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Thu Oct 16 17:54:16 2014 UTClccn-n868488830.10Dictionary of literary biography. american poets since World War II0.731.00The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church, 21st annual New Year's Day reading issue dedicated to Bernadette Mayer23311550Bernadette_Mayern 868488831660887Mayer Warsh, Bernadette 1945-Warsh, Bernadette MayerWarsh, Bernadette Mayer 1945-lccn-n80090762Worsley, Dale1948-lccn-n87937711Acconci, Vito1940-edtlccn-n78012980Piper, Adrian1948-lccn-n84021038Knowles, Alison1933-lccn-n82255550Clark, Laurielccn-no2011108265Springfield, Mollylccn-n90614115Zürn, Unicalccn-n92121019Hamilton, Ann1956-lccn-n83174349Cha, Theresa Hak Kyunglccn-no2012025107Seillé, Geneviève1951-Mayer, BernadettePoetryHandbooks, manuals, etcPeriodicalsFictionRecords and correspondenceInterviewsMiscellaneaAmerican poetryTechnical writingMayer, BernadetteWinter solsticeMassachusettsWinterAmerican literatureWomen artistsLiterature--Women authorsVisual literatureArt and literatureLiterature and photographyManners and customsConcrete poetryNew York (State)--TroyWomenBerkson, BillWomen authorsBasketballLiterature, ExperimentalExperimental poetry, AmericanConcrete poetry, AmericanPoets, AmericanUnited StatesWarsh, LewisCreeley, Robert,Waldman, Anne,Notley, Alice,Authors, AmericanMasters, GregCoolidge, Clark,Hejinian, LynLevertov, Denise,Berrigan, TedAshbery, John,Owen, Maureen,Fraser, Kathleen,Auster, Paul,Davidson, Michael,Wieners, John,Silliman, Ronald,Ammons, A. R.,Rodefer, StephenElmslie, KenwardValentine, JeanTate, James,Whalen, PhilipBrainard, Joe,Watten, BarrettBanks, Russell,19451964196719681970197119721974197519761977197819801982198419851986198719891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620082009201020112012201320143332130214811.54PS3563.A952ocn003503630ocn007943467ocn077006298ocn496775469ocn003488906ocn606484355ocn5604310563026ocn018628934book19890.37Worsley, DaleThe art of science writingHandbooks, manuals, etc+-+K5797406452739ocn040489341book19820.66Mayer, BernadetteMidwinter dayPoetry+-+51596766352396ocn024952021book19920.77Mayer, BernadetteA Bernadette Mayer reader+-+88576766352111ocn729751553book20110.70It is almost that : a collection of image+text work by women artists & writers"It is almost that collects twenty-six visionary works by women artists and writers."--Page [4] of dust jacket+-+41710442451833ocn058055269book20050.59Mayer, BernadetteScarlet tanager+-+77306766351472ocn227016580book20080.63Mayer, BernadettePoetry State Forest+-+K8726766351462ocn033983767book19960.66Mayer, BernadetteProper name & other storiesFictionStories by an experimental writer. In A Non-Unified Field Theory of Love and Landlords, one reads: "Tiny space dust and space grains of sand rain / Down on the earth by the millions each minute / And interplanetary and interstellar comets ast / Eroids and meteoroids are more numerous than a / Ll the fish in all the seas of the world and y / Ou might discover a comet and become famous..."1176ocn077517817book20060.82Acconci, Vito0 to 9 : the complete magazine : 1967-1969Periodicals+-+85790788461125ocn783162788book20120.56Mayer, BernadetteThe Helens of Troy, N.Y.Poetry"Profiles of all the women named Helen in Troy, NY, with poems and images, mixing the classical with the ordinary and delightful intelligence with irreverence."--Publisher's website1058ocn003503630serial0.950 to 9PeriodicalsIncludes: Four book / Vito Hannibal Acconci; Transference: Roget's thesaurus / Vito Hannibal Acconci; Story / Bernadette Mayer; Coffee coffee / Aram Saroyan1032ocn002428639book19760.93Mayer, BernadettePoetry693ocn002142771book19750.95Mayer, BernadetteStudying hunger621ocn216660213book20090.92Coolidge, ClarkThe caveThe Cave is a collaboration of prose, poetry, dialogue, and song alternately written by Clark Coolidge and Bernadette Mayer in their early thirties. Assembled between 1972 and 1978, The Cave explores the philosophy of Wittgenstein, the nature of language, and the connections between the present and past. It constantly challenges the reader to question reality, time, and the poets themselves. The work ranges from complex and imagistic rambles through imaginary landscapes to terse, clear