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Fri Mar 21 17:11:58 2014 UTClccn-n878707980.00An American wedding journey in 1825 /0.251.00Jefferson's granddaughter : speech /48292387Martha_Jefferson_Randolphn 878707982263271Jefferson, Martha, 1772-1836Jefferson, Patsy, 1772-1836Randolph, Patsy, 1772-1836Randolph, Thomas Mann, Mrs., 1772-1836lccn-n79089957Jefferson, Thomas1743-1826lccn-n91077801Kierner, Cynthia A.1958-lccn-no94033488Eppes, Maria1778-1804lccn-n92045612Jefferson, Martha1748-1782lccn-n79145860Simmons, Dawn Langleylccn-no98072253Vance, Margueritelccn-no2008176824Walker, Neddalccn-n78056413Hemings, Sallylccn-n93108180Cosway, Richard1740-1821lccn-n80038420Marie AntoinetteQueen, consort of Louis XVI, King of France1755-1793Randolph, Martha Jefferson1772-1836HistorySurveysPortraitsMapsGenealogyRecords and correspondencePhotographsPictorial worksPersonal narratives‡vConfederateObservationsRandolph, Martha Jefferson,Jefferson, Thomas,United StatesEppes, Maria,FamiliesChildren of presidentsJefferson, Martha,Cosway, Maria Hadfield,Marie Antoinette,--Queen, consort of Louis XVI, King of France,Hemings, SallyLouis--XVI,--King of France,Cosway, Richard,WomenManners and customsBonaparte, Elizabeth Patterson,Madison, Dolley,Jackson, Rachel,Hancock, Dorothy Quincy,Alston, Theodosia Burr,VirginiaLettersPresidents--CorrespondenceCooking, AmericanRandolph familyVirginia--Albemarle CountyJefferson familyPolitical scienceEdgehill (Albemarle County, Va. : Estate)TravelFranceVirginia--MonticelloUniversity of VirginiaTrist, Nicholas Philip,Randolph, George Wythe,Triangles (Interpersonal relations)Poplar Forest (Va.)Randolph, Jane Hollins Nicholas,Meikleham, Septimia Randolph,Pennsylvania--PhiladelphiaMaryland--BaltimoreWashington (D.C.)Trist, Hore Browse,Trist, Virginia Jefferson Randolph,International relationsMerchantsEmbargo (1807-1809)EnglandVirginia--Bedford CountyStudentsWar of 18121772183617841785178617871788178917901791179217931795179617971798179918001801180218031804180518061807180818091811181318141815181618171818181918261827182818291832183618551877188418931894190019011913192919411948194919541955195619631966196919711976198219861994199519961997199819992000200120032004200620072008200920122013268634336032ocn647835259mix1.00Randolph, Martha JeffersonLetter : to her granddaughter Cary Anne Nicholas Randolph Ruffin, EdgehillIn her letter, Randolph makes arrangements for a journey and describes her travels through Fredericksburg and Gordonsville, Virginia, and earlier in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington32ocn031448246book17871.00Jefferson, ThomasLetter to Martha Jefferson, l'Abbaye royale de PanthemontJefferson writes to his daughter accepting an invitation to ride32ocn647940143book1.00Eppes, Mary Elizabeth Cleland RandolphAlbum of poems written in by friends and family of Thomas Jefferson's descendantsThe album appears to have belonged to Hore Browse Trist, who presented it to Francis Wayles Eppes, in 1820 who presented it to his bride in 1823. Among those who wrote in the album at "Edgehill," "Poplar Forest," "Mill Brook," "Locust Grove," "Leau Noir," and "Monticello" are Cornelia Jefferson Randolph, Virginia Randolph Cary, Virginia Jefferson Randolph Trist, Nicholas Philip Trist, Martha Jefferson Randolph, Jane Hollins Nicholas Randolph, Jane Cary Randolph and Septimia Anne Cary Randolph Meikleham21ocn647840442mix1.00Randolph, Martha JeffersonCookbook of Martha Jefferson RandolphRecipes copied by unidentified person from Martha Jefferson's cookbook21ocn647966770book1.00Randolph, Thomas MFamily correspondence between Maria Eppes, Thomas Jefferson, and the following RandolphsAnn Carey, Judith, Martha Jefferson, Mary, and Thomas Mann, and Elizabeth, Nicholas P., and Virginia Randolph Trist. Half the letters are