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Fri Mar 21 17:14:30 2014 UTClccn-n853875850.00Talk of the town : New York City, January, 18250.831.00Grub Street in Philadelphia, 1794-1795 : more about James Hardie /65121990n 853875851522107Author of Corderii colloquia, 1758-1826Author of Selectae e veteri with improvements, 1758-1826Author of The principles of Latin grammar, 1758-1826Corderii colloquia, Author of, 1758-1826Principles of Latin grammar, Author of, 1758-1826Selectae e veteri with improvements, Author of, 1758-1826lccn-nr90015657L'Homond, C. F.1727-1794edtlccn-n85387597Heuzet, Jeanapproximately 1660-1728lccn-n85253111Payne, Johnactive 1800lccn-n90725270American Imprint Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n81015237Scoles, John1772?-1853lccn-n83227224Anderson, Alexander1775-1870lccn-n88111040Tanner, Benjamin1775-1848lccn-n88080165Tiebout, Cornelius1777-1832lccn-n88080150Rollinson, William1762-1842lccn-n50026725Doolittle, Amos1754-1832Hardie, James1758-1826BiographyHistoryConversation and phrase booksGlossaries, vocabularies, etcDictionariesRegistersDirectoriesPeriodicalsStatistics‡vVitalMapsLatin languageMaximsNew York (State)--New YorkRome (Empire)Pennsylvania--PhiladelphiaYellow feverTravelLatin language--GrammarPennsylvaniaUnited StatesBible.--Old TestamentFreemasonryStudy skillsBible storiesEngland--LondonEpidemicsLiteratureCuriosities and wondersPlagueClassical literatureBiographyLatin literatureCrimeWeeks, LeviMurderCharitiesLiterature--Societies, etcSands, GulielmaGeographyAstronomyLatin language--ReadersFreemasonry--RitualsFreemasonsItaly--RomeEncyclopedias and dictionariesGreat Plague (London, England : 1664-1666)Booksellers and booksellingCriminalsHardie, James,Maxims, LatinPeale, Charles Willson,Church history--Primitive and early churchFathers of the churchWomen--Crimes againstBiologyBible stories, LatinEnglandTextbooksAmerican newspapersLatin prose literature17581826178717881793179417951799180018011803180518061808181118161817181818191820182118221823182418251826182718281830183218351839184318441846184718541856185818661901195519561960197420052009407082350478.6Z1215ocn511121072ocn426065055ocn837211688ocn837327292ocn837211641ocn837211558ocn207403023ocn365575906ocn079187230ocn144595173ocn084343562ocn366574924ocn36712507327316ocn062829741file17880.84Hardie, JamesThe principles of the Latin grammar explained in a manner suited to the capacity of beginners ; with notes and observations calculated for those who have made proficiency in the classics.26425ocn015448660book18170.59L'Homond, C. FDe viris illustribus urbis Romæ a Romulo ad Augustum : ad usum sextæ scholæBio-bibliographyBiographyDictionaries26218ocn003648249book17950.88Hardie, JamesThe American remembrancer and universal tablet of memory : containing a list of the most eminent men, whether in ancient or modern times, with the achievements for which they have been particularly distinguished : as also the most memorable events in history, from the earliest period till the year 1795, classed under distinct heads, with their respective dates : to which is added, a table, comprehending the periods at which the most remarkable cities and towns were founded, their present population, latitude, and longitude : the whole being intended to form a comprehensive abridgement of history and chronology, particularly of that part which relates to AmericaHistoryDictionaries25416ocn015456849book18180.94Hardie, JamesThe new Free-mason's monitor, or, Masonic guide for the direction of members of that ancient and honorable fraternity, as well as for the information of those who may be desirous of becoming acquainted with its principlesHistoryHandbooks, manuals, etc20516ocn745334475file17990.81Hardie, JamesAn account of the malignant fever, lalely [sic] prevalent in the city of New-York. Containing I.A narrative of its rise, progress and decline, with the opinions of some medical gentlemen, with respect to its origin, &c. II. The manner in which the poor were relieved during this awful calamity. III. A list of the donations, which have been presented to the committee for the relief of the sick and indigent. IV. A list of the names of the dead, arranged in alphabetical order, with their professions or occupations, and as far as was practicable to obtain information, the names of the countries of which they were natives. V.A comparative view of the fever of the year 1798, with that of the year 1795. By James Hardie, A.M. Copy-right secured according to act of CongressStatistics Vital1916ocn002413383serial0.92The New-York magazine, and general repository of useful knowledgePeriodicals18111ocn015577062book18190.93Hardie, JamesA dictionary of the most uncommon wonders of the works of art and nature