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Fri Mar 21 17:04:19 2014 UTClccn-n881478890.00India League of America and ILA Foundation records,0.500.98Govind Nihalani /118158841Shyam_Benegaln 881478892280499Benegal, ShyamShyam BenegalShyam Benegal, 1934-lccn-n86865157Bhatia, Vanrajarrmuscmplccn-no00088730Padmādēvi, Es. Keactnp-dutta, dulalDutta, Dulalflmlccn-n88109880Robinson, Andrew1957-ivelccn-nr96037230Biswas, Sachindranath1900-1962actlccn-no00021807Mitra, Subrata1930-2001cngnp-kemp, philipKemp, Philipwamlccn-n81074742Janus Filmslccn-n84162499Lāhiṛī, Tulasī1897-1959actlccn-n81102087Aurora ProductionsBenegal, Shyam1934-DramaFilm adaptationsInterviewsMotion picturesCriticism, interpretation, etcHistoryMotion picture playsFictionBiographyIndiaNobilityBenegal, Shyam,Bandyopādhyāẏa, Tārāśaṅkara,Aristocracy (Social class)Music--Social aspectsMotion picture producers and directorsMotion picturesMan-woman relationshipsRural conditionsSocial historyCorruptionManipulative behaviorIndia--SajjanparaIlliterate personsNeighborsAdulterySocial conflictPeasantsLandownersFamiliesMotion picture actors and actressesVāḍakara, Hãsā,Mothers--DeathMothers and sonsRapeGandhi,--Mahatma,Early memoriesSouth AfricaTravelPakistanMotion pictures, IndicSistersInternational relationsGrandparent and childSpousesRevengeTeachersNihalani, GovindWomen's rightsMuslim familiesMuslim women--Sexual behaviorIndia--Uttar PradeshSepoy Rebellion (India : 1857-1858)Peasant uprisingsFeudalismAbductionMahābhārataFamily-owned business enterprisesMusic--Instruction and study1934197419751976197719781981198319841986198819901991199219941996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132551116266791.4372PN1997ocn733964184ocn294434166ocn055992241ocn047293705ocn063666083ocn053842093ocn318212311ocn078191426ocn058540620ocn083967929ocn733964184ocn055992241ocn694648398ocn762671342ocn743131582ocn058540620ocn649522351ocn802865421ocn082411866ocn187461818ocn078191426ocn671754766ocn457243059ocn042279381ocn421755977ocn742935429ocn7536026504564ocn733964184visu19910.23The music roomDramaFilm adaptationsMotion picturesEvokes the crumbling opulence of the world of a fallen aristocrat desperately clinging to his way of life. His greatest joy is the music room in which he has hosted lavish concerts over the years, now a shadow of its former vivid self. An incandescent depiction of the clash between tradition and modernity, and a showcase for some of India's most popular musicians of the day1382ocn647965443visu20100.17Well done AbbaDramaMumbai-based businessman Rahul Singh decides to fire his chauffeur, Armaan Ali, who has returned to work after being absent without authorization for about two months. Armaan pleads to reinstate him and offers to drive him to Pune, to which Rahul wearily relents. It is during this journey that Armaan offers an explanation to his employer as to why he was absent from work. First to try and get his Chikatpally-based feisty daughter, Muskan, married. Next to drill a well on his property in this parched region where theft of water is common, and finally to comically try and stay below the poverty line in order to get benefits under the Kapildhara scheme. His tale includes his arrest at the hands of the local police, his truant twin, Rehman, and the mysterious 'theft' of his well.--IMDb1374ocn294434166visu20080.18Welcome to SajjanpurDramaMahadev is one of the few educated young men from Sajjanpur. His ambition is to be a novelist but he finds it easier to make a living by writing letters sitting next to the post office. His ability to write persuasive letters makes him popular with the largely non-literate population of the town. Aware of this power, he soon uses his talent to manipulate people with amusing and sometimes not such amusing results. With this as the narrative frame, Welcome to Sajjanpur shows in an entertaining, musical and comic way, characters and events that are at once hilarious and poignant. A delightful satirical take on a contemporary Indian village929ocn047692378visu19770.53Benegal, ShyamBhumika The RoleDramaFilm adaptationsUsha rises fast in the film world and eventually becomes a well known actress. She is influenced by four men she meets at