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Fri Mar 21 17:05:12 2014 UTClccn-n878479650.00Manpower at the helm : personalities and product, 1933-34 /0.261.00Fox folks151237948n 878479651987445containsVIAFID/129220597Box Office Attractions CompanycontainsVIAFID/130322721Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporationlccn-no96013286Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inclccn-n85201963Fox, William1879-1952prolccn-n80004347Temple, Shirley1928-2014actlccn-n81035377Biggers, Earl Derr1884-1933lccn-n79022274Rogers, Will1879-1935cstausprfactlccn-n79064952Ford, John1894-1973prodrtlccn-n87911941O'Brien, George1900-1985cstactlccn-n80016844Gaynor, Janetcstactlccn-n81053559Murnau, F. W.(Friedrich Wilhelm)1888-1931prodrtedtlccn-no2008017838Klein, Philip1889-1935ausadpFox Film CorporationDramaFilm adaptationsPictorial worksHistoryFictionCrime filmsSilent filmsGangster filmsJuvenile worksComedy filmsUnited StatesChan, Charlie (Fictitious character)Murder--InvestigationPrivate investigatorsChinese AmericansOrphansMan-woman relationshipsEngland--LondonFathers and daughtersFilm adaptationsFox Film CorporationCity and town lifeMarried peopleCountry lifeFrontier and pioneer lifeFarm lifeCustody of childrenUnited States--Oregon National Historic TrailFamiliesOutdoor lifeRural conditionsLoveFox, William,France--ParisMotion picturesGrandparent and childJohnston, Annie F.--(Annie Fellows),Great BritainAir pilotsChina--ShanghaiOpium tradeMotion picture producers and directorsEgyptInterpersonal relationsCoward, Noel,Manners and customsCounterfeits and counterfeitingExcavations (Archaeology)Archaeological theftsAntiquitiesSouthern StatesDepressionsAmusementsIndustrialistsProfiteeringNew York (State)--New YorkCriminalsGangstersStreet childrenThieves1914191519161918191919201921192219231924192519261927192819291930193119321933193419351936193719381939194019411953195419801985198619881989199019911992199319941995199619981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220138959427586791.4372PN1997ocn027436156ocn456510465ocn249542270ocn259234884ocn141382931ocn677982533ocn141382938ocn693880455ocn693781695ocn69378233974119ocn052913520visu19270.31Murnau, F. WSunrise a song of two humansDramaA villager in love with a city woman tries to kill his wife but then repents only to love her more in the end6123ocn065395989visu19880.18The little colonelHistoryJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsAn old-fashioned Southern colonel has disowned his daughter for marrying a Yankee and resists all entreaties for a reconciliation until he succumbs to the charms of his little granddaughter. Previews of other Shirley Temple films precede feature3997ocn027436156visu19930.23CavalcadeHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsBased on Noel Coward's classic play, a British family's triumphs and tragedies unfold across the decades of the early twentieth century. From World War I to the sinking of the Titanic, the sweeping saga captures the cavalcade of life like no film before3483ocn070709821visu20060.19Charlie Chan in LondonDrama"To investigate a young woman's claim that her brother has been framed for murder, Chan invites himself to a stately English manor, where guests gathering for a fox hunt unwittingly harbor the real killer!"--Container3453ocn070172207visu20060.19Charlie Chan in ShanghaiDrama"Chan visits the country of his honorable ancestors only to encounter a murder and an opium ring"--Container3402ocn070172209visu20060.18Charlie Chan in ParisDrama"Chan battles an entire conspiracy filled with multiple murders - wherein the prime suspect seems to have committed crimes in three places at once"--Container3392ocn070172216visu20060.19Charlie Chan in EgyptDrama"The famous detective grapples with supernatural forces, as well as a murder mystery in this classic, which also features a young Rita Hayworth"--Container3133ocn032441399visu19900.13Klein, PhilipBaby, take a bowDramaFilm adaptationsA lighthearted musical comedy about a little girl who finds a stolen necklace and saves her father from going to prison3011ocn081004360visu20060.15Stand up and cheer!Juvenile