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Fri Mar 21 17:14:00 2014 UTClccn-n861058130.00Trotti, Lamar0.211.0020th Century Fox56811844Lamar_Trottin 861058131913001Jefferson Trotti, Lamar.Trotti, Lamar Jefferson.lccn-n78089065Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporationprolccn-n81066419Fonda, Henry1905-1982cstprfactnp-zanuck, darryl francis$1902 1979Zanuck, Darryl Francis1902-1979prolccn-no96013286Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Incpbldstlccn-n79064952Ford, John1894-1973prfflmdrtdirlccn-n82129116Wellman, William A.1896-1975flmdrtlccn-no91027379Morgan, Harry1915-2011prfactlccn-n50000997Power, Tyrone1914-1958cstprfactlccn-n81108585Andrews, Dana1909-1992cstprfactlccn-n50038490Clark, Walter Van Tilburg1909-1971antTrotti, Lamar1900-1952DramaHistoryFilm adaptationsFictionPersonal narratives‡vAmericanWestern filmsBiographyMusicLynchingUnited StatesLincoln, Abraham,New York (State)--Mohawk River ValleyMobsFamiliesPresidentsPoliticiansPsychologyWorld War (1914-1918)VeteransEnlightenmentAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)MaterialismNew York (State)Edmonds, Walter Dumaux,Gilbreth, Frank Bunker,Gilbreth, Lillian Moller,Maugham, W. Somerset--(William Somerset),Psychological aspectsWorld War (1939-1945)Solomon IslandsGuadalcanal, Battle of (Solomon Islands : 1942-1943)United States.--Marine CorpsMilitary campaignsSolomon Islands--GuadalcanalMan-woman relationshipsBands (Music)Ragtime musicUnited States, WestClark, Walter Van Tilburg,ThievesGoldOutlawsSurvivalSingersFroman, Jane,MexicoConquerorsConquest of Mexico (1519-1540)Cortés, Hernán,InquisitionSpainShellabarger, Samuel,SpaniardsAristocracy (Social class)New York (State)--New YorkArtistsTrampsDeath19001952193319341935193619371938193919401941194219431944194519461947194819491950195219531954196419751979198019831985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201310087195498791.4372PN1997ocn062303372ocn058464678ocn068045760ocn048644230ocn190811140ocn021681977ocn054429999ocn030464009ocn190791322ocn190791063ocn068045760ocn054429999ocn036433320ocn797359049ocn800998753ocn220161059ocn031959125ocn694028816ocn767058387ocn781370736ocn762697501ocn419554685ocn420123029ocn762739957ocn693953963ocn797545451ocn691749882ocn766956645ocn673795120ocn221799556ocn220835190ocn220154915ocn225839005ocn221799516ocn693947590ocn691888128ocn799568794ocn812525957ocn767163599ocn676529867ocn812526004ocn691516008ocn797571949165827ocn053448773visu19420.22Wellman, William AOx-bow incidentFictionDramaWestern filmsFilm adaptationsAn angry mob kills a man after a popular rancher is murdered143140ocn062303372visu19390.25Ford, JohnYoung Mr. LincolnFictionDramaIn this unforgettable portrait of the early life of the Great Emancipator, young Mr. Lincoln, after teaching himself law, has barely started practicing when an Independence Day celebration ends with a stabbing. Abe first stops a lynch mob from killing brothers Matt and Adam Clay, and then defends them against a seasoned prosecutor and his crafty adviser. As presented here, Lincoln is a strong but peaceful frontier democrat, his quiet, awkward, folksy demeanor the outward manifestation of a deep humility, and a wise sadness at human folly. His awareness that his attempts to reconcile opposing forces--despite the occasional temporary victory--are doomed but necessary, hint at the character that will respond to the destiny that awaits him+-+5014594006324114725ocn060396888visu19390.22Ford, JohnDrums along the MohawkHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA historical drama that tells the story of a young frontier leader, his spirited wife, and their struggles in the backwoods of New York state5847ocn055662015visu19380.19Alexander's ragtime bandMusicDramaRoger and his friend Charlie audition at a saloon in San Francisco's Barbary Coast. The number "Alexander's ragtime band" proves to be a sensation. Charlie soon falls in love with Stella who is the singer of the band. When Roger returns from World War I, he meets Stella and learns she and Charlie have married5037ocn054664733visu19980.15Cheaper by the dozenFictionDramaReminiscences of the Gilbreth family and their life as a family with 12 children4912ocn058464678visu19920.18W. Somerset Maugham's The razor's edgeDramaFilm adaptationsA rich young man spends his time between WWI & WWII searching for essential truth, eventually landing in India3854ocn048644230visu19900.21Guadalcanal diaryHistoryFictionDramaPersonal narratives AmericanFilm adaptationsFollows a devoted platoon of Marines through the terrors of war in the South Pacific3249ocn123378001visu19470.20King, HenryCaptain from CastileHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsForced to flee his home during the Spanish Inquisition, nobleman Pedro De Vargas escapes with a beautiful peasant girl and joins Cortez on his dangerous expedition to conquer Mexico3148ocn068045760visu19480.19Wellman, William AYellow skyDramaA band of robbers are running from the law, and they find an almost abandoned town. An old prosecutor and his granddaughter have been living there. Realizing that they have gold, the robbers have a plan of taking it, but one robber turns against them26114ocn070863144visu19350.25Ford, JohnSteamboat 'round the bendDramaFilm adaptationsWhen riverboat captain Doctor John Pearly learns that his nephew Duke has killed a man in self-defense, he urges Duke to turn himself in2473ocn173319624visu20070.17With a song in my heart the Jane Froman storyDramaMusical retelling of the extraordinary life of 1940s songstress Jane Froman. When an overseas flight crashes off the coast of Lisbon, Portugal, Jane barely survives the wreck. Ripped from the spotlight into a series of life-threatening operations, hope seems a distant memory for Jane as she sets out on a journey of recovery that's more than heroic-- it's what music is made of21712ocn031959125visu19460.20Goulding, EdmundThe razor's edgeFictionDramaFilm adaptationsLarry Darrell returns from World War I disillusioned with the Jazz Age values. He undertakes a quest in search of enlightenment which leads him to reject his fiancee, and his superficial lifestyle2061ocn076804428visu20060.19O. Henry's full houseDramaJohn Steinbeck introduces dramatizations of five of O. Henry's short stories1914ocn070254610visu20060.18My blue heavenDramaBetty Grable and Dan Dailey are a married song and dance team who cannot have children. The movie follows the travails as they try and adopt and keep the kids they adopt while performing on their TV show1745ocn052917729visu19400.18Brigham YoungHistoryDramaBrigham Young leads the Mormon pioneers from Nauvoo, Illinois to the Great Salt Lake Valley following the martyrdom of church founder Joseph Smith1693ocn028590832visu19930.24WilsonDramaWilson's career is traced from his tenure as Princeton University president and governor of New Jersey through his successful campaign and years at the White House1678ocn054429999visu19920.17As young as you feelDramaFilm adaptationsJohn Hodges works a hand press at a ACME Printing Company and is forced to retire when he turns sixty-five. When it is discovered that no one at the company knows the parent company's president, John decides to dye his hair and mustache, and gives a convincing impersonation to the executive officers to ignore the mandatory retirement clause. John soon finds himself giving a creditable speech on the dignity of man and gaining national attention to an outmoded retirement policy14819ocn037454954visu19340.27Judge PriestHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsComedy about a homespun Kentucky judge, a philosopher and a gentleman, who presides over his court with simplicity. This story tells how he saves his young nephew from a matchmaking mother and a taciturn blacksmith from jail1461ocn024595252visu19910.18Stars and stripes foreverBiographyDramaEntertaining biography of the renowned band leader1414ocn070863344visu19350.20Life begins at 40DramaFilm adaptationsWhen Kenesaw H. Clark hires a young ex-con to work at his paper, the townś rich banker, Colonel Abercrombie, shuts down Clarkś operation. Undaunted, Clark starts a new paper in direct opposition to Abercrombie and recruits the town bum to run against Abercrombie for mayor21ocn019705040book19870.92Smith, Maynard TerebaA survey of the screenplays written by Lamar Trotti with emphasis on their acceptance by professional and non-professional groups11ocn030934835book1986Thompson, Frank TThe Atlanta Historical Society presents Georgians who made film history : comic actor Oliver Hardy, screenwriter Lamar TrottiHistory11ocn682557420art19790.10Trotti, Lamar. 