accounts of exploring Eldon's Cave in western Massachusetts, the setting of several of Coolidge's poems. Like a mystery novel, The Cave draws the reader in with hints that all the strands weave together into a coherent picture. --Adventures in Poetry+-+2076161245553ocn047788967book20000.84Mayer, BernadetteThe 3:15 experiment+-+6858941145513ocn057731954book20040.94Mayer, BernadetteIndigo bunting503ocn003752485book19710.96Mayer, BernadetteMoving503ocn040093404book19980.93Mayer, BernadetteTwo haloed mourners : poems+-+2598762336495ocn002535836book19750.97Mayer, BernadetteThe basketball articleMiscellanea491ocn073697259book20060.95Berkson, BillWhat's your idea of a good time? : letters & interviews 1977-1985InterviewsRecords and correspondence"In or around 1977, Bernadette Mayer and Bill Berkson initiated a correspondence that eventually centered on question-and-answer exchanges usually folded inside accompanying cover letters. The candor and intensity of these epistolary interviews was sustained well into the mid 1980s. Included are intimate musings on everyday life, childhood, marriage, sex, poetry and other arts, cooking, weather, house-and-garden details, fashion, politics, philosophy, time, identity, morality, and much else besides. Although the exchanges have continued intermittently to this day, it is the bulk of that early, high-intensity phase that the present volume represents ... The title What's Your Idea of a Good Time? was the question that sparked the original project"--P. 7483ocn031426885book19940.86Mayer, BernadetteThe desires of mothers to please others in letters+-+6688938145752ocn002469440book19750.93Mayer, BernadetteMemory671ocn672300121book20110.92Mayer, BernadetteStudying hunger journalsDiaries+-+2576226306541ocn728663092book20110.94Mayer, BernadetteEthics of sleepPoetryInterviews+-+0875254245324101ocn148597043book20060.94What's Your Idea of a Good Time? Interviews and Letters, 1977-1985InterviewsRecords and correspondence32ocn829103718book20130.92Mayer, BernadetteAt Maureen'sDiaries31ocn034907139book19961.00The Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church, 21st annual New Year's Day reading issue dedicated to Bernadette MayerPoetry11ocn702158820mix1.00Padgett, RonRon Padgett papersArchivesThe collection consists of material created and accumulated by Ron Padgett in the course of his work as a poet, translator, and editor. Material includes extensive correspondence with other poets and writers; manuscripts for Padgett's books of poetry, prose, and translations, as well as some juvenilia and early writings; and manuscripts for writings by others. Also included are "bokes," the term coined by Padgett to describe the "little unique editions" Ted Berrigan and he made for each other beginning in the 1960s, which encompass dozens of unique handmade works by Tom Clark, Anne Waldman, Bill Berkson, George Schneeman, Michael Brownstein, Larry Fagin, Tom Veitch, Aram Saroyan, Steve Carey, and Lewis Warsh, among others. Also found are notebooks, including numerous travel diaries, project notebooks, and personal journals; appointment books for the years 1971 to 2002; as well as teaching files, student papers, research material, printed material, and personal papers. The collection also contains files for White Dove Review, edited by Padgett, along with Dick Gallup and Joe Brainard, while they were high school students in Tulsa, and Full Court Press, edited and published by Padgett, Joan Simon, and Anne Waldman from 1974 to 198911ocn849527752mix1.00Malanga, GerardGerard Malanga PapersLetters and/or manuscripts of Daisy Aldan, A.R. Ammons, John Ashbery, David Bearden, Michael Benedikt, George Bowering, Stan Brakhage, James Broughton, Charles Bukowski, Paul Carroll, Joseph Ceravolo, Jonathan Cott, Robert Creeley, Edwin Denby, Diane DiPrima, Edward Dorn, Larry Eigner, Dick Gallup, Jean Garrigue, Joan Gilbert, Barbara Guest, Lee Harwood, John Hollander, Lindy Hough, Steven Katz, Adrienne Kennedy, Ruth Krauss, Philip Lamantia, Denise Levertov, Philip Levine, Willard Maas, Lewis MacAdams, Michael McClure, Gregory J. Markopoulos, Bernadette Mayer, Taylor Mead, William Meredith, Christopher Middleton, Howard Moss, Charles Olson, Robert Pack, Charles