worksDramaMusical filmsComedy filmsFDR appoints a Secretary of Amusement in order to cheer up the American public. But when greedy industrialists who are profiting from the Depression thwart his every move, the Secretary begins to lose hope. That is, until he learns that some of the performances he has organized, including one by little Shirley Dugan, are lifting the nation out of its misery2645ocn052385469visu19880.19Raoul Walsh's The big trailDramaA wagon train on the Oregon Trail encounters tough difficulties1984ocn190763600visu19240.29Ford, JohnThe iron horseHistoryDramaThe classic Western epic of the silent period celebrating the building of the transcontinental railway. A fictitious story of vengeance and romance provides a central dramatic focus but it is the railroad which provides the underlying unity and thematic thrust. Filmed in difficult conditions on location in the Nevada desert with 5,000 extras, it is also notable for dynamic scene construction using multiple camera angles and camera mobility. Ford's pictorial sense and other characteristic elements such as the use of knockabout humour are also in evidence1763ocn070862806visu19910.20Doubting ThomasDramaFilm adaptationsWill Rogers plays Thomas Brown, president of Brown's Breakfast Sausage. All's well until Mrs. Brown decides to join an amateur theater group. Even a disastrous opening night fails to dampen anyone's enthusiasm, so Thomas resorts to other means to discourage his wife's theatrical ambitions1595ocn050865456visu19150.28Walsh, RaoulRegenerationPictorial worksDramaGangster filmsSilent filmsCrime filmsFilm adaptations[1st work] Regeneration follows the rise of a child of the slums from impoverished orphan at age ten to successful Bowery hoodlum at twenty-five. On the vice-ridden streets of New York, however, he rediscovers his forgotten innocence through the encouragement of Mamie Rose, the proprietress of a downtown mission, but must resist the influences of his colleagues to whom he is bound by criminal codes of honor. [2nd work] A shopgirl reads a romance serial about a young man masquerading as a duke and decides to use her savings to spend a week pretending to be wealthy1523ocn022585079visu19340.15Bright eyesJuvenile worksFictionDramaFive-year-old Shirley Blake is the daughter of a crack aviator who died in a plane crash, and when her mother also dies she becomes the center of a bitter custody battle14814ocn037454954visu19340.27Judge PriestHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsComedy about a homespun Kentucky judge, a philosopher and a gentleman, who presides over his court with simplicity. This story tells how he saves his young nephew from a matchmaking mother and a taciturn blacksmith from jail1392ocn070863344visu19350.20Life begins at 40DramaFilm adaptationsWhen Kenesaw H. Clark hires a young ex-con to work at his paper, the townś rich banker, Colonel Abercrombie, shuts down Clarkś operation. Undaunted, Clark starts a new paper in direct opposition to Abercrombie and recruits the town bum to run against Abercrombie for mayor1353ocn070862938visu19350.20In old KentuckyDramaRogers, with help from tap-dancing Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, carries this story of two opposing clans residing in the hills1321ocn070863144visu20060.25Ford, JohnSteamboat 'round the bendDramaFilm adaptationsWhen riverboat captain Doctor John Pearly learns that his nephew Duke has killed a man in self-defense, he urges Duke to turn himself in1292ocn182864008visu20070.35Four sonsDramaFilm adaptationsThis film tells the tale of the Bavarian Bernle family and how their lives are affected by the outbreak of World War I. Mother Bernle is heartbroken when her sons are called to the front-- and on opposite sides. As two choose to fight for the Allies, while the other two fight for the Germans, the family is visited by the inevitable cruel irony of war: not only are the brothers likely to discover one another on the battlefield, they may also find a sibling among the fallen1281ocn182864017visu20070.37Just palsDramaBim seems to be his town's biggest loser, but when he takes a needy 13-year-old boy