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Fri Mar 21 17:14:26 2014 UTClccn-n868093590.00St. John, James Allen0.271.00High adventure : westerns, northerns, and other lands /67960703J._Allen_St._Johnn 868093591512859John James Allen St 1872-1957Saint John, J. AllenSaint John, James AllenSt. John, J. AllenSt. John, J. Allen (James Allen), 1872-1957St. John, James Allenlccn-n80039681Burroughs, Edgar Rice1875-1950fast-1143454Tarzan (Fictitious character)lccn-no96003605A.C. McClurg & Copblnc-w f hall printing companyW.F. Hall Printing Companyprtlccn-n94091669M.A. Donohue & Coprtbndlccn-n79054878Wyeth, N. C.(Newell Convers)1882-1945illfast-1032678Napier, Carson (Fictitious character)fast-889878Dejah Thoris (Fictitious character)fast-847999Carter, John (Fictitious character)lccn-no97025754McCarter, Margaret Hill1860-1938St. John, James Allen1872-1957FictionJuvenile worksAdventure storiesHistoryAdventure stories, AmericanFantasy fiction, AmericanFantasy fictionScience fictionTarzan (Fictitious character)Mars (Planet)Dejah Thoris (Fictitious character)Carter, John (Fictitious character)AfricaScience fiction, AmericanEarth (Planet)Venus (Planet)JunglesNapier, Carson (Fictitious character)Life on other planetsScience fictionApesAdventure storiesJungle animalsOregonFantasy fiction, AmericanKidnappingAtlantis (Legendary place)St. John, James Allen,IndiaBoysSoldiersWorld War (1914-1918)Comic books, strips, etcIllustration of booksUnited StatesKansasExtraterrestrial beingsLost continentsFantasy fictionPulp literatureLionQueensAdventure stories, AmericanMartiansHeroesPrehistoric peoplesRanch lifeFantasy in artPrimitive societiesSpace flight to VenusMars (Roman deity)ChessFantasyPrincessesFictionArabsDinosaursEarthquakes1872195719011905191219131915191619171918191919201921192219231924192519271928193019341935193619401943194819491953196319721976197719831988199019911993199419971999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102012343296224813.52PS3503.U687ocn042765142ocn001214530ocn001224221ocn001229205ocn001592975ocn004747411ocn002208700ocn000597984ocn000182260ocn001593129ocn004206623ocn26113201137111ocn042765142book19220.21Burroughs, Edgar RiceAt the Earth's coreJuvenile worksFictionScience fictionAdventure storiesAdventure stories, AmericanFantasy fiction, AmericanDavid Innes and Abner Perry break through the earth's crust and discover "a fantastic, timeless world of eternal daylight, prehistoric beasts, and primeval peoples--Pellucidar."--Cover+-+39261785352927ocn001214530book19180.24Burroughs, Edgar RiceTarzan and the Jewels of OparJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesKidnapping, rites of passage, mystical treasures, the lost city of Atlantis -- Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar, the fifth book-length entry in the Tarzan series, is brimming with the kind of fast-paced excitement that will engage every reader's imagination. A must-read for true action and adventure fans27811ocn001224221book19150.23Burroughs, Edgar RiceThe return of TarzanFictionAdventure storiesAdventure stories, AmericanFantasy fiction, AmericanAfter being thrown off a ship by enemies, Tarzan goes back to the jungle where he was raised2276ocn053469506book19350.25Burroughs, Edgar RiceLost on VenusFictionCarson Napier-- explorer, adventurer, and space pirate-- is stranded on Venus and searching for his kidnapped love, the Princess Duare+-+64671785352096ocn000849722book19200.24Burroughs, Edgar RiceTarzan the untamedJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesFantasy fictionThe seventh installment in Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan series, Tarzan the Untamed focuses on the horrific damage wrought by World War I and the man-ape's understandably primal reaction to the carnage. Driven to seek revenge against Germans in retaliation for their aggression, Tarzan goes on a marauding crusade for justice at the battlefront in Africa+-+22911912061364ocn001229205book19210.23Burroughs, Edgar RiceTarzan the terribleJuvenile worksFictionAdventure storiesFantasy fictionAdventure stories, AmericanFantasy fiction, AmericanThe diary of a dead German officer sets Tarzan once