between Martha Jefferson Randolph and her son-in-law Nicholas P. Trist. This selection contains all the references to Thomas Mann and his wife Martha in the Nicholas P. Trist Papers in the Southern Historical Collection in the University of North Carolina Library. Microfilm21ocn647846245mix1.00Papers of the Randolph family of Edgehill and Wilson Cary NicholasHistoryMapsPersonal narratives ConfederatePictorial worksSurveysThe collection also contains an announcement of the first session of the University of Virginia; a photostat of a list in Jefferson's hand [1811?] of current prices for tobacco from Virginia, Maryland and Kentucy, cotton and rice found with a John Barnes letter; an undated petition to the General Assembly for education slaves before manumission; draft articles/ notes on military bounties and presidential pardons; a Jefferson lottery ticket; and a ghost story21ocn062523885mix1.00Additional papers of the Randolph family of EdgehillHistoryPhotographsAutographsPortraitsThere is also correspondence of Dabney Carr and of Wilson Cary Nicholas together with a farm journal of Nicholas; a memoir about Edmund Randolph and letters from Randolph to James Monroe concerning debts of Wilson Cary Nicholas; an article about a dispute between Thomas Mann Randolph, Jr. and John Randolph of Roanoke; and a journal of Cornelia Taylor describing life during Reconstruction and the burning of Lego21ocn647874530mix1.00Meikleham, Septimia RandolphRandolph-Meikleham family papersHistoryAdditional items include drafts of poems by Septimia Randolph, and Mrs. Hemans, fragments of Cornelia Randolph's music, and a photograph of an unidentified family home21ocn647896790mix1.00Jefferson, ThomasCorrespondence of Thomas JeffersonHistorySurveysPapers include bills prepared for the revision of the laws of Virginia, 1776-1779; a memorandum on the Constitution, 1801-1808?; a Poplar Forerst tax bill from the Bedford County sheriff, 1818; a contract with the Raggi brothers, 1819; a memorandum on taxation in Virginia with a comparison of representation and taxation in various areas, 1821; a reply to a toast in honor of Lafayette, 1824; an apothecary's scale; and notes on a Fauquier County survey21ocn054077231mix1.00Papers pertaining to Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Mann Randolph and MonticelloHistoryObservationsTwo of Jefferson's orders for goods from James Leitch, 1820 September 28 and 1821 June 21, are the only items in his hand21ocn808022612art1929Coolidge, Harold JeffersonAn American wedding journey in 182522ocn868227943mix10870.10Jefferson, ThomasWashington, to his daughter MarthaConfirming plans for his departure with Mr. Randolph and discussing the shipment of stores which he hopes will arrive at Monticello before his arrival21ocn031448232mix17871.00Randolph, Martha JeffersonList of her schoolmates at the Abbaye Royale de Panthemont, Paris, together with a later memorandum on one of the girls by Martha Jefferson Trist Burke21ocn647959982book1.00Negatives of 100 Jefferson portraits, scenes from his life, signed documentsPortraitsCollection includes Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph 1787 June 14; Jefferson to Edmund Genet 1793 August 16; Edmund Genet to Jefferson 1797; Jefferson to Thomas Paine, 1808 July 17, commenting on the Embargo; and Jefferson's first inaugural speech, 1801 March 421ocn052711649mix18171.00Jefferson family receipt and letterHistoryPrescriptions, formulae, receipts, etcThe letter is accompanied by a signed note of Martha Jefferson Randolph giving direrctions for preparing the charcoal remedy and noting its efficacy for sick headache, acidity of the stomach, dyspepsia and billious[ness]21ocn647962220mix1.00Papers of the Randolph family of EdgehillThe bulk of the papers after 1820 consists of the