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Fri Mar 21 17:03:57 2014 UTClccn-n881049040.13Tiger's new swing : an analysis of Tiger Woods' new swing technique /0.170.29Swing de golf análisis del swing de uno y de dos planos para descubrir el mejor para ti /111741690n 881049042193979アンドゥリザーニ, ジョンアンドリザーニ, ジョンlccn-n95039225Woods, Tigerlccn-n96020794Harmon, Claude1943-lccn-n2004141401Hardy, Jimlccn-n93114367Couples, Fred1959-lccn-n81106471Ballesteros, Severianonp-ritson, philRitson, Phillccn-n88154007Rodriguez, Chi Chi1936-lccn-n84080847Lyle, Sandylccn-n91087542Dunaway, Mikenp-anselmo, johnAnselmo, JohnAndrisani, JohnHandbooks, manuals, etcGolfSwing (Golf)Putting (Golf)Golf--DriveGolf coursesUnited StatesGolf--Study and teachingGolf--Psychological aspectsWoods, TigerShort game (Golf)Golf for children--Study and teachingNicklaus, JackGolf--TechniqueWie, MichelleDaly, John,19491986198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920112013829567154796.3523GV9656734ocn036446819book19970.15Andrisani, JohnThe Tiger Woods way : secrets of Tiger Woods' power-swing techniqueA complete guide to the perfect golf swing explains the fundamentals of grip, stance, aim, alignment, tempo, timing, and rhythm, examining the effective swing of superstar golfer Tiger Woods+-+74865345155376ocn029471387book19940.15Couples, FredTotal shotmaking : the golfer's guide to low scoring+-+55157271555155ocn018070176book19880.18Ballesteros, SeverianoNatural golf4633ocn038112971book19980.14Harmon, ClaudeButch Harmon's playing lessonsGolfer Butch Harmon takes three golfers to eighteen of America's best golf courses and walks them through the best way to approach each hole; includes golfing tips, photographs, and illustrations+-+25688393154617ocn048375416book20020.17Andrisani, JohnThink like Tiger : an analysis of Tiger Woods' mental gameReveals the secrets that Tiger Woods has learned from his family, fellow competitors, and teachers about the mental game of golf and demonstrates how to use these same tools and techniques to improve one's own game+-+98939644853783ocn034356295book19960.17Harmon, ClaudeThe four cornerstones of winning golfSince the full swing - ball striking - is only one of the four cornerstones, you should spend as much time as you do on the range practicing your short game - including putting, chipping, and pitching - which more often than not will make the difference in saving par or making birdies. A strong mental game coupled with shrewd course management - learning to think your way through every hole - will lessen the damage done by your inevitable small mistakes, and can give you an added edge over the rest of your foursome. And sound physical conditioning - daily exercises for strength and flexibility - can help you maintain that edge, improve your practice, and even help with such difficult shots as long carries out of the rough. These four cornerstones are the key to winning golf+-+57425393153524ocn019921245book19900.17Rodriguez, Chi Chi101 supershots : every golfer's guide to lower scores+-+K5257451553482ocn025915182book19920.17Ritson, PhilGolf your way : an encyclopedia of instructionA former national golf coach of South Africa and a popular guru on the PGA Tour, Ritson stresses the importance of taking chances in golf. He asks readers to try hard to improve, even if it means breaking faulty old habits which seem comfortable, but in reality are a detriment to their game. It will pay off when shots like the power fade around a huge tree or the sand shot over an eight-foot bunker don't seem impossible anymore. For beginners looking to lose their duffer status, or weekend players anxious to make that quantum leap in the level of their game, Golf Your Way is the perfect golf book+-+01897451552873ocn062341637book20050.13Andrisani, JohnTiger's new swing : an analysis of Tiger Woods' new swing techniqueAn essential tool to help golfers of all levels increase their driving distances and improve their game utilizes easy-to-follow instructions and photographs to offer tips on how to re-create Woods' new swing+-+35900876852866ocn038295210book19980.16Andrisani, JohnThe short game magic of Tiger Woods : an analysis of Tiger Woods' pitching, chipping, sand play, and putting techniquesTiger Woods golf fame is analyzed by John Andrisani. His chipping, sand play and putting techniques are shown as aids to other players improving their golf game+-+46585145152783ocn056876683book20050.16Hardy, JimThe plane truth for golfers : breaking down the one-plane swing and the two-plane swing and finding the one that's right for youHandbooks, manuals, etcProvides instruction on the one- and two-plane swings for golf and includes exercises and drills aimed at improving one's golf score+-+50978962552768ocn019518485book19860.18Lyle, SandyLearning golf : the Lyle way : the sure and simple way to play the game2745ocn759213623file20070.20Andrisani, JohnGolfweek's 101 winning golf tipsWhether you're a beginner about to take up the game or a seasoned veteran, you're looking for ways to improve your game, lower your score, and have more fun on the links. Small enough to fit inside your golf bag and fully endorsed by the editors of Golfweek magazine, this helpful volume contains tips for golfers of all skill and experience levels: choosing the right equipment; gripping the club; stance and set-up; proper swing fundamentals; driving, chipping, putting; executing trouble shots; the mental game; and much more. If you are a duffer looking to break 100 for the first time, or a scratch golfer looking to cut one more stroke from your card, this book will really help+-+41654875162692ocn024373657book19920.14Dunaway, MikeHit it hard! : the modern fundamentals of power golfDemonstrates how golfers can increase their range of motion to generate more power2656ocn071126742book20070.15Hardy, JimThe plane truth for golfers : master class : advanced lessons for improving swing technique and ball control for the one-plane and two-plane swingsHandbooks, manuals, etcPresents a practical guide for improving one-plane and two-plane swings, with additional tips for both novice and advanced golfers+-+25973962552611ocn172753950file20070.29Hardy, JimSwing de golf análisis del swing de uno y de dos planos para descubrir el mejor para tiHandbooks, manuals, etc2462ocn045064586book20010.15Anselmo, JohnA-game golf : the complete starter kit for golfers from Tiger Woods' amateur instructor+-+18634903851883ocn026158744book19920.16Daly, JohnGrip it and rip it!+-+74797451551873ocn050622179book20030.18Andrisani, JohnThe Nicklaus way : an analysis of the unique techniques and strategies of golf's leading major championship winner+-+50333551551863ocn071004206book20070.14Andrisani, JohnThe Michelle Wie way : inside Michelle Wie's power-swing technique+-+9121044406+-+7486534515+-+7486534515Fri Mar 21 15:18:57 EDT 2014batch14419