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Fri Mar 21 17:12:53 2014 UTClccn-n861385860.10Gwenn, Edmund 830.201.00Natalie Paley photograph albums, photographs, and correspondence66666744Edmund_Gwennn 861385861738582Gwenn, EdmundKellaway, Edmund, 1875-1959lccn-n86138594Payne, John1912-1989prfactlccn-n83152931Wood, Natalieprfactlccn-n88100653O'Hara, Maureen1920-prfactlccn-n86138588Lockhart, Gene1891-1957prfactlccn-n86138345Frawley, William1887-1966lccn-n85378996Hall, Porter1888-1953prflccn-n86075562Tonge, Philip1897-1959lccn-n79027022Hitchcock, Alfred1899-1980sceprfflmdrtadplccn-n86139948Seaton, George1911-1979sceflmdrtlccn-no90004224Cowan, Jerome1897-1972actGwenn, Edmund1875-1959DramaFilm adaptationsTelevision programsFilm and video adaptationsFictionHistoryLove storiesChristmas filmsComedy filmsJuvenile worksEnglandSanta ClausManners and customsNew York (State)--New YorkYoung womenCourtshipAusten, Jane,Man-woman relationshipsBennet, Elizabeth (Fictitious character)SistersDarcy, Fitzwilliam (Fictitious character)Social classesEngland--HampshireMotion picturesMacy's (Firm)Department store SantasLassie (Fictitious character)ParadesDefense (Criminal procedure)Trials in motion picturesTrialsChristmas storiesDogsFamiliesPoliceDependentsChristmasDeathNew EnglandNew MexicoFranceGreat BritainUnderground nuclear explosions--Environmental aspectsFilm adaptationsFathersKnight, Eric,EscapesMalicious accusationEnglish fictionRich peopleMarried peopleTelevision adaptationsTelevision mini-seriesMarriageMale impersonatorsThievesEngland--LondonExtortionBigamyDogs in motion pictures187519591897193119331934193519361940194119421943194419451946194719481949195019531954195519561976197919801982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201310453198575791.4372PN1997ocn050412435ocn070171340ocn062252809ocn428979536ocn043108002ocn829952697ocn057724549ocn467979367ocn018377857ocn044731397ocn016264470ocn401745915ocn552121335ocn781094126ocn753191940ocn781330860ocn834657612ocn835648598ocn753798277ocn422208766ocn844175540ocn220115215ocn220694050384073ocn071360737visu19470.17Seaton, GeorgeMiracle on 34th StreetJuvenile worksFictionDramaChristmas filmsComedy filmsFilm adaptationsChristmas storiesIn this Oscar-winning classic, a Macy's Department Store Santa who insists his name is Kris Kringle teaches everyone a lesson in love, faith and the value of imagination+-+9725648425324174690ocn070171340visu19550.22Hitchcock, AlfredAlfred Hitchcock's The trouble with HarryDramaFilm adaptationsHarry's corpse is found in the autumnal New England woods. While no one mourns his death, several people feel responsible for it. The body is unearthed several times, humorous situations occur, and love affairs develop before the real cause of Harry's death is revealed+-+704305269632490417ocn050412435visu19540.23Douglas, GordonThem!DramaMan has split the atom and created the ultimate weapon. But how could he have known he would also create Them!? The terror begins when a hard-nosed patrolman (James Whitmore) discovers a dazed child wandering in the New Mexico desert near a car and house trailer destroyed by a mysterious force. Whitmore next discovers a ransacked general store; its cash drawers are full but the sugar supply is missing. And on the floor lies a battered corpse containing enough formic acid to kill 20 men+-+52531254253864ocn123450261visu20070.21Les misérablesHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsJean Valjean is a young man accused of stealing. He escapes prison and spends the rest of his life miserable and being chased by one man: a policeman named Valert+-+008255773529224ocn057724549visu19530.32Lupino, IdaThe bigamistDramaThis film is considered by many critics to be the best work of Hollywood's foremost woman filmmaker of the 1950s. In this surprisingly sympathetic portrait, a traveling salesman played by Edmond O'Brien "comes across as a victim of his own sensitivity. Caught between two complementary spouses, O'Brien's dazed indecisiveness dominates the narrative. As always in Lupino's films, a strong social consciousness informs all choices: Joan Fontaine is an upper-crust 'lady, ' reverently attached to her dying father, while Lupino herself plays a tough-talking working woman, waitressing in a cheap Chinese restaurant"--Container28415ocn050990371visu19470.17Curtiz, MichaelLife with fatherFictionDramaComedy filmsFilm adaptationsThe trials and tribulations of a stern but lovable father and his family in New York City in the 1880's2125ocn829952697visu19410.21Wood, SamThe devil and Miss JonesDramaJohn P. Merrick, the world's richest man, gets word that someone is trying to unionize a department store he owns. To thwart this blatant act of democracy, Merrick changes his name and takes a menial job at the store to catch the union activists without detection. Once he himself is subjected to the humiliating treatment by the department supervisor, Hooper, Merrick starts to wise up-and soften up1731ocn698749069visu20110.13Turner Classic Movies greatest classic films collectionDramaLassie come home: A collie braves storms, hunger, and peril to return to her young master. Son of Lassie: On a bombing run over enemy-occupied Norway, a bomber crewman and his devoted dog, Lassie's son Laddie, parachute from their damaged aircraft into a series of wartime adventures. Courage of Lassie: Lassie is in the Army now. Follows the canine's new adventures form his wilderness puppyhood and