correspondence of George Wythe Randolph, his brother Thomas Jefferson Randolph and wife Jane Nicholas Randolph, and their children, particulary Mary Buchanan Randolph and A draft copy of the will of Martha Jefferson Randolph, April 18, 1834 is included21ocn647844212mix1.00Randolph, Martha JeffersonLetters to Virginia Jefferson Randolph TristRandolph writes to her daughter about borrowing money, the activities of Trist's son, news of family and friends, and the possible sale of Monticello21ocn647817519mix1.00Papers of the Trist, Randolph, and Burke familiesHistoryMapsGenealogyPortraitsRecords and correspondenceThere is considerable genealogical information in the letters of Nicholas Browse Trist and Martha Jefferson Trist Burke and much about the game of whist. Of interest is a letter from Thomas Mann Randolph re the suicide of a slave and his theories of slave discipline21ocn647840434mix1.00Jefferson, ThomasThomas Jefferson note and letter to Martha JeffersonIn an October 1786 note, Jefferson tells his daughter what time he will call for her. In a letter, 4 November 1786, Jefferson asks her to obtain permission to come to dinner21ocn647811939mix1.00Jefferson, ThomasPapers of Thomas Jefferson and the Jefferson and Randolph familiesHistoryGenealogySurveysPapers of the Jefferson and Randolph families include letters, copies of Jefferson family indentures, 1736 and 1741; between William Randolph and Peter Jefferson; a $30.00 Continental note, issued in Baltimore, 1777; and a receipt signed by Thomas Jefferson6314ocn756594395book20120.27Kierner, Cynthia AMartha Jefferson Randolph, daughter of Monticello : her life and timesBiographyA biography of Thomas Jefferson's eldest daughter looks at her life as hostess at the President's House and Monticello, where she debated such issues as slavery, religion, and democracy and was known for her grace and sincerity4682ocn007024135book19660.23Simmons, Dawn LangleyMr. Jefferson's ladies3171ocn001361940book19480.06Vance, MargueritePatsy Jefferson of MonticelloJuvenile worksFiction2751ocn054983365visu20040.23Ivory, JamesJefferson in ParisHistoryFictionDramaIn the mid-1780s, widower Thomas Jefferson replaces Benjamin Franklin as the U.S. representative to French regents Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. He tries to resist the beautiful Mrs. Cosway. Also in Paris is Jefferson's daughter Patsy; when another daughter dies back in Virginia, Jefferson sends for his youngest, who brings along her slave, Sally Hemings, then 15, whom he also finds irresistible1704ocn001595706book19480.20Criss, MildredJefferson's daughterHistory1494ocn000598449book19010.70Brooks, GeraldineDames and daughters of the young republicHistoryBiographyThe women discussed here were chosen because of the influence of their husbands or fathers+-+31381739051331ocn001582635book19760.06Bourne, Miriam AnnePatsy Jefferson's diaryJuvenile worksFictionA fictional diary of "Patsy" Jefferson records the highlights of her life with "Papa" Thomas Jefferson from the time he was elected governor of Virginia in 1779 until his return from France in 1789851ocn000286133book19710.06Kelly, Regina ZimmermanMiss Jefferson in ParisJuvenile worksRecounts twelve-year-old Patsy Jefferson's experiences during her visit to Paris in 1784 prior to the French revolution251ocn004574808book19410.06Weil, Ann YeznerMy dear Patsy : a novel of Jefferson's daughterJuvenile worksFiction163ocn043978065book20000.01Larkin, TanyaWhat was cooking in Martha Jefferson's White House?Juvenile worksDescribes the life of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello, in Paris, and at the White House, focusing on his love of good food. Includes recipes for several of his favorite dishes+-+056104873571ocn010633933book19290.96Jefferson, ThomasA Thomas Jefferson