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Thu Oct 16 17:53:24 2014 UTClccn-n868089130.08Breathing easy0.401.00Letter, [17--]21173056Mary_Rawsonn 8680891315061844682259lccn-n50036803WQED (Television station : Pittsburgh, Pa.)pronc-john f kennedy center for the performing arts u sJohn F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (U.S.)lccn-n97124522Whitehead, Robert1916-2002drtlccn-n85014236Caldwell, Zoeactlccn-n80050316Films for the Humanities (Firm)lccn-n80035864Jeffers, Robinson1887-1962adplccn-n79131394Metropolitan Pittsburgh Public Broadcasting, incprolccn-no2014012419Medeaconsort of Aegeus, King of Athens (Mythological character)lccn-nr99014572Q Productionslccn-nr88005692Ryan, MitchellactRawson, MaryDramaFilm adaptationsBiographyPopular worksTelevision adaptationsCriticism, interpretation, etcCase studiesHistoryBibliographyFictionGreek drama (Tragedy)EuripidesUnited StatesMedea (Greek mythology)Rockwell, Norman,MathematicsSchizophreniaIllustratorsRevengeWright, Frank Lloyd,Fallingwater (Pa.)PaintersDepression, MentalPainting, AmericanReal property taxMan-woman relationshipsCities and towns--GrowthPennsylvaniaOrganic architectureArchitecture, DomesticDwellingsHomesKauffman familyDepression, Mental--TreatmentDepressed persons--Family relationshipsSchizophrenics--Family relationshipsPsychosesMental illness--TreatmentArt appreciationAmericana in artBritish ColumbiaBritish Columbia.--Provincial Land CommissionLand use--PlanningFamiliesSubstance abuseArchitectsProbabilitiesStatisticsCompulsive behaviorInsuranceChanceProbability forecasts (Meteorology)Gambling systemsStatistical weather forecastingInsurance--MathematicsArt--Conservation and restorationArt objects--Conservation and restorationNew York (State)--New YorkTheaterVideo recording19261959196119621963197019711972197319751976197719791982198319841985198719881989199019911992199319941995199619981999200020012002200320042005200620092011203066128882PA3975.M4ocn023706514ocn056017686ocn438932146ocn076971504ocn123101100ocn525277921ocn807770925ocn187464696ocn123101100ocn188076957ocn1874646965157ocn023706514visu19900.37EuripidesMedeaDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsThe Kennedy Center production of Euripides' great classic about a woman driven by emotion beyond the brink of rationality. Medea is abandoned by her husband Jason so he can marry the daughter of Creon, ruler of Corinth, and is exiled by Creon as a dangerous foreigner. She exacts revenge by causing the deaths of Creon and his daughter and by murdering her own and Jason's two children before escaping into exile in Athens2464ocn039254855visu19980.21Life by the numbersPopular works"Creates a new image for mathematics--one that's exciting, empowering and imaginative. It will reveal the crucial role mathematics plays in sports, work, education, exploration, chance, virtual reality and life in general"--Box2426ocn052050071visu19880.18Norman Rockwell an American portraitHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyPortraitsNarrator Mason Adams and a host of other commentators reflect on artist Norman Rockwell, his works, and his impact23315ocn024385362visu19870.33The house on the waterfall the story of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpieceHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyThe story of Fallingwater, a house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright for businessman Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr. in rural southwestern Pennsylvania1709ocn000253385book19610.92Rawson, MaryProperty taxation and urban development; effects of the property tax on city growth and change1274ocn034148097visu19950.39Understanding depressionFocuses on the most current research into depression, explaining the medications and psychosocial therapies that can help to eliminate the symptoms of the disease. Profiles a woman with clinical depression and examines how her life and that of her family have been affected by the disease967ocn055042003visu19940.47Understanding schizophreniaCase studiesSchizophrenia is the most severe of the serious mental illnesses, and it is more common than diseases such as cyctic fibrosis, diabetes, or Alzheimer's disease. This program explains the latest research on the disease, speaking with leading medical researchers to explore what we do and don't know about schizophrenia. The program profiles an individual with schizophrenia and explains how the disease has affected his life and his family's and how they are coping with it723ocn003408890book19760.92Rawson, MaryIll fares the land : land-use management at the urban/rural/resource edges : the British Columbia Land Commission442ocn039754253visu19940.39No more shameExplains the latest research on schizophrenia, depression, and addictions. Also profiles individuals with these conditions and shows how the conditions have affected the lives of the individuals and their families381ocn076971504visu20060.18Chances of a lifetimePopular worksForms part of a series that looks at interesting, real-life applications of mathematics. This program looks at the role of mathematics in navigating possibilities and probabilities. The use of statistics in understanding baseball is examined, the program discusses why the likelihood of winnng big at gambling and games of chance in Las Vegas is so small. The viewer sees why Gallup succeeded in picking Roosevelt to win the presidency when others failed and the role of random sampling in polling is explained. Finally, the program looks at probability in determing the safety and effectiveness of new medicines and examines how the insurance industry uses probabilities for risk management353ocn738406803book20110.19Rawson, MaryAll of usFictionJenny and Wito, along with their friends and lovers, explore relationships and discover their identities+-+9204736746324312ocn024436493visu19900.24The Future of the pastDemonstrates how new technologies are changing the way art historians work and preserve all types of art262ocn010454927book19830.86Rawson, MaryTransit : the nature and role of localized benefits, a selected annotated bibliographyBibliography201ocn221997425book19930.37Medley-Barrera, JennieESL literacy links : secondary ESL literacy students : stage 1L literacy and beginners161ocn051004214visu19980.10Chances of a lifetimeFourth in a seven-part series intended to describe the role that mathematics plays in everyday life. This episode takes a look at the use of statistics in all aspects of our lives, involved in questions such as how to predict the future, which batter should face a certain pitcher, which focus group recommends a product, etc. From the Las Vegas casinos to political elections to the research laboratory to how much fuel will it take to fly to Alaska, understanding probability is critical141ocn001339917book0.90Prince Edward IslandReport of the Royal Commission on Land Ownership and Land Use122ocn188076957book19630.86Rawson, MarySubdivision casebookTrials, litigation, etc114ocn299569743book19760.92Rawson, MaryLa terre se porte mal : la gestion de l'utilisation du sol aux limites communes des villes, de la campagne et des regions riches en ressources : la commission des terres de la Colombie-Britannique71ocn031407183visu19840.08Breathing easyTells that teenagers are faced with mounting peer pressure and attractive advertising campaigns that try to lure them into smoking cigarettes. Presents up-beat "programs" that extinguish the glamourous myths about smoking and encourage preteens and teenagers to choose not to smoke71ocn052903562visu19950.35Understanding depression through the darknessCase studiesFocuses on the most current research into depression, explaining the medications and psychosocial therapies that can help to eliminate the symptoms of the disease. Profiles a woman with clinical depression and examines how her life and that of her family have been affected by the disease11ocn070952345book1.00Second Church of Mendon (Mendon, Mass.)Church historyRecords and correspondenceLetter to the church from David Cutler, Barnabas Rawson, Mary Rawson, and Isaac Tenney, outlining complaints against the church+-+9204736746324+-+9204736746324Thu Oct 16 15:21:16 EDT 2014batch16761