wartime battlefield service to postwar stress and a moving family reunion. Hills of home: A Scottish doctor rescues Lassie from a cruel master but nearly regrets his deed when he finds the dog has a phobia of water1708ocn043108002visu19930.28The skin game a talking filmDramaFilm adaptationsLanded gentry defend family that is being evicted by tradespeople who have worked their way up from the lowest section of society1641ocn159956994visu20070.23Katharine Hepburn 100th anniversary collectionHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsWithout love: A devoted scientist meets a widow who seems to share his distaste of romantic love. The widow proposes marriage, insisting that theirs should be a union uncomplicated by love, and the scientist readily agrees. However, when the scientist's former girlfriend turns up, his wife discovers that she has fallen in love with him after all and attempts to win him back+-+K8839346961591ocn428979536visu20090.20Icons of screwball comedyDramaTheodora goes wild: A small-time author whose racy bestsellers, written under a pseudonym, bring her notoriety when a New Yorker discovers her secret+-+93940408963241535ocn044731397visu19430.15Wilcox, Fred MLassie come homeJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsAnimal filmsA collie undertakes a thousand-mile journey in order to once again meet her former master at the school gate+-+986083742532413429ocn052212231visu19920.25Hitchcock, AlfredThe skin gameDramaDetective and mystery filmsFilm adaptationsStory about a conflict between two wealthy families. One is the established gentry, the other is a progressive newcomer who buys up much of the land in the area for industrial development. Story centers on their attempts to destroy one another13115ocn128324785visu19350.27Cukor, GeorgeSylvia ScarlettDramaSylvia Scarlett is a young woman who is forced to flee with her small-time crook father from Paris to London after her mother dies, and his swindling schemes catch up to him. Sylvia cuts her hair, dons drag, and dubs herself "Sylvester" to help them stay incognito from the law. While on the train to London, they meet a smarmy scoundrel. The trio of crooks team up and work it in London, until they get run out of town. The three hook up with a maid and become a travelling performance troupe. Sylvia (as a boy) falls for a smarmy artist-type1273ocn045577818rcrd20000.13Davies, ValentineMiracle on 34th StreetDramaKris Kringle is put on trial in New York City to prove that he is indeed the real Santa Claus+-+37984652061108ocn048652355visu19400.21Langton, SimonJane Austen's Pride and prejudiceHistoryFictionDramaRomance filmsTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsTelevision programsHistorical dramaLove storiesIn this tale of pre-Victorian British country society, a mother is faced with the task of marrying-off her five daughters. The oldest daughter, intelligent and witty Elizabeth, becomes involved with the proud sophisticate, Mr. D'Arcy, and eventually all ends well1062ocn085762837visu20070.27Alfred Hitchcock the early years of the master of suspenseDramaThe skin game: A poor family must resort to blackmail to get their land back after a wealthy land developer buys the family estate at an auction891ocn551161074visu20100.18TCM greatest classic films collectionSatellite in the sky: "A stalwart crew (and a female reporter stowaway) guides a stratospheric jet rocket ship on the first space flight. The mission also involves another first: the outer-space detonation of the feared tritonium bomb. But mechanical failures threaten to trigger disaster." -- container+-+8296334696324892ocn028885506visu19930.13Hills of homeDramaA Scottish country doctor is tempted to dispose of the nervous, fearful dog he is given in payment for his services, but his patience and the dog's intelligence soon make them inseperable partners+-+2760837425324809ocn023587750visu19760.14Atkinson, EleanorChallenge to LassieJuvenile worksDramaSet in Scotland, Lassie's owner is killed by beggars and her fate is debated by the courts+-+856083742532411ocn759716318art19790.10Gwenn, Edmund 83Periodicals11ocn423219692visu19481.00[Movie stars join circus for charity! Los Angeles, California. Hearst production footage, HCOc2410r4, X73420, HNRv20n204]Includes footage of Desi Arnas, Esther Williams, Ann Miller, Greer Garson11ocn502458276art19950.10Quigley, MartinGwenn, Edmund: ActorBiography Dictionaries11ocn205187836visu1.00Paley, NatalieNatalie Paley photograph albums, photographs, and correspondencePictorial worksTwo albums contain photographs of locations in Europe document the marriage of Paley with Lucien-Camille Lelong as well as their circle of friends, 1930-1932. Friends include actress Lady Iya Abdy (formerly Iya De Gay) and fashion model Liliane de Faucigny-Lucinge, also known as Baba de Lucinge, as well as art patrons Marie-Laure, Vicomtesse de Noailles and Arthur Anne Marie Charles, Vicomte de Noailles. One of the European albums also documents her relationship with Russian dancer Serge Lifar, and includes images from a vacation by Paley, Lelong, and Lifar in Venice, Italy, as well as two portrait drawings of Paley by stage designer Oliver Messel, 1931. The other album includes images of a vacation to Biarritz, France, and a skiing vacation. The European albums also include photographic prints and halftone images from society magazines+-+9725648425324+-+9725648425324Fri Mar 21 15:28:38 EDT 2014batch28782