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A primer on statistical distributions by N Balakrishnan( )

15 editions published between 2003 and 2005 in English and Undetermined and held by 925 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"In A Primer on Statistical Distributions, you'll find a valuable review of often-overlooked distributions, including geometric, negative binomial, hypergeometric, Pareto, beta, gamma, chi-square, logistic, Cauchy, Laplace, extreme value, multinomial, Dirichlet, and multivariate normal." "A Primer on Statistical Distributions is not only ideal for students and professionals in statistics, it can also benefit individuals in applied areas such as psychology, geography, economics, and engineering, and even professionals in need of a logically organized, comprehensive reference to statistical distributions."--Jacket
Continuous univariate distributions by Norman Lloyd Johnson( Book )

40 editions published between 1970 and 1995 in English and Undetermined and held by 671 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Logistic distribution; Laplace distribution; Beta distribution; Uniform or rectangular distribution; F-distribution; t-Distribution; Noncentral X2 distribution; Quadratic forms in normal variables; Noncentral f distribution; Noncentral t distribution; Distributions of correlation coefficients
Handbook of the logistic distribution by N Balakrishnan( )

12 editions published between 1991 and 1992 in English and held by 630 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Methods and applications of statistics in clinical trials( )

3 editions published in 2014 in English and held by 628 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"This comprehensive book features both new and established material on the key statistical principles and concepts for designing modern-day clinical trials, such as hazard ratio, flexible designs, confounding, covariates, missing data, and longitudinal data. It discusses the various kinds of trials that can be found in today's clinical setting including open-labeled trials, multicentered trials, and superiority trials. It also explores such ongoing, cutting-edge trials as early cancer & heart disease, mother to child human immunodeficiency virus transmission, women's health initiative dietary, and AIDS"--Provided by publisher
A first course in order statistics by Barry C Arnold( Book )

29 editions published between 1992 and 2008 in 3 languages and held by 572 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Written in a simple style that requires no advanced mathematical or statistical background, A First Course in Order Statistics introduces the general theory of order statistics and their applications. The book covers topics such as distribution theory for order statistics from continuous and discrete populations, moment relations, bounds and approximations, order statistics in statistical inference and characterization results, and basic asymptotic theory. There is also a short introduction to record values and related statistics. The authors have updated the text with suggestions for further reading that readers may use for self-study. Audience: advanced undergraduate and graduate students in statistics and mathematics, practicing statisticians, engineers, climatologists, economists, and biologists
Advances in distribution theory, order statistics, and inference by N Balakrishnan( )

23 editions published between 2006 and 2007 in English and Spanish and held by 568 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Presents the developments in statistical distribution theory, order statistics and their properties, as well as inferential methods associated with them. This book emphasizes on the applications to survival analysis, reliability, quality control, and environmental problems. It is suitable for the statistical and applied mathematics communities
Advances in ranking and selection, multiple comparisons and reliablility : methodology and applications by N Balakrishnan( )

20 editions published between 2005 and 2007 in English and Spanish and held by 563 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"S. Panchapakesan has made significant contributions to ranking and selection and has published in many other areas of statistics, including order statistics, reliability theory, stochastic inequalities, and inference. Written in his honor, the twenty invited articles in this volume reflect recent advances in these fields and form a tribute to Panchapakesan's influence and impact on these areas." "Featuring theory, methods, applications, and extensive bibliographies with special emphasis on recent literature, this comprehensive reference work will serve researchers, practitioners, and graduate students in the statistical and applied mathematics communities."--Jacket
Chi-squared goodness of fit tests with applications by Vassiliy Voinov( )

17 editions published between 2012 and 2013 in English and held by 534 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"If the number of sample observations n ! 1, the statistic in (1.1) will follow the chi-squared probability distribution with r-1 degrees of freedom. We know that this remarkable result is true only for a simple null hypothesis when a hypothetical distribution is specified uniquely (i.e., the parameter is considered to be known). Until 1934, Pearson believed that the limiting distribution of the statistic in (1.1) will be the same if the unknown parameters of the null hypothesis are replaced by their estimates based on a sample; see, for example, Baird (1983), Plackett (1983, p. 63), Lindley (1996), Rao (2002), and Stigler (2008, p. 266). In this regard, it is important to reproduce the words of Plackett (1983, p. 69) concerning E. S. Pearson's opinion: "I knew long ago that KP (meaning Karl Pearson) used the 'correct' degrees of freedom for (a) difference between two samples and (b) multiple contingency tables. But he could not see that in curve fitting should be got asymptotically into the same category." Plackett explained that this crucial mistake of Pearson arose from to Karl Pearson's assumption "that individual normality implies joint normality." Stigler (2008) noted that this error of Pearson "has left a positive and lasting negative impression upon the statistical world." Fisher (1924) clearly showed 1 2 CHAPTER 1. A HISTORICAL ACCOUNT that the number of degrees of freedom of Pearson's test must be reduced by the number of parameters estimated from the sample"--
Continuous bivariate distributions by N Balakrishnan( )