Plymell, Kenneth Rexroth, Norman Rosten, Peter Schjeldahl, Louis Simpson, Gilbert Sorrentino, Lorenzo Thomas, Bill Thomas, Tony Towle, James Vaughn, Anne Waldman, Philip Whalen, John Wieners, Richard Wilbur, Jonathan Williams, and Marya Zaturenska11ocn062886743rcrd19890.47Mayer, BernadetteBernadette Mayer T1 2. Lecture 7/17/89Bernadette Mayer gives a lecture in which she talks about her intentions relating to the books she has published to this date. Her overall purpose is to explain the structure and processes she used for putting together her creative books. She reads selections from Utopia and Sonnets, and mentions her two non-fiction prose works, Handbook of poetic forms and Art of science writing. The creative books she discusses are: Story, Ceremony Latin 1964, Moving, Memory, Studying hunger, Poetry, Euruditio ex memoria, The golden book of words, Midwinter day, Utopia, and Sonnets11ocn314797110book1.00Whalen, PhilipPhilip Whalen correspondenceArchivesRecords and correspondenceThe collection contains correspondence from poets, Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, Bernadette Mayer, Michael McClure, Alice Notley, Gary Snyder, and Anne Waldman. The letters which span from 1978-1987 discuss topics such as poetry, fellow poets, and arrangements for poetry readings, among other topics11ocn039613475visu19860.47Mayer, BernadetteBernadette Mayer 4/24/86 readingThis joint reading by Bernadette Mayer and Michael Davidson includes 2 poems entitled "Translation", 4 entitled "Epigram", and 4 untitled poems designated "Untitled" or "Untitled poem."11ocn316266002book19960.10Dictionary of literary biography. american poets since World War IICriticism, interpretation, etcBio-bibliographyBiography DictionariesDictionariesBio-bibliography Dictionaries11ocn702186160mix1.00Padgett, RonRon Padgett letters and poemsCollection consists of correspondence to and from Ron Padgett and poems. Four postcards and two typescript letters from Padgett to Ted Berrigan and Alice Notley, dating from 1968 to 1983, discuss The Poetry Project and poems, among other subjects, and mention Robert "Big Bob" Cornfield and Bernadette Mayer. Eighteen short typescript letters to Padgett, dating from late 1964 to early 1965, from Lita Hornick, publisher and editor of Kulchur magazine, deal chiefly with Padgett's submissions to and reviews for the magazine, and mention Joe Brainard, Leroi Jones, artist Knox Martin, and Tom Veitch. Poems include typescript copies of "Monday rue Christine" and "Mirabeau Bridge", a translation of work by Guillaume Apollinaire. Accompanied by two autograph poems by Harris Schiff, "In Scorpio" and "Didactyllic Clichés", dedicated to Alice Notley and Ted Berrigan respectively, with original watercolors11ocn056123878book19851.00Mayer, BernadetteBernadette Mayer, Lois DoddInterviews11ocn462019172mix0.47Howe, FannyFanny Howe papersCorrespondence, literary manuscripts, diaries, journals, and notebooks. Includes family correspondence as well as early school records11ocn870666036book1.00[Collection of flyers, programs and invitations for readings and similar events at the St. Mark' s Poetry Project and other venues in New York City]11ocn050700495com20021.00Mayer, BernadetteBernadette MayerWeb site offers online texts of Mayer's work as well as biographical and bibliographical notes11ocn122644722mix0.47Howe, FannyFanny Howe papersCorrespondence, family history, literary manuscripts11ocn031911212mix1.00Borders Book Store (Birmingham, Mich.)Portraits of writersPortraitsBlack and white, 8 x 10, photographic portraits of 43 contemporary American writers. The portraits were taken by Carl Schur during each writer's reading at the Borders Bookstore in Birmingham, Mich11ocn036579708book1.00Mayer, BernadettePapersArchivesPapers of an experimental American woman writer. The collection includes correspondence from a wide range of contemporary writers and some of Mayer's students, notebooks and loose notes, manuscripts for published and unpublished writings, teaching materials, photographs of family and friends, and audiorecordings of Lewis Warsh's readings and comments about his experiences at Harvard University in 1972+-+K579740645+-+K579740645Thu Oct 16 15:09:10 EDT 2014batch25737