more on the trail of his wife, held captive in the depts of the jungle. While Tarzan is looking for Jane, their son Korak is in turn searching for Tarzan+-+03911912061232ocn077504542book20070.28Burroughs, Edgar RiceSavage PellucidarFiction+-+29171785351041ocn001832032book19160.37Kipling, RudyardKipling boy storiesJuvenile worksFiction1048ocn002208700book19190.23Burroughs, Edgar RiceJungle tales of TarzanFictionAdventure storiesAdventure stories, AmericanFantasy fiction, AmericanTwelve stories feature the adventures of Tarzan in the jungle that is his home+-+7611191206878ocn000182260book19170.23Burroughs, Edgar RiceThe son of TarzanJuvenile worksFictionTarzan's young son, Jack is kidnapped. He escapes to the jungles of Africa and grows up to become Korak the Killer, a mighty warrior+-+1960051406855ocn003323247book19220.23Burroughs, Edgar RiceThe chessmen of MarsFictionHelium, a spoiled princess and John Carter's daughter, rejects Gahan, Jed of Gathol, as a suitor and foolishly flies off into a great storm. Gahan gives chase. By the time he finally catches up to Tara, she has forgotten who he is, and he assumes the name Turjun, a panthan mercenary. Together they challenge the power of O-Tar, Jeddak of Manator, whose barbaric nation of Red Men have preyed upon Gathol for centuries. The Manatorians have elevated Jetan, Martian chess, to an unprecedented level of skill and excitement: they use live chessmen who fight for live princesses. Gahan finds himself fighting for Tara on the chessboard of Manator, and haunting O-Tar's palace+-+3971191206804ocn004747411book19150.33McCarter, Margaret HillThe corner stoneHistoryFiction614ocn000787779book19190.23Burroughs, Edgar RiceThe warlord of MarsJuvenile worksFictionAnnotation+-+7271191206563ocn002485942book19230.21Burroughs, Edgar RiceTarzan and the golden lionJuvenile worksFictionAs Tarzan travels through the jungle to the village of Opar, he encounters a treacherous Spaniard and his party, who intend great harm to the jungle lands566ocn003323239book19200.25Burroughs, Edgar RiceThuvia, Maid of MarsFictionThink Edgar Rice Burroughs' additions to the literary canon begin and end with Tarzan? Think again. Burroughs produced popular works in virtually every genre, and he made important early contributions to the science fiction and fantasy fields, as well. Thuvia, Maid of Mars is an interplanetary romp that includes something for everyone -- fantasy, romance, and rip-roaring adventure+-+6771191206543ocn029813272book19340.23Burroughs, Edgar RicePirates of VenusFictionAdventure stories, AmericanFantasy fiction, AmericanWhen Carson Napier's rocket crash-landed on Venus, he found himself in the midst of a strange race of men who had found the secret of eternal youth yet faced the threat of imminent annihilation503ocn007548052book19160.59Monroe, Anne ShannonHappy ValleyHistoryFiction491ocn756523741book20100.15Burroughs, Edgar RiceJohn Carter of Mars : the collectionFictionAdventure storiesEdgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) was a popular483ocn002390181book19360.23Burroughs, Edgar RiceSwords of MarsFiction442ocn010041314book19160.66KatharineFrom an Oregon ranchFiction654ocn060550806book20050.63Spurlock, J. DavidGrand master of adventure : the drawings of J. Allen St. JohnIllustrations+-+8616402336382ocn069733105book20060.35St. John, James AllenThe paintings of J. Allen St. John : grand master of fantasyIllustrations+-+223640233611ocn071318423art1983Fielding, MantleSt. John, J11ocn143571934art1988Weinberg, Robert ESt. John, James Allen11ocn854858702book20061.00St. John, James AllenHigh adventure : westerns, northerns, and other lands11ocn849672868mix1.00War Posters CollectionHistoryPostersPosters from World War I and World War II. Majority are American but there are a few from Canada, France and England. Subjects include recruitment, fund-raising (war chest, savings bonds, chocolate fund), civil defense, and more. Organizations represented include the Red Cross; U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps; American Expeditionary Force; various relief committees; more+-+3926178535+-+3926178535Fri Mar 21 15:46:01 EDT 2014batch21046