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Thu Oct 16 17:59:08 2014 UTClccn-n878762740.00Wind Farms and Radar0.580.86Efficiency considerations for C programs on a VAX 11/780 /41952315Peter_J._Weinbergern 87876274Weinberger Peter K.ワインバーガー, P. Jワインバーガー, ピーター Jlccn-n50033193Aho, Alfred V.lccn-n50044563Kernighan, Brian W.viaf-34428237Kernighan, Brian Wilsonnp-van wyk, christopher jVan Wyk, Christopher J.lccn-n82015512Bentley, Jon Louisnc-bell telephone laboratories incBell Telephone Laboratories, incviaf-252597279足立, 高徳1958-lccn-n79146417Horowitz, Paulnp-cornwall, michael jCornwall, Michael corp mclean va jason program officeMITRE CORP MCLEAN VA JASON PROGRAM OFFICEWeinberger, Peter J.AWK (Computer program language)C (Computer program language)VAX-11 (Computer)1942197819791982198519881989199019911992199520012004200820107221131005.133QA76.73.A9565413ocn016128772book19880.59Aho, Alfred VThe AWK programming languageSoftware -- Programming Languages+-+K634256575432ocn034461508book19950.47Aho, Alfred VAWK langage de programmation85ocn059902430book19780.82Aho, Alfred VAwk : a pattern scanning and processing language programmer's manual51ocn008854688book19820.86Van Wyk, Christopher JEfficiency considerations for C programs on a VAX 11/78041ocn035373756book19780.82Weinberger, Peter JFile expansion when hashing into bins44ocn675761144book19890.47Aho, Alfred VPuroguramingu gengo eidaburyūkei21ocn318685596file2008Wind Farms and RadarAs part of its 2008 Winter Study, JASON was asked by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to review the current status of the conflict between the ever-growing number of wind-turbine farms and air-security radars that are located within some tens of miles of a turbine farm11ocn227568856book1982Efficiency Considerations for C Programs on a VAX (Trademark) 11/780Typical C programs are 'efficient enough' for most applications. If they are not, judicious improvement of the algorithms and data structures often can improve performance enough. Sometimes, even better performance is needed, and one must manipulate the C program in ways that depend on the language and the machine on which the application is running. In this paper the authors compare the efficiency of some C constructs and discuss some methods of improving the performance of C programs running on VAX 11/780's11ocn227769494file1990Electromagnetic/Electrothermal Gun Technology DevelopmentThe Army Science Board (ASB) was directed to monitor progress of the electromagnetic/electrothermal gun technology development program. This second and final report fulfills all ASB responsibilities indicated in the Congressional directives and the Panel Terms of Reference. It is concluded that electric gun technology represents an area of long-term importance to U.S. armed forces, with the potential to furnish a variety of applications; it is emphasized, however, that potential benefits can be realized only through a consistently-funded program providing additional emphasis on the illumination of fundamental issues, the maturation of component technologies, and the identification of innovative system applications01ocn221048357rcrd1992Aho, Alfred VThe AWK programming language01ocn081676129book19850.47Feldman, Stuart IA portable Fortran 77 compiler+-+K634256575+-+K634256575Thu Oct 16 15:25:23 EDT 2014batch6265