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Fri Mar 21 17:04:32 2014 UTClccn-n860156560.00[Copper Canyon Press ephemera]0.451.00Copper Canyon Press, fall-winter 2005-2006121017258n 860156561857405containsVIAFID/121164182Copperhead (Press)lccn-n79082117Hamill, Samprtsgndsrtrlpbllccn-n79025699O'Daly, Williamlccn-n79046560Neruda, Pablo1904-1973lccn-n80159001Kizer, Carolynlccn-n78032085Lee, David1944 August 13-lccn-n79026874McGrath, Thomas1916-1990lccn-n95028067Belieu, Erin1965-lccn-no2012154309Ohio State UniversityDepartment of EnglishCreative Writinglccn-n90723218Press Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n88098459St. John, Primus1939-Copper Canyon PressPoetryPoetryAmerican poetryAleixandre, Vicente,Poetry, ModernNeruda, Pablo,Southern StatesSmall press booksWashington (State)NatureUnited States--Southwestern StatesLandscapesHuman ecologySlaverySlave tradeWest Indian AmericansSwinePoets, AmericanMinnesotaRosa separada (Neruda, Pablo)Spanish poetryWashington (State)--Port TownsendPrivate press booksJapanese AmericansCopper Canyon PressMail artGraywolf PressBooksellers' catalogsIgnatow, Rose GraubartHamill, SamCopperhead (Press)Ignatow, David,Fine booksSanchez, ThomasPiercy, MargeAtchity, Kenneth JohnLawless, GaryCorman, CidPoets, American--Archival resourcesKodama, Sanehide,Gibson, Morgan,Raine, Kathleen,Argu╠łelles, Ivan,Oden, GloriaAcker, Kathy,Chapbooks, AmericanRoditi, EdouardBooksellers and booksellingAuthors and publishersPublishers' catalogsGidlow, Elsa,197019731974197519761977197819791980198119821983198419851987199019951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200820095646222238811.54PQ6601.L267231ocn035110145book19960.24The gift of tongues : twenty-five years of poetry from Copper Canyon PressSince its inception in 1972, Copper Canyon Press has remained dedicated to publishing poetry from a wide range of styles. The Gift of Tongues is drawn from among more than 150 books and chap-books of poetry published by the Press. Features Sam Hamill's in-depth personal introduction about Copper Canyon's path and dedication to the poetry of many cultures, as well as an annotated bibliography+-+42664010066811ocn034984167book19960.29Kizer, CarolynHarping on : poems 1985-1995"Did you see someone cold-cock a blind nun? / Well, I did. Two helpful idiots / Steered her across the tarmac to her plane / And led her smack into the wing. / She deplaned with two black eyes & a crooked wimple, / Bruised proof that the distinction is not simple / Between ineptitude and evil."+-+70664010066622ocn012330616book19850.35Neruda, PabloThe separate rose+-+93379296454342ocn032273864book19950.33Belieu, ErinInfantaA collection of "urban-chic" poems. In Rondeau at the Train Stop, which is set in Boston, she writes: "It bothers me: the genital smell of the bay / drifting toward me on the T stop, the train / circling the city like a dingy, year-round / Christmas display. The Puritans were right, / sin's / everywhere in Massachusetts."+-+76564010062862ocn012330659book19850.63McGrath, ThomasLetter to an imaginary friend, parts three & four2651ocn053469474book20040.29Lee, DavidSo quietly the earthPoetryA collection of poems on the landscapes of the Southwest weaves the archetypal elements of earth, fire, water, and air; exploring spiritual connections to the natural world while meditating on philosophical, theological and environmental issues+-+89574010062281ocn040881337book19990.59St. John, PrimusCommunion : poems, 1976-1998Poetry+-+K0764010061911ocn021340576book19900.53Lee, DavidDay's work1841ocn008701383book19820.73McGrath, ThomasPassages toward the dark1752ocn043814637book20000.56Wronsky, Gail FriemuthDying for beauty : poems+-+20864010061531ocn011565563book19840.76Lee, DavidThe porcine canticles : poemsPoetry+-+38379296453241133ocn013476967book19850.35Aleixandre, VicenteA longing for the light : selected poems of Vicente Aleixandre+-+54379296453241092ocn037771599book19970.76Bell, MarvinArdor+-+9635401006811ocn004003604book19780.88Hamill, SamSam Hamill's Triada : [poem]751ocn008065870book19810.92Stafford, WilliamSometimes like a legend : Puget Sound country : poemsPoetry721ocn008282740book19810.93Levertov, DeniseWanderer's daysong701ocn001229470book19740.88Mitsui, James MasaoJournal of the sun : [poems]Poetry661ocn000979051book19730.90Hamill, SamHeroes of the Teton mythos661ocn054674140book20030.29Wright, C. DSteal away : selected and new poemsPoetryA collection of lyrics, narratives, prose poems, and odes by C.D. Wright+-+7946401006631ocn012970755book19830.90H. DPriest & A dead priestess speaks121ocn030882072book19760.93Bruchac, JosephSeven sections from the Dreams of Jesse BowmanCatalogs22ocn728642283book20051.00Copper Canyon PressCopper Canyon Press, fall-winter 2005-2006Bibliography CatalogsCatalogs22ocn742198086serial0.47Copper Canyon PressCopper Canyon Press : [catalog]PeriodicalsBibliography CatalogsCatalogs21ocn029460517mix0.92Ignatow, Rose GraubartPapersArchivesCorrespondence and other materials cover the years 1937-198911ocn728646872book20081.00Copper Canyon PressPoetry in translationCatalogs11ocn164875438mix1.00Copper Canyon PressCopper Canyon Press recordsHistoryArchivesRecords and correspondenceThis collection includes publishing and business records of Copper Canyon Press11ocn728638218book20051.00Copper Canyon PressCopper Canyon Press, fall-winter 2004-05Bibliography CatalogsCatalogs11ocn700957718book1.00Rexroth, KennethKenneth Rexroth papersArchivesRecords and correspondenceThe papers of Kenneth Rexroth, American poet and activist, comprise manuscripts, notes, printed material, publications, correspondence, ephemera, and artwork related to poetry, writing, speaking engagements, and teaching, primarily from the last decade of his life; also included are correspondence, manuscripts, drawings, photographs, and edits compiled by Geoffrey Gardner for a Kenneth Rexroth festschrift published in 198011ocn071835399bookCopper Canyon Press[Copper Canyon Press ephemera]Catalogs11ocn057553010mix1.00Merwin, W. SW.S. Merwin papersRecords and correspondenceCollection consists of manuscripts, correspondence, notes, translations, published and unpublished works, and critical writings by and about Merwin. Currently contains five separate large accessions of material11ocn703257694visu20091.00Hamill, SamSam Hamill oral historyInterviewsInterview conducted by Brian Moratti11ocn705060799book20030.10Merwin, W. STo the book+-+5166401006+-+5166401006Fri Mar 21 15:40:04 EDT 2014batch18091