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Fri Mar 21 17:04:53 2014 UTClccn-n860164560.47Catalogue général du Musée copte du Caire0.761.00Selections from the Egyptian heritage icons of the Coptic Museum = Mukhtārāt min al-turāth al-Miṣrī ayqūnāt al-Matḥaf al-Qibṭī130912923n 860164561846369Cairo. <<al->>Mathaf al-QibtiCairo. al-Mathaf al-QuibṭīCairo. Musee CopteCoptic museum.Coptic Museum al-QāhiraCoptic Museum CairoCoptic Museum (Cairo, Egypt)Coptic Museum (Káhira, Egypt)Coptic museum Le CaireIMatḥaf al-Qibṭī (Le Caire)Koptisches Museum (Cairo)Koptisches Museum (Cairo, Egypt)Koptisches Museum (Káhira, Egypt)Koptisches Museum (Le Caire)Koptisches Museum nswdLe Caire, Égypte Matḥaf al-QibṭīLe Caire (Égypte) Musée copteMatḥaf al-āt̲ār al-qibtīyyah (Cairo)˜al-œ Matḥaf al-QibṭīMusée CopteMusée Copte al-QāhiraMusée Copte (Cairo)Musée copte (Cairo, Egypt)Musée copte du Vieux-Caire.Musée copte (Káhira, Egypt)Musée copte (Le Caire)Musée des antiquités coptes (Cairo)Museo CoptoMuseo Copto al-QāhiraMuseo Copto CairoMutḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Muthaf al-Qibti (Káhira, Egypt)Mutḥaf al-Qibṭī (Le Caire)متحف القبطي (القاهرة، مصر)lccn-n84239375Gabra, Gawdatlccn-n84079877Eaton-Krauss, Mariannelccn-n50041305Labib, Pahoredtlccn-n2009066077Sayed, Aidalccn-n88099260Brown, S. Kentlccn-no00011304Majlis al-Aʻlá lil-Āthār (Egypt)lccn-no2009007911Simaykah, Murqus1864-1944lccn-n84143826Schüssler, Karlheinz1940-lccn-n78095799Pierpont Morgan Librarylccn-n50010077Böhlig, AlexanderMatḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)CatalogsHistoryChurch historyBibliographyGuidebooksMatḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Coptic artEgypt--CairoEgyptArt museumsCoptic languageChristian antiquitiesOstrakaArtCoptic manuscriptsGnosticismBible.--Catholic EpistlesCoptic church buildingsAntiquitiesCoptic ChurchCoptic manuscripts (Papyri)IconsLiturgicsTheology, DoctrinalOrdinals (Liturgical books)Oriental Orthodox churches--LiturgyOriental Orthodox churches--DoctrinesChristian art and symbolismSepulchral monumentsCopts--AntiquitiesManuscripts, ArabicJudaism--Relations--Christianity--Biblical teachingIncarnationBiblePre-existenceBible.--GospelsWord (Theology)Jesus ChristIcon paintingCoptic iconsMuseumsBible.--New TestamentMythology, Classical, in artEagles in artArt museums--Conservation and restorationArchitecture--Conservation and restorationAntiquities--MuseumsConservation and restorationLogos (Christian theology)Gnostic literatureApocalyptic literatureNag Hammadi codices193019311932193419371938193919441948195019531955195619571958195919601962196319651966196719751981198219841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519992000200120052006200720082009201020111466113194493.2N38251904ocn704519640file20090.63Brown, SThe ostraca of the Coptic Museum in Old Cairo, EgyptCatalogsThe ostraca of the Coptic Museum, written on pottery pieces, limestone flakes and wood, present the lives of ordinary people in their interactions with one another, including in economic and personal ways+-+8965972516324811ocn028068586book19910.70Die Katholischen Briefe in der koptischen (sahidischen) Version794ocn001001249book19630.79Böhlig, AlexanderKoptisch-gnostische Apokalypsen aus Codex V von Nag Hammadi im Koptischen Museum zu Alt-Kairo598ocn009152393book19560.81Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Coptic gnostic papyri in the Coptic Museum at Old Cairo402ocn007137247book19370.86Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Guide sommaire du Musée copte et des principales églises du Caire394ocn035673181book19930.92Gabra, GawdatCairo : the Coptic Museum & old churchesHistoryChurch historyCatalogsOf major events / Anthony Alcock -- History of the state/ Anthony Alcock -- History of the church / Anthony Alcock -- The meaning of the term copt / Anthony Alcock -- The Egyptian church and its rituals / Anthony Alcock -- Music in the church / Anthony Alcock -- Monasticism / Anthony Alcock -- Coptic literature / Anthony Alcock -- Coptic art in the Coptic museum / Gawdat Gabra -- A selection of items from the coptic museum / Gawdat Gabra -- The churches of old Cairo : introduction / Gawdat Gabra -- The fortress of Babylon / Gawdat Gabra -- Churches within the fortress / Gawdat Gabra -- Churches outside the fortress / Gawdat Gabra -- Churches to the south of the Babylon fortress / Gawdat Gabra -- Churches in and around Fatimid Cairo / Gawdat Gabra308ocn005048994book19530.94Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)The Coptic Museum and the fortress of Babylon at Old