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Fri Mar 21 17:13:08 2014 UTClccn-n860127170.12Edge of battle : a novel /0.130.15Hammerheads /44513146Dale_Brownn 86012717748491809522בראון, דייל, 1956־ブラウン, デイルfast-1013083McLanahan, Patrick (Fictitious character)lccn-n79126811United StatesAir Forcelccn-n91101808DeFelice, Jim1956-lccn-no98126907Talibannp-dufris, williamDufris, Williamnrtviaf-287332374Lane, Christophernrtlccn-n80125851United StatesCoast Guardlccn-n78095617United StatesFederal Bureau of Investigationnp-mcshane, michaelMcShane, Michaelnrtlccn-n82012628Campanella, JosephprfnrtBrown, Dale1956-FictionPolitical fictionAdventure stories, AmericanSuspense fiction, AmericanWar stories, AmericanSuspense fictionWar storiesAdventure storiesMcLanahan, Patrick (Fictitious character)Air pilots, MilitaryUnited StatesMilitary relationsTerroristsUnited States.--Air ForceIranWeapons systemsRussia (Federation)ChinaGeneralsNuclear warfareNorth America--Mexican-American Border RegionTurkmenistanInternational relationsDrug trafficArmed ForcesTurkeyIraqTerrorismGuerrilla warfarePetroleum industry and tradeCalifornia--SacramentoMilitary readinessSpace raceMiddle EastSpace stationsAir warfareSpecial forces (Military science)Political fictionPetroleum refineriesTerrorism--PreventionBombersSmugglingLithuaniaStealth aircraftLibyaAmericansSoviet UnionNevadaTalibanProving groundsUnited States.--Federal Bureau of InvestigationRevengeTerrorism--Economic aspectsAdventure storiesNuclear weaponsImaginary wars and battlesDrug dealersBombing, Aerial1956196919731974197519771979198019861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014827302551203813.54PS3552.R68543ocn762273719303427ocn062616207book20060.12Brown, DaleEdge of battle : a novelFictionSuspense fictionWith tensions escalating along the U.S.-Mexican border, the U.S. launches Operation Rampart under the command of Major Jason Richter and his Task Force TALON, who find themselves targeted by drug kingpin Ernesto Fuerza+-+0558025155293321ocn122704529book20050.12Brown, DaleStrike forceFictionAdventure storiesWar storiesAdventure stories, AmericanSuspense fiction, AmericanWar stories, AmericanHigh hopes about a new Iranian leader who limits Islamic theocracy and pursues harmonious relations with America and Israel are shattered when a terrorist army declares holy war on Iran's new military regime, threatening to further destabilize the Middle East+-+K568266155292124ocn053879398book20030.13Brown, DalePlan of attackFictionPolitical fictionPatrick McLanahan learns about a potentially devastating retaliatory Russian attack on America's air forces and faces limited options when planning a counterstrike+-+2669455155285517ocn216884369book20080.12Brown, DaleShadow commandFictionSuspense fictionGeneral Patrick McLanahan, commander of the new Aerospace Battle Force, ignores directives from the White House and Pentagon to stand down and orders the ABF to attack secret Russian bases in Iran in an attempt to thwart Russian aggression+-+3668266155285229ocn051022879book20030.12Brown, DaleAir Battle ForceFictionSuspense fictionWar storiesMajor General Patrick McLanahan creates an untried futuristic air combat unit that must be utilized against the Taliban and their plans to seize control of an oil-rich Asian state as the unstable peace established by American victories in Afghanistan threatens to dissolve in chaos. Edge-of-your-seat action from the master of high-flying adventure. Dale Brown is the author of fourteen New York Times bestsellers, and now he soars to new heights with this outstanding, realistic thriller of warfare and global politics that rivals any headline we can imagine. On America's newest combat base, U.S. Air Force aerial warfare expert Major General Patrick McLanahan and his crew of daring engineers are devising the air combat unit of the future. Known as Air Battle Force, it can launch concentrated, stealthy, precision-guided firepower to any spot on the globe within hours. And soon McLanahan and his warriors will have their first target. Chased out of Afghanistan, Taliban fighters are planning to invade the neighboring oil-rich Republic of Turkmenistan, an isolated and incredibly wealthy Central Asian state. As unsteady alliances form and forces collide, the impending battle for control of the world's largest oil deposits threatens to tear apart the tenuous peace created by America's victories in Afghanistan. Now it's up to McLanahan and a handful of American commandos half a world away, aided by an untested and unproven force of robotic warplanes, to win a war in which everyone -- even "friendly" forces at home -- wants them to fail. Fast. Explosive. Impossible to put down. Air Battle Force is the perfect Dale Brown combination of spellbinding suspense and cutting-edge military