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Fri Mar 21 17:04:10 2014 UTClccn-n861069200.27For all practical purposes : introduction to contemporary mathematics /0.470.73UMAP models : tools for teaching122666481n 861069201771535COMAPCOMAP AbkuerzungCOMAP (Consortium for mathematics and its applications)lccn-n83169339Chedd-Angier Production Companyprolccn-n81139197Amabile, Teresalccn-n81096739Garfunkel, Solomon A.1943-hstnrtlccn-n88222042Intellimation, Inclccn-n79029212American Statistical Associationlccn-no94015663Annenberg/CPB Projectlccn-n86038784Malkevitch, Joseph1942-lccn-n80015647Steen, Lynn Arthur1941-lccn-n80014924American Society for Quality Controllccn-n86106922Undergraduate Mathematics and Its Applications Project (U.S.)Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (U.S.)PeriodicalsTextbooksInterviewsCase studiesMathematicsStatisticsMathematics--Study and teachingStatistics--Study and teachingMathematical statisticsAlgebraManagement scienceMathematical readinessSocial choiceComputer science--MathematicsMathematical analysisSize perceptionForm perceptionComputer scienceLength measurementMathematics--Study and teaching--Audio-visual aidsDistribution (Probability theory)ProbabilitiesGeometryMathematics--Study and teaching (Secondary)Mathematical models--Study and teaching (Secondary)Gaussian distributionSampling (Statistics)Game theoryMathematical modelsDecision makingRatio and proportionStatistics--Study and teaching (Elementary)Statistics--Graphic methodsAlgebra--Study and teachingMathematics--Study and teaching (Primary)Mathematics--Study and teaching (Elementary)MeasurementMathematical models--Study and teachingStandard deviationsExperimental designStatisticiansComputersCausationConfidence intervalsGames of strategy (Mathematics)Smoothing (Statistics)Analysis of varianceSocial choice--Mathematical modelsStatistical mechanicsCorrelation (Statistics)Tiling (Mathematics)Binomial distributionStatistical hypothesis testingConsortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (U.S.)197719791980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013137267331441510QA7ocn870266172153514ocn016581345book19870.27For all practical purposes : introduction to contemporary mathematics+-+832872162532481625ocn021058771visu19880.47Against all odds inside statisticsCase studiesPresents the why as well as the how of statistics using computer animation, colorful on-screen computations, and documentary segments6223ocn006008117serial0.59Education Development Center. Undergraduate Mathematics Applications ProjectThe UMAP journalPeriodicals54315ocn041419597book19990.56Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (U.S.)For all practical purposes : mathematical literacy in today's worldTextbooks+-+62638216254013ocn008600023serial0.63UMAP modulesPeriodicals3776ocn038006066serial0.66UMAP modules : tools for teachingPeriodicals3254ocn052004527serial0.70UMAP ILAP modules : tools for teachingPeriodicals30826ocn018764459visu19860.35For all practical purposesA series which stresses the connections between contemporary mathematics and modern society. Presents a great variety of problems that can be modeled and solved by quantitative means. This introductory course is designed for students in liberal arts and nontechnical curricula for use with textbook classed in QA 7 .F682828ocn034078192book19960.59Principles and practice of mathematics+-+37619423852249ocn036785302visu19900.31Statistics decisions through dataAn introductory statistics course composed of five hour-long instructional videos. The texts include exercises, group activities, and quizzes1996ocn012868261serial0.63ConsortiumPeriodicals1864ocn048778967serial0.70ILAP modules : tools for teachingPeriodicals16712ocn030407976visu19900.28Algebra in simplest termsSolving equations is a basic operation of all higher math. This set shows algebra's usefulness to retailers, biologists, and even anyone who drives a car. Host Sol Garfunkel walks viewers through realistic problems, highlighting the common trouble spots1503ocn033812719serial0.73UMAP models : tools for teachingPeriodicals12311ocn051549389book19980.35Mathematics : modeling our worldThe authors of this text demonstrate using mathematical concepts to solve truly interesting problems about how our world works. Mathematical modeling is the process of looking at a problem, finding a mathematical core, working within that core, and coming back to see what mathematics tells you about the problem. Real problems ask such questions as: How do we create computer animations? Where should we locate a fire station? How do we effectively control an animal population? This approach integrates a mix of ideas in geometry, algebra, and data analysis with technologies of computers and graphing calculators+-+10669216251182ocn022269503book19890.28Russell, Susan JoStatistics : the shape of the dataFor teaching elementary and middle school students how to collect and analyze real world data+-+896060113510711ocn021045109visu19870.39For all practical purposesSol Garfunkel takes the viewer on an exploration of statistics and their related display and interpretative disciplines. Methods of gathering useable reliable data, such as randomization, and sampling are discussed. Methods of graphical displaying data from histograms to three dimensional computer arrays are shown. Statistics are shown to be useful when patterns of events are more important than individual events themselves. Finally the methods for stating the reliability of the results are explored10513ocn020481683visu19880.53Describing distributions ; Normal distributionsInterviewsDescribing distributions deals with numerical measures of specific aspects of distribution, such as center (mean, median), spread (percentiles, boxplots, standard deviation), and resistance. Normal distributions covers density curves as smoothed histograms (mean, median, percentiles for density curves) and normal distributions (locating the mean and standard deviation, the 68-95-99.7 rule). Uses animated graphics, on-location footage, and interviews1041ocn022201275book19900.37Corwin, Rebecca BMeasuring : from paces to feetTeaches elementary and middle school students how to collect and analyze real world data+-+58506011353241014ocn024624540visu19910.32College algebra in simplest termsPresents the role of algebra in daily life and demonstrates practical applications in the workplace. Uses symbols, charts, pictures, and state-of-the-art computer graphics to illustrate basic algebraic techniques. Reviews problems step-by step, focusing on the methods students find most difficult to grasp11ocn061143559visu19980.47Special mathematics colloquium initiatives of the Consortium of Mathematics and its ApplicationsLecture presented at Humboldt State University by Frank Giordano11ocn011487123serial0.47Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (U.S.)The COMAP directoryDirectories+-+3761942385+-+3761942385Fri Mar 21 15:22:04 EDT 2014batch32156