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Fri Mar 21 17:10:55 2014 UTClccn-n878396430.00Williams, Tad0.130.47Ḥalom ha-melekh he-adom /32121612Tad_Williamsn 878396431956599Williams, Robert Paul.Williams, Robert Paul, 1957-Williams, Tad, 1957-ウィリアムズ, タッドlccn-n2008060754Beale, Deborahcrens-snowlock simon fictitious characterSnowlock, Simon (Fictitious character)fast-844247Caliban (Fictitious character)lccn-n2003050080Swearingen, Greg1976-illlccn-n92045780Hoffman, Nina Kirikilccn-no95029267Hill, Dicknrtlccn-n80015622Resnick, Michael D.lccn-n50040017Hildebrandt, Gregilllccn-n83200032Serling, Rod1924-1975lccn-n82068523Robson, Lucia St. ClairWilliams, TadFictionFantasy fiction, AmericanFantasy fictionJuvenile worksShort stories, AmericanScience fictionShort storiesMagicFantasy fictionTwinsVirtual realityFate and fatalismGodsFantasyFairiesAngelsDemonologyScience fictionCalifornia, NorthernRock musiciansCatsFamily secretsExilesCourts and courtiersStonemasonsEnd of the worldTwin brothersBoysQuests (Expeditions)Fantasy fiction, AmericanParanormal fictionFictionBrothers and sistersFarmsUnclesAnimals, MythicalPsychopathsCaliban (Fictitious character)Good and evilVampiresMuslimsInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Twilight zone (Television program : 1959-1964)Short storiesPsychological fiction, AmericanImaginary wars and battlesKings and rulersWizardsAdventure storiesTrollsConspiracyWomen heroesConspiraciesDragonsFarm lifeFamiliesNobility19571971198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014284384561225813.54PS3573.I45563ocn724065939ocn723645340ocn723929739ocn723792666ocn723674379ocn725161233ocn723439922ocn794508117ocn723614323ocn852488977ocn868041783ocn858081964217245ocn027606407book19900.14Williams, TadTo Green Angel TowerFictionFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanThe evil minions of the undead Sithi Storm King prepare for the culmination of their dark sorceries and King Elias is drawn into their nightmarish world, Prince Josua's allies struggle to rally their forces at the Stone of Farewell. But time is running out as the League of the Scroll try to reclaim the secret of magic they have forgotten+-+8670221335193725ocn018456505book19880.10Williams, TadThe dragonbone chairFictionScience fictionFantasy fictionSimon, a young kitchen boy and magician's apprentice, finds his world torn apart by a civil war fueled by immortal enemies and the dark powers of sorcery+-+8855544535182933ocn022143548book19900.15Williams, TadStone of farewellFictionFantasy fictionBattered remnants of the human army flee the evil forces of Ineluki the Storm King, desperately seeking a mysterious sanctuary called the Stone of Farewell and a solution to their dire peril+-+7539221335158921ocn035801278book19960.14Williams, TadCity of golden shadowFictionFantasy fictionYoung people are having their minds stolen in cyberspace, part of a crooked scheme to create a new virtual reality. A black South African teacher and her brother try to save the children+-+5562221335156323ocn052112768book20020.14Williams, TadThe war of the flowersFictionFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanWhen his music career becomes stagnant, Theo Vilmos seeks solace in a secluded cabin in the woods where he discovers an old book written by his great-uncle that transports him into the terrifying world of Faerie+-+1086591025146128ocn085265883book20040.12Williams, TadShadowplayFictionFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanWith the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, twins Barrick and Briony must save Southmarch Castle and the surrounding lands from their inhuman enemies+-+3308591025145715ocn040061628book19960.13Williams, TadRiver of blue fireFictionFantasy fictionExplorers of the virtual-reality universe, Otherland, attempt to return to the real world, only to be flung into even more bizarre worlds. The universe is the creation of evil men who trap the minds of children in their quest for eternal life+-+6222221335131916ocn042085452book19990.13Williams, TadMountain of black glassFictionA cryptic message from an oddly familiar winged visitor is all Paul Jones has to help him survive in the conplex virtual reality world known as "Otherland."