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Goldman sets the SSA in the context of its age, and explains its relevance to politics, social life and intellectual development+-+K80588670588812ocn313063450file19990.25Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist papers; Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John JayHistoryConstitutionSourcesThe Federalist Papers comprise eighty-five essays written to persuade New Yorkers to ratify the Constitution of the United States in 1787-8. Written by key players in the American Revolution, they made a case for a new, united nation. They are the most important work of political thought to have come out of America. - ;'A nation without a national government is an awful spectacle.'. In the winter of 1787-8 a series of eighty-five essays appeared in the New York press; the purpose of the essays was to persuade the citizens of New York State to ratify the Constitution of the United States. The t+-+97405374653938ocn252680169file20060.73Ghosh, PeterPolitics and culture in Victorian Britain essays in memory of Colin MatthewHow and why should we study Victorian Britain? The answer to this question used to be quite straightforward. It was the Victorian contribution to modern politics which stood out above all else. Today we are not so sure. This book suggest that politics are still central, but must be more broadly construed, as a pervasive part of Victorian culture as a whole. - ;In the last twenty years one of the classical arenas for British historical writing - the politics of Victorian Britain - has ceased to be an obvious or self-evidently important subject. Facing up to this challenge, the historians who ha+-+00980744652578ocn032590144book19950.84Goldman, LawrenceDons and workers : Oxford and adult education since 1850HistoryThis history of adult education in England considers its role in the evolution from late-Victorian liberalism to 20th-century socialism. Emphasis is placed on the University of Oxford, whose leading contribution to this movement presents a revealing portrait of its influence on the nation+-+80205734653241295ocn257555548book20090.50Oxford dictionary of national biography, 2001-2004Biography Dictionaries+-+K997104465791ocn056707601file0.76Oxford dictionary of national biographyBiography Dictionaries55,000 biographies of people who shaped the history of the British Isles and beyond, from the earliest times to the year 2002545ocn858471173book20130.86Goldman, LawrenceThe life of R.H. Tawney : socialism and historyBiographyR.H. Tawney was the most influential theorist and exponent of socialism in Britain in the 20th century and also a leading historian. Based on papers deposited at the London School of Economics including a collection of personal material previously held by his family, this book provides the first detailed biography. Lawrence Goldman shows that to understand Tawney's work it is necessary to understand his life. This biography takes a broadly chronological approach, and uses this framework to examine major themes, including Tawney's political thought and historical writings. Tawney was the most274ocn820779250book20130.70Oxford dictionary of national biography, 2005-2008Biography Dictionaries184ocn049044624book19890.81The Blind Victorian : Henry Fawcett and British liberalismHistoryBiography+-+278508670532451ocn060801871book20050.47Goldman, LawrenceFrom art to politics : John Ruskin and William Morris31ocn836895731book20090.47Oxford dictionary of national biographyBiography Dictionaries+-+K99710446531ocn492583057com0.47Oxford dictionary of national biography21ocn843438194book2013Oxford dictionary of national biography11ocn433401385book19850.47Goldman, LawrenceTrinity in Camberwell : a history of the Trinity College mission in Camberwell, 1885-1985History11ocn704507615file20020.47Goldman, LawrenceScience, reform, and politics in Victorian Britain the Social Science Association, 1857-188611ocn740700113file20060.47Politics and culture in Victorian Britain essays in memory of Colin Matthew+-+00980744652921ocn018833139book19890.81The Blind Victorian : Henry Fawcett and British liberalismHistoryBiography+-+2785086705324+-+K805886705+-+K805886705Fri Mar 21 15:35:41 EDT 2014batch12341