictitious character)np-carman, michaelCarman, Michaelnp-dufris, williamDufris, WilliamErnenwein, LeslieFictionWestern storiesLove storiesTexasUnited States, WestNorth America--Colorado RiverMan-woman relationshipsRanchersNorth America--Mexican-American Border RegionManners and customsArizonaOutlawsMarshalsMurderSheriffsUnited StatesNew Mexico--Lincoln CountyCommunity lifeWestern storiesDeathGunfightsFrontier and pioneer lifeCowboysWater rightsRangelandsRanch life--Social life and customsCities and towns--Social life and customsRanchesCattle stealingNorth America--Imperial Valley190019611941194219441945194619471948194919501951195219531954195519561959196019631964196819721973197419751977197819791981198619871988198919901991199219931994199620032004200520062007200820092010201120122013637234220813.54PS3555.R5857816ocn502453959book19440.13Ernenwein, LeslieThe faro kidFictionWestern storiesAll his life, Steve Rennevant would remember that night in Cheyenne when he killed two men in less than a minute. The crowded saloon, the uproar at the poker table, then a gambler's derringer blasting the player down. The next few seconds were forever etched in the young marshal's memory. The fleeting glimpse of an up-tilting gun ... Modesto's life-saving shout, his own automatic blur-swift reflex. He had drawn and fired fast - faster than ever before+-+125179569655816ocn701013302book19500.13Ernenwein, LeslieGunfighter's returnFictionWestern storiesJim Rimbaud was a gunsmoke legend on both sides of the Mexican border, and when he rode back to Junction City, silence fell over the town like a dead man's body from a hanging tree. What was the lanky, silent gunfighter doing in town? Only Rimbaud knew why he was there - and he wasn't telling. But whenever Rimbaud arrived in a town somebody died not much later. Junction City was a powder keg and Rimbaud was the spark waiting to set it off+-+K87289569653819ocn610019779book19500.13Ernenwein, LeslieRenegade ramrodFictionWestern storiesAfter the Lincoln County cattle wars, Clay Quantrelle took off his guns "for good". He rode into Taiholt seeking peace and quiet, but the acrid smell of gunsmoke dogged his every step. Clay's old buddy, Apache Pat Tanner, was in a range war up to his ears and it was up to Clay to pull him out. A desperate group of bandit ranchers had formed a pool to drive Tanner off his Big T ranch and there had already been some nasty attacks-now they were sure to kill. So Clay prepared to face the entire ranchers' pool hoping and praying his accurate gunfire would save the Big T+-+119479569648911ocn179107310book19530.12Ernenwein, LeslieMystery raiderFictionJim was fresh from three bitter years on the Yuma rockpile, and his target was the man who lorded it over the streets of Tonto Bend+-+294177240647811ocn063164958book19560.12Ernenwein, LeslieTexas gunsFictionJim Rimbow's lifestyle does not make him a good candidate for a long life. Riding both sides of the law and both sides of the border, he is usually being pursued by someone or he is trying to catch up with someone. How long can he expect to stay alive like this?+-+217777240642811ocn793503450book19550.13Ernenwein, LeslieBullet barricadeFictionWestern stories"Clay Spain was as tough as all the trails he had ridden and as ruthless as the frontier he had roamed. He had looked death in the eyes more than onec. When he rode into the Apache Basin, he found a torn and bloody range straddled by violence and trampled by a cattle king hungry for power. So Clay rode out armed with his gun and his careless courage to bring justice to a land the law had never reached" -- Cover verso40810ocn056913465book19450.14Ernenwein, LeslieRio renegadeFictionWestern storiesA group of riders was coming to town to close the Spanish Grant Trail and prevent the financially hard-pressed Spur from bringing its cattle through and getting a loan at the Cattleman's Bank+-+58549723063998ocn058729246book19560.12Ernenwein, LeslieHigh gunWestern stories+-+646577240632615ocn051118799book19470.12Ernenwein, LeslieTrigger justiceFictionJeff Tennant had been in Yuma prison on a brand-blotting charge, but now he was back at Tonto flats, fitted out with a new gun belt and holster, ready to fight for revenge and his plundered homestead+-+63389723062458ocn054913359book19530.12Ernenwein, LeslieRampageFictionLove storiesWestern storiesBen Roman tries to tame the Colorado River, a wild foe he both respects and hates, while Slim Lacey, the girl from town whose heart yearns for Ben, tries to calm the same wildness in him+-+K1629723061898ocn017619157book19520.16Ernenwein, LeslieGun hawk17613ocn020133306book19420.16Ernenwein, LeslieBoss of PanamintFictionLee Beauregarde had been a drifter for years. He wandered across the West in search of one thing -- revenge. He was hunting the bushwhacker who had ambushed his father, and the trail now led him into the Panamint Valley1708ocn024009333book19520.13Ernenwein, LeslieSavage justice1668ocn051042487book19510.14Ernenwein, LeslieGunhawk harvestFictionWestern storiesLee Ransome stuck to the right side of the law, but he was a wicked man with a six-gun. The memory of a pretty young girl who had died under a renegade's fire filled him with a seething hatred for every outlaw. So when he heard about the masked bandit who raided, plundered and burned in his wild orgy of death and destruction, Ransome rode into Concho Basin for a gunsmoke showdown+-+76949713251498ocn012313688book19480.18Ernenwein, LeslieRebel yell1475ocn053364459book19460.17Ernenwein, LeslieBullet breedFiction+-+83609723061414ocn056644175book19540.13Ernenwein, LeslieRampage westFiction+-+35553105961417ocn012214315book19510.12Ernenwein, LeslieThe Texas gunFiction1192ocn018745961book19890.14Ernenwein, LeslieKinkaid1187ocn018191628book19520.17Ernenwein, LeslieGive a man a gunClee Rono rode out of Sierra Madre at noon. Behind him were ten months of hardscrabble living in Sonora cow camps. Behind him also was a New Mexico warrant that said "Wanted". Clee Rono - "Trigger Tramp", they called him - was on his way to settle a grudge that had been eating at him for a long time+-+2941772406+-+2941772406Fri Mar 21 15:34:55 EDT 2014batch16330