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Fri Mar 21 17:04:25 2014 UTClccn-n878939150.00Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari0.530.94The hands of Orlac Olac's hände /120738427n 878939151944663Weine, Robert, 1880-1938lccn-n80148641Mayer, Carl1894-1944scelccn-n87893914Janowitz, Hansscewamlccn-n50031617Adkinson, R. V.(Robert V.)edtlccn-n86011089Veidt, Conrad1893-1943othcstprfactlccn-no2008067936Nerz, Louissceauslccn-no2004042586Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftunglccn-no2008155714Mercer, Paul1971-cmplccn-no2004102092Transit Filmlccn-nr2004005180Cartellieri, Carmen1891-1953actlccn-no2013085717Androschin, Hans1892-1976cngWiene, RobertDramaCriticism, interpretation, etcFilm adaptationsFictionCabinet des Dr. Caligari (Motion picture)Motion picture playsInsanity (Law)MurderGermanyMotion pictures, GermanDisfigured personsPianistsAustriaHandHypnotismJanowitz, HansMayer, Carl,HypnotistsMurder--InvestigationFairsSleepwalkingWiene, RobertHypnotic susceptibilityMentally illHypnotism and crimeDemoniac possessionMental illness in motion picturesSurrealism in motion picturesPhysiciansFortune-tellersRenard, Maurice,AsylumsMotion pictures, FrenchAuthoritarianismMotion picture producers and directorsGerman literatureGood and evilMotion picturesCarnivalsPsychiatryMental illnessShestov, Lev,Guro, Elena,Krauss, Werner,Woolf, Virginia,Middleton, Richard,DramatistsBoas, Franz,Riggs, Lynn,Saint-Exupéry, Antoine de,Veidt, Conrad,Literature, ModernAdams, Andy,Novelists18801938191919201921192319241925192719281931193819721975198419851988199019921993199419951996199819992000200120022003200520072008201120122013135951172791.4372PN1997ocn192075554ocn762708931ocn795444857ocn676613247ocn858201642ocn225845129ocn469322039ocn691759617ocn691557214ocn691530414ocn753147440ocn753899182ocn470654217ocn742850438ocn742853605ocn74313525958419ocn000417973book19200.66Adkinson, R. VThe cabinet of Dr. Caligari; a film by Robert Wiene, Carl Mayer, and Hans Janowitz. English translation and description of actionCriticism, interpretation, etc27514ocn192075554visu19240.31The hands of OrlacDramaFilm adaptationsCharts the mental disintegration of a concert pianist whose hands are amputated after a train crash, and replaced with the hands of an executed murderer. When Orlac's father is murdered by the dead man's hands, Orlac begins a descent toward madness994ocn035167285book19950.79Mayer, CarlDas Cabinet des Dr. Caligari : Drehbuch von Carl Mayer und Hans Janowitz zu Robert Wienes Film von 1919/20Criticism, interpretation, etc9730ocn051002978visu19190.31Wiene, RobertDas cabinet des Dr. CaligariDramaA somnambulist commits murders at a hypnotist's bidding in this German expressionist horror classic502ocn230761456visu20080.35German expressionism collectionWarning shadows : Psychological study of a count who is insanely jealous of the attentions his wife pays to "the lover" and various other suitors. The situation comes to a head when a showman/mesmerist puts on a "shadow play" for them all, in which their emotions and passions are mirrored374ocn490746894visu19940.47Wiene, RobertDas Kabinett des Doktor Caligari = Le cabinet du docteur CaligariExtrait du résumé figurant sur la jaquette : dans une fête foraine, vers 1830, le Docteur Caligari exhibe Cesare, un somnambule. Celui-ci prédit à un étudiant, Alan, qu'il vivra jusqu'à l'aube. Il est en effet assassiné dans son lit. Son ami Francis soupçonne Caligari. La jeune fille que convoitaient Alan et Francis est enlevée par Cesare. Poursuivi, le somnambule s'écroule après avoir abandonné son fardeau. Francis poursuit Caligari qui se réfugie dans un asile de fous, dont il s'avère être le directeur361ocn742492942visu20020.47Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari2414ocn033826161visu19190.47Wiene, RobertLe cabinet du docteur CaligariDans une