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P.prfnp-parker, billParker, BillprfBrock, Dan W.IntroductionsMusicHymnsUnited StatesGenetic engineering--Moral and ethical aspectsEugenics--Moral and ethical aspectsHuman genetics--Moral and ethical aspectsEthicsHuman Genome ProjectDecision making--Moral and ethical aspectsMedical ethics--Decision makingMedical ethicsCapacity and disabilityPhilosophyBiotechnology--Moral and ethical aspectsOlder people--Medical care--Law and legislationJudge-made lawLife support systems (Critical care)Medical laws and legislationQuality of lifeMedical careKentuckyMedicine--Decision makingMedicine--Decision making--Moral and ethical aspectsBluegrass musicFolk songs, EnglishMedical care--Decision makingBioethicsBalladsMedical care--Law and legislationFolk songsHymns, EnglishCountry musicShakersFolk musicBrock, Dan WHuman cloning--Moral and ethical aspectsDance musicEthicistsGene therapy--Moral and ethical aspectsHuman chromosome abnormalities--Diagnosis--Moral and ethical aspectsPopular music197019721976198519891990199219931994199519961998200020012002200320042007201223732984174.25R724ocn008657259ocn029314527ocn429377387109326ocn019670049book19890.53Buchanan, Allen EDeciding for others : the ethics of surrogate decision making+-+K77978670576216ocn026132633book19930.66Brock, Dan WLife and death : philosophical essays in biomedical ethics+-+08837967052382ocn024703850book19850.70Buchanan, Allen ESurrogate decisionmaking for elderly individuals who are incompetent or of questionable competence1941ocn000308682book19720.50Wilson, Margaret DaulerPhilosophy: an introduction; traditional and contemporary selectionsIntroductionsFor the introductory course in philosophy at the college level247ocn021966188book19890.93Brock, Dan WQuality of life measures in health care and medical ethics123ocn550839378book20000.53Buchanan, Allen EFrom chance to choice : genetics and justice"This book probes the implications of advances in genetics. The authors ask how they should affect our understanding of distributive justice, equality in opportunity, the rights and obligations as parents, the meaning of disability, and the role of the concept of human nature in ethical theory and practice." "The book offers a historical context to contemporary debate over the use of these technologies by providing an ethical autopsy of mankind's first attempts to use the scientific knowledge of heredity to improve human lives: the eugenics movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Appendices explain the nature of genetic causation and gene-environment interaction, and expose widespread misconceptions of genetic determinism, as well as outline the nature of the ethical analysis used in the book." "The questions raised in this book will be of interest to any reflective reader concerned about science and society and the rapid development of biotechnology, as well as to professionals in such areas as philosophy, bioethics, medical ethics, health management, law, and political science."--Jacket+-+2655116705111ocn008657259rcrd0.76Brock, Dan WKentucky songbag [ballads and folksongs]61ocn029314527rcrd19700.59Circle of friendsMusic51ocn034143496visu19950.97The Ethics of managed careDiscusses appropriate ethical consideration for the patient in the managed care setting where financial performance is a key to hospital and physician survival42ocn848597272art19930.47Brock, Dan WQuality of life measures in health care and medical ethics33ocn053276174rcrd0.81Brock, Dan WKentucky songbagMusic32ocn054428234book20030.92Symposium : precommitment theory in bioethics and constitutional law21ocn016895720rcrd19761.00Brock, Dan WDan Brock with Boone Creek21ocn429377387rcrd0.23Dan and Louise Brock sing Shaker hymnsHymnsMusic21ocn438593115art1998Brock, Dan WKloniranje človeških bitij : ovrednotenje moralnih razlogov za in proti11ocn848395861artBrock, Dan WUtilitarianism11ocn771999196art19960.23Baron, Charles HA model state act to authorize and regulate physician-assisted suicide11ocn162130303visu20071.00Mates David and Hinna Stahl Memorial Lecture in BioethicsRemaking human nature the ethics of genetic enhancement11ocn848536336artBrock, Dan WInformed consent12ocn802358086visu19931.00Forces affecting health care costs and the Clinton responseSeveral factors contributing to the growth of health care costs and the motivations different parties have for controlling that growth are discussed. Dr. Brock, a member of President Clinton's Health Care Task Force explains how the Clinton reform proposal will seek to control health care costs11ocn055613502visu20021.00Brock, Dan WThe power of ideasInterviewsDan W. Brock surveys the ethical aspects of new medical technologies, such as human cloning, gene therapy, genetic testing, and stem cell treatments+-+K779786705+-+K779786705Fri Mar 21 15:36:42 EDT 2014batch11938