particularly of those which are most remarkable in America : compiled from the most authentic authors, and comprising the most curious and extensive collection of the kind ever published1697ocn510948253file17930.86An Account of the rise, progress, and termination, of the malignant fever, lately prevalent in Philadelphia. Briefly stated from authentic documents1548ocn062829739file17940.81Hardie, JamesThe Philadelphia directory and register containing the names, occupations and places of abode of the citizens ; arranged in alphabetical order: a register of the executive, legislative, and judicial magistrates of the United States and the state of Pennsylvania ... and the magistrates of the cily [sic]: to which is added, a short account of the city ; and of the charitable and literary institutions therein.DirectoriesRegisters1309ocn000715878book18270.84Hardie, JamesThe description of the city of New York ... : to which is prefixed, a brief account of its first settlement by the Dutch, in the year 1629; and of the most remarkable events which have occurred in its history, from that to the present periodHistoryMaps10612ocn425967735book18010.93Cordier, MathurinCorderii colloquia, or, Cordery's colloquies with a translation of the first forty : to which is added, a vocabulary ...Conversation and phrase booksGlossaries, vocabularies, etc1007ocn062829742file17940.86Hardie, JamesA short account of the city of Philadelphia. And of the different charitable and literary institutions therein. : Embellished with a correct plan of the city.1009ocn062829737com18000.88Hardie, JamesAn impartial account of the trial of Mr. Levi Weeks, for the supposed murder of Miss Julianna Elmore Sands. At a court held in the city of New-York, March 31, 1800.1009ocn062829738file17930.86Hardie, JamesThe Philadelphia directory and register containing the names, occupations and places of abode of the citizens, arranged in alphabetical order, a register of the executive, legislative, and judicial magistrates of the United States and the state of Pennsylvania ... and the magistrates of the city: also, an account of the different societies, charitable and literary institutions, with the names of their present officers. : To which is added, an accurate table of the duties on goods, wares, and merchandise ...DirectoriesRegisters987ocn062830044file17870.50Heuzet, JeanSelectæ e veteri testamento historiæ Ad usum eorum qui latinæ linguæ rudimentis imbuuntur956ocn062830042file17870.63Heuzet, JeanSelectæ e profanis scriptoribus historiæ Quibus admista sunt varia honeste vivendi præceptaTextbooks896ocn062830045file17950.88Heuzet, JeanSelectae e Veteri Testamento, historiae ; or, Select passages from the Old Testament. To which is added, an alphabetical vocabulary, or dictionary of the words contained in this book ; wherein the primitives of compound and derivative words are minutely traced, and the irregularities of anomalous nouns and verbs are particularly mentioned. : For the use of those who are entering on the study of the Latin language. : [One line of Latin text]8919ocn014349187book18250.93L'Homond, C. FViri illustres urbis Romæ, a Romulo ad AugustumBiography8410ocn062834509file0.93Payne, JohnA new and complete system of universal geography; describing Asia, Africa, Europe and America; with their subdivisions of republics, states, empires, and kingdoms: the extent, boundaries, and remarkable appearances of each country; cities, towns, and curiosities of nature and art, also giving a general account of the fossil and vegetable productions of the earth. The history of man, in all climates, regions, and conditions; customs, manners, laws, governments, and religions: the state of arts, sciences, commerce, manufactures, and knowledge. Sketches of the ancient and modern history of each nation and people, to the present time. : To which is added, a view of astromony, as connected with geography; of the planetary system to which the earth belongs: and of the universe in general. : With a copious index annexed to each volume. : Being a large and comprehensive abridgement of Universal geography.833ocn015461371book18110.93Selectæ e Veteri Testamento historiæ Select passages from the Old Testament : to which is added, an alphabetical vocabulary31ocn044938168book19601.00Silver, Rollo GGrub Street in Philadelphia, 1794-1795 : more about James HardieHistoryBiography21ocn078308086bookRomaine, Lawrence BTalk of the town : New York City, January, 1825HistoryBibliography11ocn054200529book18160.93Cordier, MathurinCorderii colloquia, or, Cordery's colloquies with a translation of the first forty : to which is added, a vocabulary ...Conversation and phrase booksGlossaries, vocabularies, etcFri Mar 21 15:46:33 EDT 2014batch21909