named Bill under his wing, it seems there may be some hope for Bim. After learning about Bill, a young teacher, Mary, whom Bim secretly adores, helps get the young boy into school. And when Bim then helps Mary repay a loan, defaulted on by shifty boyfriend, it becomes evident that Bim can reform1691ocn183406002visu20070.32Becoming John FordBiographyBecoming John Ford takes a look at the enduring impression Ford made on film and filmmaking. Focuses primarily on his years at Fox, his relationship with Darryl F. Zanuck, and the effect the second World War had on both men & their filmmaking1573ocn690102781book20110.79Solomon, AubreyThe Fox Film Corporation, 1915-1935 : a history and filmographyHistoryCatalogs"In 1929, Hollywood mogul William Fox (1879-1952) came close to controlling the entire motion picture industry. The 25-year lifespan of the Fox Film Corporation, home of such personalities as Theda Bara, Tom Mix, Janet Gaynor and John Ford, is chronicled in this thorough illustrated history. Included is a detailed filmogaphy"--Provided by publisher+-+31371913251354ocn286913640visu20080.56Murnau, Borzage and FoxHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiography"Think of three men ... an obsessed Jewish businessman (William Fox), a visionary German artist (F.W. Murnau), and an idealistic American Catholic (Frank Borzage). For a few short years their fates were intertwined and together these three men, the mogul, the artist, and the romantic would change the face of cinema." Includes commentary by film critics and historians with extensive archival film footage1265ocn045700084book20010.93Fox, WilliamWilliam Fox, Sol M. Wurtzel and the early Fox Film CorporationHistoryRecords and correspondence"This book is a compilation of the Fox-Wurtzel correspondence from 1917 through 1923. These letters and telegrams reveal much about Fox's personality, and show how Wurtzel developed from secretary to manager of a movie empire. Taken together, these documents constitute a detailed and personal portrait of early Hollywood and the history of film in America."--BOOK JACKET+-+K203591325371ocn299054278book20080.50Bergstrom, JanetMurnau, Borzage and FoxHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcProduction and publicity stills illustrate this summary of the William Fox's collaborations with F.W. Murnau and Frank Borzage31ocn173996443serial1.00Fox Film CorporationFox folksPeriodicals31ocn047964648serial1.00Fox Film CorporationExhibitors' bulletinPeriodicals21ocn164924382book19290.47Fox Theatre, September 20, 1929 : souvenir program11ocn801256969book1.00Twentieth Century-Fox Film CorporationStories and plays owned by Twentieth Century-Fox Film CorporationBibliography Catalogs11ocn851583480visu19331.00Movie poster for PilgrimagePoster painted on canvas for the Fox Film production Pilgrimage with Henrietta Crosman, Heather Angel, Norman Foster and Marion Nixon, directed by John Ford from the story by I. A. R. Wylie11ocn801256671book1923Twenty years of progress11ocn077226828book19301.00Bancamerica-Blair Corporation (N.Y.)Plan, Fox Film Corporation, Fox Theatres Corporation : dated, February 11, 193011ocn083893017book19301.00Halsey, Stuart & CoTo the stockholders - Fox Film Corporation and Fox Theatres Corporation. An open letter by Halsey, Stuart & Co., Inc. and statement and affidavit of Winfield R. Sheehan, vice president & general manager, Fox Film Corporation. March 24, 193011ocn801221874book1934Fox Film CorporationManpower at the helm : personalities and product, 1933-3411ocn868145080book19291.00Fox Film CorporationThe only announcement of talking features only11ocn043927801book19291.00Fox Theatres CorporationThe Story of motion pictures and the Fox Theatres Corporation11ocn801242921serialFox Film CorpFox studio mirrorPeriodicals11ocn801275734bookSummaries of Fox and Twentieth Century-Fox sound releases11ocn173996465serialFox newsPeriodicals11ocn061849826book1929Fox Theatre (Saint Louis, Mo.)Guest program, Fox Theatre, Saint Louis : dedicatory performance Thursday evening, January thirty-first, nineteen hundred and twenty-nine+-+K203591325Fri Mar 21 15:33:34 EDT 2014batch31113