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Tyldesley, Joyce A.

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Most widely held works by Joyce A Tyldesley
Nefertiti : Egypt's sun queen by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

25 editions published between 1998 and 2005 in 4 languages and held by 1,943 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

In the tradition of her intriguing Hatchepsut, Joyce Tyldesley rescues another female ruler from the shadows of history c. 1350 b.c.: Queen Nefertiti (literally "a beautiful woman has come"). We know her from the exquisite painted bust in the Berlin Museum, discovered in 1912, which has made her ancient Egypt's most recognizable queen and a symbol of her country's history. Until now, however, she has remained largely unknown and unrecognized for her contributions to Egyptian society. Wife of Akhenaten, the monotheistic pharaoh, adored by her family, blessed by the sun god, and worshiped by her people, Nefertiti suddenly and completely vanished from the record. Was she banished by her husband or raised to rule as his equal? Did she reign, under another name, in her own right? Could she have been the eminence grise behind the young Tutankhamen, her son-in-law?Tyldesley synergizes archeological, textual, and artistic evidence in a detailed discussion of Nefertiti's life and times at the ephemeral and heretical Amarna court. Nefertiti is a radical re-creation of the woman who was the most influential in the Bronze Age world. -- Publisher description
Cleopatra : last queen of Egypt by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

22 editions published between 2008 and 2011 in 4 languages and held by 1,657 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Cleopatra is often portrayed as a woman ruled by emotion rather than reason; a queen hurtling towards inevitable self-destruction. But these tales of seduction, intrigue, and suicide by asp have obfuscated Cleopatra's true political genius. Stripping away our preconceptions, many of them as old as Egypt's Roman conquerors, Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley offers a magnificent biography of a most extraordinary queen.--From publisher description
Hatchepsut : the female pharaoh by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

24 editions published between 1996 and 2005 in English and French and held by 1,487 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Queen--or, as she would prefer to be remembered, King--Hatchepsut was a remarkable woman. Born the eldest daughter of King Tuthmosis I, married to her half-brother Tuthmosis II, and guardian of her young stepson-nephew Tuthmosis III, Hatchepsut, the Female Pharaoh, brilliantly defied tradition and established herself on the divine throne of the pharaohs to become the female embodiment of a man, dressing in male clothing and even sporting the pharaoh's traditional false beard. Her reign was a carefully balanced period of internal peace, foreign exploration and monumental building, and Egypt prospered under her rule. After her death, however, a serious attempt was made to obliterate Hatchepsut's memory from the history of Egypt. Her monuments were either destroyed or usurped, her portraits were vandalized and, for over two thousand years, her name was forgotten. The political climate leading to Hatchepsut's unprecedented assumption of power and the principal achievements of her reign are considered in detail, and the vicious attacks on Hatchepsut's name and image are explored in full. By combining archaeological and historical evidence from a wide range of sources, Joyce Tyldesley provides the reader with an intriguing insight into life within the claustrophobic Theban royal family in early 18th Dynasty Egypt. At last, the Female Pharaoh is restored.--Publisher description
Tutankhamen : the search for an Egyptian king by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

5 editions published in 2012 in English and held by 1,060 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

This book presents a portrait of King Tutankhamen, a fascinating and misunderstood ruler, shedding new light on his importance, his enduring power, and the archaeological discovery that earned him a place in the popular imagination. The discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb in 1922 was perhaps the world's most important archaeological find. The only near-intact royal tomb to be preserved in the Valley of the Kings, it has supplied an astonishing wealth of artifacts, spurred a global fascination with ancient Egypt, and inspired folklore that continues to evolve today. Despite the tomb's prominence, however, precious little has been revealed about Tutankhamen himself. In this book the author, an Egyptologist unshrouds the enigmatic king. She explores his life and legacy as never before, and offers a compelling new window onto the world in which he lived. Tutankhamen ascended to the throne at approximately eight years of age and ruled for only ten years. Although his reign was brief and many of his accomplishments are now lost to us, it is clear that he was an important and influential king ruling in challenging times. His greatest achievement was to reverse a slew of radical and unpopular theological reforms instituted by his father and return Egypt to the traditional pantheon of gods. A meticulous examination of the evidence preserved both within his tomb and outside it allows the author to investigate Tutankhamen's family history and to explore the origins of the pervasive legends surrounding Tutankhamen's tomb. These legends include Tutankhamen's "curse", an enduring myth that reaffirms the appeal of ancient magic in our modern world. -- From book jacket
Daughters of Isis : women of ancient Egypt by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

