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Fri Mar 21 17:08:54 2014 UTClccn-n878993920.14View from the top0.290.97O beijo no asfalto216748Bruno_Barreton 878993921973159Barreto 1955Barreto Bruno 1955-....lccn-nr95044813Barreto, Luiz Carlosprdpronp-barreto, lucyBarreto, Lucyprdprolccn-nr2003014783Filmes do Equadorlccn-no98084452Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Firm)lccn-n81096858Lowe, Robprflccn-n80154962Beato, Affonsophtnp-ireland, charlesIreland, Charleslccn-no2002090631Abreu, Cláudia1971-actlccn-n85151779Braga, Sonia1951-prfactlccn-n83233507Bergen, Candice1946-prfBarreto, BrunoDramaFilm adaptationsHistoryFictionBrazilMan-woman relationshipsSocial historyFlight attendantsMotion pictures, BrazilianFamiliesPolitical scienceMotion picturesBicycle touringKidnappingGuerrillasElbrick, C. Burke,Manners and customsBrazil--Rio de JaneiroAmado, Jorge,LoveGhost playsWidowsSideshowsTriangles (Interpersonal relations)HusbandsWivesGabeira, FernandoWeddingsPrata, MárioSoccer--Social aspectsRomeo and Juliet (Shakespeare, William)Sports rivalriesSoccer fansPuerto RicoInternational relationsOrphansOlympio, Domingos,Land tenureRevengeCowgirlsFilm adaptationsMay-December romancesFathers and daughtersProstitutesMurderersOutlawsWorking class womenAssassinationMigration, InternalEconomic historyBicyclesLatin AmericaPortugalArgentina195519751976197719781979198119831985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320143649111237791.4372PN1997ocn047673222ocn012316772ocn056338624ocn029133563ocn078376939ocn781478190ocn460321331ocn029133507ocn780577610ocn275839784ocn024680848ocn012316772ocn265052152ocn836681499ocn553508384ocn753827384ocn839348863ocn839364832ocn839345636ocn839337237ocn839385559ocn553716794ocn753699071ocn762532241ocn691267830ocn742624441ocn822765415ocn723383479ocn69123998470214ocn052950662visu20030.14Wald, EricView from the topDramaA young woman dreams that being a flight attendant will help her escape from her rural home town. When she ends up stationed in Cleveland she enters into a relationship and begins to question her dreams52416ocn052213432visu19970.31Baretto, BrunoFour days in SeptemberHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsBrazilian terrorists, in an effort to draw attention to their country's oppressive military regime, kidnap the American ambassador to Brazil4929ocn055059511visu20030.23O caminho das nuvensFictionDramaBased on a true story. A man and his family on a journey 2000 miles across the hinterlands of Brazil on bicycle in search for a good life4006ocn030266364visu19780.31Dona Flor e seus dois maridos Dona Flor and her two husbandsDramaFilm adaptations"Dona Flor is selflessly devoted to her drunk, unfaithful husband, Vadinho. He spends every night in the local casino gambling her life savings and returning to her drunk the next morning. Something deep inside Dona Flor keeps her from leaving Vadinho; a burning lust only he can satisfy. Suddenly, Vadinho is dead, and Dona Flor's life collapses. She spends one year in mourning and realizes she needs a man in her life. The local pharmacist proposes, and they marry, sharing a stable calm existence. But Dona needs more. Vadinho responds to Dona Flor's prayers by returning to her as a ghost. She finds herself immersed in a love triangle with two men, each one able to satisfy different needs and both of equal importance. Some would say it's a perfect arrangement ..."--Container+-+84395821062669ocn045881002visu20000.25Bossa novaDramaFilm adaptations"Weaves together three overlapping triangles: Mary Ann, a widowed American schoolteacher who has given up on ever finding love again; Pedro, a suave attorney dealing with a separation from his wife; and Tania, (the wife) who may want him back. Then there's Roberto, Pedro's shy brother, who works for their father in his tailor shop; Acácio, a handsome soccer champ soon to be transplanted to England; Sharon, a feisty law intern; and lastly, the hopeful Nadine, a young bohemian who thinks she's found the man of her dreams on the Internet."--Container+-+22980321253241631ocn031792602visu19940.37Byebye BrasilDramaA hypnotically languorous road movie with an upbeat political kick. The story follows a smalltime traveling sideshow which includes Ciço, a recent addition. A poor villager with a pregnant wife, he has fallen in love with the exotic dancer Salomé. In the end, the troupe heads down dusty roads facing increasing disinterest and social change in Brazil1316ocn035659527visu19960.18Barreto, BrunoCarried awayDramaJoseph and Rosalee are small-town teachers and mid-life lovers. Their lives are changed when Joseph succumbs to an intense affair with a precocious young girl, and Rosalee is faced with a desperate choice between her love for Joseph and her pride1192ocn182561808visu20040.21O casamento de Romeu