23 editions published between 2009 and 2010 in English and Undetermined and held by 534 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Random variables are rarely independent in practice and so many multivariate distributions have been proposed in the literature to give a dependence structure for two or more variables. In this book, we restrict ourselves to the bivariate distributions for two reasons: (i) correlation structure and other properties are easier to understand and the joint density plot can be displayed more easily, and (ii) a bivariate distribution can normally be extended to a multivariate one through a vector or matrix representation. This volume is a revision of Chapters 1-17 of the previous book Continous Bivariate Distributions, Empasising Applications authored by Drs. Paul Hutchinson and Chin-Diew Lai. The book updates the subject of copulas which have grown immensely during the past two decades. Similarly, conditionally specified distributions and skewed distributions have become important topics of discussion in this area of research. The volume, which provides an up-to-date review of various developments relating to bivariate distributions in general, should be of interest to academics and graduate students, as well as applied researchers in finance, economics, science, engineering and technology"--Back cover
Discrete multivariate distributions by Norman L. (Norman Lloyd) Johnson( Book )

13 editions published between 1996 and 2004 in English and held by 524 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Concentrating primarily on areas of interest to theoretical as well as applied statisticians, the authors provide complete coverage of several important discrete multivariate distributions. these include multinomial, binomial, negative binomial, Poisson, power series, hypergeometric, Polya-Eggenberger, Ewens, order s, and some families of distributions." "Discrete Multivariate Distributions begins with a general overview of the multivariate method in which the authors lay the basic theoretical groundwork for the discussions that follow. For clarity and consistency, subsequent chapters follow a similar format, beginning with a concise historical account followed by a discussion of properties and characteristics. Coverage then advances to in-depth explorations of inferential issues and applications, liberally supplemented with helpful details and a collection of real-world applications obtained from the authors' extensive searches of current literature worldwide." "Discrete Multivariate Distributions is an essential working resource for researchers, professionals, practitioners, and graduate students in statistics, mathematics, computer science, engineering, medicine, and the biological sciences."--Jacket
Mathematical and statistical models and methods in reliability : applications to medicine, finance, and quality control by V. V Rykov( )

16 editions published between 2010 and 2011 in English and held by 425 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"An outgrowth of the sixth conference on "Mathematical Methods in Reliability: Theory, Methods, and Applications," this book is a selection of invited chapters, all of which deal with various aspects of mathematical and statistical models and methods in reliability. Written by recognized experts in the field of reliability, the contributions cover a wide range of models, methods, and applications, reflecting recent developments in areas such as survival analysis, aging, lifetime data analysis, artificial intelligence, medicine, carcinogenesis studies, nuclear power, financial modeling, aircraft engineering, quality control, and transportation."--Publisher description
Runs and scans with applications by N Balakrishnan( Book )

20 editions published between 2001 and 2011 in English and held by 418 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Expert practical and theoretical coverage of runs and scansThis volume presents both theoretical and applied aspects of runs and scans, and illustrates their important role in reliability analysis through various applications from science and engineering. Runs and Scans with Applications presents new and exciting content in a systematic and cohesive way in a single comprehensive volume, complete with relevant approximations and explanations of some limit theorems. The authors provide detailed discussions of both classical and current problems, such as:* Sooner and later waiting time* Consecutiv
Advances in degradation modeling : applications to reliability, survival analysis, and finance by M. S Nikulin( )

10 editions published in 2010 in English and held by 386 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This volume - dedicated to William Q. Meeker on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday - is a collection of invited chapters covering recent advances in accelerated life testing and degradation models. The book covers a wide range of applications to areas such as reliability, quality control, the health sciences, economics and finance. Additional topics covered include accelerated testing and inference, step-stress testing and inference, nonparametric inference, model validity in accelerated testing, the point process approach, bootstrap methods in degradation analysis, exact inferential method
Modern mathematical tools and techniques in capturing complexity by Leandro Pardo Llorente( )

14 editions published between 2011 and 2013 in English and held by 384 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Real-life problems are often quite complicated and, for centuries, Mathematics has provided the necessary tools and ideas to formulate these problems mathematically and then help in solving them either exactly or approximately. This book aims to gather a collection of papers dealing with several different problems arising from many disciplines and some modern mathematical approaches to handle them. In this respect, the book offers a wide overview on many of the current trends in Mathematics as valuable formal techniques in capturing and exploiting the complexity involved in real-world situations. Several researchers, colleagues, friends and students of Professor María Luisa Menéndez have contributed to this volume to pay tribute to her and to recognize the diverse contributions she had made to the fields of Mathematics and Statistics and to the profession in general. She had a sweet and strong personality, and instilled great values and work ethics in her students through her dedication to teaching and research. Even though the academic community lost her prematurely, she would continue to provide inspiration to many students and researchers worldwide through her published work.¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Continuous multivariate distributions by Samuel Kotz( )