24 editions published between 1994 and 1999 in 4 languages and held by 807 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

During the dynastic period (3000 BC - 332 BC), as the Greek historian Herodotus was intrigued to observe, Egyptian women enjoyed a legal, social and sexual independence unrivalled by their Greek or Roman sisters, unrivalled, indeed, by women in Europe until the late nineteenth century. They could own and trade in property, work outside the home, marry foreigners and even live alone without the protection of a male guardian. Furthermore, women fortunate enough to be members of the royal harem were vastly influential, as were those rare women who rose to rule Egypt as 'female kings'. Joyce Tyldesley draws upon archaeological, historical and ethnographical evidence to piece together a vivid picture of daily life in Egypt - marriage and the home, work and play, grooming, religion - all viewed from a female perspective. She has an engaging eye for incidental detail and draws fascinating parallels and contrasts between the ancient and our modern world
Chronicle of the queens of Egypt : from early dynastic times to the death of Cleopatra by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

8 editions published in 2006 in English and held by 545 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

An illustrated study of the queens of ancient Egypt ranges from the early dynastic period to the death of Cleopatra in 30 BC, offering a biographical portrait of each queen, along with information on the era in which she lived and her influence on Egyptian history
The mummy : unwrap the ancient secrets of the mummies' tombs by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

8 editions published between 1999 and 2006 in English and held by 507 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Follows the history of Egyptian mummies from the dynastic age to the present day. Discusses customs and techniques of mummification as well as how the media has influenced the general public's belief about the practice
Ramesses : Egypt's greatest pharaoh by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

16 editions published between 1998 and 2001 in English and held by 438 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Ramesses II ruled over Ancient Egypt for six decades. As a general he fought campaigns against the Hittites, Syrians and the Sherden pirates; as king he built extravagantly and his monuments were to be found in every corner of the Egyptian empire; he was husband to beautiful Nefertari and father to scores of children. He presided over an era of peace and prosperity the like of which was enjoyed by no other Egyptian king. Subsequent pharaohs even took his name, hoping to emulate his achievements. Yet Ramesses eventually became a victim of that very success. With his death his reputation and fame spread farther and grew in stature until the real Ramesses was buried beneath a mountain of exaggeration, misattribution and confusion as the facts of his life became embroiled in the myths and tales which surround the Ancient Egyptians. Archaeologist Joyce Tyldesley delves deeply into the past to recover the true story behind Egypt's greatest pharaoh. Combining archaeological evidence with historical fact, she explores the life and times of Ramesses, delicately sifting the truth from the myths. What emerges is a vivid portrait of a time, a place and a remarkable man. - Publisher
Judgement of the Pharaoh : crime and punishment in ancient Egypt by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

9 editions published between 2000 and 2001 in English and held by 381 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Joyce Tyldesley's book illuminates for the first time one hitherto uncertain aspect of everyday existence in the Nile Valley: it unmasks ancient Egyptian criminals and their misdemeanours. Tyldesley recreates meticulously a series of crimes, from grave robbing, false embalming, necrophilia and bestiality, to a vivid recreation of the 'murder' of Tutankhamen (which reassesses the evidence for his unlawful killing). She also introduces us to the town of Deir el-Medina and its inhabitants, which was the dwelling place of the craftsmen and their families who worked in the nearby Valley of the Kings, building and maintaining the royal tombs. Their crimes and transgressions were carefully recorded and provide an eloquent record of ancient Egyptian attitudes towards sex and death, property and punishment."--Jacket
The private lives of the pharaohs by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

19 editions published between 1991 and 2007 in 4 languages and held by 349 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"Egyptian civilization, preserved for two thousand years, left a mysterious legacy in the form of human remains, monumental buildings, inscrutable writings, and elaborate tombs. But until recently, Egyptian mummies were considered to be little more than curiousities. Much of our understanding of Egyptian civilization has been gleaned from nineteenth century tomb robbers and twentieth century filmmakers. 'Private Lives of the Pharaohs' highlights the exciting new developments in medical science that are allowing Egyptologists to extract information from mummified Egyptians. Recent scientific advances, including DNA analysis, endoscopy, and CAT scans, are allowing Egyptologists to bring Egypt's dead 'back to life.' The once-hidden evidence extraced from their bones, hair, and rehydrated skin is unlocking the mysteries of the pyramids, showingus the secrets of Tutankahamen's court, and revealing the use of recreational drugs in the royal household. The result is a breathtaking new look at the Pharoahs and their monumental civilization. Renowned Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley describes the major secrets that forensic scientists have been able to retrieve from Egypt's famed mummies ..."
The pharaohs by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