various points in her life: her first husband, Keshav; the narcissistic male co-star, Rajan; the effete filmmaker, Sunil Verma; and the landowner, Kale, whose second wife she eventually becomes728ocn047293705visu19750.39Nishānt Night's endDramaBased on Tendulkar's original play which apparently was inspired by an actual event. A story of injustice centering around a tyrant landlord, a schoolteacher and the teacher's wife in an Indian village702ocn046960312visu20010.24Zubeidaa ZubeidāDramaRiyaz researches and investigates his mother's life by interviewing those who knew and remember her. Through severalflashbacks Zubeida's life-story is reconstructed---a young muslim woman from an affluent and sophisticated Bombay background, pressured into an early marriage by her family, divorced, a whirlwind romance and remarriage to the scion of a royal line. She is a junior wife, and is both in awe as well as jealous of Mandira Devi, her souten or co-wife. Riyaz's project results in a nostalgic costume drama set in the 1950's, depicting the lifestyles of royal families, the hard work entailed in being a royal princess, the relationship of royalty to their subjects, and some of the social and religious tensions of the post Independence years6910ocn047293744visu19740.59Ankur The seedlingDramaValues clash as loyalties are tried and tested in a rural Indian setting. Class conflict of the idle-rich landowning class against toiling peasants is dramatized in a brief extra-marital liaison between an attractive village laborer and her young employer689ocn056320366visu19960.59The making of the MahatmaHistoryBiographyDramaFilm adaptationsTraces the transformation of Gandhi the man to Gandhi the Mahatm624ocn055992241visu20000.25Ankur Ankur = (the seedling)DramaValues clash as loyalties are tried and tested in a rural Indian setting. Class conflict of the idle-rich landowning class against toiling peasants is dramatized in a brief extra-marital liaison between an attractive village laborer and her young employer585ocn019463877book19880.92Benegal, ShyamBenegal on Ray : Satyajit Ray, a film569ocn055488065visu20000.73Benegal, ShyamMandi Market placeDramaThe story of a whore house in a remote town which becomes the bone of contention between political and business interests546ocn053373614visu19940.37MammoHistoryDramaPublisher's description: Mammo is a nickname given to Mehmooda Begum by her sisters. She is one of three sisters. She marries a man from Lahore. After partition, she and her husband automatically become Pakistani citizens. Although childless, her marriage is a happy one until her husband dies and leaves her to the mercy of his relatives. In the bickering over property matters, Mammo is thrown out of the house. She has no other relatives in Pakistan. Her only kin are the two sisters who live in India. Mammo manages to get a visitor's visa and comes to Bombay to live with her sister. Her sister Fayyazi has a grandson, an orphaned boy of thirteen. Mammo has decided that she will live with them for the rest of her life. She manages to extend her visa on one excuse or another for a period of time. When that is no longer possible, a tout, for consideration of money contrives to get her name erased from the foreigner's registration office. Her future in India now secure, she can spend the rest of her days in peace. However, this is not to be. The culprit in the registration office is soon found out. All illegal aliens are rounded up. Mammo is one of them. Within twenty four hours, she is deported by train to Pakistan where she has neither relations, friends nor a place to live5311ocn055120772visu19780.79Benegal, ShyamJunoonHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsMovie chronicles the period of 1857 to 1858 when the soldiers of the East India Company mutinied and many smaller kingdoms joined the soldiers in the hope of regaining their territories from the English. The movie is shown from the perspective of one of the leaders of the fight4515ocn054789255visu19810.70Kal yug Kala yuga = KalyugDramaFilm adaptationsPortrays the conflicts within an industrial dynasty in India, with events taking a tragic turn. Includes elements of the Mahabharata set in modern-day