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Fri Mar 21 17:12:14 2014 UTClccn-n860968820.00Abraham Lincoln collection,0.661.00Lincoln collections and Lincoln bibliography,32362259n 860968821918471lccn-n79006779Lincoln, Abraham1809-1865lccn-n80002568Hay, John1838-1905edtlccn-n85160690Nicolay, John G.(John George)1832-1901edtlccn-n80133127Gilder, Richard Watson1844-1909lccn-nr97040394Oakleaf, Joseph Benjamin1858-1930np-dollenmayer, albertDollenmayer, Albertedtnc-minneapolis minn$board of court house and city hall commissionersMinneapolis (Minn.).Board of Court House and City Hall Commissionersnc-minneapolis minn$municipal buildingMinneapolis (Minn.).Municipal buildingnc-illinois infantry$45th regiment 1861 1865Illinois Infantry45th Regiment, 1861-1865lccn-n89620472Hill, John Wesley1863-1936Fish, Daniel1848-1924BibliographySourcesHistoryManuscriptsRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcArchivesMiscellaneaUnited StatesIllinoisPolitical scienceLincoln, Abraham,American Civil War (1861-1865)Lincoln-Douglas Debates (Illinois : 1858)Minneapolis City Hall-Hennepin County Courthouse (Minneapolis, Minn.)AuthorshipOratoryRegimental historiesNicolay, John G.--(John George),Laws, etc. (Compiled statutes : 1905 : Minnesota)Dummies (Bookselling)Memorial Day addressesBooksellers and bookselling--Colportage, subscription trade, etcIllustrated books--Extra-illustratedLincoln, Mary Todd,Lincoln, Robert Todd,Hay, John,Fish, Daniel,Barnard, George Grey,StatuesLambert, William H.--(William Harrison),Autographs--Collectors and collectingAdvertising--BooksBiographersCollectors and collectingHerndon, William Henry,Manuscripts, American--Collectors and collecting1848192418881894190019051906190919101926199320139282353308E457.91ocn005328973ocn022729042ocn86631189562113ocn006775316book18940.63Lincoln, AbrahamComplete works of Abraham LincolnHistoryMiscellaneaSourcesRecords and correspondenceManuscripts765ocn003111188book19000.63Fish, DanielLincoln literature; a bibliographical account of books and pamphlets relating to Abraham LincolnBibliography544ocn006412465book19060.79Fish, DanielLincoln bibliography; a list of books and pamphlets relating to Abraham LincolnBibliography532ocn003752711book19260.90Fish, DanielA reprint of the list of books and pamphlets relating to Abraham Lincoln, comp. by Daniel Fish in 1906Bibliography315ocn005133022book19050.66Fish, DanielThe Forty-Fifth Illinois, a souvenir of the re-union held at Rockford, on the fortieth anniversary of its march in the grand reviewHistory242ocn005328973book19100.47Minneapolis (Minn.)A history of the Municipal building of the city of Minneapolis & the county of Hennepin, Minnesota. A final report of the Board of Court house and city hall commissioners. 1887. 1909222ocn009467676book19090.93Fish, DanielLegal phases of the Lincoln and Douglas debates122ocn805914556com19090.33Minneapolis (Minn.)A history of the Municipal building of the city of Minneapolis & the County of Hennepin, Minnesota101ocn016572287art19091.00Fish, DanielLincoln collections and Lincoln bibliographyBibliography81ocn009368330book19050.92MinnesotaReport of the Statute Revision Commission : to accompany its draft of a proposed revision of the general laws submitted to the legislature of Minnesota at the session of 1905 : with an index to the draft41ocn041882684book18880.47Fish, DanielThe American union, the fittest monument to its dead defenders. An address delivered at the National cemetery, near Nashville, Tennessee, on Memorial Day, May 30, 188832ocn029207259book19050.47Fish, DanielLincoln bibliographyBibliography23ocn249902493book19260.47Fish, DanielA reprint of the list of books and pamphlets relating to Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln Bibliography)11ocn163571525file19001.00Fish, DanielLincoln literature Lincoln literature a bibliographical account of books and pamphlets relating to Abraham LincolnBibliography11ocn212375470mix1910Fish, DanielLincoln bibliography : first and second supplements combinedBibliographySupplements to the author's Lincoln bibliography, 1906. Vol. 1 includes items 1-467; vol. 2 includes items 15-22411ocn018036716book1888Grand Army of the RepublicReport of the Adjutant-General : twenty-second annual session of National Encampment, G.A.R. : Headquarters Grand Army of the Republic, Minneapolis, Minn., Sept. 1, 188811ocn228734093mixLincoln, AbrahamAbraham Lincoln collectionCriticism, interpretation, etcArchivesThe collection of various papers by and about the sixteenth President of the United States assembled at the Library, with the Lincolniana collected by Henry E. Huntington as its core. The collection incorporated manuscripts from the collections of William Harrison Lambert and Judd Stewart, and was augmented by various purchases from sales in 1916-191911ocn057335841book19101.00Fish, DanielLincoln bibliographyAdditions to the author's Lincoln bibliography, 1906, compiled as a series of seven unpublished "supplements", which include a large number of publications dated 1906-1910 (none later), as well as earlier ones not included in the published Lincoln bibliography (the 2nd supplement includes items dated 1909; items dated 1910 appear in the 3rd-7th supplements). Each of the supplements, excepting the first and second, which were combined in one alphabet, begins with a new alphabet; the entries are numbered continuously (1st & 2nd, 1-224; 3rd, 225-242; 4th, 243-302; 5th, 303-344; 6th, 345-410; 7th, 411-467). In Brown's copy of the list the supplements are numbered "2nd" (i.e. 1st and 2nd), "3rd", and "iv"; 5-7 are indicated only by the new alphabet11ocn793452986book19050.47Fish, DanielForty-Fifth Illinois "Washburne Leadmine Regiment" Rockford Meeting, May 24, 190511ocn077705554book1909Fish, DanielLegal phases of the Lincoln and Douglas debates : annual address before the State Bar Association of Minnesota at Minneapolis, July 14, 1909Fri Mar 21 15:45:31 EDT 2014batch11705