39 editions published between 2000 and 2004 in English and held by 383 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The possible applications of continuous multivariate distributions are examined in this study, including in the understanding of flood, quake, rainfall and wind control
Records by Barry C Arnold( Book )

15 editions published between 1998 and 2011 in English and held by 381 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The first and only comprehensive guide to modern record theory and its applicationsAlthough it is often thought of as a special topic in order statistics, records form a unique area, independent of the study of sample extremes. Interest in records has increased steadily over the years since Chandler formulated the theory of records in 1952. Numerous applications of them have been developed in such far-flung fields as meteorology, sports analysis, hydrology, and stock market analysis, to name just a few. And the literature on the subject currently comprises papers and journal articles numbering
Order statistics and inference : estimation methods by N Balakrishnan( Book )

17 editions published between 1990 and 2014 in English and held by 376 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The literature on order statistics and inferenc eis quite extensive and covers a large number of fields, but most of it is dispersed throughout numerous publications. This volume is the consolidtion of the most important results and places an emphasis on estimation. Both theoretical and computational procedures are presented to meet the needs of researchers, professionals, and students. The methods of estimation discussed are well-illustrated with numerous practical examples from both the physical and life sciences, including sociology, psychology, a nd electrical and chemical engineering. A co
The art of progressive censoring : applications to reliability and quality by N Balakrishnan( )

17 editions published between 2014 and 2016 in English and held by 371 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This monograph offers a thorough and updated guide to the theory and methods of progressive censoring, an area that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Progressive censoring, originally proposed in the 1950s, is an efficient method of handling samples from industrial experiments involving lifetimes of units that have either failed or censored in a progressive fashion during the life test, with many practical applications to reliability and quality. Key topics and features: Data sets from the literature as well as newly simulated data sets are used to illustrate concepts throughout the text Emphasis on real-life applications to life testing, reliability, and quality control Discussion of parametric and nonparametric inference Coverage of experimental design with optimal progressive censoring The Art of Progressive Censoring is a valuable reference for graduate students, researchers, and practitioners in applied statistics, quality control, life testing, and reliability. With its accessible style and concrete examples, the work may also be used as a textbook in advanced undergraduate orbeginning graduate courses on censoring or progressive censoring, as well as a supplementary textbook for a course on ordered data
Precedence-type tests and applications by N Balakrishnan( )

13 editions published in 2006 in English and held by 357 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Precedence-Type Tests and Applications provides a comprehensive overview of theoretical and applied approaches to a variety of problems in which precedence-type test procedures can be used. The authors clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of these tests in life-testing situations designed for making quick and reliable decisions in the early stages of an experiment. Most of the text's examples use life-time data; however, theoretical properties are also discussed in the context of precedence testing. Monte Carlo studies are used to illustrate important results. Following the authors' careful step-by-step instructions and guidance, readers master the wide range of statistical techniques involved in the development and implementation of precedence-type tests. The book covers the foundations of precedence testing research from the early 1960s up to the most recent theory and applications, including the authors' current contributions to the field. The book features the following parts: Part A deals with the original precedence test and some properties of precedence and related test procedures. Part B explores alternatives to precedence testing, including maximal precedence, weighted forms of precedence and maximal precedence, and Wilcoxon-type rank-sum precedence tests and their properties. Part C compares the extension of precedence, maximal precedence, and Wilcoxon-type rank-sum precedence tests to situations in which the sample arising from the life-testing experiment is progressively Type-II censored. Part D examines precedence-type tests in multi-sample situations and selection problems Tables are presented throughout the book to facilitate the application of the tests to practical problems. Helpful examples illustrate all of the precedence-type procedures, and an extensive bibliography enables readers to explore specialized topics in greater depth
Robust inference by Moti Lal Tiku( Book )

11 editions published in 1986 in English and Undetermined and held by 347 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

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A primer on statistical distributions
Continuous univariate distributionsA first course in order statisticsAdvances in distribution theory, order statistics, and inferenceAdvances in ranking and selection, multiple comparisons and reliablility : methodology and applicationsContinuous bivariate distributionsDiscrete multivariate distributionsMathematical and statistical models and methods in reliability : applications to medicine, finance, and quality controlRuns and scans with applications
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Balakrishnan, N. 1956-

Balakrishnan, Narayanaswamy

Balakrishnan, Narayanaswamy 1956-

Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan

Narayanaswamy Balakrishnan 1956-

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