x JulietaDramaFilm adaptationsShakespeare's classic love story gets a raucously fresh retelling when it is set in the crazed world of passionate soccer fans. Opthalmologist Romeo and his family are obsessed with the Corinthians football team. When Romeo falls for Juliet, the lovely daughter of the archrival Palmeiras club president, he fakes a love for Palmeiras to impress his future father-in-law. The ruse comes to a head when Romeo's true loyalties are revealed, triggering a series of lunatic and hilarious twists that threaten the best laid wedding plans of the star-crossed lovers9412ocn012316772visu19830.79Barreto, BrunoGabrielaDramaFilm adaptationsSet in Brazil, story of a middle-aged bar owner whose passionate romance with young Gabriela sends sparks flying in a town where sex and politics are the main diversions861ocn867051500visu20140.17Reaching for the moonBased on the true love story of Elizabeth Bishop and Lota de Macedo Soares.This sumptuous English-language '50s period piece recounts the years of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Elizabeth Bishop when she left America to live and write in Rio de Janiero, where she would fall in love with well-off architect Lota de Macedo Soares861ocn024680848visu19910.63Luzia HomemDramaFilm adaptationsSet in the plains of central Brazil, Luzia is the story of a beautiful young woman, a cowgirl with extraordinary rodeo skills, who is caught in a clash between squatters and the powerful ranch owners839ocn021587681visu19770.33Barreto, BrunoDona Flor and her two husbandsFictionWhen a passionate young widow marries a respectable but undemonstrative man, the naked ghost of her first husband returns to make her life more interesting. Based on the novel by Jorge Amado734ocn029787594visu19790.59Amor bandidoDrama"The turbulent story of crime and doomed romance set in the tawdry underworld of Rio. Someone is robbing and murdering the cab drivers of the city, and the chief of detectives on the case can do nothing to stop it. Meanwhile, he frequents the local Copacabana strip-joint where his estranged, prostitute daughter works, in the hopes of mending their relationship. The drama mounts when his worlds become inextricably linked."--Container474ocn025986616visu19910.70Romance da empregadaDrama"Fausta [is] a quirky cleaning lady whose sexy swinging hips open the door to a more comfortable life. When an old widower breaks the ice and buys Fausta perfume and a drink, she sees a way out of both her dead-end marriage and the shanty town that traps her"--Container422ocn057712572visu20040.20A Show of forceHistoryDrama"A television reporter risks her career and her life pursuing a shady trail of clues left in the wake of the shooting of two young men at on a mountaintop near a broadcast tower in 1978 Puerto Rico. Were they terrorists or victims of a government conspiracy?"--Http:// stop 174DramaA woman unable to pay a debt has her baby taken away from her by a drug dealer. She becomes determined to find her boy after getting her life in order. Another boy finds his mother murdered and runs away to Copacabana where he is caught up in the world of drug use and dealing. Eventually he finds himself in a juvenile detention home and meets the woman's lost son. The woman makes her way to the centre, and mistakes the boy for her own lost son. Despite her efforts to help him, he eventually becomes the hostage-taker on Bus 174239ocn080931850visu19750.94Barreto, BrunoDona Flor e seus dois maridosDramaWhen Dona Flor's philandering husband expires, she remarries a boringly proper husband, only to have her dead husband's ghost return to haunt her231ocn028174255visu19910.50The Story of FaustaThe comedic story of the romance between a wealthy old widower and his sexy young cleaning lady211ocn017988561visu19880.93Happily ever afterRegina Duarte plays a successful interior designer and houswife. By chance, she meets the man of her dreams. A street hustling bisexual prostitute who leads her away from the safety of her upper middle class existence into a seedy world where she becomes his sultry partner in crime202ocn016903997visu20050.97O beijo no asfaltoDramaA police official, under investigation because of allegations of brutality, is persuaded by a reporter that he can divert attention from these charges if he launches a crusade against homosexuals. The reporter tells him of an incident he has just witnessed in which a male passerby kissed a dying man who had been run over by a bus. A cynical, corrupt, homophobic press sets out to destroy the man72ocn748778200book20090.96Veiga, BeneditoDona Flor e seus dois maridos, uma historia de cinema-- : ensaios sobre a memória da vida cultural baiana na década de 70Criticism, interpretation, etcFilm adaptations+-+8439582106+-+8439582106Fri Mar 21 15:49:38 EDT 2014batch20508