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Fri Mar 21 17:14:52 2014 UTClccn-n871265100.00The Limits of Evolution and other essays ... Second edition, revised and enlarged0.681.00Abraham Lincoln. A threnody79389970George_Holmes_Howisonn 871265101937695Holmes Howison, George 1834-1916Howison, G. H.Howison, G. H. 1834-1916lccn-n79059752Royce, Josiah1855-1916lccn-n81129689LeConte, Joseph1823-1901lccn-no00002429Mezes, Sidney Edward1863-1931lccn-n2008076414Tunstall, Dwayne A.lccn-n87126512Stratton, George Malcolm1865-1957edtlccn-no93019987Buckham, John Wright1864-1945edtlccn-no99025879Soule, Richard1812-1877arrlccn-n84805954Ray, Joseph1807-1855lccn-n79095270American Council of Learned Societieslccn-no00002431McGilvary, Evander Bradley1864-1953edtHowison, George Holmes1834-1917FictionJuvenile worksDidactic fictionPortraitsDictionariesCriticism, interpretation, etcPoetryTextbooksExaminations, questions, etcHistoryFrench fictionTelemachus (Greek mythology)GreecePrincesIdealismEnglish language--Synonyms and antonymsPersonalismEducation of princesEvolution (Biology)Howison, George Holmes,GodPhilosophyReligionMetaphysicsEthicsAdventure and adventurersRoyce, Josiah,God (Christianity)Voyages, ImaginaryEngland--LondonFénelon, François de Salignac de La Mothe-,Conduct of lifeHeroes--MythologyAventures de Télémaque (Fénelon, François de Salignac de La Mothe-)Epic poetryGeometry, AnalyticFrench literatureFrench imprintsPennsylvania--PhiladelphiaMythology, ClassicalEnglish languagePhilosophy and religionGod--AttributesGod--ProofFrench languageMythology, GreekChurch and educationHawkesworth, John,Gregory, G.--(George),Le Brun, Charles,CanadaGeography, AncientRailroads--FreightEngraving, DutchLincoln, Abraham,PoetryLogicLe Brun, CharlesUtopiasEducation, Elementary183419171866186918701871188318841888189018911892189318951896189718981899190019011902190319041905190619071909191019111912191319141915191619201922192519291932193419351940196719691970198119992009226562188424AC4ocn002532828ocn003785498ocn010709303ocn006826602ocn262832383ocn004353649ocn551261823ocn039993148ocn005920388ocn013127452ocn857807446ocn257931476ocn215278130ocn02649389545721ocn011555506book19010.73Howison, George HolmesThe limits of evolution and other essays illustrating the metaphysical theory of personal idealism"The thread connecting the following essays is already indicated on the title-page. They all illustrate, each from the field of its own subject, the metaphysical theory which I venture to call Personal Idealism. Partly, they show how this theory draws its arguments, as if unexpectedly, from the discussion now of this topic taken up for its own philosophical interest, and now of that; partly, they in turn reflect the light of the theory upon the discussion of the topic. To the running reader, the several papers, with titles so widely divergent, would hardly suggest any common trend of thought. They all have it, however; in fact, taken together, they may be said to present the mentioned philosophic theory in its bearings on all the chief human concerns, on knowledge, joy, and devotion; on Science, Art, and Religion. Still, in view of the great diversity of their subjects, one might easily fail of a clear and firm seizure of the thought that unites them, unless the clue were given by some words of introduction"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved)41121ocn001149786book18970.53Royce, JosiahThe conception of God. A philosophical discussion concerning the nature of the divine idea as a demonstrable realityCriticism, interpretation, etcThis 1897 volume constitutes a rigorous debate between Royce and three other scholars: Professor Joseph Le Conte, Professor G. H. Howison, and Professor Sidney Edward Mezes. Royce's title essay is followed by criticisms from each professor. Royce then responds to his critics, defending his original thesis, which derives from his idealist philosophy30144ocn002532828book18710.47Soule, RichardA dictionary of English synonyms & synonymous expressions, designed as a guide to apt and varied dictionDictionaries817ocn004296688book18690.92Howison, George HolmesA treatise on analytic geometry, especially as applied to the properties of conics; including the modern methods of abridged notation421ocn006337021book18950.93Royce, JosiahThe conception of God: an address before the Union335ocn022990301book18970.93Howison, George HolmesThe function of universities in religion an address at the dinner of the Unitarian Club in San Francisco, April 26, 1897263ocn015865545book19040.81University of California, BerkeleyStudies in philosophy prepared in commemoration of the seventieth birthday of Professor George Holmes Howison174ocn020613936book18960.94Howison, George HolmesOn the correlation of elementary studies : address before the California Teachers' Association, at its meeting held in Oakland in January, 1896122ocn300305277file18880.76Howison, George HolmesA synopsis of elementary formal logic in questionsExaminations, questions, etc121ocn004290104book18661.00Howison, George HolmesAbraham Lincoln. A threnodyPoetry97ocn601396905book19340.79Howison, George HolmesGeorge Holmes Howison, philosopher and teacher; a selection from his writings, with a biographical sketch91ocn697683861com18980.56Royce, JosiahThe conception of God a philosophical discusion concerning the nature of the divine idea as a demonstrable reality71ocn857807446file18970.31Report of the Secretary of the Interior; being part of the message and documents communicated to the two Houses of Congress at the beginning of the second session of the Fifty-fourth Congress. In five volumes. Volume V -- in two parts. Part 151ocn011751420book17840.76Fénelon, François de Salignac de La Mothe-The Adventures of Telemachus, the son of UlyssesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcJuvenile worksHumorFictionDictionariesPoetryPortraitsTextbooksDidactic fictionFantasy fictionHistorical fictionBoth in its original French and its many translations, The Adventures of Telemachus was one of the most popular and revered works of the eighteenth century. During that time, more than ten English prose and poetry versions appeared, including this masterful prose translation by Smollett. Known for his novels Roderick Random and The Expedition of Humphry Clinker, Smollett was also a gifted translator. The Adventures of Telemachus was his final translation, and is one of the finest versions of the work. Long a disputed title in the Smollett canon, it is fully restored to his credit by Leslie A. Chilton41ocn017167280book19020.96Howison, George HolmesPhilosophy and science. An address before the Science Association of the University of California, September 10, 190243ocn014456779book18840.97Howison, George HolmesUmriss von vier Vorträgen über Hume und Kant gehalten im Juli 1883, am Philosophischen Institut zu Concord, Mass33ocn752754225book1905Howison, George HolmesThe Limits of Evolution and other essays ... Second edition, revised and enlarged31ocn036786189book18950.47Howison, George HolmesThe limits of evolution. Following is an outline of a lecture on this subject delivered at Stanford University31ocn018791472book0.92Howison, George HolmesThe art principle as represented in poetry32ocn026908788book18901.00Howison, George HolmesThe philosophical principles, theoretical and practical, expressed and implied in Plato's Apology4497ocn647876440file20090.70Tunstall, Dwayne AYes, but not quite encountering Josiah Royce's ethico-religious insightThis book contends that Josiah Royce bequeathed to philosophy a novel idealism based on an ethico-religious insight. This insight became the basis for an idealistic personalism, wherein the Real is the personal and a metaphysics of community is the most appropriate approach to metaphysics for personal beings, especially in an often impersonal and technological intellectual climate. The first part of the book traces how Royce constructed his idealistic personalism in response to criticisms made by George Holmes Howison. That personalism is interpreted as an ethical and panentheistic one, somewh+-+19058787353145ocn003675673book19340.79Howison, George HolmesGeorge Holmes Howison, philosopher and teacher; a selection from his writings, with a biographical sketch111ocn006690215book19040.81University of California, BerkeleyStudies in philosophy prepared in commemoration of the seventieth birthday of Professor George Holmes Howison31ocn495230667book20090.92Tunstall, Dwayne AYes, but not quite+-+190587873522ocn028209283book19401.00Wheeler, Arthur LeeA critical study of the personal idealism of George Holmes Howison11ocn054516972art1999Howison, George HolmesBiography11ocn122600490mix1.00Tilton, Eleanor MThis collection includes nine letters of Ralph Waldo Emerson as well as letters of Louis Agassiz, Amos Bronson Alcott, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, John Lothrop Motley, Charles Sumner, and John Greenleaf Whittier. In addition, there are two incomplete manuscripts by Emerson and one document from the Liverpool Custom-house signed by Nathaniel Hawthorne as Consul for the United States. The collection also includes the corrected typescript, index, and page and galley proofs for Thomas Franklin Currier, A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES (New York, 1953) which was edited by Professor Tilton. Also, some early correspondence and photographs of the Tilton family and friends. There are letters from the actors Annie Louise Ames, Richard J. Dillon, and Hans L. Meery to Tilton's grandfather, Bernard Paul Verne, as well as photographs, tintypes, and daguerreotypes of the Verne family and friends11ocn026200804book19670.47Lauder, RobertThe meaning of person in George Holmes Howison's philosophy11ocn081485827mix1.00Stratton, George MalcolmGeorge Malcolm Stratton PapersCorrespondence, including letters from H. B. Torrey, J.M. Baldwin, R.H. Gault, J.M. Cattell, E.B. McGilvary, D. Warnotte and Ira Remsen; manuscripts of writings; notes; and clippings relating to his career as professor psychology, University of California, Berkeley11ocn021391374book19321.00Fort, William EThe philosophy of George Holmes Howison11ocn081468138book18691.00Howison, George HolmesTo the school Committee of Boston11ocn034421850mix1.00Shattuck, Jesse CornellJesse Cornell Shattuck student notebooksNotes on courses taught by Charles K. Adams, Henry C. Adams, James B. Angell, George H. Howison, Richard Hudson, George S. Morris, Calvin Thomas, Victor C. Vaughan, and William P. Wells11ocn215371488mix19041.00Letters to Irving Stringham concerning birthday dinner for George Holmes Howison01ocn122577030mixRogers, William BartonPapersThe collection includes family and professional correspondence, including drafts of letters; many are reprinted in the two-volume Life and Letters of William Barton Rogers (1896). Records relating to the founding of MIT include drafts of Objects and Plan of an Institute of Technology (1860); a facsimile of an Act to Incorporate the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1861); and drafts of Scope and Plan of the School of Industrial Science (1864). Also included are papers about Rogers's term as president of the National Academy of Sciences; and his involvement with the American Social Science Association and the American Association of Geologists and Naturalists (later the American Association for the Advancement of Science). Also includes copies of articles by Rogers and his brothers on geology and related sciences+-+1905878735Fri Mar 21 16:10:25 EDT 2014batch23123