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Fri Mar 21 17:06:42 2014 UTClccn-n868575250.00The last man who knew everything : a biography of Joseph Leidy /0.641.00Address on the life and work of Joseph Leidy, M.D. : President of the Academy of Natural Sciences : Professor of Anatomy, University of Pennsylvania /19738942Joseph_Leidyn 868575251688654Rede, Josefuレデー, ジョセフ列弟列第列第, 約瑟lccn-n83156602Warren, Leonard1924-lccn-n86848556Shumard, B. F.(Benjamin Franklin)1820-1869lccn-n80125848United StatesGeneral Land Officelccn-n86873142Norwood, J. G.(Joseph Granville)1807-1895lccn-n86873136Owen, David Dale1807-1860lccn-n86873137Parry, C. 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VGeological sketch of estuary and fresh water deposit forming the Bad Lands of Judith River, with some remarks upon the surrounding formations16623ocn047011546com19980.33Warren, LeonardJoseph Leidy the last man who knew everythingBiography"Leidy was the first in America to use the microscope as a tool in forensic medicine. He established the concept of parasitism and became the father of American protozoology and parasitology, describing for the first time Trichina in the pig, the source of the human disease trichinosis. As the founder of American vertebrate paleontology, he was the first to describe a dinosaur and many other extinct animals in America". -- Jacket+-+8408255585704ocn003408006book19230.95Joseph Leidy Commemorative MeetingThe Joseph Leidy commemorative meetingBiographyConference proceedings212ocn022743864book19130.90Osborn, Henry FairfieldBiographical memoir of Joseph Leidy, 1823-1891202ocn029165799book18920.96Hunt, WilliamAn address upon the late Joseph Leidy, M.D., LL. 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Sixth month 16th, 189132ocn067401876book18921.00Frazer, PersiforJoseph Leidy32ocn042624496book19190.92Garrison, Fielding HJoseph Leidy, '4421ocn046686129book18931.00Lee, Thomas GeorgeBiographical notice of Joseph Leidy22ocn428143714book19131.00Minot, Charles SedgwickA tribute to Joseph Leidy22ocn081552534book18721.00Leidy, JosephLetter : to Isaac HinckleyAutograph letter signed. Leidy writes to decline an invitation to meet the Biological Club21ocn232691892book1998Warren, LeonardThe last man who knew everything : a biography of Joseph LeidyBiography+-+840825558521ocn020501486art19230.47Ward, Henry BaldwinThe founder of American parasitology, Joseph Leidy11ocn049302404book1.00Gibbes, Robert WRobert W. Gibbes papersHistoryPersonal narratives ConfederatePictorial worksSourcesRecords and correspondenceVolume, 1839-1863, chiefly used to record accounts of the estate of Gibbes' father, W.H. Gibbes, and other family members along with a few notes kept while visiting Cuba; pocket volume used as executor's account book, 1866-1867, for estate of RWG; a Catalogue of Paintings, Marbles and casts in the Collection of R.W. Gibbes, M.D. [compiled ca. 1850] with a handwritten notation - "Burned in his residence in Columbia, S.C. when the city was destroyed by Sherman's Army", and Autograph Book of the Revolution, 1770-1836, consisting of 197 signatures cut from letters and documents, plus 99 additional signatures included on letters, documents, and manuscripts+-+8408255585Fri Mar 21 15:29:11 EDT 2014batch26110