5 editions published between 2009 and 2012 in English and German and held by 208 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

An illustrated history of Egyptian pharaohs that profiles three-thousand years of rulers in Egypt, which includes Khufu, Montuhotep II, Hatshepsut, Tutankhamen, and others
Pyramids : the real story behind Egypt's most ancient monuments by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

9 editions published between 2003 and 2005 in English and French and held by 207 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The Old Kingdom pharaohs believed that death was the beginning of eternal life. That they would rise from their tombs to shimmer in the deep blue night as an un-setting star. Or that they would sail endlessly across the watery heavens in the shining boat of the sun god, Re. To help them on their way they built pyramids: huge ramps or stairways charged with the most potent magic, leading directly to the sky. These massive monuments came to symbolize the might of a powerful nation ruled by a semi-divine god king." "The first pyramid, the Step Pyramid built for King Djoser, appeared early in Egyptian history. But it did not spring out of a technological void. To understand the skills, and beliefs of the earliest pyramid builders we must look backwards, to the period before Egypt was a united land. In this book the pyramids are set into their historical, even pre-historical, context. By tracing the pyramid building society back to its roots, we see not only how and why the Egyptians were able to build their pyramids, but how the pyramids helped to build Egypt herself."--BOOK JACKET
Tutankhamen's curse : the developing history of an Egyptian king by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

8 editions published between 2012 and 2013 in English and held by 170 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

'Tutankhamen's Curse' explores the story of a lost king and his development into a cultural icon. Stripping away the layers of modern myths that threaten to obscure the king, it uses the evidence from his tomb to reconstruct a family and a history for Tutankhamen
Myths & legends of ancient Egypt by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

8 editions published between 2010 and 2016 in 3 languages and held by 157 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

From Herodotus to The Mummy, Western civilization has long been fascinated with the exotic myths and legends of Ancient Egypt but they have often been misunderstood. Here acclaimed Egyptologist Joyce Tyldesley guides us through 3000 years of changing stories and, in retelling them, shows us what they mean. Gathered from pyramid friezes, archaological finds and contemporary documents, these vivid and strange stories explain everything from why the Nile flooded every year to their beliefs about what exactly happened after death and shed fascinating light on what life was like for both rich and poor. Lavishly illustrated with colour pictures, maps and family trees, helpful glossaries explaining all the major gods and timelines of the Pharoahs and most importantly packed with unforgettable stories, this book offers the perfect introduction to Egyptian history and civilization. --Publisher
Nazlet Tuna : an archaeological survey in middle Egypt by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

12 editions published in 1988 in English and Undetermined and held by 137 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The Penguin book of myths & legends of ancient Egypt by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

3 editions published between 2010 and 2011 in English and held by 107 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"The civilization we know as Ancient Egypt stretched over three thousand years. What was life like for ancient Egyptians? What were their beliefs - and how different were they from ours? "Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt" uses Egypt's vivid narratives to create a panorama of its history, from the earliest settlers to the time of Cleopatra. Gathered from pyramid texts, archaeological finds and contemporary documents, these stories cover everything from why the Nile flooded annually to Egyptian beliefs about childbirth and what happened after death. They show us what life was really like for rich and poor, man and woman, farmer and pharaoh. "Myths and Legends of Ancient Egypt" brings a long-dead culture back to life"--Publisher's description
The Wolvercote channel handaxe assemblage : a comparative study by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

8 editions published in 1986 in English and held by 104 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Stories from ancient Egypt by Joyce A Tyldesley( Book )

8 editions published between 2005 and 2012 in 3 languages and held by 35 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Collection of stories about the ancient Egyptians and their gods
Egypt : How A Lost Civilisation Was Rediscovered by Joyce A Tyldesley( )

1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 0 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

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Cleopatra : last queen of Egypt
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Joyce Tyldesley Brits antropologe

Tildesli, Dzhoĭs

Tyldesley, A.

Tyldesley, Ann

Tyldesley, J.

Tyldesley, J. A

Tyldesley, J. A. 1960-

Tyldesley, Joyce.

Tyldesley, Joyce 1960-

Tyldesley Joyce A.

Tyldesley, Joyce Ann.

Tyldesley, Joyce Ann 1960-

타일드슬레이, 조이스 A


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