fête foraine vers 1830, le docteur Galigari montre Cesare, un somnambule qui prédit à un étudiant qu'il vivra "jusqu'à l'aube". il est en effet assassiné, et son ami soupçonne Caligari. Celui-ci donne l'ordre à Cesare d'enlever une jeune femme. Le somnambule poursuivi meurt d'épuisement. Son maître est emprisonné mais s'enfuit et se réfugie dans un asile de fous dont il devient directeur1918ocn746255873visu19200.47Wiene, RobertEl gabinete del doctor CaligariEl título más emblemático del cine expresionista alemán, EL GABINETE DEL DOCTOR CALIGARI, fue un proyecto que debía realizar Fritz Lang. Erich Pommer ofreció el proyecto a Robert Wiene, cuya formación teatral fue decisiva en muchos aspectos de la película, especialmente la utilización de decorados pintados por los artistas Hermann Warm, Walter Röhrig y Walter Reimann que integraron la propia luz en las pinturas dotando a la película de una estética irreal161ocn060194961visu20030.21The cabinet of Dr. Caligari Cabinet des Dr. CaligariDrama"[The film] tells the twisted tale of a gangly sleepwalker named Cesare under the spell of a sinister and mysterious Dr. Caligari. As a number of brutal and mysterious murders begin to darken the horizon of a quiet German town, the hunt begins for the root of such peculiar and seemingly unmotivated deaths"--Container133ocn050141511visu19960.94The hands of Orlac Olac's händeDramaA noted concert pianist's hands are severed in a train wreck. A surgeon grafts the hands of an executed strangler onto Orlac's wrists and he begins to believe he is possessed with the mind of the strangler1313ocn077453823visu19190.31Mayer, CarlThe cabinet of Dr. CaligariFictionDramaDans une fête foraine, vers 1830, le Dr. Caligari montre Césare, un somnambule qui prédit à un étudiant qu'il vivra "jusqu'à l'aube". Il est en effet assassiné, et son ami soupçonne Caligari qui ordonne à Césare d'enlever une jeune femme. Le somnambule poursuivi meurt d'epuisement, son maître est emprisonné, mais s'enfuit et se réfugie dans un asile de fous dont il devient le directeur101ocn494712877visu20020.47Wiene, RobertLe cabinet du docteur Caligari The cabinat of Dr. Caligari52ocn742605492rcrd1919Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari43ocn715165373book1975Mayer, CarlLe cabinet du docteur Caligari31ocn470654217book2007Perez, CédricCaligari22ocn778355218visu20000.47Wiene, RobertDas Cabinet des Dr. Caligari Deutschland 191921ocn405473891visu19960.10The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari Das kabinett des Doktor CaligariDramaA deranged hypontist uses a sleepwalker to act out his whims, bringing death to the unsuspecting countryside22ocn247343811book19850.47Wiene, RobertˆDas‰ Cabinet des Dr. Caligari22ocn614893949visu19900.47Wiene, RobertThe Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1919)A young man named Francis suspects that Dr. Caligari - a traveling hypnotist who performs with his sleep-walking assistant Cesare - is a murderer. Caligari321ocn856200020book20130.66Robinson, DavidDas Cabinet des Dr. CaligariCriticism, interpretation, etcDavid Robinson challenges long accepted versions of the history and reception of Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari. He examines the relative contributions of the writers and the director of this film that is the essence of German Expressionist cinema141ocn023475960book19880.93Hess, Klaus-PeterDas Cabinet des Dr. Caligari : Materialien zu einem Film von Robert Wiene12ocn846196665com0.10Twentieth-century literary criticism, excerpts from criticism of the works of novelists, poets, playwrights, short story writers, and other creative writers who lived between 1900 and 1960, from the first published critical appraisals to current evaluationsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+6389785635324+-+6389785635324Fri Mar 21 15:15:54 EDT 2014batch17166