technology+-+0459455155282120ocn034150714book19900.13Brown, DaleShadows of steelFictionWhen Iran begins stirring up trouble in the Persian Gulf, the newly-elected president of the United States calls on a top-secret cell of the CIA's Intelligence Support Agency, code named Future Flight, to find Iran's key command centers and destroy them+-+6486964485278831ocn057529969book20050.12Brown, DaleAct of warFictionDesigning an array of futuristic infantry weapons and devices to hunt down enemies, army engineer Jason Richter joins with FBI special agent Kelsey Cornell for a mission in which they must prevent terrorists from attacking oil refineries+-+3447025155276822ocn041834451book19990.12Brown, DaleBattle bornFictionSuspense fictionA techno-thriller featuring flying ace Patrick McLanahan, who leads a squadron of B-1 bombers against China. It happens when the Chinese invade Korea, which has been unified by the South. By the author of The Tin Man+-+K876668005274219ocn456179932book20100.12Brown, DaleExecutive intentFictionPolitical fictionSuspense fictionWhen the United States develops a new, state-of-the-art missile defense weapon, it threatens global stability and pits the world's superpowers in a contest for dominance in the space around Earth's orbit+-+0035106155271917ocn030355373book19940.14Brown, DaleStorming heavenFictionA notorious drug dealer--Henri Cazaux--declares war on the United States and attacks Los Angeles airport from the air, killing thousands. Lieutenant General Robert Blocker is given command of a task force to destroy Cazaux. By the author of Chains of Command+-+6872960795267217ocn262886407book20090.12Brown, DaleRogue forcesFictionSuspense fictionScion Aviation International has been hired by the Pentagon to take over aerial patrols in northern Iraq as the U.S. military begins to downsize its presence there. But when Kurdish nationalist attacks led by the Republic of Turkey and joined by the new government in Persia invade northern Iraq, retired Air Force lieutenant-general Patrick McLanahan makes the decision to take the fight to the Turks+-+6235106155265753ocn047088573book20010.12Brown, DaleDale Brown's DreamlandFictionSuspense fictionWar storiesA new generation of pilots must overcome a spy scandal, a love triagle, fierce domestic and international adversaries, and life-threatening disasters+-+5576360795264723ocn038355354book19980.13Brown, DaleThe tin manFictionA high-tech avenger declares war on drug dealers, fighting them with cutting-edge technology he developed for the military. The hero is Patrick McLanahan of Sacramento who is seeking revenge because the drug dealers hurt his brother+-+K156668005250024ocn048992416book20020.13Brown, DaleWings of fireFictionSuspense fictionFormer U.S. Air Force general Patrick McClanahan finds himselfin the middle of a war between Libya and Egypt+-+9513964485247820ocn045875859book20000.13Brown, DaleWarrior classFictionSuspense fictionRussia plans an oil pipeline across the Balkans that will make them the dominate force in Europe. The only chance to stop them lies with U.S. Air Force general Patrick McLanahan, who's rescue mission in Russia leads him to a choice between serving his country and obeying orders+-+9962964485239822ocn670475955book20110.12Brown, DaleA time for patriotsFictionAdventure storiesSuspense fictionWhen the nation's economy collapses and thousands of Americans turn against their own government, Patrick McLanahan must enlist the aid of his son and fellow citizens to hunt down terrorists any way they can+-+5949157155233918ocn036548954book19970.14Brown, DaleFatal terrainFictionWith the U.S. paralyzed as China prepares to attack Taiwan, a group of gung-ho American civilians go to the island's help in a Megafortress bomber equipped with nuclear missiles. The novel follows their adventures as the two Chinas fight it out. By the author of Shadows of Steel+-+K697964485224513ocn025710663book19920.14Brown, DaleNight of the hawkFictionStory of the crew of the "Old Dog," a high tech B-52 bomber, and First Lieutenant Daviet Luger who has become one of the KGB+-+7611860795224313ocn020692615book19890.15Brown, DaleHammerheadsFictionThe Hammerheads, an elite force compromised of the latest and most deadly weaponry ever, prepares to do battle with the Cuchillos drug cartel, halting the flow of drugs entering the United States+-+0091760795214915ocn022862789book19910.14Brown, DaleSky mastersFictionPolitical fictionWhen the U. S. foolishly pulls out of the Phillippines, China lays claim to this territory and bombsone of their offshore oil platforms. Will war follow?+-+071786079511ocn818844951book19920.14Brown, DaleNight of the hawkFictionStory of the crew of the "Old Dog," a high tech B-52 bomber, and First Lieutenant Daviet Luger who has become one of the KGB+-+7611860795+-+0558025155+-+0558025155Fri Mar 21 15:53:16 EDT 2014batch34633