society433ocn048119094visu20010.29Hari-Bhari FertilityDramaThe story of five women of a Shaikh Muslim Landholding family: a grandmother, her daughter, her two daughter-in-laws, and a grand-daughter. Each woman faces a crisis that helps develop an awareness of female health problems and their rights over their own bodies402ocn032285915visu19830.56MandiThe madame of a brothel tries to keep a tight rein on the women who work for her, but their antics force the establishment to keep moving374ocn031141116visu19920.66Antarnaad inner voiceDramaThe film is about the true life experiences of two villages and the trasformation that occured through Swadhyaya activity334ocn123197725visu19780.18Koṇḍūrā mānasa kā maharshi = Konḍurā : mānasa kā maharshīFictionDrama"Kondura is the story of a young brahmin, Parasuram, torn between the horns of a dilemma -his free will and the belief in the predestined nature of existence. Parasuram's elder brother who supports the family is incensed by Parasuram's inability to do anything useful. Parasuram runs away from home to make his fortune in the city"--Container324ocn049194379visu20000.56Trikal past, present, futureDramaLiberally sprinkled with dashes of humor, this is a fast-paced comedy about a family and their friends who lived through the transition of Goa from a Portuguese colony to a district governed by India302ocn031899975book19920.98Govind NihalaniCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsComprises interviews with and articles on the work of Govind Nihalani, Indian film maker2498ocn050270522book20020.86Datta, SangeetaShyam BenegalCriticism, interpretation, etcOn the life and work of Shyam Benegal, b. 1934, motion picture producer and director from India+-+42545260351643ocn062761439book20060.86Benegal, ShyamBollywood Babylon : interviews with Shyam BenegalInterviewsShyam Benegal is one of India's major film directors. A career spanning more than 40 years includes documentaries and television programs as well as over 20 feature films. These lively interviews cover Benegal's life and work and, in doing so, present a history of Indian cinema+-+7959570936684ocn731925231book20130.88Needham, Anuradha DingwaneyNew Indian cinema in post-independence India : the cultural work of Shyam Benegal's filmsCriticism, interpretation, etcShyam Benegal is an Indian director and screenwriter whose work is considered central to New Indian cinema. By closely analysing several of Benegal's films, this book provides an understanding of India's post-independence history. The book examines the filmmaker's focus on women by highlighting his subtle and critical engagement with a truism of Indian nationalism: women's centrality to the (nation- ) state's negotiation with modernity. It looks at the importance Benegal accords to history - its little known, contested, or iconic events and figures - in crafting national culture and id21ocn843085366book20130.10Śyāma Benegala : samājalakshī philmonā sarjakaBiographyOn life and works of Shyam Benegal, b. 1934, an Indian director and screenwriter11ocn713908104mixILA Foundation (Chicago, Ill.)India League of America and ILA Foundation recordsArchivesCorrespondence, reports, minutes, announcements, news clippings, financial records, and other Chicago office files of the ILA Foundation and its predecessor, the India League of America, relating to its activities as a charitable and educational organization with a secular outlook, whose general mission is to provide a common vehicle for the expression of cultural, educational, social, and economic affairs of the people of Indic origin in North America. Its primary purpose is to foster friendship and understanding between people whose origins are in the South Asian subcontinent (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) and other North Americans. The ILA Foundation encourages, sponsors, collaborates, and coordinates activities that advance appreciation of cultural heritage of the South Asian community, as well as contribute to intercultural understanding11ocn863313985book19840.93Tendulkar, VijayShyam Benegal's The churning : Manthana : screenplayMotion picture plays+-+7959570936+-+7959570936Fri Mar 21 15:12:33 EDT 2014batch24602