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Fri Mar 21 17:14:10 2014 UTClccn-n878312680.00Correspondence, 1857-18930.871.00Bibliographies of Edward Charles Pickering, 1846-1919 and Solon Irving Bailey, 1854-193171529631Edward_Charles_Pickeringn 878312681857283Pickering, E. C. (Edward Charles), 1846-1919Pickering, Edward C. 1846-1919Pickering, Edward Charles, 1846-1919lccn-n80020284Harvard College Observatorylccn-n2006166532Cannon, Annie Jump1863-1941lccn-n83139058Koehler, S. R.(Sylvester Rosa)1837-1900trllccn-n50022197Shapley, Harlow1885-1972viaf-27814520Bezold, Wilhelm1837-1907lccn-n85809137Langley, S. P.(Samuel Pierpont)1834-1906lccn-n82204043Chanute, Octave1832-1910othlccn-n80032033White, Andrew Dickson1832-1918lccn-n86865693Bailey, Solon I.(Solon Irving)1854-nc-smithsonian institutionSmithsonian InstitutionPickering, Edward C.(Edward Charles)1846-1919Handbooks, manuals, etcObservationsPeriodicalsCatalogsBibliographyPhysicsAstronomyPickering, Edward C.--(Edward Charles),Decoration and ornamentColorPaintingStars--SpectraStarsVariable starsHarvard College ObservatoryAstronomersUnited StatesLangley, S. P.--(Samuel Pierpont),PhysicistsEndowment of researchStars--MagnitudesAstronomical photographyPhysics--ExperimentsAstronomy--ResearchPhotographsPhotography--NegativesAstronomical photometryEmployeesBailey, Solon I.--(Solon Irving),Hall, Asaph,Gould, Benjamin Apthorp,Women scientistsColor in artWomen in scienceWomen in astronomyMassachusetts--CambridgeLeavitt, Henrietta Swan,Women--EmploymentUniversities and colleges--FacultyScienceMassachusettsAstronomical observatoriesHale, George Ellery,Women astronomersStudentsGilman, Daniel Coit,Agassiz, Alexander,BuildingsGibbs, Wolcott,Bell, Alexander Graham,Shapley, Harlow,Harvard UniversityWalcott, Charles D.--(Charles Doolittle),Campbell, William Wallace,Marsh, Othniel Charles,184619191868186918701871187218731874187518761877187818791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911892189318941895189618971898189919001901190219031904190619071908190919101911191219131914191519161917191819191920192119221923192419321953197619771978197919841986198819891995199920002001200520082010201220132609556923522QB4ocn472073550ocn459082079ocn459480313ocn458940289ocn459480303ocn459620257ocn458454669ocn457513484ocn457716103ocn457716082ocn460902333ocn45812482228640ocn016078533book18720.93Pickering, Edward CElements of physical manipulationHandbooks, manuals, etc+-+89063390051078ocn001286898book18760.86BEZOLD, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm vonThe theory of color in its relation to art and art-industryList of books and essays used in the preparation of this work : p. [255]-2581024ocn001751838serial0.95CircularPeriodicalsObservations634ocn004885517book19070.88White, Andrew DicksonSamuel Pierpont Langley, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1887-1906 : Memorial meeting, December 3, 19065811ocn009876663book19180.90Cannon, Annie JumpThe Henry Draper catalogCatalogsObservations4311ocn015790725book18860.90Pickering, Edward CAn investigation in stellar photography, conducted at the Harvard college observatory with the aid of an appropriation from the Bache fund436ocn260332440book18820.86Pickering, Edward CA plan for securing observations of the variable stars356ocn030005226book19030.88Pickering, Edward CPlan for the endowment of astronomical research304ocn003492105book18910.94Pickering, Edward CPreparation and discussion of the Draper catalogue275ocn006711784book18820.95Pickering, Edward CStatement of work done at the Harvard College Observatory during the years 1877-1882243ocn011117265book19230.96Photometric magnitudes of faint standard stars measured visually at Harvard, Yerkes, Lick and McCormick ObservatoriesObservations242ocn018567527book19110.94Harvard College ObservatoryContents of Annals of Harvard College ObservatoryBibliography229ocn032574371book18860.90Langley, S. PPritchard's wedge photometer224ocn016899456book18860.93Pickering, Edward CA plan for the extension of astronomical research216ocn021570091book19090.96Pickering, Edward CDurchmusterung zones observed with the twelve inch meridian photometerObservations214ocn020509957book18910.95Pickering, Edward CVariable stars of long period215ocn021570135book19040.96Pickering, Edward CObservations of variable stars made with the meridian photometer during the years 1892-1898Catalogs194ocn018731355book18990.96Pickering, Edward CPhotometric revision of the Harvard photometry during the years 1891-94Catalogs192ocn009490079book18770.93Pickering, Edward CCompilation of the papers on physics195ocn005338954book18810.88Pickering, Edward CVariable stars of short period643ocn679925041book20120.06Yount, LisaEdward Pickering and his women "computers" : analyzing the starsJuvenile worksBiographyIn the 42 years that Edward Pickering directed the Harvard College Observatory, he and his team of women "computers" made strides in promoting the new field of astrophotography, discovered the first spectroscopic binary star system, and cataloged more than 225,000 stars. Pickering hired women such as Henrietta Leavitt, who found a way to measure the distances to faraway stars, and Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, whose later work became the foundation for astrophysics, to process astronomical data gathered at the observatory. The advances these women made under Pickering's direction broaden211ocn011766755book19320.93Bailey, Solon IBiographical