letter71ocn010919214book19690.95Jefferson, ThomasThomas Jefferson to his daughter, June 14, 1787 : facsimile of a letter from the collection of Herbert R. StraussRecords and correspondence51ocn027158733book18841.00Robinson, William EJefferson's granddaughter : speechIncludes biographical information about Septimia Randolph Meikleham (Jefferson's granddaughter), Martha Jefferson Randolph (one of Jefferson's daughters), and Thomas Jefferson himself51ocn858799671book20130.92Wayson, Billy LMartha Jefferson Randolph : Republican daughter & plantation mistressBiographyExplores the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and his daughter, Martha Jefferson Randolph, along the principal themes of affection/family, plantation household, public sphere, separation, place and debt, as seen through their correspondence with each other, with family members, and with others31ocn047638912book19960.96Gilmer, Peachy RidgwayMss1G4216a, Peachy Ridgway Gilmer papers, 1790-1889, Albemarle, Bedford, and Henry counties, VirginiaHistoryArchivesSourcesRecords and correspondenceThis collection consists of 187 items arranged in sections by name of individual and type of document. Items in the collection consist of notes, 1833-1889, of Emma Walker Gilmer Breckinridge (1807-1893) of Grove Hill, Botetourt County, Virginia and Peachy Ridgway Gilmer (1779-1836) of Ivy Creek, Albemarle County, Virginia, concerning the compilation of the Peachy Ridgway Gilmer papers; a letter, 1790, of Thomas Walker Gilmer (1771-1791) to Dr. George Gilmer (1743-1795) and Lucy Walker Gilmer (1751-1800); a letter, 1807, of Martha Walker Divers (1760-1829) to Mary House Gilmer (d. 1853); letters, 1805-1834, written to Peachy Ridgway Gilmer (1779-1836) by William Armistead Burwell (1790-1826) and several other persons; letters, 1814, written by Francis Walker Gilmer (1790-1826) of Albemarle County, Virginia, to George Divers (ca. 1747-1830), Martha Jefferson Randolph (1772-1836), of Monticello, Albemarle County, Virginia and George Ticknor (1791-1871) concerning the pronounciation of words in Virginia; and undated essays of Francis Walker Gilmer (1790-1826) concerning fire, vapors and the contract theory of government21ocn061253290mix18271.00Monroe, JamesLetter to [James Madison?]HistoryMonroe comments on the proposed loan to the University by Thomas Jefferson Randolph on behalf of Mrs. Randolph, noting that Randolph agrees to the plan presented by Chapman Johnson and that he himself agrees with the sentiment of John Hartwell Cocke21ocn647879658mix1.00Church, Angelica SchuylerCorrespondence of Angelica Schuyler Church and other family membersHistoryPortraitsTopics include United States politics and foreign affairs; the French Revolution and its victims; the First Republic; the imprisonment of Lafayette at Olmutz and possible American diplomatic efforts to release him; the Whiskey Rebellion; the War of 1812, particularly the invasion of Canada; travel in Poland and Austria in 1794, and England in 1840; the July Revolution of 1830 and France under Louis-Philippe; trade in America and India, and family and personal matters21ocn647845189mix18051.00Randolph, Thomas MLetter to Thomas JeffersonIn this letter endorsed by Jefferson, Randolph discusses Martha Jefferson Randolph's and the children's health21ocn041259742book19980.47Dandy, GinaPatsy Jefferson : deputy sonHistory21ocn032136168book1.00Abstracts of title to Shadwell propertiesThe abstracts include a typescript of the original land grant, 1735, from William Gooch to William Randolph for this land in Albemarle County, Va. Subsequent titles are given to Peter Jefferson and his heirs. Accompanying the titles are biographical and historical notes on the property and its provenance+-+0561048735Fri Mar 21 15:33:34 EDT 2014batch30975