+-+7493221335121717ocn012799359book19850.14Williams, TadTailchaser's songJuvenile worksFictionMeet Fritti Tailchaser, a ginger tom cat of rare courage and curiosity, a born survivor in a world of heroes and villains, of powerful feline gods and whiskey legends about man+-+2804221335121122ocn046699859book20010.14Williams, TadSea of silver lightFictionFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanThe conclusion of the Otherland saga journeys back to the bizarre world of virtual realities in which the characters discover multifaceted pathways to immortality, which could be available if one is willing to pay a dangerous price+-+9224221335115911ocn503173074book20100.12Williams, TadShadowriseFictionFantasy fictionWith King Olin imprisoned and Prince Kendrick slain, the royal twins Barrick and Briony have been forced to flee their homeland. But both families and nations can hide dark and terrible secrets, and even if Barrick and Briony survive learning the astonishing truths at the heart of their own family and of Southmarch itself, they must still find a way to reclaim their kingdom and rescue their home--from traitors, tyrants, a god-king, and even the angry gods themselves+-+6490591025108611ocn056781061book20040.12Williams, TadShadowmarchFictionWith the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, twins Barrick and Briony must save Southmarch Castle and the surrounding lands from their inhuman enemies, the ageless Qar+-+5467591025107212ocn669672612book20100.12Williams, TadShadowheartFictionFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanSomething is awakening underneath Southmarch Castle, something powerful and terrible that the world has not seen for thousands of years. Can its young defenders Barrick and Briony, along with a tiny handful of allies, ordinary and extraordinary, find a way to save their world and prevent the rise of a terrible new age--an age of unending darkness?+-+9591591025107016ocn785724588book20120.13Williams, TadThe dirty streets of heavenFictionFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanBobby Dollar, an angel who has taken part in the long battle between Heaven and Hell, must figure out why there are suddenly an unprecedented number of souls missing from both sides and who summoned a Babylonian demon to kill him6819ocn245536182book20080.06Williams, TadThe dragons of Ordinary FarmJuvenile worksFictionFantasy fictionWhen their great-uncle Gideon invites Tyler and Lucinda to his farm for the summer, they discover his animals are extremely unusual+-+909890615565610ocn030895962book19940.15Williams, TadCaliban's hourFictionA sequel to Shakespeare's The Tempest from the point of view of Caliban, the monster. In it he plots revenge for the humiliation he was subjected to at the hands of Prospero and his daughter, Miranda, whom he loved. By the author of The Green Angel Tower+-+161817445532463811ocn854570832book20130.12Williams, TadHappy hour in hellFictionFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanAngel Bobby Dollar sets out to rescue his girlfriend Casimira being held hostage in the netherworld by the demon Eligor while also trying to elude an undead psychopath named Smyler55722ocn057019647book20040.14Williams, TadShadowmarchFictionFantasy fictionFantasy fiction, AmericanAn epic tale of magic and mystery, duty and betrayal, Tad Williams' Shadowmarch trilogy is a classic of modern fantasy+-+546759102550115ocn025914404book19920.07Williams, TadChild of an ancient cityJuvenile worksFictionFantasy-roman+-+96672076354181ocn316058888book20090.16Twilight zone : 19 original stories on the 50th anniversaryShort storiesFantasy fiction, AmericanShort stories, AmericanA volume of new tales in the style of the original television series, written to commemorate its fiftieth anniversary, includes contributions by such leading genre authors as Whitley Streiber, Timothy Zahn, and Peter S. Beagle+-+988978012541ocn040748865book19980.23Williams, TadMedinah aḥeret21ocn040748844book19980.47Williams, TadʻIr ha-tsel ha-zahuv21ocn040748869book19980.47Williams, Tadha-ʻIr21ocn040748854book19980.47Williams, TadḤalom ha-melekh he-adom11ocn757721861art19710.10Williams, Robert PaulBiography Dictionaries11ocn811619901book0.10Contemporary authors, a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television, and other fields11ocn085539980art2006Williams, Tad+-+1086591025+-+1086591025Fri Mar 21 15:30:21 EDT 2014batch34433