memoir of Edward Charles Pickering, 1846-1919Bibliography131ocn025588090book19150.88Cannon, Annie JumpThe Henry Draper memorial42ocn084964308book19321.00Mohr, JenkaBibliographies of Edward Charles Pickering, 1846-1919 and Solon Irving Bailey, 1854-1931Bibliography31ocn049057248book20011.00Lafortune, Keith RWomen at the Harvard College Observatory, 1877-1919 : "women's work," the "new" sociality of astronomy, and scientific laborHistory32ocn166238077book19880.81Corvin, BettyE.C. Pickering, director of Harvard College Observatory, 1877-1919 : his contributions to astronomy and his progressive attitude toward women's roles in science21ocn080390742book19191.00Cannon, Annie JumpEdward Charles Pickering21ocn077003079book19191.00Bailey, Solon IEdward Charles Pickering, 1846-191921ocn021263067book19891.00Goodman, Lawrence"Pickering's harem"12ocn702205640mix1.00Marsh, Othniel CharlesOthniel Charles Marsh papersHistoryThe papers consist of correspondence, diaries, notebooks, school notes and other papers of O.C. Marsh, scientist and first professor of paleontology at Yale and in the United States. Of special interest is the rather extensive correspondence Marsh carried on with many prominent scientists of his time; included are letters from Charles Darwin, Leonard and Thomas Huxley, Simon Newcomb, and Benjamin Silliman Sr. and Jr. Also included are materials relating to Marsh's education at Andover, Yale and in Germany, family papers, and papers reflecting his involvement with the Cardiff Giant Hoax and the Red Cloud Controversy11ocn249206865mix1.00Records of the Harvard College Observatory : Peruvian expeditions and Boyden Station in PeruThe records contain letterpress books, journals, notebooks, invoices, postcards, telegrams, lists, sketches, and photographs, documenting the establishment and the research done at Boyden Station in Arequipa, Peru from 1889 to 192711ocn080601819mixSchlesinger, FrankAllegheny Observatory correspondenceCollection consists of Schlesinger's director's correspondence and scientific correspondence from the Allegheny Observatory. Topics include the astrometry of high precision accomplished by photographic means, and the International Union for Solar Research. Correspondents include Robert G. Aitken, Harold L. Alden, Benjamin Boss, William W. Campbell, Annie J. Cannon, Raymond S. Dugan, Philip Fox, Edwin Frost, George Ellery Hale, R.T.A. Innes, Frank C. Jordan, Armin Otto Leuschner, John A. Miller, Samuel Alfred Mitchell, Edward C. Pickering, Frank E. Ross, Henry Norris Russell, Harlow Shapley, and Joel Stebbins, as well as the Brashear Company11ocn164083635art19140.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamPickering, Edward Charles11ocn060343276art1999Pickering, Edward Charles11ocn702204448mix1.00Yale Peruvian ExpeditionYale Peruvian Expedition papersCorrespondence, administrative records, scientific reports, writings, and illustrative material on the three expeditions to Peru sponsored by Yale University between 1911-1915. The most celebrated discoveries, the finding of Machu Picchu and of Vitcos, the last capital of the Incas, were studied during the expeditions by scientific specialists who were drawn principally from the Yale faculty. The papers include their diaries, manuscripts, and published reports of their work, as well as the writings of Hiram Bingham III, professor of Latin American history at Yale, and leader of the expeditions11ocn145791273mixClark, AlvanCorrespondence addressed to Alvan Clark & Sons, Cambridgeport, Massachusetts, well-known manufacturers of astronomical lenses; including letters from many notable astronomers concerning their orders for telescopes11ocn077063199mix19001.00Harvard UniversityChest of 1900HistoryPhotographsDiariesSources11ocn701752395book1.00Pickering, Edward C[Miscellaneous papers on physics]11ocn076975257book1.00Harvard College ObservatoryCorrespondence and other records from the Administrative Officer of the ObservatoryIncludes general administrative records of R.G. Reed, Administrative Officer, and of the Administrative Assistant of the Observatory. For more detailed information about records, see Harvard Archives LOCATION below11ocn081073508mix1.00Newcomb, SimonSimon Newcomb papersConference proceedingsRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, diaries, speeches, writings, articles, reviews, commonplace books, financial records, genealogical material, charts, tables, computations, photographs, and other papers reflecting Newcomb's career in astronomy and mathematics, work as president of the Congress of Arts and Science in 1904, Saint Louis, Mo.; authorship of articles for encyclopedias and other publications; and personal and family affairs. Correspondents include Edward Emerson Barnard, Alexander Graham Bell, Lewis Boss, S.W. Burnham, William Wallace Campbell, James McKeen Cattell, George Davidson, Sir David Gill, Daniel Coit Gilman, Benjamin Apthorp Gould, George Ellery Hale, Asaph Hall, George William Hill, Edward Singleton Holden, S.P. Langley, Othniel Charles Marsh, Benjamin Peirce, Edward C. Pickering, T.J.J. See, Otto Struve, Charles D. Walcott, Carroll Davidson Wright, and Newcomb's wife, Mary Hassler Newcomb. Also includes correspondence with the Alvan Clark & Sons, Carnegie Institution of Washington, National Academy of Sciences (U.S.), Smithsonian Institution, and the periodical, Science+-+8906339005+-+8906339005Fri Mar 21 15:58:51 EDT 2014batch33384