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Fri Mar 21 17:12:40 2014 UTClccn-n878916120.47Capacitated facility location : valid inequalities and facets /0.700.97Mixed integer programming: discretization and the group theoretic approach59144470n 878916121981123Wolsey, L. 1945-Wolsey, L. A.Wolsey, L. A. 1945-Wolsey, L. A. (Laurence A.)Wolsey, L. A. (Laurence A.), 1945-Wolsey, Laurence.Wolsey, Laurence 1945-Wolsey, Laurence A.Wolsey, Laurence (Laurence A.)Wolsey, Lawrence A.lccn-n87891611Nemhauser, George L.edtnp-pochet, yvesPochet, Yveslccn-n88013863Van Hentenryck, Pascaledtviaf-4935852Richard, Jean Françoisedtlccn-n86140789Gabszewicz, Jean Jaskoldedtlccn-n50029603Drèze, Jacques H.hnredtlccn-n79015621Université catholique de Louvain (1970- ).Center for Operations Research and Econometricsnp-hentenryck, pascalHentenryck, Pascallccn-no99041867Aardal, Karenlccn-no2009025964Liebling, Thomas M.edtWolsey, Laurence A.Conference proceedingsTextbooksInteger programmingMathematical optimizationCombinatorial optimizationProduction planning--Mathematical modelsPhysical distribution of goods--Mathematical modelsConstraint programming (Computer science)Constraints (Artificial intelligence)Combinatorial optimization--Data processingGame theoryEconometricsDecision makingOperations researchArtificial intelligenceComputational complexityCombinatorial analysisElectronic data processingComputer softwareIndustrial engineeringBusiness logisticsMathematicsComputer scienceManagement information systemsPhysical distribution of goodsProduction planningGroup theoryLinear programmingProgramming (Mathematics)Drèze, Jacques HPolyhedra194519691970197119721973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841986198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320052006200720082009201020112747101255519.77QA402.5ocn797568250ocn814503635ocn467951003ocn861020595ocn84341965885625ocn017200031book19880.63Nemhauser, George LInteger and combinatorial optimization"A unifying approach to optimization problems is to formulate them like linear programming problems, while restricting some or all of the variables to the integers. This book is an encyclopedic resource for such formulations, as well as for understanding the structure of and solving the resulting integer programming problems." --Computing Reviews+-+K46373629552218ocn209917408file20060.70Pochet, YvesProduction planning by mixed integer programmingTextbooks"This textbook provides a comprehensive modeling, reformulation and optimization approach for solving production planning and related supply chain planning problems, covering topics from a basic introduction to planning systems, mixed integer programming (MIP) models and algorithms through the advanced description of mathematical results in polyhedral combinatorics required to solve these problems. This book addresses the solution of real life or industrial production planning problems (involving complex production structures with multiple production stages) using a MIP modeling and reformulation approach. It is based on close to twenty years worth of research in which the authors have played a significant role. One of the goals of this book is to allow non-expert readers, students in business, engineering, applied mathematics and computer science to solve such problems using standard modeling tools and MIP software. To achieve this the book provides a unique collection of reformulation results, integrating them into a comprehensive modeling and solution approach, as well as an easy to use problem-solving library. Moreover this approach is demonstrated through a series of real life case studies, exercises and detailed illustrations."--Jacket+-+440447238550314ocn184986501file20070.76Van Hentenryck, PascalIntegration of AI and OR techniques in constraint programming for combinatorial optimization problems 4th international conference, CPAIOR 2007, Brussels, Belgium, May 23-26, 2007 : proceedingsConference proceedingsAnnotation+-+K14872590840113ocn038976179book19980.73Wolsey, Laurence AInteger programming"Integer Programming stands out from other textbooks by explaining in clear and simple terms how to construct custom-made algorithms or use existing commercial software to obtain optimal or near-optimal solutions for a variety of real-world problems such as airline timetables, production line schedules, or electricity production on a regional or national scale." "Integer Programming is an ideal text for courses in integer/mathematical programming - whether in operations research, mathematics engineering, or computer science departments. It is also a valuable reference for industrial users of integer programming and researchers who would like to keep up with advances in the field."--Jacket+-+01183762952139ocn021231460book19900.86Gabszewicz, Jean JaskoldEconomic decision-making : games, econometrics, and optimisation : contributions in honour of Jacques H. Drèze135ocn059453484book19930.47Aardal, KCapacitated facility location : valid inequalities and facets82ocn837128183com20100.47Jünger, M50 years of integer programming, 1958-2008 from the early years to the state-of-the-artConference proceedings+-+592731590872ocn699152012com20090.79Jünger, M50 years of integer programming, 1958-2008 from the early years to the state-of-the-artConference proceedingsIn 1958, Ralph E. Gomory transformed the field of integer programming when he published a paper that described a cutting-plane algorithm for pure integer programs and announced that the method could be refined to give a finite algorithm for integer programming. In 2008, to commemorate the anniversary of this seminal paper, a special workshop celebrating fifty years of integer programming was held in Aussois, France, as part of the 12th Combinatorial Optimization Workshop. It contains reprints of key historical articles and written versions of survey lectures on six of the hottest topics in the72ocn039229470book19770.47Lockett, A. GeoffreyA stochastic programming model for project selection62ocn009831793book19690.97Wolsey, Laurence AMixed integer programming: discretization and the group theoretic approachA new approach to the solution of mixed integer programming problems is developed, largely an extension of the group theoretic methods now being applied to all-integer problems. Discretization is used to replace any mixed integer programming problem by an equivalent integer programming problem. This permits the group theoretic approach of Gomory to be applied to such problems, resulting in a new 'asympototic' classification of mixed integer problems into three types which somewhat reflect degrees of difficulty. Given this classification, new solution methods for certain problems within these classes are developed, based mainly on the concepts of basis search and relaxation. It is also shown how mixed integer problems in which the number of constraints exceeds the number of continuous variables, and a variety of special problems, such as the plant location problem, can be very simply replaced by integer problems. This makes possible the direct solution of these problems by the existing group theoretic integer programming algorithms. (Author)65ocn836526456book20070.47Aardal, KLattice based extended formulations for integer linear equality systems51ocn035620525book19930.86Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization ConferenceInteger programming and combinatorial optimization : proceedings of a conference held at Centro Ettore Majorana, Erice, April 29-May 1, 1993Conference proceedings53ocn047720247book19980.47Belvaux, GaetanLot-sizing problems : modelling issues and a specialized branch-and-cut system bc-prod52ocn059625195book19910.73Pochet, YvesLot-sizing with constant batches : formulation and valid inequalities56ocn535446140book19990.47Aardal, KNon-standard approaches to integer programming55ocn066232088book19920.47Hoesel, C. 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