54Periodicals11ocn068913101art1999Trotti, Lamar11ocn423304663visu19361.0020th Century FoxTour, conducted by Jimmy Fidler, includes views of both studio lots (Western Ave. and Beverly Hills), producers' and writers' buildings, stages, and personnel. Personnel briefly pictured include: [Frances Richardson?], head of the Research Library; [Hector Dodds?], head of Film Editorial, and ace cutter [Ali McNeil?]; studio wardrobe heads Arthur M. Levy, Gwen Wakeling, and Royer; Ernie Westmore, head of the Makeup Dept., and his assistant, [Dennis Phillips?]; Roger Heman, [Edward Hansen?], and [Ralph Townsend?] from Sound Engineering; Camera, [Bud Fisher?] in charge, [Grover Loffey?], Head of Camera Repair; Ralph Hammeras, in charge of the Miniatures and Process Dept.; William Darling, art director; Fred Sersen's scenic art crew; [Tom Young?], Chief of Police; [Eugene Enos?], Fire Chief; [Robert Banks?], Studio Manager; [William Dover?], Personnel Manager; Tom Little, head of Property Dept.; [Walter Strong?], Chief Engineer; [D.L. McFadden?] and [Joseph Barlow?] of the Construction Dept.; [John Clark?] and [Joseph Laskowitz?]; Darryl F. Zanuck, Vice President in Charge of Production; William Goetz, executive assistant; Sol Wurtzel, executive producer; John Stone and Max Golden, associate producers; associate producers Raymond Griffith, Kenneth Macgowan, and Bogart Rogers; associate producer Nunnally Johnson; associate producers Buddy DeSylva and Adolphe Menjou; associate producer Gene Markey and writer William Conselman; director E.H. Griffith with Charlie Kenyon preparing the script; [Ed Everly?], production manager with Fred [Metzvah?], Studio Treasurer; Music Building under the direction of [James O'Keefe?], Louis Silvers and Samuel Kaylin; Darryl F. Zanuck and William Goetz with Irving Berlin; Watts and Arthur Caesar sing and play Soft starlight; Lew Pollack and Jack Yellen to accompaniment of Tony Martin off screen singing My lover will come to me; Ted Koehler and Jimmy McHugh working on the music for Shirley Temple's next picture, Bowery princess, i.e., Dimples; Jason S. Jort, Public Relations, and Julian Johnson, head of the Scenario Dept.; Gene Fowler, Bess Meredyth and Allen Rivkin, screenwriters; Sam Engel, Howard Ellis Smith and Milton Sperling, screenwriters; Sonya Levien, screenwriter, and Mark Kelly, sports authority; Drew Moore, story editor, and Helen Morgan and Robert Ellis, screenwriters; Sam Hellman and Gladys Lehman, screenwriters; Saul Elkins and Lou Breslow, screenwriters; Edward T. Lowe and Lamar Trotti, screenwriters; Franklyn Underwood and T.B. Costain, Eastern scenario and play editors; Shirley Temple with her mother Mrs. George Temple; Loretta Young and Robert Taylor; Victor McLaglen, the "2-fisted he-man," who puts a pansy in his buttonhole; Alice Faye; Ted Healy; Patsy Kelly; Gregory Ratoff; Rochelle Hudson; Janet Gaynor, mentioning Ladies in love; dancing girls trying out for Sing, baby, sing, along with casting director Lou Schreiber and dance director Jack Haskell; Astrid Allwyn working on Dynamo; Claire Trevor working on To marry with love; Howard Hawks, Fredric March, and June Lang, working on Road to glory; James Ryan, casting director, Arthur Treacher, and Arthur Collins, director, for the Jeeves series; Warner Baxter, Myrna Loy, [Jan Hunter?], and director John Cromwell, working on To marry with love; director Otto Brower and film cutter [Bobby McLain?], working on Sins of man; director David Butler, actors Michael Whalen, Slim Summerville, Jean Muir and Lightning (dog) working on White fang; director George Marshall and actors Robert Kent, Taylor Holmes, Sara Haden, Gloria Stuart, and Edward Bromberg, working on The crime of Dr. Forbes; Irvin S. Cobb and Jane Withers with director Eugene Forde working on Pepper; Herbert Marshall, Ruth Chatterton, Simone Simone, Constance Collier, and director Irving Cummings, working on Girls' dormitory; Shirley Temple, Frank Morgan and director Bill Seiter working on Bowery princess, i.e., Dimples; Henry King and staff looking over carriages to be used in Ramona11ocn560506875art19950.10Quigley, MartinTrotti, Lamar: Writer, ProducerBiography Dictionaries11ocn038478246mix1.00Wade, John DonaldJohn Donald Wade family papersThe collection consists of papers of John Donald Wade and the Wade family from 1857-1963. Includes primarily correspondence with some clippings, research material and notes, receipts, legal records pertaining to various trust funds, printed material and note books. Early materials (1857-1912) contain land grants and correspondence of the Wade family including John Daniel and Ida Anne, John Donald Wade's parents. The bulk of the collection pertains to Wade's involvement with and writings of the Agrarian concept, the Georgia Review, and the Marshallville Foundation, a beautification and improvement organization in Marshallville, Georgia. Major correspondents include such Southern writers as James Truslow Adams, Charles A. Beard, Donald Davidson, Berry Fleming, Andrew Lytle, Dumas Malone, Minnie Hite Moody, Flannery O'Connor, Charlton Ogburn, Byron Herbert Reece, and Lamar Trotti+-+5014594006324+-+5014594006324Fri Mar 21 15:53:16 EDT 2014batch30350