Cairo286ocn491021496book20010.47Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Catalogue général du Musée copte du CaireCatalogs233ocn033901328book19910.94Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Catalogue général du musée copte : the iconsCatalogs212ocn003593502book19380.92Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)A brief guide to the Coptic Museum and the principal ancient Coptic churches of Cairo212ocn012016649book19390.93Simaykah, MurqusFahāris al-makhṭūṭāt al-qibṭīyah wa-al- ʻarabīyah al-mawjūdah bi-al-matḥaf al-qibṭī wa-al-dār al-baṭriyarkiyah wa-ahamm kanā'is al-Qāhirah wa-al-Iskandarīyah wa-adyirat al-quṭr al-miṣrīBibliography171ocn007818531book19500.88Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)The Coptic MuseumCatalogs133ocn034761236book19930.95Jesus, la parole = Jesus, the Word112ocn021240293book19620.97Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Dalīl mukhtaṣar ʻan al-matḥaf al-Qibṭī bi-munāsabat aʻyad 23 Yūliyū sanat 1962105ocn716502998book20010.95Bénazeth, DominiqueCatalogue général du Musée copte du CaireCatalogs91ocn002081417book19500.96Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Le Musée Copte81ocn019376749book19820.47Cairo : old Coptic churches, Roman fortress Babylon, Al Moallaka, Abu-Serge, Coptic Museum81ocn077131490book20050.47Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Treasures of Coptic art : a portfolio of 10 masterpieces in the Coptic Museum of Cairo+-+285516922471ocn047858239book20001.00Mathaf al-Qibti (Cairo, Egypt)Selections from the Egyptian heritage icons of the Coptic Museum = Mukhtārāt min al-turāth al-Miṣrī ayqūnāt al-Matḥaf al-QibṭīCatalogs71ocn030019050book0.98Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Dalīl al-Matḥaf al-QibṭīCatalogs2893ocn084386468book20060.59Gabra, GawdatThe treasures of Coptic art in the Coptic Museum and churches of Old CairoChurch history"Egypt's Coptic Church is one of the oldest in the world, with a cultural tradition dating back two millennia, during which time churches have been built and a variety of distinctive art forms have flourished. The world's largest and most exquisite collection of Coptic artifacts is now housed in the Coptic Museum, founded in Old Cairo in 1908. Here for the first time, in this lavishly illustrated book, more than 130 of the greatest treasures of the Coptic Museum have been beautifully photographed to present an overview of this rich artistic heritage."--BOOK JACKET+-+K8849792241092ocn150352279book20070.76Gabra, GawdatThe illustrated guide to the Coptic Museum and churches of Old CairoCatalogs+-+K255169224438ocn003659511book19560.94Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)The Coptic Museum and the fortress of Babylon at Old Cairo411ocn049505027book0.95Bénazeth, DominiqueCatalogue général du Musée copte du CaireCatalogs393ocn015666926book19850.95Coptic ChurchOrdination rites of the Coptic Church : (text according to Ms. 253 Lit., Coptic Museum)Controversial literature272ocn021472673book19870.96Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Catalogue général des antiquités du Musée copte, nos. 1-253 : Coptic funerary stelaeCatalogs132ocn012011301book19670.86Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)The Coptic Museum : a general guideCatalogsGuidebooks101ocn122343851book20060.98al-Matḥaf al-Qibṭī : marāyā al-tārīkh-- ʻabaq al-ʻarāqah92ocn017312718book19840.88Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)The Coptic MuseumCatalogs81ocn063687679book19820.92Cairo: Old Coptic churces : Roman Fortress Babylon, Al Moallaka, Abu-Serga, Coptic Museum81ocn056012916book19940.94Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)Catalogue général du musée copte : the iconsCatalogs71ocn039683590book19550.81Matḥaf al-Qibṭī (Cairo, Egypt)The Coptic Museum61ocn020904593book0.84Ḥabīb, Raʼūfal-Ayqūnāt al-Qibṫīyah52ocn020808331book0.59Robinson, James MThe Coptic Gnostic library todayCriticism, interpretation, etcSources51ocn058532828file20011.00Rawāʼiʻ muqtanīyāt al-Matḥaf al-Qibṭī bi-al-Qāhirah Marvelous exhibits Cairo Coptic MuseumHistoryCatalogs41ocn080075771book1.00Ḥabīb, Raʼūfal-Ṭāʼūs wa al-nisr fī al-ʻaṣr al-qibṭī41ocn020904596book0.96Ḥabīb, Raʼūfal-Aṣāṭīr al-Yūnānīyah al-Rūmānīyah fī al-fann al-Qibṭī31ocn063514540book19310.92Ḥannā, WadīʻMurshid al-matḥaf al-Qibṭī wa-kanāʼis Miṣr al-qadīmah wa-al-ḥiṣn al-Rūmānī31ocn060363248book19841.00Coptic Museum restoration, 1404 H., 1984 A.D., 1700 M = Taṭwīr al-Math̨af al-Qubṭī, 1404 H., 1984 A.D., 1700 M .21ocn052238625book19870.92Kamil, JillThe Coptic museum in old Cairo+-+8965972516324+-+8965972516324Fri Mar 21 15:55:04 EDT 2014batch21890